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unit 146 祝贺考入名牌学府dialogue英语情景对话A:I have just had my new paper published.A:我发表了新的论文。B:You have done excellent work.B:你干得很出色。A:Im going to Britain.A:我要去英国。B:Really? How did you get the chance?B:真的?你是怎样得到这个机会的?A:I have been accepted by Oxford University on PhD.A:我被牛津大学录取攻读士学位。B:My warmest congratulations on your entering the Oxford University.B:我热诚祝贺你考取牛津大学。A:I really appreciate your kind words.A:真是谢谢你的鼓励。 /201507/388358Flash文本如下:Bill:Emma, I’d like to start a family with you。艾玛,我想和你生子成家。Emma:Do you mean to marry me?你的意思是想要娶我?Bill:Yes. Am I being too abrupt? I love you truly。是的。我是不是太唐突了?我的爱你Emma:Not at all. I’ve been expecting this for a while. I love you truly and whole-heartedly, too。一点也不唐突。我等这一刻很久了。我也是真心实意爱你的。Bill:So, is that a “yes”?这么说你答应了?Emma:Yes。是的。Bill:Oh, Emma, that makes me so happy. I promise you my love, but I can’t promise you wealth, not right now。哦,艾玛,这让我太高兴了。我向你许诺我的饿爱,但是我还不能许诺给你带来财富,现在还不行Emma:Honey, as long as you love me, really love me, I won’t care anything。亲爱的,只要你爱我,真的爱我,我什么都不在乎。Bill:You’re so sweet。你真是太好了。Emma:I do have a request though。不过我有个要求。Bill:Say it. It’s done。你说吧,我一定办到。Emma:I don’t want to be a housewife. I love my job. We need to share in the housework。我不想做一个家庭主妇。我爱我的工作,我们得一起分担家务。Bill:That’s not a problem。这不成问题。Emma:Oh honey, we’ll be so happy together!哦,亲爱的,我们在一起会非常幸福的。爱情口语:英语甜蜜情话我会把我全部的爱都给你。I’ll give you all my love。我愿意跟随你到世界的每个角落。I’d like to go to every corner of the world with you。我一直都想嫁给像你这样的人。I ’ve always wanted to marry a man like you。如果你现在求婚,我不会犹豫的。If you propose to me right now, I won’t think twice。能成为你的妻子,我将非常幸福。I’ll be very happy to be your wife。我感到自己就站在幸福的大门口。I felt I was standing at the portal of happiness。我也真心实意地爱着你。I love you truly and whole-heartedly, too。我会完全属于你的。 I’ll be entirely yours。只要你爱我,真的爱我,我什么都不在乎。As long as you love me, really love me, I won’t care about anything。我都等不及和你结婚了。I can’t wait to marry you。我爱死他了,所以当然就接受了。I simply love her to death, so of course I accepted。 /201502/359411All the time 一直;总是例句:Our knowledge of universe is growing all the time.我们有关宇宙的知识一直在增加。Ive been thinking about it all the time.我一直都在思考这件事。A:My brother was beaten by his classmates last week, and I couldnt believe that the teacher pretended that he didnt know anything.我弟弟上周被他同学打了,我不敢相信老师居然假装什么都不知道。B:In fact, I bet this happens all the time, because the teacher doesnt want to look for trouble.其实,我打赌这种情况一直都有,因为老师不想自找麻烦。背景音乐:Chris Rene-Young Homie更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”和“FM”均为大写) /201605/4451813 Students Union Dialogue3 学生社团对话The new semester begins; many university clubs are recruiting new members. Lucy wants to join the Students Union.新学期开始了,很多大学社团都在招新。露西想加入学生会。Steven: I hear that the Students Union is going to take new members.史蒂文:我听说学生会准备招新人了。Lucy: Really? Can I join it?露西:真的吗?我可以加入吗?Steven: Of course you can if you like it.史蒂文:如果你喜欢的话,当然可以了。Lucy: How can I join it?露西:我怎么加人呢?Steven: There will be an information session about the Students Union this Tuesday. You can apply for it then.史蒂文:这周二有学生会的介绍会,到时候你可以去报名。Lucy: OK, thank you.露西:好,谢谢。 /201506/377383

Flash文本如下:Jenny:Hello, Is that Dad?是爸爸吗?Dad:Yes, Jenny. How have you been?是的,珍妮,你好吗?Jenny:I’m fine, dad. Happy Father’s Day!我很好,爸爸,父亲节快乐1Dad:Oh, Jenny, thank you。喔,珍妮,谢谢你Jenny:I miss you a lot, Dad。爸爸,我很想你Dad:I miss you too, my little girl. So does Mom。我的小宝贝,我也想你,你妈妈也很想你。Jenny:Dad, I didn’t see what a good father you were to us before, but now I do. You’re the best! It’s lucky to be your daughter。爸爸,现在才知道你对我们说是一个多么了不起的爸爸,以前都没这么觉得,你是最棒的,能当你的女儿真的太幸运了。Dad:That’s very nice of you to say, sweetie。宝贝,听你这么说,我真的太高兴了。Jenny:On this special day I want to say thank you for your guidance and support. I might be far from home, but I’ve always felt close to you and Mom。在父亲节这个特别的日子了,我想对你说,谢谢你的持了指引。我虽然离家很远,但是却感觉离你和妈妈很近。Dad:I’m glad. Mom and I hope you come home soon。我真的很高兴,我和你妈妈都希望你能快点回来。Jenny:I will. I love you, Dad.我会的,我爱你,爸爸。Dad:Love you too。我也爱你口语句子及献给父亲的英语祝福语:明天就是父亲节了。Its Fathers Day tomorrow。您是世界上最好的爸爸。You are the best dad in the world。真高兴您是我爸爸。I am glad that you are my dad。您的引导,一直让我非常感激。Your guidance has always been appreciated。我爱您胜过一切。I love you more than anything else。我是如此幸运能有您这样的父亲!How lucky I am to have a dad like you!将我全部的爱,献给我最亲爱的爸爸。All my love to the dearest father in the world。您对我总是那么有耐心。Youve always been so patient with me。谢谢您在我危难的时候伸出援助之手。Thank you for holding my hand when I was in need.现在已身为人父的我才知道,您在养育我们时,做得有多好。Now I am a father. I can see what a good job you did in raising us。我以前不知道您是一个多么好的父亲,可是现在我知道了。I didnt see what a good father you were to us before, but now I do。我做了件礼物给我父亲,希望他会喜欢。I made a present for my dad. I hope hell like it。 /201502/361295

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