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China's cultural heritage authority has opposed the auction this month of two Chinese relics looted from the Beijing Imperial Summer Palace almost 150 years ago.The two artefacts, a Qing Dynasty bronze rabbit head and a bronze rat head, will be auctioned by Christie's in Paris from Feb. 23 to 25 and are expected to fetch between 10 and 13 million dollars each.The two sculptures were originally housed in Yuanmingyuan, Beijing's Imperial Summer Palace. They were stolen when the palace was burnt down by Anglo-French allied forces during the Second Opium War in 1860.They currently belong to the Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and were put up for auction by Pierre Berge. Zhang Jianxin, deputy director of the museum department with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, says the Christie's auction is unacceptable and China should not be asked to buy them back."For the stolen relics, China definitely opposes purchasing them back by spending taxpayer money."The official also warned business people might exploit the patriotic concerns of the Chinese to raise bidding prices for their own gain.In the meantime , a team of 81 Chinese lawyers has written to Christie's and Pierre Berge in an effort to stop the sale and return the relics to China.The lawyers plan to sue Pierre Berge if there is no "positive feedback within a reasonable period". China and France signed the 1995 Unidroit Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects, which stipulated that any cultural object looted or lost because of reasons of war should be returned without any limitation on time span.03/63729

Maternal love helps you deal better with stress and anxiety later in lifeBabies given more love and affection by their mothers deal better with stress and anxiety when they grow up, research has shown.The study looked at eight-month-old children - meaning even the very earliest life experiences which we do not remember in adulthood can influence our well-being.Lots of maternal love makes children form a secure bond with their mothers, meaning they are able to feel secure in relationships when grown up, will have better social skills and cope better with lifes difficulties, the study found.Despite growing interest in how early life affects us in adulthood, most previous studies have relied on peoples recollections - whereas this research tracked participants from early childhood to adult life.The researchers, led by Dr Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina, rated the relationships of 482 eight-month-old babies with their mothers during routine developmental assessment.They looked at how well the mother had coped with her childs developmental tests and how she had responded to the childs performance.The amount of affection and attention she gave to her child was categorised into groups ranging from negative to extravagant.Mental health was then assessed when the babies had grown up - at the average age of 34.Adults whose mothers had been the most affectionate during their assessment as babies had the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress.Vocabulary:extravagant: very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical(无节制的;过分的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110348

For something that could revolutionize the world, it’s come along very slowly. The fuel cell was invented in 1839, but there was little development until the 1950s when NASA started to use them in space where they are still used today. Now, after years of continuous development, things are speeding up.At its core, the fuel cell is very simple. It uses hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe , as fuel. One type of fuel cell uses a membrane and it looks something like plastic wrap . It allows the hydrogen’s proton to pass through while the electron is forced to take a different course. This produces electricity. The fuel cell runs as long as it’s fed hydrogen. The cleanest, the most ily available source of hydrogen is very easy to find. It’s water. Of course, it couldn’t be this simple. Somehow, the hydrogen in the water molecule must be stripped and stored, and that takes power. Peter Lehman at Humboldt State University in Northern California decided to build a renewable hydrogen fuel cell system for a research aquarium.“I think the legacy of the 20th century is that we were very good at burning things. Fuel cells offer a clean and efficient way to generate electricity. They are totally pollution-free and they are significantly more efficient than traditional ways of generating electricity.” He bought solar panels to provide power to remove the hydrogen from water and tanks to store the hydrogen fuel. The problem was the fuel cell. No one produced one that would work with the aquarium. So Peter went ahead and built it. During the day, it uses power from the solar panels, but only part of that power. The rest is turned into hydrogen for use later by the fuel cell. That creates a completely renewable full-time system. The goal of fuel cell makers is to offer totally reliable, independent systems, but the competition is tough. To thrive in the marketplace, fuel cell makers must compete against the cheap and reliable power provided by fossil fuels. Peter’s reliable fuel cell system has aly satisfied customers who are off the power grid. Now, he’s y to convince the rest of us.Vocabulary Mix membrane A thin sheet of natural or synthetic material that is permeable to substances in solution.200811/55410

Dozens of world leaders met at an Egyptian Red Sea resort for the 15th summit of the 118-nation Non-Aligned Movement. But the 53-year-old group has lost much of its significance since the end of the Cold War. 来自世界各国的几十位领导人在埃及红海旅游胜地聚集一堂,参加不结盟运动的第15届首脑会议,该组织共有118个成员国。但是,这个已经有53年历史的组织自从冷战结束后就失去了它的重要性。It was an exceptionally large turnout of international leaders, with more than 50 heads of state from every continent attending the summit in the Egyptian Red Sea port city of Sharm el-Sheikh.   参加这次会议的国家领导人特别多,来自各大洲的50多位国家首脑出席了在埃及海滨城市沙姆沙伊赫举办的第15届不结盟首脑会议。The outgoing head of the organization, Cuban President Raul Castro told the opening session of the summit that a new international financial system is needed to protect developing nations from the global economic crisis.   该组织即将离任的领导人古巴主席劳尔.卡斯特罗在首脑会议的开幕式上说,为了在全球经济危机中保护发展中国家需要一个新的国际金融体系。He went on to say that a global solution must be found to solve the crisis.   他接着说,必须找到一个全球性方案来解决这一危机。He said the movement has reaffirmed its insistence that all nations of the world must be part of the search for effective and just solutions to the present economic crisis. He said in Havana it is believed that developing countries are the most affected by the global economic crisis. He added that 100 million people around the world, especially the third world, suffer from illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, poverty and curable diseases.   他说,不结盟运动重申,它坚持认为所有国家都应该为解决当前经济危机参与寻找有效和公正的解决办法。他说,在哈瓦那,人们认为发展中国家受到全球性经济危机的影响最大。他补充说,全世界有1亿个人,特别是第三世界的人,承受文盲、失业、饥饿、贫困和可治愈疾病所带来的痛苦。Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is chairing the summit and who will become the next head of the Non-Aligned Movement, sounded pragmatic about addressing problems facing developing nations.   埃及总统穆巴拉克主持了这次首脑会议,他将成为不结盟运动的下一届领导人。他在发展中国家面临的问题上听起来很务实。He said the movement must accommodate itself with the existing international reality and be nimble and efficacious in tacking its goals.   他说,不结盟运动必须适应当前国际的现实状况,并在达到目标的过程中要很灵活和有效。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon also addressed the summit, urging greater effort to shelter the economies of developing nations and to make the "international system more fair and balanced."   联合国秘书长潘基文也在首脑会议上发表了讲话,他敦促为保护发展中国家的经济作出更多努力,同时使“国际制度更加公平和平衡。”In his address to the summit, Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi recalled the developing stages of the Non-Aligned Movement until the end of the Cold War.   利比亚领导人卡扎菲上校在首脑会议上讲话时回顾了不结盟运动在冷战结束前的各个发展阶段。Colonel Gadhafi complained the U.N. Security Council does not fairly represent the nations of the world and insisted this is a threat to world peace.   卡扎菲上校抱怨联合国安全理事会没有公平的代表世界各国,他坚持认为这是对世界和平的一种威胁。He also urged world leaders to allow Iran to pursue a peaceful nuclear program, calling it "unfair" to prevent it from enriching uranium. But he added Iran must not be permitted to develop nuclear weapons.Libya he insisted, had been on the point of developing its own nuclear weapon.   他说,利比亚曾经到了要发展自己核武器的地步。He said that Libya "crossed the Red Line" and came to the point where it was able to build an atomic bomb. But, he added.   卡扎菲上校说,利比亚“越过了红线”,到了它能制造原子弹的水平。"The world had changed, and we asked ourselves against whom we were going to use the bomb? So, what was the point of building it? It was costing us more than it was worth, so we stopped."   “但是,他说,世界已经变了,所以我们问自己,我们要对谁用原子弹? 制造原子弹有什么意义呢?他说,花费的钱是不值得的, 所以我们就停止了。”Other topics, such as terrorism, global warming and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were also addressed by the Non-Aligned leaders. The two-day summit is to end Thursday.   不结盟运动的领导人还讨论了恐怖主义,全球气温变暖和以色列和巴勒斯坦冲突等问题。为期两天的首脑会议将在星期四结束。07/77964

Signs of US-Venezuelan Rapprochement at Hemispheric Summit委总统查韦斯拟派大使重返华盛顿  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he intends to send an ambassador back to Washington after a seven-month absence. Mr. Chavez made the announcement at the fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, where hemispheric leaders discussed economic and environmental challenges, as well as issues of democratic governance. 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯说,他打算派一位大使重返华盛顿。这一职位已经闲置了7个月。查韦斯在特利尼达和多巴哥举行的第5届美洲峰会上作出了这一宣布。西半球各国领导人在峰会上讨论了经济和环保方面的挑战,以及民主管理方面的问题。After two days of greetings and handshakes between President Barack Obama and his Venezuelan counterpart, President Chavez said he has decided to name a new ambassador to the ed States. 在奥巴马总统和委内瑞拉领导人相互问候致意和握手两天之后,查韦斯总统说,他已经决定提名一位新的驻美国大使。Last September, Venezuela expelled the U.S. ambassador to Caracas in solidarity with Bolivia, which had done the same, accusing the ed States of fomenting political unrest in the South American nation. Washington responded in kind. 去年9月,委内瑞拉驱逐了美国驻加拉加斯大使,与采取同样作法的玻利维亚团结一致,指责美国在这个南美洲国家煽动政治动乱。华盛顿也驱逐了对方的大使作为回应。Earlier in the day, Mr. Chavez gave President Obama a book and responded favorably to the U.S. leader's stated intention to forge a new beginning with Cuba, a Venezuelan ally. 星期六早些时候,查韦斯赠给奥巴马总统一本书,并且对这位美国领导人表述的要跟委内瑞拉的盟国古巴营造一个新开端的意向作出了善意回应。The Associated Press es a State Department official as saying the ed States and Venezuela will work on returning ambassadors to both Washington and Caracas. 美联社援引美国国务院一名官员的话说,美国和委内瑞拉将就派大使重返华盛顿和加拉加斯进行安排。President Chavez' diplomatic announcement came near the end of day-long hemispheric consultations at the fifth Summit of the Americas. 查韦斯总统是在第5届美洲峰会关于西半球事务一整天的磋商接近尾声的时候作出这项外交宣布的。Although not present at the gathering, Cuba overshadowed much of the proceedings. U.S. officials acknowledge disagreement at the summit over a final declaration, to be issued Sunday. A draft of the document negotiated months ago reportedly says nothing about the U.S. economic embargo of Cuba, a sore point for much of the hemisphere. 古巴虽然没有出席这次会议,但是却影响着会议的很大一部分进程。美国官员承认本届峰会在将于星期日发表的闭幕宣言上存在分歧。几个月前商谈的宣言草稿据报道对美国经济制裁古巴一事只字未提,美国对古巴的经济制裁让一些西半球国家感到不快。After discussing ways to combat the global economic downturn and financial crisis, leaders turned their attention to energy and environmental concerns. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu was on hand for discussions, and said island nations in the Caribbean and elsewhere would be hardest-hit by the effects of global warming.  在讨论应对全球经济衰退和金融危机的方法之后,各国领导人把他们的注意力转到能源和环保方面的议题上。美国能源部长朱棣文到场参加了讨论。他说,加勒比海和其他地方的岛国受到全球变暖效应的影响将是最严重的。"Caribbean countries face rising oceans and an increase in the severity of hurricanes," Chu said. "If Greenland melts, we are looking at a 7-meter sea level rise around the world. Some island states will disappear."  他说:“加勒比海国家面临上涨的海洋和强度增大的飓风。如果格陵兰群岛冰雪融化,我们就会眼看着世界各地的海面升高7米。一些岛国就会消失。”President Obama proposed creating a hemispheric partnership to tackle energy and climate issues. Administration officials say the initiative would promote energy conservation and the development of alternative fuels to cut back on greenhouse gases blamed for warming the earth's temperature. 奥巴马总统提议建立一个半球合作伙伴机制来处理能源和气候问题。美国政府官员们说,这项倡议将促进节约能源,研发替代燃料,以削减造成地球变暖的温室气体。President Obama said he came to the summit with the goal of listening, not dictating, to his peers in the Americas, and with a goal of renewing and rejuvenating America's ties with its neighbors. 奥巴马总统说, 他是带着倾听美洲国家领导人意见的目的来出席这次峰会的,而不是要对他们发号施令,他是带着检讨和更新美国跟邻国关系的目的来开会的。The message was well received by El Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes. 这个信息受到萨尔瓦多总统毛里西奥.富内斯的赞赏。Mr. Funes says he perceives good intentions from Mr. Obama and that the U.S. leader should be taken at his word that he comes to listen, not to impose his will on the region. Mr. Funes says now is the time to seize the opportunity, to forge better relations and confront challenges together. 富内斯说,他领会到奥巴马发出的善意。他说,这位美国领导人说他是前来倾听而不是把他的意愿强加给这个地区,人们应该把这个话当真。富内斯说,现在是抓住机遇、改善关系、共同应对挑战的时候了。That view is not shared by Bolivian President Evo Morales, however. Mr. Morales said President Obama speaks of changing in the way the ed States deals with other nations, but such change is not perceived in his country. 不过,这个观点并没有得到玻利维亚总统莫拉雷斯的赞同。莫拉雷斯说,奥巴马总是谈论改变美国同其他国家打交道的方式,但是玻利维亚并没有察觉这种改变。President Obama is expected to hold a news conference later Sunday at the conclusion of the summit. 奥巴马总统预计星期天晚些时候在本次峰会结束时举行一次记者会。04/67516

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