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A new study finds there are many challenges to Detroit residents accessing job opportunities.The report, Detroits Untapped Talent: Jobs and On-Ramps Needed, was commissioned by JP Morgan Chase and Company and was compiled by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.Jeannine La Prad helped prepare the report.La Prad says the Detroit unemployment rate is chronically twice that of the statewide unemployment rate. She found that factor has been compounded by an insufficient number of jobs in Detroit, a mismatch between the skills and educational requirements for what jobs are available, and a lack of support structures like childcare and reliable transportation.;The bottom line is there is no silver bullet here, and this is a complex set of factors that are underpinning the level of unemployment that were seeing and the labor force participation rates.;It really is going to be critical that every organization, every program, every provider in the city, whether it be from the educational perspective, the workforce development perspective, the human service, social service perspective, we all really take a closer look at what it is were doing and how is it that collectively we might be able to better align our resources, our programs, our strategies so that this more holistic, more comprehensive approach could be taken,; La Prad says.201601/423563I heard you were talking about books some stuff.So I am coming up with the book我听到你在讲书之类的事情 所以我就拿着书出来了I just coming up with the book,Its called First Step 2 Forever.I want give it to you我就这么拿着书出现了 名字是First Step 2 Forever 我想亲手送给你You know I was just telling everybody about it I was saying that Justin has a bookJustin我正跟大家讲这件事呢 我刚才在说 写了本新书Thats so fun you walked out,because I said if you could only buy one book,buy Justins你走出来的时候挺搞笑的 因为我刚刚说如果你只能买一本书的话 那就买贾斯丁的And so thats great,And is First Step 2 Forever,The typal they went 2 with the number instead the Oops dizzies来的正好 名字是First Step 2 Forever 印刷厂用2替代了to 看看是谁犯困了啊Have a seat he is here for a second So very exciting.Thank you大家坐吧 他只呆一下就走的 好兴奋 谢谢Who do you want me to make up to?Oh me make up to me -All right Whats it about Justin?你想让我签给谁 我 当然是给我啦 好的 讲的什么内容Basic about autobiography you know about my life and you know基本上就是自传 你懂的 就是关于我的生活经历的To Ellen,I love you,I-Love-You,Not hard I love you,I-Love-You给Ellen 我爱你 我-爱-你 别那么生硬嘛 我爱你 我-爱-你You are my best friend,leave a lot of room,My bestest friend in the whole wide world,in-the-whole-wide-world你是我最好的朋友 多留点空 你是我在全宇宙最最要好的朋友 在全宇宙I cant imagine life without you,I-cant-imagine-life-without-you.I remember when we first met我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我记得我们初次相识的那天I… dont have enough room,There is no room,It is all right You can add some more later我… 没位子啦 没位子写啦 没关系 你可以等下再继续写You want do someting with me right now?Yeah -You wanna dance through the audience room?All right lets go你想跟我一起互动一下吗 好啊 -你想在观众席间秀秀舞姿吗 好吧 开始 /201603/431617

Health officials in Puerto Rico reported the islands first case of Zika, a mosquito-borne virus recently linked to the rise of a serious neurological disorder among newborns in Brazil. 波多黎各卫生官员报告了岛上首例Zika病毒,这种蚊传播病毒使巴西新生儿患严重神经系统疾病的数量上升。Puerto Rican Congressman Pedro Pierluisi said in a statement on Thursday, ;There is no reason for alarm, and the public should continue to take commonsense steps to avoid mosquito bites.; 波多黎各议员佩德罗周四在一份声明中表示,“没有理由恐慌,公众应继续采取常识性的措施避免蚊虫叮咬。”He added that he expects experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to visit the island in early January to educate local physicians to ;properly diagnose and treat the virus.; 他还表示希望疾病控制和预防中心的专家一月早些时候能访问该岛,教育当地医生“正确诊断和治疗该病毒。”The CDC has issued a warning to tourists traveling to Puerto Rico and other affected areas, asking them to protect themselves from the mosquitoes that sp the virus -- especially pregnant women.疾病预防控制中心向前往波多黎各和其它受影响地区的游客发出警告,要求他们保护自己免受传播病毒蚊子的伤害,特别是妇。译文属。201601/419282

Hi.Hi, Oprah. Happy Mardi Gras Im... Im not Oprah, and Im trying to do a show right here.嗨 .嗨 奥普拉 狂欢节快乐 我 我不是奥普拉 我这正做节目呢I know that.Happy Mardi Gras, Helen.Sorry everybody. This is Gina.我知道 狂欢节快乐 海伦 抱歉 这是吉娜She is our Litter Genie model from ;Cat Week;.她是来自;猫猫日记;的;凌乱小妖;模特Gina, I dont think...Uh... very popular.吉娜 我觉得 挺受欢迎嘛Oh, wow. Youre very very full of yourself since you modeled for Little Genie.哇 自从做了;凌乱小妖;的模特之后 你就相当富有啊Listen, maybe youve had too much to drink, do you think?No.听着 你是不是喝太多了 你觉得呢 没有No? Okay. Do you wanna sit down?Yes.All right. I was thinking maybe in the chair here.没有吗 好吧 你要坐下吗 好 好吧 我说的是坐椅子上Do you want to sit in the chair?Okay.Look at my beads. - I see them.Theyre clean and shiny. - They are.你想坐椅子上来吗 好 快看我的项链 -看到了 光芒万丈 -确实You remember that? You remember that?你记得吗 记不记得Yeah. I remember that. I know about Mardi Gras.我记得 我知道狂欢节Shiny. - Yep.You wanna know how I got them?好闪 -对 想知道我怎么得来的吗I know how you got them. I know what happened there.我知道是怎么来的 我知道当时发生了什么You wanna see how I got them?你想看看我怎么得到这链子的吗No. I do not want to see it.You wanna see how I got them?不想 一点都不想 想看吗Do not wanna see.I can show you. - No.I brought a clip.完全不想 可以给你看看 -不要 我带了录像Really? - Hmm. Roll it!是吗 -播放 /201510/404979

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