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Long before scientists confirmed the differences between men's and women's brains, many people sensed the vast chasm between the two sexes' mental workings. Men and women's brains differ in shape and function, causing them to act and react differently from one another. While some argue that the differences between male and female behavior stems from nothing more than social conditioning, it makes much more sense to accept the differences and learn to deal with them.In fact, husbands and wives who accept the differences between themselves and their spouses enjoy much more satisfaction in their relationships. They don't have to deal with the frustration and unhappiness that result from frequent misunderstandings. Here are a few differences you can expect from your spouse and tips on working with them:Women's Emotional Centers are More Active than Men'sEnhanced left/right brain communication and hormonal fluctuations, as well as a more active emotional center, make emotions a much more important part of women's lives. Women understand and deal with emotions differently than men. Emotional connections, such as sympathy and mutual understanding, are important to women.Advice for HusbandsDon't feel guilty about your wife's emotional outbursts. When your wife is struggling, the best thing to do is to try to console her with a hug or other expression of love, or by letting her talk, but be careful not to let your wife draw you in to her negative emotions. Keeping a positive perspective can help her stabilize her emotions.When you are dealing with emotions, your wife may think you need to talk them out like she does. Be honest about your need for some quiet time to think things through. She'll get used to leaving you alone if you explain your needs to her.Advice for WivesStrong emotions lead to irrational thoughts. Try to keep things in perspective and accept the ways your husband tries to console you, even if he isn't providing the sympathy that you want. (Call your mom or girlfriends for that.) Don't use your hormonal fluctuations as an excuse to throw temper tantrums or abuse others. You can keep reasonable control of your emotions with a little practice.When your husband is upset, give him time to think things through. Let him approach you if he wants to talk about what's wrong. He'll be much more likely to work things out this way.Advice for Both SpousesInstead of reacting to your spouse's emotional outbursts with anger, be more understanding and loving. Insisting on an eye for an eye will leave everyone hurt and just make the problem worse. If you react to an angry outburst by looking for ways to make your spouse's day a little easier, you will not only insulate yourself from hurt, but you will also shorten your spouse's distress.Men's Sexual Centers are Much More Active than Women'sIntercourse is a totally different experience for men and women. Besides the obvious physical differences, men and women also have sentimental differences in their love-making. Men are much more "right-brained" than women, making spatial relations and visual information much more important to them. Women are more concerned with an emotional connection to their husbands. Different things will stimulate and satisfy women and men.Advice for HusbandsActively seek to reign in your impulses when it comes to other women. If you allow yourself to fantasize about other women, your relationship with your wife will suffer.Men tend to express their love for their wives through sex. However, your wife may feel like nothing more than a power tool if you limit your expression of love to her to nothing more than groping and intercourse. Make an effort to slow things down and make sex an enjoyable experience for both of you. Find out what makes your wife feel loved (like notes, flowers, poems, etc.) and use those things to express your love for her. Women who feel a strong emotional connection with their husbands are much more open in the bedroom.Advice for WivesInterpret your husband's desire for you for what it is-an expression of love. Don't assume that he views you as nothing more than an object for him to use. If you feel that way, you need to discuss the situation with your husband and make sure your needs are being met. Give in once in a while when you're too tired or too preoccupied.Don't be afraid to express your desires. Doing so will enhance the experience for both of you and you'll find it much easier to connect with your husband emotionally when you are both satisfied sexually.Advice for Both SpousesMen and women both have a much better experience when they seek to please each other instead of themselves. This means the wife may need to take an aspirin now and then and the husband may need to slow things down. You'll both find that sex is much more satisfying when you gain as much pleasure from satisfying your spouse as you do from your own physical pleasure.Women are Broad-MindedWomen's senses are more sensitive, they notice more details, and they deal with a lot of small details better than men. Have you ever seen a tableful of women all talking at once? It's because they really can both listen and talk at the same time, within reason.Advice for MenDon't assume your wife is a wimp because she's upset over small cuts or bruises. She's probably feeling the pain more than you would. You should also trust your wife's judgment in situations where you need to take in a lot of information fast. Your wife will be able to notice signs and social cues better than you can.Advice for WomenDon't assume that your husband has noticed all the things you have or that he has heard everything you have. Help him by pointing out details he might have missed but needs to know. But don't overload him with things he doesn't need to know. You should also be patient with your husband when he's performing tasks that require sorting through details. He won't find things as easily as you or know where all the dishes go in the cupboard.Your husband will also probably not be interested in the dozens of things you want to tell him. Don't take this as disinterest in you personally. This is another time when moms and girlfriends are helpful. Your husband won't care about the sale at the shoe store, but your friend will, so share it with her. Be willing to limit the number of things you share with your husband to the most important.Men are Narrow-MindedMen have the ability to focus solely on one thing, where women's minds will jump around even in serious situations. They will want to keep working on a project until they are done with it.Advice for MenDon't assume your wife is as excited or focused on a project as you are. She will probably want to stop and eat before it's done, especially if the kids are hungry. Be patient if your wife interrupts you when you are focused on something. Explain to her that you will discuss other matters later when you can give more attention to them.Advice for WomenReign in your desire to branch out to other subjects when your husband is thinking deeply about something. Give him adequate time to think through one subject before bringing another up. You may also need to gently remind him of something (like the exit he's supposed to take) when he's thinking of something else. Don't interpret his focus as a sign of diminished capacity. Being able to start, work through, and finish a project is a skill many women find difficult.Advice for Both SpousesThese differences in details and the focus men and women have, can make you an effective team. If you learn to capitalize on each others' abilities you will find that jobs you do together get done faster and better than they would if only one of you did it. This can make both your lives easier.There are dozens of additional differences between men and women. The main idea is to recognize that differences exist and change your expectations of your spouse. Men and women are made for each other. You can have a satisfying relationship when you work together. Don't judge your spouse by your standards and don't try to get them to change to suit your ideas. You will find that your spouse is really more competent and helpful than you thought when you look at them with an open mind. A good dose of mutual appreciation and acceptance can heal any wound in a relationship.. /200810/53684《律政俏佳人》用大学的时光,找准人生方向【剧情简介】金发无脑的Ella进入哈佛大学的目的只是为了把自己的男朋友抢夺回来,结果发觉除了自己的美貌之外,外面的世界有更大的天地需要用才智和勇气去打拼。她在误打误撞的起点开始,却找到了人生的方向,成为了优秀的律政俏佳人。When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined.【电影感悟】也许从来生活在父母的羽翼之下,还没有来得及掌握自己人生航船的方向盘,那么大学时光就是你最好的机会。 /201006/106649Precious first born: mothers admit they really do favour first child摘要:最新研究表明,妈妈确实偏爱长子长女。Mothers really do favour their 'precious first borns' over the children they have later, research has found.Among examples of attention lavished on the 'precious first borns' (PFBs) were tales of how mothers rubbed shampoo into their own eyes before using it on their baby to ensure it wouldn't sting, and pulling their prams backwards for miles to keep the sun off their adored offspring.While they will conscientiously disinfect everything that comes into contact with their PFB and change them up to 150 times a week, their later children have to make do with items licked clean by the dog and stew in their own juices until their parents are y to deal with them.The term PFB and its poorer sibling the Neglected Subsequent Children (NSCs) were coined by members of the parenting website Mumsnet.Among the tales reported was one of a mother that used a hairdryer on her baby's bottom after changing her."She was chatting to her neighbour and asked if they were ever disturbed by her crying,""The neighbour assured her they were not, but that they had been woken once or twice by what sounded like a hairdryer."Another self-obsessed mother turned down an invitation to a friend and her baby's christening party because she thought her own child's "total gorgeousness would show their baby up and make them feel bad".Another confirmed the differing hygiene practices used for Child One and Two, saying: "First child, suckable items must be sterilised in Milton or steam after they've dropped on the floor. Second child: items must be wiped over with a clean damp cloth."Third child: give them to the dog to lick clean."Justine Roberts, co-founder of Mumsnet, told the reporters that most mothers would agree they treated the first child differently to later children."Precious First Born syndrome is something we can all relate to – most mums will confess to having checked on their sound asleep firstborns several times a night, whilst Neglected Subsequent Children are liable to bawl for an age before we even notice," she said. /200907/79086


The exercise is found to decrease the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts in two studies of regular runners.Add vision protection to exercise's list of benefits.In two new analyses based on the National Runners' Health Study, one found that people who ran an average of 2 to 4 kilometers a day (1 mile equals 1.6 kilometers) had a 19% decrease in their risk of age-related macular degeneration, when compared with people who ran less than 2 kilometers per day. Those who ran more than 4 kilometers per day had a 42% to 54% decrease in risk. The other analysis found that men who ran 64 or more kilometers a week had a 35% lower cataract risk than those who ran less than 16 kilometers per week. Paul T. Williams, a staff scientist with the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and author of both studies, believes that exercise could provide similar protective benefits for the eyes as it does for the heart and other systems."There are overlaps," he says. The study appeared in January's Investigative Ophthalmology amp; Visual Science. /200902/62699Eat your carrots. And have some leftover pumpkin pie. 吃些胡萝卜吧,感恩节剩下的南瓜派也拿出来吃点吧。People with high blood levels of alpha-carotene — an antioxidant found in orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, winter squash, oranges and tangerines — live longer and are less likely to die of heart disease and cancer than people who have little or none of it in their bloodstream, a new study reports. 一项新的研究发现,血液中α-胡萝卜素含量高的人比那些不含或含量低的人寿命更长,死于心脏病或癌症的几率也更低。α-胡萝卜素是一种抗氧化剂,富含于橙色的蔬菜瓜果中,比如,葫萝卜、栗南瓜、橙子和柑橘类等。The study does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship, only an association; in the past, rigorous clinical trials of such correlations have often had disappointing results. 这项研究未实两者之间的因果关系,只是说明两者有联系。以前曾有研究人员做过数次严密的临床试验来明两者内在联系,但结果往往不如人意。Still, the study’s results are intriguing. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed alpha-carotene levels in blood samples from more than 15,000 adults who participated in a follow-up study of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, known as Nhanes, from 1988 to 1994. 不过,这项研究发现还是令人振奋的。研究中,疾病预防控制中心的研究人员分析了一万五千多名参与第三次全国健康与营养调查(1988-1994)跟踪调查的成年人的血样中α-胡萝卜素含量。 /201011/119536

One of the abiding images of the swine flu outbreak is the pictures from Mexico of people wandering the streets wearing masks.自从猪流感爆发以来,墨西哥街头来往人群戴口罩的场景已经成为电视上常见的镜头之一。And as the disease has sp from country to country, reports have emerged of people purchasing all sorts of products on the internet.随着猪流感在世界范围内的扩散,人们上网购买各类口罩的消息便不断传出。But while the scramble is understandable, experts are sceptical about just how useful they are.人们这样做尽管可以理解,但不少专家依旧质疑这样做的效果。Professor John Oxford, a virologist at leading London hospital, said: "Really, there is very little evidence that masks actually offer much protection against flu.伦敦医院的病毒学家约翰·奥克斯福德教授表示,戴上口罩就能预防流感的据十分微薄。"I think handing them out to the public as has happened in Mexico just destroys confidence."他说,“我觉得像墨西哥现在这种给公众发口罩的行为只会摧毁人们的信心。”It is these sorts of issues that has prompted officials from groups such as the World Health Organization and England's Health Protection Agency to steer clear of calling for them for general public use.正是由于上述的这些因素,诸如世界卫生组织以及英国保健局之类的官方机构一直拒绝倡导公众都要戴口罩。While Mexico has handed them out to members of the public, most other countries, including the UK, are just reserving them for health staff.墨西哥给公众发口罩,而包括英国在内的大多数国家,目前还只是主张医护人员需要佩戴口罩。Others, such as Belgium, have bought some for flu patients, while several, including Spain, have handed them out to passengers on planes returning from affected areas.其他国家的反应不一。比利时给流感病人购置了一批口罩,而西班牙则在从感染区返航的飞机上给乘客发送口罩。Health workers have been told to wear them, along with special gloves, if they are in contact with potential victims.医护人员在接触疑似病例的时候,需要佩戴口罩和特制的手套。Professor Oxford believes this approach is right.奥克斯福德教授肯定了这种做法。"They are the people who will be most likely to be coming into contact with the virus and the ones who could be passing it on."“他们是最可能接触到病毒,并且最可能传播病毒的一类群体。”Dr Ronald Cutler, deputy director of biomedical science at the University of London, said: "If you sneeze with a mask the virus will be contained so from that point of view if everyone wore them it might stop the sp.伦敦大学生理医学副总监罗纳德·卡特勒医生表示,如果感染病毒的人打喷嚏的时候带着口罩,那么可以防止把病毒传染给别人。从这个角度来讲,只要大家都带口罩,就能限制病毒传播。"Or you could get the people with flu wearing them, but by the time they are diagnosed it could be too late.“不过给确诊的病人戴口罩恐怕为时已晚,因为从病毒潜伏到确诊已经有一段时间了。”"And the problem is that when someone sneezes they tend to take a mask off. I think masks give people a false sense of security.“另一个存在的问题是,很多戴口罩的人真打喷嚏的时候还是会先把口罩摘掉,所以我认为口罩给人们的是一种错误的安全感。”"They are not bio-chemical suits. Masks are obviously just covering one part of the body so your hands and clothes could all have the virus on and when you take them off you will infect yourself. "“口罩并不是生化产品,它们显然只能保护身体的一部分。手上、衣上同样会携带病毒,当你脱衣的时候,你就可能被感染。”"However, because people are wearing a mask they will think they are protected and may go into crowded areas.所以,人们不能因为戴了口罩就掉以轻心,想当然地进出拥挤场所。"The best advice is to wash your hands and cover your mouth when sneezing."“最好的办法就是洗手,并在打喷嚏的时候用手遮住口部。” /200905/69241有些中国人说话太尖刻 在参加一次商务聚会时,有一位外宾很礼貌地问一位以前就认识的中国朋友:“当你有空时,你愿意和我一起谈谈吗?”那位中国人知道外国人非常欣赏直率的性格,于是很干脆地回答说:“不,我太忙了,没有时间。”外宾对于被拒绝并不介意,但是对于中国人拒绝的方式,却有点儿吃惊:“这个人说话欠缺一点儿修养,说话如此尖刻”。  旅居加拿大和美国期间,笔者不止一次地听到有北美的朋友抱怨说:“中国人说话太尖刻了。”开始我们并没有在意,以为这只是个别中国人个性较强所致,或者只是有些外国人听不得别人的意见和建议而已。不过我们渐渐地发现,与我们交往的很多北美朋友,竟然都有相似的感慨与抱怨。我们很诧异地想:“怎么可能呢?!中国人以千年礼仪之邦而自豪,是世界上号称最会委婉讲话的民族。现在竟有这么多人抱怨说中国人说话太尖锐,原因何在呢?”   经过了解和观察,笔者们发现很多平日彬彬有礼的中国人,在与加拿大、美国人交往时,并没有学会使用北美人所熟知的礼仪、礼貌与特有的表达习惯,只是套用我们中国人的礼仪、礼貌和表达方式去交往,以至于造成了不少对于中国文化缺乏了解的人误解。因此中外双方文化冲突和差异的解决,一方面是外国人需要多了解中华文化和礼仪;而另一方面,就是我们自己也要了解一些外国人在交流时所特有的表达方式。详细的内容请见我们的《如何与老外有效交流4:文化差异与冲突》(北京大学出版社出版)系列图书。以下,简要介绍一些原因和解决的办法。 /200909/83054

渴望保持良好身材的你是否总为吃得过多而发愁?种种美味的食物是否总是带给你许多困扰?本文给大家介绍几种实用而古怪的节食小技巧。 Step 1: Wear tight clothesWear tight clothes when you eat — especially if you’re in the habit of changing into something roomy when you come home from work. The snugness is a tactile reminder not to overindulge.方法 1: 穿紧身的衣在吃饭的时候穿上紧身的衣,特别是在你是一个酷爱一下班就换上宽松舒适衣的人。紧身的衣是一个感官的信号,提示你不能过分沉溺。Step 2: Pay cashPay cash for food, whether you’re at the grocery store or in a restaurant. People who use cash think more carefully about what they’re purchasing, and that extends to the food choices they make.方法2: 付现金用现金来购买食物,无论你是在杂货店还是在小餐馆里。付现金会使人们在购买时考周全,进而在选择食物时也更加慎重。Step 3: Highlight fruit and veggiesPut colorful fruits and vegetables in pretty bowls and stands in well-lit areas; you’ll eat more of them if they’re beautifully and conspicuously displayed.Conversely, place junk food in front of a mirror, and you’ll be less likely to eat it.方法3:把水果和蔬菜放在明显的地方把五颜六色的水果和蔬菜装在一个漂亮的碗里,然后放在光线明亮的地方;相信你如果它们被这样精心地装扮过后,你会愿意多吃一点。相反,把那些垃圾食物放在镜子面前,这样你可以少吃一点啦!Step 4: Use the rule of twoUse the “rule of 2” at a buffet: go as many times as you want, but limit yourself to no more than 2 types of food per trip. Studies have shown that variety makes us eat more.方法4:使用“2法则”在自助台前使用”2法则“:即不妨能走几趟就多走几趟,而且每次最多拿两种食物。研究说明食物种类越多,我们吃得也越多。Step 5: Eat in peaceEat some meals alone, in silence. People eat more in groups, and they eat more when the TV is on. Dining solo, with no distractions, forces you to focus on the food, which helps you recognize when you’ve had enough.People who were given a tall, thin glass poured themselves 74 percent less of a beverage than those sipping out of a short, squat glass.方法5:一个人吃饭偶尔一个人吃饭,安安静静地、专心地吃饭。一群人一起吃饭总是容易吃得很多,而在电视机前也是如此。一个人吃饭,没有干扰地,将会迫使你专注于食物。这样能帮助你意识到自己什么时候吃饱了。 /201104/130303近日发表在英国《神经学期刊》的文章称,IQ较低者容易患上一种常见的血管痴呆症。A lower IQ increases a person's risk of developing a common form of dementia(痴呆), a study found on Wednesday. The study published in the journal Neurology examined Scottish children who took a test of their mental ability in 1932 and found that those with lower IQs were more likely to develop vascular dementia decades later."In this case these people had the same backgrounds and exposure to environmental factors compared to their counterparts with higher IQs who did not get vascular dementia later in life," said John Starr, a geriatrician(老年病学专家) at the University of Edinburgh, who led the study."There is something about your mental ability that adds further to your risk of vascular dementia."Vascular dementia, the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer's disease (脑萎缩(阿尔茨海默病)), is often associated with stroke. High blood pressure and smoking are risk factors.The team also looked at Alzheimer's but found no link between mental ability and that disease, suggesting there is no evidence for the idea that people with higher IQs have a "cognitive reserve" to draw on to delay onset of the condition.The researchers do not know why IQ may lead to vascular dementia but Starr said mental ability could indicate how well the brain functions in doing things like controlling blood pressure."It may be that IQ is a measure of system integrity," Starr said in a telephone interview. "The IQ may reflect something about the brain and the brain's control over vascular disease later on."The researchers studied 172 people with dementia who took the IQ test when they were 11 years old and compared them to people of the same age and gender of similar neighbourhoods and backgrounds.To control the study even more closely, they compared the people with dementia to people whose fathers had similar occupations and found that overall those with vascular dementia were 40 percent more likely to have low test scores. /200806/43072

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