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How To Get Money Out Of Your Parents on HowcastStep 1: Don't call them 不要主动给父母打电话Don’t call them—wait for them to phone. When they complain that they never hear from you, tell them calls cost money.Step 2: Sound weak 电话时听起来要很虚弱Next time they call, sound weak. When they show concern, tell them you’re just a little tired from donating plasma for cash three times this week.Step 3: Ask for canned goods 要一些罐装的东西Tell your mom you’d love her to send some of her homemade brownies—then ask if she could toss in a few canned goods as well.Step 4: Too broke to come home 承认没钱回家Gently break it to them that you won’t be coming home for the holidays after all. When pushed, sheepishly admit you don’t have the money.Step 5: Have response y 想好“你是怎么花钱?”的回答Have a good response y when they ask what happened to all your money, like, “I’ve been eating out a lot to avoid the E. coli they keep finding in the cafeteria food.”Step 6: Reinforce good behavior 告诉父母“他们是世界上最好的父母”When they insist on replenishing your account, reinforce this good behavior by telling them they are the best parents in the whole wide world.201110/156211August 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr.1963年8月 小马丁·路德·金leads 250,000 on the March on Washington.带领25万人的游行队伍向华盛顿进发His marvelous speech that every American knows at the Lincoln Memorial talking about ;I have a dream;.他有个非凡的演讲在美国家喻户晓,那就是在林肯纪念堂的演讲 《我有一个梦想》America is telling the world that blacks and whites have come together to say we are y to make the next step toward equality美国向世人宣告白人黑人已冲破种族藩篱,在向着人人平等的理想继续努力and the young, black preacher talked about a dream that connected back to the American dream.而这位年轻的黑人牧师所说的梦深深植根于那个最初的美国梦中What he did was hold a mirror up to the face of all Americans他向所有美国人举起一面拷问之镜and said, hey, its been a couple hundred years说道 独立宣言已经发表两百年now lets do what the Declaration of Independence actually said.现在终于到了 践行它的时候了We hold these truth to be self-evident,我们认为这些真理是不言而喻的that all men are created equal.人人生而平等The promise of 1776 back on the agenda.1776年的承诺再次提上议程Now this is a culmination of everybody together saying this.. this is our moment.全体美国人的愿望在这一刻达到了白热化,所有人都在说 这一刻已经来临This is the time for us.是时候实现我们彼此的愿望了Whites looked inside themselves and said you know what,why should black kids go to second-rate schools?白人们开始扪心自问为什么要让黑人孩子上二等学校Thats not good for the country.这对我们国家不是好事Thats not good for what we are as people.对我们的人民也不是好事Thats when the tipping point was reached.公众对待种族问题的态度从此发生逆转A year after the March on Washington,向华盛顿进军游行举行一年后the Civil Rights Act is passed through Congress.国会通过了民权法案Voting rights extended.选举权范围扩大Racial discrimination outlawed, segregation ended.种族歧视被法律禁止 种族隔离被废除Americas problem with race does not disappear.虽然美国的种族问题并未就此画上句号But the way is paved for an African American to reach the White House.但它却为日后首位黑人总统入主白宫铺平了道路To be able to inspire our kids,我们因而能够激励孩子们let them know that they have such greatness out there让他们明白自己身上潜藏着一股伟大的力量they can be anything they want to be,and we can mean that.并拍着胸脯对他们说 你能实现自己的理想Fighting segregation and discrimination by law用法律手段与隔离和歧视进行斗争and were changing hearts and minds.逐渐改变民意Were moving out of that and memories tend to fade.我们已远离那段历史 记忆也将渐渐淡去But not for me.但对我来说不会Ill never forget.我永远不会忘记 /201304/233380

VideoJug shows you the invaluable skill of getting a last minute date for this most ded of dates for singletons. Find your last minute date for Valentines Day with our simple tips.VideoJug为你提出非常宝贵的建议,让你在对于单身男女来说非常苦恼的一天的最后关头得到约会的机会。遵循我们的简单建议,在情人节这一天的紧要关头获得约会机会。Step 1: Hit the internet1.利用互联网The internet is a great place for finding romance, sign up to a dating site and start making friends. In the final panic before the big day you will find many singletons online scrounging for a date. Just remember your net safety, dont give out personal information, arrange to meet and stay somewhere public and let friends know your plans.互联网是寻找浪漫的好地方,注册约会网站,开始交朋友。在情人节这个重要节日的最后恐慌前,你会发现许多单身男女在网络上寻找约会机会。记住,要保障自己的网络安全,不要泄露个人信息,安排在公共场合见面,让你的朋友知道你的计划。Step 2: Be brave2.勇敢Pluck up the courage to ask out that person you have fancied for ages, just make sure they are single first. This is no time for holding back - the clock is ticking.鼓起勇气,邀请你已经心仪多年的人外出,不过首先要确认他们仍然单身。这不是退缩的时候,时钟已经开始倒计时了。Step 3: Your friends3.你的朋友Are you making the most of the resources available to you? Ask your trusted friends, chances are one of them will know someone suitable who they can set you up with. The thrill of a blind date could really spark things off. And if it doesnt go to plan, you will always have your friend to blame.你有没有充分利用自己的资源?向你信任的朋友咨询,他们其中的一个人可能恰好认识一个和你般配的人。相亲的新鲜感和会让你燃起希望。如果没有按计划进行,你可以责备你的朋友。Step 4: Singles Night4.单身男女之夜Many clubs run singles-only Valentines nights on the 14th for people just like you; young, good looking, and desperate. No one wants to end Valentines night alone - you are bound to score.许多俱乐部在情人节这一天只招待你这样的单身男女,年轻的,漂亮的,绝望的。没有人想要独自度过情人节这一天。Step 5: Celebrate your singleness5.庆祝自己的单身生活If none to the above appeal to you then make a date with yourself. Take the pressure of finding and arranging the perfect date off, be single and proud. Spend the night watching your favourite films, eating your favourite food and thoroughly pampering yourself. And it will also give you the chance to start preparing for next years Valentines Day.如果上面几条都不能吸引你,那么自己和自己约会吧。甩掉寻找和安排完美约会的压力,单身并自豪着。这个夜晚你可以看自己最喜欢的电影,吃最喜欢的食物,完全纵容自己。你还可以为明年的情人节做准备。Thanks for watching How To Get A Last Minute Date For Valentines Day.感谢收看“怎样在情人节最后一刻为自己创造浪漫约会”视频节目。201210/203055

第16届演员工会奖(S Awards)提名于12月17日公布,该奖涉及电影和电视,是由演员自己投票选出他们认为年度最出色的同行的表演。由于是演员工会奖,因此不设最佳影片,取而代之的是“最佳集体表演奖”。影片《无耻混蛋》大有后来居上之势,一共获得了3项提名,除了胜算颇大的最佳男配角,戴安·克鲁格也获得了最佳女配角提名,还有最佳集体表演奖。一直被《拆弹部队》、《直上云霄》压在下面的《珍爱》也扬眉吐气,同样获得最佳集体表演、最佳女主角和最佳女配角3项提名。Nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards followed an on-going trend for award shows this year. Three films, "Inglourious Basterds," "Precious" and "Up in the Air," earned three nominations each, capping a week of numerous critics' and industry honors.World War Two fantasy "Basterds" and urban drama "Precious: Based On the Novel Push by Sapphire" both landed on the nominee list for best performances by a film cast from the Screen Actors Guild, which represents movie and television actors.Joining the nominees for top film cast, the group's highest honor, were the stars of the musical "Nine," including Penelope Cruz and Daniel Day-Lewis, as well as the actors in Iraq war drama "The Hurt Locker" and "An Education.""Up in the Air," starring George Clooney as a man who fires people in corporate downsizings, earned its three nominations for Clooney as best actor and Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick for best supporting actress.But the movie, which has been labeled by Hollywood watchers as a frontrunner in the race for Oscars after winning early critics awards, failed to make the list for best ensemble cast. And that factor could hurt its prospects for Academy Awards."Inglourious Basterds," "Nine" and "Precious," which all have figured prominently in the current awards season, should solidify their status as key contenders, and low-budget films "The Hurt Locker" and "An Education" boost their prospects.Along with Clooney, on the list for Best Lead Actor were Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart," Colin Firth in "A Single Man," Morgan Freeman for "Invictus" and Jeremy Renner in "The Hurt Locker."The five nominees for best actress in a film were Sandra Bullock for football movie "The Blind Side," Helen Mirren in "The Last Station," Carey Mulligan for "An Education," newcomer Gabourey Sidibe in "Precious" and veteran Meryl Streep for the culinary comedy "Julie amp; Julia."S awards will be given out on January 23rd in Los Angeles.12/92816

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