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福州做人工授精生男孩去哪里福州仓山区输卵管造影那家医院最好IN EARLY 2010 opponents of a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, spray-painted ;NOT WELCOME; on a sign announcing the new building. Simple-minded vandalism, perhaps; but their scrawl captured the feelings of an increasingly noisy segment of Americarsquo;s population. In the months that followed, nasty disputes erupted over planned mosques in Wisconsin, California and New York. Some suggested that Islam did not deserve protection under the first amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion as well as speech.早在2010,在墨菲斯堡,田纳西州被提议的清真寺的反对者们就用喷漆在新建筑上表示了;不欢迎;。或许这简直就是头脑简单肆意的破坏,但是从他们的涂鸦中你能感到美国人民们浮躁的片段。在接下来的几个月,在威斯康星、加州和纽约,也纷纷爆发了基于计划建造清真寺的下流的纷争。Yet these mosque projects and others continue. Since the terrorist attacks of September 2001 Islam in America has flourished. The number of mosques has nearly doubled over the past decade, rising from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2011, according to a new report from a multi-faith coalition.然而这些清真寺计划和其他一系列工程仍在继续。从2001年九月开始美国伊斯兰教的恐怖主义攻击开始频繁起来。根据一篇多宗教联合组织的新报道,从2000年的1209座到2011的2106座,清真寺的数量几乎是十年前的两倍。Several factors explain the building boom, says Ihsan Bagby of the University of Kentucky and the reportrsquo;s main author. The growing size of Americarsquo;s Muslim population has created a need for more mosques, partly as a reflection of the religionrsquo;s growing diversity. Muslims are also increasingly moving away from the cities, where most mosques are sited. The proportion of mosques in the suburbs has grown from 16% of the total in 2000 to 28% in 2011.一些事实解释了建筑物浪潮,来自肯塔基大学的报道主要作者Ihsan Bagby说道。美国穆斯林人口格局的不断壮大创造了更多对清真寺的需要,这也是宗教信仰多元化的一个体现。穆斯林们也越来越多的抛弃自己的城市--大多数穆斯林的所在地。处在郊区的清真寺的比例也从2000年的16%上升到了2011年的28%These findings will probably further rouse those who are worried that radical Islam will take root in America. But the report suggests such worries are misplaced. Nearly 90% of mosque leaders say they have seen no increase in radicalism among young Muslims. And most also say that they take a flexible approach to Islam rather than strictly interpreting its texts.这些发现,对那些担心激进的伊斯兰们会在美国扎根的人们来说,很可能是火上浇油。但是报道也认为这样的担心是片面的。因为近90%的清真寺领袖都表示他们并没有在年轻的穆斯林们里看到激进分子。并且他们也说,他们用灵活的方式培养信仰,而不是强解经典。Other findings back up an earlier report from the Pew Research Centre, which showed that most Muslim Americans have assimilated. Nearly all mosque leaders agree that Muslims should be involved in American institutions and should take part in American politics. They even seem unfazed by the scrutiny of a suspicious government (see article). Only a quarter say they believe American society is hostile to Islam, well down from 54% in 2000.另一些发现要追溯到一份来自Pew调查中心的更早期的报道,它显示大部分美国穆斯林们已经被同化。几乎所有的清真寺领导都同意穆斯林们应该加入美国体系并且参与美国政治活动。在多疑的政府的监视下他们甚至似乎并不感到为难 (不为所动)。从2000年的54%的高比例到现在只有四分之一的人说他们相信美国社会对伊斯兰教徒们是怀有敌意的。As with other religions in America, the main challenge facing Islam is not radicalism, but secularisation. The good news for mosque leaders is that there is a growing pool of prospective worshippers. The numbers in the report, if accurate, cast doubt on previous estimates, which have put Americarsquo;s Muslim population at between 1m and 3m. Mr Bagby thinks the number is closer to 7m. Enthusiasts for Americarsquo;s diversity will be pleased to hear that. Others, unfortunately, will be alarmed.和美国其他的宗教一样的,面对伊斯兰的主要挑战并非激进主义,而是世俗化。从清真寺领导传来的好消息就是预期未来会有大批的教徒们加入。报道中的数字,如果够精确,就足够对先前的关于美国穆斯林人口在1百万到3百万的估算提出质疑。Bagby先生认为人口应接近7百万才对。对美国多元化狂热的学者们将会感到高兴。不幸的是其余的可能会担忧了。201203/174573福州去哪家医院宫腹腔镜比较好 BRIAN Lamb could hardly be a more unlikely media entrepreneur—a modest and civilised man in a world with more than its fair share of egomaniacs and vulgarians. But he was a great one nonetheless. He came up with the idea of C-Span in the late 1970s when he was the Washington bureau chief forCablevision magazine. And he presided over its growth from a start-up with a staff of four into a quirky Goliath with a couple of hundred employees, three channels and a radio station.几乎找不到比布莱恩·兰更不像媒体企业家的人了——在这个充斥着极端利己主义者与庸俗的暴发户的世界里,他一直保持着谦逊有礼的品质。不管怎么说他都是个伟大的人。在19世纪70年代末时,当他还是华盛顿有线电视杂志社社长时,他提出了C-Span的概念(把公共事务网与有线电视结合起来 )。在他的领导下,一家只有四名员工公司经历跌宕起伏,变成了有数百名员工、三个电视频道和一个广播电台的巨头。Mr Lamb had a simple idea: to expose America’s public life to the public eye. He persuaded the cable companies to pay for a public-service channel via a levy based on the number of their subscribers. He got the House of Representatives to open its proceedings to the cameras (the Senate followed later). The result has been some of the dullest television in history (think budget proceedings)but also some of the most riveting (like the Iran-Contra hearings).兰的想法很简单:让美国民众了解公共事务。他游说各地的有线电视公司通过向用户缴的订费来付公益频道。他还游说众议院安装摄像机,向民众公开会议的实时转播(参议院后来也采纳了)。这样的做法使观众们目睹了一些有史以来最乏味的电视广播(比如预算程序),但同时也见了一些十分吸引人的转播(像是伊朗门听会)。Mr Lamb expanded his coverage to include presidential press conferences, speeches to think-tanks and the like. He also tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Supreme Court to open its hearings to the cameras. He added a few bells and whistles to his formula; profiles of presidents, interviews with authors, phone-ins with journalists. But he never violated the simplicity principle. The profiles were just-the-facts. The interviews were spartan. The hosts were resolutely non-partisan. C-Span remained an island of sanity in a media world increasingly dominated by braying bigots.兰扩大了报道内容的范围,其中囊括了总统记者招待会和对智囊团的演说。他也曾尝试说最高法院允许摄像机将其听审过程录制下来,可惜最后没能如愿。此外,他还在节目中加入了一些新亮点:总统的简介,对作家的访谈,与记者连线的来电直播节目。但他自始至终从未违反简介的原则:其中的简介都是事实,采访过程十分朴实,而主持人不偏不倚、没有任何党派倾向。C-span在聒噪的盲信者占主导的传媒界中一直特立独行,保持着难得的理智明达。Mr Lamb’s “Booknotes” (“One author, one book, one hour”) was the ultimate showcase of his style. He specialised in asking short, direct questions with sometimes hilarious results. One famous exchange with Martin Gilbert, a British historian, involved the question of whether Winston Churchill had ever engaged in buggery:兰主办的访谈节目“Booknotes”(一位作家,一本书,一小时)是他主持风格的最全面的体现。他很擅长问一些简短又直接的问题,而时常能取令人捧腹的效果。一次与英国历史学家马丁·吉尔伯特交谈时,兰问道,温斯顿·丘吉尔是否参与过:Lamb: Why was he accused of buggery and what is it? Gilbert: You don’t know what buggery is? Lamb: Define it, please. Gilbert: Oh dear. Sorry, I thought the world would—buggery is what used to be called an “unnatural act, of the Oscar Wilde type” is how it was actually phrased in the euphemism of the British paper. You don’t know what buggery is?兰:为什们他被指控参与?是什么呢?吉尔伯特:你不知道什么是?兰:请告诉我那是什么意思吧。吉尔伯特:我的天啊。对不起,我以为全世界都——是一种“反常的行为”,就像奥斯卡·王尔德那种(同性恋),这就是英国报纸上通常委婉的说法。你真不知道是什么意思?David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, once called this “the quintessential C-Span moment”. May there be many more.纽约时报的专栏作家大卫·布鲁克曾称这个节目是“C-span最经典的时刻”。希望以后还有更多这样的节目。 201204/176349福州检查不育的医院

福州哪些医院人工授精好The equations of super gravity took their simplest and most elegant form when written in this eleven dimensional framework.超重力方程式以最简单、最优雅的形式写出了这11个维度的框架。There was a war between the tenth dimension and the eleventh dimension. In the ten dimensional bandwagon, we had string theories, hundreds of them working to tease out all the properties of the known universe from one framework, a vibrating string. And then we had this small band of outcasts, outlaws, working in the eleventh dimension.曾经有过关于第10维度和第11维度的争论。在过去的10维度的队伍中,我们有弦理论,数以百计的人努力理出所有已知宇宙的特性,他们想凭借一个框架,一个振动的字符串理解。然后我们有这一小群被赶散的人,这些不法者按照11维度的标准工作。While String Theory was in its ascendancy, few took seriously the eleventh dimension, but the super gravity guys never gave up hope.虽然弦理论占据优势,但很少有人真的把11维度当回事,但超重力男生从来没有放弃希望。I did at bottom always feel convinced that eventually eleven dimensions would have its day. I wasnt sure when and I wasnt sure how, but I felt convinced that sooner or later eleven dimensions would be seen to at the heart of things.我那时总是确信11维度最终会翻身。我不确定,我真的不确定,但是我确信迟早11维度会处于核心地位。But by now the boot was on the other foot. String Theory was in trouble. Its five different versions meant it couldnt be the all embracing theory physics was looking for. Everything, it seemed, had been tried to save String Theory. Well, almost everything.但到现在宾主易位。弦理论陷入了困境。5个不同版本就意味着它不会是所有物理学理论想要寻找的。一切,似乎试图拯救弦理论。嗯,几乎所有的。An astonishing announcement was made. It was yet another shockwave that revolutionized the whole landscape.一个惊人的宣布出现。这是改变整个格局的冲击波。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168187福州总院性激素六项检查 The Bulls won game two, and now the series would move to Chicago, tied at one.公牛队赢得了第二场比赛,现在战场转移到了芝加哥,这注定是一场硬仗。I have to see someone beat Michael Jordan four times, because I said to do that youre gonna have to dismember him. Youre gonna have to take an arm and leg, and youre gonna have to drag him off the floor. Hes not gonna go easily.我曾经看到有人击败迈克尔bull;乔丹四次,因为我想说这样你就必须十分了解他。如果你有要打败迈克尔的信念,请问迈克尔是那么容易被击垮的吗?These would be Michaels last games in Chicago. And game three played out like a thankyou note to the fans.这会是迈克尔在芝加哥的最后一次比赛。第3节比赛就像是对球迷的致谢一样。Welcome to my world, where I feel most at home. Reasons will always change but the meaning still stays the same.欢迎来到我的世界,在那里,我感到像在家中一样。原因总是会变化,但意义永远不变。Chicagos 96-54 win in game three was the biggest rout in NBA Finals history. The Bulls were two games away from the title.芝加哥以96比54赢得比赛,这成了NBA总决赛的历史。公牛队离登顶只差2场比赛。People have said a lot of things about our physical tiredness, but our mental toughness is there, and I dont think that should ever be overlooked.人们曾说很多东西,包括我们的身体疲劳,但我们的精神状态就在那里,我不认为会被忽略。After dominating game three, the Bulls physical resilience would be tested in game four.在第3节比赛占据统治地位后,公牛的体质韧性将在第4节比赛被测试。Scottie, looks. Jumps it to Michael. MJ, and turns base line. Fall away jumper. Good! What a great ball that was. Kukoc drops to Michael. MJ spins along the base line, and he goes up and scores. And Kukoc looking, looking, looking, look to Michael. He catches, two dribbles, spins in, scoops and scores!斯克特,看着妙传给了迈克尔。后者杀到底线。跳投,漂亮!这是一个伟大的球。乔丹在扣篮得分。库科奇,看着,看着,看看迈克尔。他接住球,运球、上篮得分!Another win for the Bulls. The countdown to the championship had reached one.这是公牛队的另一场胜利。他们的总冠军已经进入了倒计时。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170289福州附一医院预约

福州检查早泄比较好的医院Science and Technology ornography and politics Rising to the occasion科技 色情与政治 应付自如Electoral victory brings a surprising consequence: the winners look at smut选举的胜利带来一个让人惊奇的结果:获胜的一方寻淫觅秽Im pretty sure I didnt vote for that!我非常肯定自己没有为那投票WHEN Barack Obama won the American presidency in 2008 his supporters cheered, cried, hugged—and in many cases logged on to their computers to look at pornography. And, lest Republicans crow about the decadence of their opponents, precisely the obverse happened when their man won in 2004.2008年,当巴拉克·奥巴马赢得美国总统大选时,他的持者们欢呼雀跃、泪流满面、并相互拥抱——而在多数情形下,他们登陆电脑查看色情信息。共和党们大可不必对他们的对手幸灾乐祸,在2004年小布什当选时他们的表现并无二致。That, at least, is the conclusion of a study by Patrick Markey of Villanova University, in Pennsylvania, and his wife Charlotte, who works at Rutgers, in New Jersey. The Markeys were looking for confirmation of a phenomenon called the challenge hypothesis. This suggests that males involved in a competition will experience a rise in testosterone levels if they win, and a fall if they lose.这至少是宾夕法尼亚州Villanova大学的Patrick Markey和他在新泽西州Rutgers工作的妻子Charlotte的研究得出的结论。Markey夫妇正致力于寻找一种被称为;挑战假说;现象的据。这种;挑战假说;现象称,卷入竞争的雄性动物在获胜后会经历一个睾丸激素水平上升的过程——反之则相反。The challenge hypothesis was first advanced to explain the mating behaviour of monogamous birds. In these species, males testosterone levels increase in the spring, to promote aggression against potential rivals. When the time comes for the males to settle down and help tend their young, their testosterone falls, along with their aggressive tendencies.这种挑战假说首次提出是用来解释单配鸟类的性行为的。在这些物种中,雄性的睾丸激素水平在春天会上升,以提升进攻能力震慑潜在对手。当这些雄性需要安家并照料幼崽的时候,随着他们攻击倾向的消退,睾丸激素也下降了。Something similar has since been found to apply to fish, lizards,ring-tailed lemurs, rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees—and humans. In many of these animals, though, there is a twist. It is not just that testosterone ramps up for breeding and ramps down for nurturing. Rather,its production is sensitive to a males success in the breeding competition itself. In men, then, levels of the hormone rise in preparation for a challenge and go up even more if that challenge is successfully completed. Failure, by contrast, causes the level to fall.自那以后,Markey夫妇发现他们的研究结论同样适用于鱼类、蜥蜴、卷尾猴、恒河猴、大猩猩——还有人类。尽管,在许多这些动物中,研究结论还须做些微的转变。睾丸激素并不仅仅是在繁殖时期骤升然后养育时期骤降。恰恰相反,睾丸激素产生受雄性在繁殖竞争获胜本身影响。那么,对于人类而言,人类的荷尔蒙水平会在挑战时上升,而在挑战成功后会升得更高。相形之下,挑战失败则会导致荷尔蒙水平下降。Previous research has found these hormonal ups and downs in male wrestlers, martial artists, tennis players, chess players and even people playing a coin-flip game. In evolutionary terms, it makes sense.If a losing male continues to be aggressive, the chances are he will be seriously injured (it is unlikely natural selection could have foreseen competitive coin-tossing). Turning down his testosterone level helps ward off that risk. Conversely, the winner can afford to get really dominant, as the threat of retaliation has receded.先前的研究发现,在男性摔跤运动员、武术运动员、网球运动员、棋手、甚至玩抛硬币游戏的人们中,荷尔蒙水平都会上上下下。从进化论的角度将,这讲得通。假使一个失败的男性继续保持进攻性,那么他就会有严重受伤的可能。(自然选择不大可能会料想到竞争性的抛硬币)。减少睾丸激素水平则会让其避免那种风险。与之相反,复仇的威胁消退之后,获胜者则可提高荷尔蒙水平以获得实际配权。For most species, determining that this actually happens requires a lot of boring fieldwork. But the Markeys realised that in the case of people they could cut the tedium by asking what was going on in those parts of the web that provide a lot more traffic than their users will ever admit to, on the assumption that men fired up by testosterone have a greater appetite for pornography than those who are not.对于大多数物种,确定上述研究成果非空穴来风需要大量枯燥的野外作业。不过Markey夫妇意识到,在针对人类的例子中,根据他们的臆测——被睾丸激素点燃的人类比那些没有被点燃的对色情有更大的胃口——他们可以通过询问提供用户可能会承认的更多流量的那部分网络发生了什么,来减少单调枯燥的调查工作。To do this they first used a web service called WordTracker to identify the top ten search terms employed by people seeking pornography (;xs; was the politest among them). Then they asked a second service, Google Trends, to analyse how often those words were used in the week before and the week after an American election, broken down by state.要做这些工作,他们首先使用了一种被称作WordTracker的网络务来确认人们用来寻找色情信息的十大搜索词(xs在这些词里面是最文雅的)。然后,他们要求了第二项被官方屏蔽的;谷歌趋势;务,来分析这些搜索词在美国大选一周前后使用的频率如何。Their results, just published in /Evolution and Human Behavior/, were the same for all three of the elections they looked at—the 2004 and 2008 presidential contests, and the 2006 mid-terms (in which the Democrats made big gains in both houses of Congress). No matter which side won,searches for porn increased in states that had voted for the winners anddecreased in those that had voted for the losers. The difference was not huge; it was a matter of one or two per cent. But it was consistent and statistically significant.刚刚发布在《进化和人类行为》上的结论与他们观察的三次大选——2004年和2008年的总统大选,2006年的中期大选(民主党在两院都大获全胜)——如出一辙。不管哪方获胜,在投票给获胜者的州,检索色情次数上升——反之则反。几次观察得到的结论差别不大——只不过在1到2个百分点之间。结论是一致的,且在统计学上具有重要意义。If the polls are right, then, next Tuesdays mid-term elections will see red faces in the red states for those furtive surfers who are caught in the act. In the blue states, meanwhile, a fit of the blues will mean the screens stay switched off.如果民意调查是正确的,那么,在下周二的中期大选中将会看到,红州的红色面孔里面,鬼鬼祟祟的冲浪者正搜索色情。与此同时,在蓝州,一阵沮丧意味着屏幕将被关上。 /201301/222616 The military strike in 64 was the worst thing that ever could happen to this country, because until today, we have never recovered from that.在64年的军事打击可能是有史以来发生在这个国家最糟糕的事情,因为直到今天,我们还从来没有恢复过来。It was bad times. 这是糟糕的时期。It was bad times. 这是糟糕的时期。But at the same time, I think that the opposite of that was,that it was very creative. 但同时,我认为相反的是,这很有创意。The military coup split the Brazilian music scene. 军事政变改变了巴西的音乐格局。Many leading Brazilian performers had left the country to take advantage of the continuing bossa nova craze in the ed States. 许多领先的巴西表演者已经离开这个国家前往美国继续利用波萨诺瓦的狂热。Those who remained were divided between musicians who ignored politics and left-wingers, who argued that bossa nova should change to represent the realities of the new Brazil.那些人仍然在被分称忽视政治的音乐家及感觉波萨诺瓦应该更改为代表新巴西现实的左翼人士之间。The form was OK. 形式没有问题。But now we have to add something, and that was the content, some content in the, that we just couldnt speak only about love and flower, and the smile. 但是现在我们必须添加的东西就是内容,有些内容非加入不可,我们不能只讲关于爱情,花朵及微笑。Bossa nova would only talk about the sea, and we thought that we should have more social content inside the lyrics.波萨诺瓦只会谈论大海,我们认为在歌词中应该有更多的社交内容。Nara Leao, whod been known as the Muse of bossa nova, became the face of this new protest movement. 曾被称为波萨诺瓦艺术女神的纳拉·莱奥开始站出来面对这项新的抗议活动。Instead of singing about love and the sea, she now chose songs about hardship or a lament written by a black singer from the northern farmlands.不是唱关于爱情和大海,她现在选择来自北方农田一位黑人歌手所创作的艰难困苦或悲伤歌曲。注:听力文本来源于普特201302/224435宁德治疗胎停育要多少钱福州市解扎大概多少钱



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