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A: How are you today?B: Great, thanks.A: Can I help you?B: I would actually like to view the apartment rent today.A: I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to view it today.B: Why not?A: You have to make an appointment first.B: Oh, okay. Can I do that right now?A: Is this Friday okay?B: Is 6 o’clock Friday evening okay?A: Yes, I will schedule you that time.B: Thank you very much. See you then.。

  • Crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark was in northern Australia Kakadu National Park last month when he spotted a woman – and her small dog – being approached by a crocodile as they stood close to the water at Cahill Crossing.上个月,鳄鱼爱好者林登·安尼扎克在澳洲北部的卡卡杜国家公园中,拍到一名女子带着小在河边散步,当走到卡西尔路口的水域时,有一条鳄鱼不动声色的游向了他们Mr Anlezark grabbed his phone and filmed the resulting confrontation, half convinced he was about to witness something terrible.当时安尼扎克掏出手机将镜头对准了这个对峙的场面,确信他将见一些危险的事情The footage he shot shows the woman appearing totally unfazed as the saltwater crocodile gets nearer to her.根据他拍摄的镜头显示,当那条咸水鳄越来越接近这名女子时,她却看起来很镇定Then, instead of fleeing, she slips one of her flip-flops off her foot, then starts slapping it against her hand to scare off the predator.接着,她并没有逃跑,而是脱下脚上的一只人字拖开始拍打,以吓跑这只食肉动物Thankfully it works, and the huge animal swims away – as a crowd of onlookers breath a sign of relief.谢天谢地,这还挺有效,这条大鳄鱼居然知难而退——一众观看的网友们也松了一口气Mr Anlezark later uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, appending it with a warning saying: ;Please dont walk this close to crocodiles, especially in known feeding zones.;安尼扎克随后将这条视频上传到了他的YouTube主页上,并加上了一条温馨提示:“请不要如此靠近鳄鱼,特别是在已知的饲养区里”Northern Australia has an estimated 80,000-0,000 crocodiles.澳洲北部约有8到万条鳄鱼Over the last four decades more than people in the Northern Territory have been killed by the creatures, including four fatalities in alone.过去的0年里,北领地共有余人丧生鳄口,仅年就发生了起悲剧 3665。
  • A: Id like to purchase a pan.我想买个锅B: Is there any particular size that you want?你需要多大尺寸的?A: Well, I cook a lot of big meals.嗯,我用做很多大餐B: What do you think of this one? It a ; pan.你觉得这个怎么样?这个寸的锅?A: Yes, that the right size, but it so heavy.是的,这个尺寸正好合适,但是太重了B: Well, look at our aluminum pan. It much lighter.嗯,看看我们铝制的锅,这个比较轻A: Yes, this is very light. But the handle is also aluminum.是的,这个很轻但是把手也是铝制的B: No problem. Look at this one. Same pan, but with a lightweight wooden handle.没问题看看这个同样的锅,但是比较轻的木质的A: Great. This is exactly what I was looking . Ill buy it.很好这才是我一直在找的我就买这个吧B: I think youll love this pan. Do you want to pay with cash?我觉得你喜欢这个你用现金吗?A: Yes. Oh, wait a second, please. What about a lid?是的哦,请等一下,一个锅盖怎么样?B: Im sorry. I got to show it to you. Here it is. It comes with the pan.抱歉我忘记给你看了给你这个锅盖是配套的 65。
  • There a zillion characters in Game of Thrones, even after a bunch of them have been brutally bumped off. But among the likes of Tyrion, Bran, Dany, and pals, who really the main character? A team of mathematicians used a power far beyond Melisandre shadow magics to find out: the power of cold hard graphs.尽管有些人已经被残忍地干掉了,《权力的游戏里的人物还是多得难以计数但是在提利昂、布兰、丹妮以及其他人物中,谁才是真正的主角呢?一个数学家团队施展魔力,寻找,这个魔力可比梅丽珊卓的阴影魔法还强大——那就是客观实在的图表Macalester College associate professor of mathematics Andrew J. Beveridge and undergraduate student Jie Shan approached George R. R. Martin book series with a set of scientific approaches dubbed ;Network Science.; It uses graph theory, economics, math, sociology, and a plethora of other disciplines to map out a vast, interconnected network between the characters that sp all over Westeros and Essos.麦卡利斯特学院数学系副教授安德鲁·J·贝弗里奇和本科生单杰用一套名为;网络科学;的方法分析了乔治·R·R·马丁的这一系列书籍这套方法运用了图论、经济学、数学、社会学和其它许多学科的知识,描绘了一幅遍及维斯特洛和厄索斯的巨大人物关系网Using the third book in Martin saga, A Storm of Swords, and Shan created a huge character network, linking characters every time they appeared within words of each other, weighted on whether or not said characters were in the same scene together. Nearly a thousand pages later, they had a map:根据马丁这一传奇巨作的第三卷《冰雨的风暴,贝弗里奇和单杰制作了一幅巨大的人物关系网只要两个人物出现的间隔在个词之内,就把他们连在一起,看看他们是不是出现在同一个场景这样分析了大概一千页之后,他们得出了这张图:Unsurprisingly, the network sp the influence of characters pretty much where they were based in the books—Daenerys, isolated off in the East, Sansa and Tyrion down in the south in Kings Landing (among the likes of Cersei, Jamie, and Tywin), Jon Snow far to the north, and the then-alive Catelyn and Robb in the Western reaches of the Riverlands.不出所料,人物在这个网络中的影响力与书中体现的几乎一模一样丹妮莉丝独霸东方,珊莎和提利昂与瑟曦、詹姆、泰温等人在君临城南端,琼恩·雪诺远在北方,那时还活着的凯特琳和罗伯处于河间地西部After ranking the characters through various methods, the three most common characters that could be perceived as the ;main; stars of the series emerged: Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, and—at the top in pretty much every measured regard—Tyrion Lannister.在用几种方法为人物排序之后,三个出现次数最多、可被视作主角的人物就浮出了水面:珊莎·史塔克、琼恩·雪诺,以及在各种测量方法中排名都最高的提利昂·兰尼斯特It not really that surprising—each chapter of a book in the series is told from the perspective of a different character, and Tyrion has the most chapters to his name across the whole saga. And of course, the data doesnt really weigh in importance to the overall story. Speaking to Quartz, Beveridge noted that because Daenerys is so isolated in Essos, she doesnt have as many connections as the characters based in Westeros, despite playing a huge role in the future of A Song of Ice and Fire main arc:其实也没有那么出乎意料——因为每一卷的每一章都是从不同角色的视角叙述的,而在整部小说中以提利昂作为叙事视角的章节最多当然了,在整个故事中,数据并不足以说明一切在接受Quartz杂志的采访时,贝弗里奇提到,尽管丹妮莉丝在《冰与火之歌未来的主线中扮演着非常重要的角色,但因为她身处偏僻的厄索斯,构建的关系就没有维斯特洛人的那么多:Daenerys really represents the future—you can see what about to happen based on the people she linked with.丹妮莉丝确实代表着未来——你可以根据那些跟她有关系的人推断故事发展Still, it a pretty fascinating insight into the focal points that the book series concentrates on—and it always cool when these analytical concepts are turned towards our favorite fictional universes.但仍然,用这种方法来洞察这部书的焦点非常吸引人,并且这些分析概念可以用来解释我们最喜欢的虚构世界,真是太酷了 35390。
  • A: Can I have roommates in my apartment?B: You may have one roommate, but they need to pass a credit check.A: Can overnight guests stay with me?B: You may have an overnight guest, but they may not stay an extended period of time.A: How long could my friends and family stay with me without it being a problem?B: No one can stay with you over a week without special permission.A: Will I owe extra money more people staying in my apartment?B: You are not charged extra a roommate or short-term guests.A: If I have visitors, may they use the pool?B: Your short-term guests may use the facilities with you present. 777。
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