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囧叔谈男女平权,联手克里斯汀一起攻击“干得好不如嫁得好”这个19世纪理论。作为资深剩女,举双手持囧叔!男人靠的住,猪都能上树!换个不极端的说法就是,女人要有自立的能力,才能赢得尊重!201404/284319Hope Solo Accused of Domestic Abuse Against Sister, NephewUS womens soccer star was arrested for allegedly assaulting two of her relatives during a dispute.This is gold medal winner Hope Solo, she found fame and honor on and off the soccer field with her goal keeping skills, TV appearance and glamor sp in glossy magazines.But now she is facing some serious charges, and is even behind bars this morning waiting before judge, As Cesilia V has more.This morning soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo is behind bars, the 32 year old facing two counts of fourth degree domestic violence assault after being arrested Saturday morning for allegedly assaulting her sister and 17 year old nephew at a party. The police describing a chaotic scene when they arrived, saying the Olympian appeared intoxicated and upset, with her sister and nephew spotting visible injuries.They had some redness and swelling to their face like clearly they had been assaulted.This could be really damaging to her reputation, we are talking about a family squabble that really escalated.An attorney for the famous goal keeper telling A news, our investigation reveals that Hope was assaulted and injured during this unfortunate incident, we look forward to the opportunity to present the true facts in court.Solo a fitness icon and sex symbol became famous after winning back to back gold medals with the US womens soccer team, and for quick stepping her way through dancing with the stars has been public with her family turmoil. In her 2012 autobiography, Solo a memoir of hope, she writes my family doesnt do happy endings.I am who I am, but at the end of the day, I am an athlete that wants to win.And in November 2012, her husband Jeremy Stevens was arrested for allegedly assaulting the soccer player just 24 hours before the couples court house wedding, the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Solo hasnt entered a plea and is said to appear in court on Monday.For Good Morning America, Cesilia V, A news, San Francisco. /201407/308709

Despite having free rein to use special effects,it was something Bruce Lee avoided.尽管可以随意使用特效,但李小龙还是不感冒。For Lee, realism was everything.对他而言 真实就是一切The portrayal of his martial arts had to be as close to real life as possible.他的电影必须更好地接近现实生活When you look at the guys who came before him,especially in Hong Kong cinema, these movies contained very little authentic martial arts at all.之后有很多人模仿李小龙的风格,尤其是香港电影 大都只是貌合神离罢了Its mostly a lot of trampolines and wire stunts.Look at the Chinese boxer, the fight scences are terrible.他们只知道用蹦床 吊威亚,看看中国的拳师 格斗场景太烂了。Its a lot of swinging your arms and people falling over and then some very obvious and awkward wire work when people shoot straight up into the air or do flips off trampolines.多是扭胳膊 被打翻,以及一些明显糟糕的吊维亚,生硬的空中踢腿 或是弹跳。Donnie Yen is one of the biggest name in Hong Kong cinema.甄子丹是香港影迷熟知的影星之一Hes appeared in more than 30 action movies in both Hong Kong and Hollywood,including Shanghai Knights with Jacky Chan and Hero.他拍了30多部香港和好莱坞的动作片,其中包括有和成龙一起演的;上海骑士; 还有;英雄;。Bruce Lee believed in having an authentric martial arts,being an authentric martial artist to be a martial art actor who was very first came and said:;look, you have to be a real.When you kick, when you punch you have to be real.;李小龙认为得拍真实的武术,作为一个真正的武术家,做一个真正的武打演员 他是第一个说,必须得真实,踢腿得真踢 出拳也得真的打出手;201402/277251通过展示视频片段,诸如《弗里达》、《暴风雨》和《狮子王》等,导演朱丽·泰莫描绘了她所沉浸的剧院和电影院世界里的生活。当她的百老汇作品《蜘蛛侠:关闭黑暗》正处在争议的风口浪尖时,我们拍摄了这个视频。她坦率地描述了她创作历程中内心的不安——在竭力把握故事的精髓的同时创造一种全新的画面和体验。201412/346791

AZUZ: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了。The rangers are a special operations unit, associated with what branch of the U.S. military? If you think you know it, shout it out? 游骑兵这种特种部队与美国哪个军种有关?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Marines? Youve got three seconds, go.是陆军、海军、空军还是海军陆战队?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!U.S. Army Rangers are tough soldiers who are especially trained in close combat. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.美国陆军游骑兵是为近距离作战而训练的强悍军士。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。During Tuesday nights State of the Union address there was something that everyone, Republicans and Democrats could agree on. 在周二晚上的国情咨文中,有一件每个人都同意,民主党和共和党的都同意的事。Its that Cory Remsburg is a hero. He is 30 years old, a U.S. Army ranger who joined the service on his 18th birthday. 这件事就是:克里·瑞斯堡是个英雄。他今年三十岁,他18岁时成为了美国游骑兵。Hes one of many heroes from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just by attending the presidential address, Sergeant First Class Remsburg brought the U.S. government to its feet.他是最近的伊拉克和阿富汗战争中的英雄,一等中士瑞斯堡仅仅凭借出席总统演讲就让整个美国政府为之起立欢呼。 /201402/274987There they are-matter and water,water and matter-soft and hard combined,the crucial alliance shared by every life-form on our planet.就是它们 物质和水。水和物质软硬组合,这对地球上所有生物都是至关重要的。Minerals and metals are even older than the Earth.金属矿物元素比地球还要古老。They are stardust.它们是星尘。They provide the Earths colors.它们让地球五斑斓。Red from iron, black from carbon, blue from copper, yellow from sulfur.红色是铁,黑色是碳。蓝色是铜,黄色则是硫。Where do we come from?我们来自什么哪里?Where did life first spark into being?生命火花从哪里迸发?A miracle of time, primitive life-forms still exist in the globes hot springs.一个时光奇迹,地球上的温泉仍然有原始的生命存活。They give them their colors.它们赋予温泉颜色。Theyre called archaeobacteria.它们叫做古细菌。They all feed off the Earths heat all except the cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.它们都依靠地球热能生存。除了蓝细菌或是蓝绿藻以外。They alone have the capacity to turn to the sun to capture its energy.只有它们可以向着太阳来吸取其能量。They are a vital ancestor of all yesterdays and todays plant species.它们是古今所有植种的最重要的祖先。These tiny bacteria...这些微小的细菌。and their billions of descendants...及其数以亿计的后代。changed the destiny of our planet.改变了地球的命运。They transformed its atmosphere.是它们改造了地球的大气层。What happened to the carbon that poisoned the atmosphere?毒害大气层的碳去了哪里?。Its still here, imprisoned in the Earths crust.它还存在只是被囚禁在地壳。We can this chapter of the Earths history...想要了解地球历史的这一篇章。nowhere better than on the walls of Colorados Grand Canyon.卡罗拉多大峡谷的峭壁是最好的选择。They reveal nearby two billion years of the Earths history.它们展现了地球近20亿年的历史。Once upon a time, the Grand Canyon was a sea inhabited by microorganisms.大峡谷曾经是一个聚居着微生物的海洋。They grew their shells by tapping into carbon from the atmosphere...它们汲取从大气层溶解到海洋里的碳。dissolved in the ocean.并长出外壳。When they died, the shells sank...and accumulated on the sealed.它们死后外壳沉到海床堆叠起来。201409/330078Ex-SS Soldier, 88, Charged Over Nazi MassacreThe charge comes nearly 70 years after one of the most infamous Nazi atrocities in which 642 villagers were killed.新闻背景:德国科隆法院发言人阿希姆·亨斯滕贝格说,“这位88岁的退休老人来自科隆,检察官指控他参加了法国奥拉杜尔村的毁灭行动。据信他和另一位手用机在谷仓打死了25人,他还协助烧毁了村里的教堂。”被告的辩护律师赖纳·波伦说,被告否认了这些指控,并表示他在没在奥拉杜尔开过一,自己甚至曾试图拯救一些生命。波伦说,“他本有可能去开。但是,他说,‘我非常幸运地被安排去干别的事了。’他还说,‘我听到声,看到人们大喊大叫,看到村子着火。太可怕了,真的太可怕了。但是,我自己没有卷入任何行动。’”此案由科隆法院的青少年犯罪办公室负责,因为嫌犯在案发时只有19岁。声明中没有提到他的名字,青少年犯罪办公室将决定是否公开对被告的诉讼过程。1944年6月,一辆载着党卫军医生的车在通往奥拉杜尔村的路上遭到伏击,车上的人遭到绑架。党卫军随即决定血腥清洗奥拉杜尔村,几个小时内他们屠戮了642人,其中有207个孩童,最小的才8周大。只有5名男子和1名妇女幸存下来。幸存者之一的罗伯特·埃布拉告诉法国媒体:“尽管已经70年过去了,我们还是找到了一个刽子手,这太重要了。”92 year old sir Broun leaves the court a free man, the former SS officer showed little emotion after the case against him was dismissed because much of the evidence was lost in the 70 years since the killing of a Dutch resistance fighter. Broun was cleared of shooting the Dutch citizen 4 times in the back after he attempted to flee the farm in the Netherlands where he had been taken prisoner. The victim’s sister says she was shocked at the court’s decision.I am outraged about this verdict for several reasons. First, my client has waited 70 years for the murder of her brother to be atoned for. This really is a slap in the face for the German justice system; because it took 70 years to get this far and now we are at a point where the proof is insufficient. And the case has to be stopped.However, the fight to bring Nazi war criminals to justice continues. Yesterday, an 88 year old German man was charged with involvement in one of the most infamous WWII massacres. 642 people were murdered by SS troops in the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944. Many were herded into a local church in which hand grenades were thrown before it was eventually set on fire.We know that a horrible crime was committed there, without a doubt horrible. But I did not think that it was possible to prove based on the argument of the prosecution, that he was involved in a crime that lead to the death of so many people. As far as I am concerned, much of that is against the case, rather than to prove he was involved.The ruins of the village have been preserved just as they were after the massacre as a permanent memorial, a reminder to all of the cruelty of Nazi occupation. The investigation into the massacre was reopened by the German prosecutors last year, but as nearly 70 years has passed, the likelihood of bringing those responsible to justice is very slim.Samantha Gregson, Sky News. /201401/272881

Wimbledon Murray Has Tea At No 10 As the prime minister says Murray deserves a knighthood, the new champion tells Sky News of his relief at winning Wimbledon.英国首相卡梅伦在唐宁街接见了温网冠军穆雷,并同出席了庆功会,卡梅伦提议给穆雷颁发骑士勋章。英国王室及社会名流纷纷表示祝贺!2013年温布尔登网球网球公开赛夺冠,是自1936年弗雷德-佩里捧杯后77年来首位在温网夺冠的英国人,这也是穆雷去年美网之后的第2个大满贯冠军,职业 生涯的第28个单打冠军。The day after the gold afternoon before, a tea at Downing Street for Britain’s new Wimbledon champion with the man who may recommend him for a knighthood.This was the moment that changes the Scots’ life for ever. But will it change British tennis for the better? Murray is the role model the game has been desperate for, raising smiles from the all England Clubs all the way to Lamberts. “The best thing about Andy Murray, he inspires people to play tennis and do different sports.”“How about you?”“How he shows us how we can reach for our goals which we just believe.”“He has, he has good service.”But he knows that it would take more than one success to transform years of underperformance.“Sorry. But that isn’t my job. There are people, you know, have to put things in place to give kids opportunity to play and, you know, I hope yesterday has done a small part towards achieving, you know, better results for British players in the future.”The Scot is an exception other than a rule. Develop his talent outside the system that does not match to his huge income with consistent results.Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory ended the longest losing streak in British sport. Challenge now for British tennis, he is to capture the excitement generated by his win and create opportunities in places like this, beyond the sports middle-class roots. In 2012, the Lawn Tennis Association received amp;pound;37.7 M from Wimbledon profits, and amp;pound;5.4 M in public funding from Sport England. But participation among over 16 has fallen 15% in the last five years. Sport England has threatened to cut funding by 20% in future years.“The job really is to make sure that not just for the two weeks of Wimbledon but everyone stays on the tennis court. That comes to people that he rather volunteers. The tennis schools are opened on. The country inspires the kids to stay in the game all years around. And that’s the next stage for us.”Everyone that’s lifted by Murray’s triumph will hope they are right. But the next British Wimbledon champion doesn’t have to wait until the current one be immortalized in bronze.Paul Kelsey, Sky News. /201307/247865

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