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Victoria Beckham is under fire for posting a photo kissing her 5-year-old daughter, Harper, on the lips. 维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆晒出亲吻5岁女儿哈珀嘴唇的照片,由此引火上身。Beckham posted the photo for her daughter’s birthday, writing “Happy Birthday baby girl. We all love you so much.” 贝克汉姆晒出女儿过生日的照片,并写道:“宝贝女儿生日快乐。我们都很爱你。”Commenters attacked the fashion designer for the innocent photo, writing things like, “Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they [are] making out,” “totally wrong” and “That’s one passionate kiss right there ... Hope she gets so passionate with @davidbeckham.” Social etiquette expert Liz Brewer told the B that she found the photo “uncomfortable.” 因为这张天真无邪的照片,时尚设计师维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆饱受者的攻击,像是“哦,不好意思,我真是跟不上潮流了,看着照片感觉她俩在搞同性恋,”“完全的错误”以及“这真是之吻啊……希望她也能和大卫#8226;贝克汉姆有如此。”社会礼仪专家丽兹#8226;布鲁尔告诉英国广播公司说,她觉得这张照片“让人不舒”。“Normally with a member of your family you don’t kiss on the lips unless it’s your husband,” Brewer said. “With children, I wouldn’t have thought it’s a particularly good habit to get into but it’s her child and she’s at liberty to do what she thinks is best.” “通常来说,除了你的丈夫,你不会亲吻其他家庭成员的嘴唇,”布鲁尔说道。“我认为亲吻孩子的嘴唇不是一个好习惯,但那是她自己的孩子,她有权做自己认为是最好的事情。”After the photo was picked up by the media, Beckham’s page became flooded with comments supporting her and her daughter. 在媒体曝光这张照片后,人们纷纷在维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆的主页下,表示持她和她女儿。“Shame on whoever who thinks they can’t do that without it being some sort of sexual thing,” said one user, while others slammed people who thought the photo was controversial. One commenter wrote, “How is this even a fucking topic of discussion!? This is a mother showing affection to her daughter, you freaks!” “有人认为她们母女俩不该亲吻,并将此举动与性联系在一起,真为这些人感到羞耻,”一位用户说道,还有人抨击了认为这张照片具有争议性的人们。一位网友道,“这有什么好讨论的!这不过就是母亲表达对女儿的喜爱,你们真是一群怪胎!”Parents have also shown their support for the Spice Girl by posting their own photos kissing their children on the lips. 一些家长为了表示对辣的持,纷纷晒出了自己亲吻孩子嘴唇的照片。And, in a poll conducted by “Today,” an overwhelming 75 percent of people responded yes to the question, “Do you think it’s okay to kiss your children on the lips?” 《今日》杂志发起了一项民意调查,主题是“你认为可以亲吻孩子的嘴唇吗?”,75%的人对此问题作出了肯定的答复。 /201607/454506

Aries: Your daily horoscope - July 29白羊座每日运势--7.29Religion and spirituality are very much heightened today. If you do not belong to a formal or semi-formal religious organization, perhaps you should begin to do some research today to find a group that#39;s right for you. It is not necessary to embrace a group#39;s religious philosophy entirely in order to get a lot out of it. Think of it as an intellectual exercise as much as a spiritual one. One way or another, you are bound to grow.今天,你的宗教信仰和灵性高涨。如果你不是正式或半正式宗教团体的一员,那么今天你可以开始做些调查,以找到适合自己的宗教团体。没有必要为了学到很多东西而去完全信奉一个宗教团体的理念。把它看作是一种智力锻炼,正如精神锻炼一样。无论如何,你肯定会有所收获。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You have a lot of people in your social life, yet sometimes you still feel isolated and alone. This is partly because you have some troubles being intimate, sharing what is really on your mind. You don#39;t like to bother other people with your problems, so sometimes you keep your worries to yourself. Be on the lookout for someone who will draw you into conversation today and help you to feel better about some of your cares and concerns.社交上,你有很多朋友,但有时你仍然感到孑然一身、感到孤独。部分原因可能是你很难与他人亲密相处,与他人分享你的真实想法吧。你不想拿自己的问题去烦扰他人,所以你烦恼时就往肚里咽。今天一定要注意寻找能与你对话的人,他/她能使你对一些担心关切释然许多。Your love horoscope爱情运势You could gather others close to you. You might attend a family event with lots of your relatives. Or you could go to a reunion with some old friends. You#39;ll enjoy sharing stories about your recent adventures. And you#39;ll feel good as you sense the positive energy being projected by your loved ones. Allow others to nurture you and to boost your spirits. You should have a good time!你可以让他人与你更亲近。你可能会参加有很多亲戚的家庭聚会。或者你也可以与一些老朋友相聚。和他们分享你最近的奇遇会让你十分享受。当你感受到所爱之人释放的积极能量时,你会感觉十分美好。允许他人滋润你,允许他们让你情绪高涨。你应该度过一段美好时光!Your career horoscope事业运势You might discover that you need to work more with a team. Perhaps you have been assigned a group project. Sometimes you are a little shy, and you don#39;t always communicate effectively. Try to make time for some group strategizing. Conduct a meeting where everyone can brainstorm to create a better work flow. Dare to contribute some of your own ideas instead of holding them inside. You#39;ll soon feel inspired by this group collaboration.你也许会发现自己更需要与团队一起合作。也许有人分配给你一个团队项目。有时候你有点害羞,你并不能有效的与他人沟通。试着花时间进行团队策划。开个会议,让每个人都集思广益,创造出更好的工作流程。要勇于贡献自己的想法,而不是藏在心里不说。很快你就能从团队合作中获得灵感。译文属 /201607/457231

A rare blue diamond which was almost stolen in the thwarted Millennium Dome jewels heist in 2000 has sold for a record 20million pounds.一枚差点在2000年千年穹顶珠宝盗窃案中被盗的罕见蓝钻,近日以2千万英镑的价格拍卖成功。The De Beers Millennium Jewel 4, a 10.10 carat vivid blue diamond, broke the record for the most expensive piece of jewellery to be sold at auction in Asia yesterday at Sotheby#39;s in Hong Kong. It ended up being sold for HK8.29 million (20 million pounds), which was at the lower end of estimates which had predicted it would fetch up to 31 million pounds.这枚名为De Beers Millennium Jewel 4的鲜蓝钻重达10.10克拉,在香港苏富比上被拍卖,打破了亚洲最昂贵珠宝的拍卖记录。它以2亿4829万港币(2千万英镑)被出售,达到了预计销售价格的底线,预计的最高价格为3100万英镑。Slightly larger than an almond, it is described by Sotheby#39;s as the largest oval blue diamond ever to appear at auction and #39;internally flawless#39;. It was sold to an anonymous phone bidder.这枚蓝钻比杏仁稍大,被苏富比方面称为拍卖会上最大的“无暇”椭圆蓝钻。它最终被一位匿名的电话买家拍走。It was a very successful sale,#39; Sotheby#39;s international jewellery division worldwide chairman David Bennett said. #39;The fact that it#39;s a record price for jewellery in Asia I think speaks well about the Asian market... I think it#39;s alive and well and very healthy.#39;苏富比国际珠宝部全球主席大卫·贝内特说:“这是一次成功的拍卖。这是珠宝在亚洲拍出的最高记录,我想这也说明了亚洲市场的良好前景……我认为这个市场非常活跃、良好而且很健康,”The Millennium Dome raid was an attempted robbery of the Millennium Dome#39;s diamond exhibition in Greenwich, South East London on November 7, 2000. A gang planned to ram-raid the De Beers diamond exhibition where the De Beers Millenium Jewel and others were being held at the time.值得一提的是,2000年11月7日,在伦敦西南部格格林威治的千年穹顶钻石展览上曾发生了一起盗窃未遂案。一伙歹徒计划窃取展览上的De Beers Millenium Jewel钻石以及当时其他的展览珠宝。 /201604/436577Chinese tech giant Baidu closed a number of its Internet forums about online novels last Monday as part of an anti-piracy campaign.作为反盗版行动的一部分,中国科技巨头百度于上周一关闭了大量网络小说在线论坛。According to a statement by Baidu social media platform Baidu Tieba an anti-piracy campaign to ;better protect authorized copies and safeguard authors#39; rights; is ;in full swing; on Tieba#39;s online forums.据百度社交媒体平台--百度贴吧的一份官方声明表示,贴吧在线论坛的反盗版行动,是为了更好地保护已授权版本及捍卫作者的权利。Claiming to hold a ;zero-tolerance attitude; toward piracy, the company planned to temporarily shut down all Internet forums under the category of literature in order to check content for intellectual property theft.在表明对盗版持“零容忍”态度后,百度公司计划在短期内关闭所有文学类别的网络论坛,清查内容以打击窃取知识产权行为。Calling the move ;of positive significance,; Xu Xinming, a Beijing-based lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights, told the Global Times that such an anti-piracy campaign is long overdue, though it is not too late to carry it out.北京著名知识产权律师徐新明在接受环球时报采访时表示:“百度此举具有积极意义,反盗版运动开始得不算太晚,但这仍是一个长期的运动。”In 2011, Baidu was found guilty of copyright infringement in a lawsuit filed by literary website qidian.com and was ordered to pay the plaintiff about 550,000 yuan (,000) for infringing copyrights for five novels.早在2011年,百度就因侵犯了起点中文网五部小说的版权,而被判向后者赔偿55万元(折合84000美元)。Lin Tingfeng, one of the founders of qidian.com, called Baidu#39;s campaign ;a victory; on Sina Weibo.身为起点中文网创始人之一的林庭锋在新浪微中称百度的反盗版运动“是一场胜利。”Lin, also a senior vice president of China Reading Ltd - the country#39;s largest online literature platform, which was founded by Tencent - also worried that ;the victory might just be temporary.;不过,同时还担任由腾讯创办的中国最大在线文学平台--阅文集团的高级副总裁的林庭锋也担心“这只是一场暂时性的胜利。”Such a campaign is not likely to make a fundamental impact on piracy on Baidu Tieba, Xu said. Instead, he suggested that the company should formulate a long-term mechanism to monitor copyright infringement.而徐新明律师表示,这样一场反盗版运动不太可能对百度贴吧的盗版行为有根基性的影响。百度公司应该建立一个长期性的用于监管版权侵犯的机制。 /201606/447698

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