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图木舒克市去蒙古斑价格克拉玛依市botox除皱多少钱一支TUGUEGARAO CITY Philippines—Ten Chinese poachers who were caught last month sailing with an inverted Philippine flag had paid P9 million as a settlement fine in exchange for their liberty.菲律宾土格加劳市----上月,十名中国偷猎者倒挂了菲律宾国旗航行后被捕,在缴纳了900万比索的和解罚金后获释。The Chinese vessel was caught on May 25 sailing through Babuyan Claro in the Calayan Group of Islands in Cagayan province. 中国船只是于5月25日驶过卡加延省加拉鄢群岛的巴布鄢克拉洛岛时被抓的。A Philippine flag flown with its red field on top signifies that the country is at war.如果船只悬挂的菲律宾国旗红色部分在上面,那意味着该国处于战争状态。 /201607/452468乌鲁木齐米东区激光脱腋毛多少钱 Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay .2bn to resolve the Department of Justice’s probe into the alleged mis-selling of mortgage securities – about half the sum authorities had originally claimed.德意志(Deutsche Bank)已同意付72亿美元——大约为当局最初要求金额的一半——以了结美国司法部(DoJ)对其涉嫌不当销售抵押贷款券的调查。After months of talks with the US authorities, the German bank said early on Friday it had agreed “in principle” to pay a .1bn civil penalty and also provide .1bn in relief to consumers.经过与美国当局谈判数月之后,这家德国表示在周五早上表示,已“原则上”同意付31亿美元民事罚款,并向消费者提供41亿美元补偿金。The figure compares with the Justice Department’s opening request of bn. Deutsche had insisted it was not expecting to settle the claims for anything like that sum.这个数字与司法部最初提出的140亿美元形成反差。德意志一直坚称,绝不可希望付那么高数额的和解金。The .1bn in consumer relief is expected to come “primarily in the form of loan modifications and other assistance to homeowners and borrowers, and other similar initiatives to be determined, and delivered over a period of at least five years”, Deutsche said in a statement.41亿美元的消费者补偿金预计将“主要以贷款调整和对房主和借款人给予其他援助、以及待定的其他类似援助等形式提供,并将用至少5年时间交付”,德意志在一份声明中称。 /201612/485541My eldest daughter recently caught me off guard with a tricky question. It wasn’t about sex, relationships or her future career, but about money. Or to be more precise, my money and how much of it I had.我的大女儿最近问了我一个棘手的问题,让我有些措手不及。这个问题不是关于性,也不是关于感情或她的未来职业,而是关于钱。或者更准确地说,是关于我的钱以及我有多少钱。Like all young people approaching university, her question was probably inspired mainly by her concern that I will be able to help support her financially during her degree. But I suspect it was also driven by curiosity. I pondered how best to answer her.正如所有即将跨入大学的年轻人一样,她提出这一疑问,很可能是出于对我能否在她攻读学位期间提供经济持的担忧。但我怀疑这也受好奇心驱使。我思索着该如何给她最好的答复。If I answered it outright, how would it affect her? Would she be more or less motivated to work hard at university? Would she be more or less careful about her spending? How would it affect her relationship with me? Would she tell her friends, inevitably ensuring that their parents knew my financial position? Would those parents be pleased, envious or sorry for me? Why should I care?如果我坦言相告,会对她有怎样的影响?她会有更大还是更少的动力在大学里努力学习?她在消费时会更小心还是更随意?这会如何影响她跟我的关系?她会不会告诉她的朋友,进而不可避免地令她们的父母了解到我的财务状况?那些家长会感到高兴、嫉妒还是为我遗憾?我为什么要在乎这些?I could, of course, have chosen not to answer her. But I asked myself whether this might become a cause of tension, distrust or contention between us. It might make it easier — or harder — to involve her in my finances when she is older. Is my financial position any of my daughter’s business anyway?我当然可以选择不回答她。但我问自己,这会不会成为造成我们之间关系紧张、不信任或出现争执的原因?也许等她年长一些再让她介入我的财务会更容易(或者更困难)。无论如何,我的财务状况到底关不关我女儿的事?Many people find it hard to talk about money. This is understandable, because we relate to money on an emotional, not rational, level. Because our money thoughts and feelings are influenced by our emotions, this can lead us to procrastinate or make poor decisions. For some people, money defines their feelings of self-worth, social status and sense of achievement. Others see money as a force for good, while others see it as a necessary evil. Money can be a source of pleasure or pain.很多人发现在钱的问题上难以启齿。这可以理解,因为我们是在情感(而不是理性)层面思考金钱这个主题。由于我们对钱的想法和感觉会受到情绪的影响,我们可能拖延或者作出糟糕的决定。对有些人来说,金钱定义了他们所感受到的自我价值、社会地位和成就感。有些人视金钱为善的力量,另一些人则视其为“必要之恶”。金钱可能带来快乐,也可能带来痛苦。Depending on your level of wealth, discussing your financial situation with your teenage or young adult children can be fraught with difficulties. Most people want their children to be motivated to make their own way in the world and not to think they can sit back and rely on a future inheritance. Resentment can sometimes be caused when children see their parents spending their wealth on exotic holidays, expensive cars or other luxuries.取决于你的财富水平,跟你十来岁或刚成年的子女讨论你的财务状况,可能困难重重。大多数人希望他们的子女具有自己在这个世界上立足的动力,而不是认为自己可以无所事事,寄望未来某时会得到的那份遗产。当子女看到父母把积蓄花在异国假日、豪车或其他奢侈品上,有时会产生怨恨。The next 30 years will see the largest ever transfer of wealth take place, with recent estimates suggesting that at least tr of global wealth will pass to the next generation. The majority of which will be transferred over the next 10-30 years. About 0bn of that wealth transfer will occur in the UK. The question is, will the next generation be prepared for it?未来30年里将出现史上最大规模的财富转移,近期估测似乎表明,全球将有至少16万亿美元的财富转移到下一代手中。其中大部分会在未来10至30年转移到位。大约8300亿美元的财富转移会发生在英国。问题是,下一代会为此做好准备吗?A key beneficiary of the wealth tsunami in the UK is likely to be the state. The Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts that receipts from inheritance tax in the UK will continue to rise, with nearly £21bn expected to be paid by estates between 2017-2021. The extent to which families can reduce their potential inheritance tax depends, to a large extent, on their personal values, priorities and ability to plan their finances on a family-wide basis.在英国,这场财富“海啸”的一大受益人很可能是政府。政府预算责任办公室(Office for Budget Responsibility)预测,英国政府的遗产税收入将持续增长,2017至2021年期间,遗产缴纳的税收总计将接近210亿英镑。英国家庭可以想方设法降低潜在的遗产税,但具体幅度在很大程度上取决于个人价值观、人生重点以及在全家基础上规划财务的能力。Another key consideration is life expectancy. With rising life expectancy, many of us can expect to live into our 90s. This means that wealth transfer upon death is increasingly happening when the beneficiaries are in their 50s or 60s, unless wealth transfers have been made during lifetime. Most people are naturally unwilling to give away substantial amounts of their wealth in their lifetime, if they think they might need it to fund their own lifestyle needs.另一个重要的考虑因素是预期寿命。随着预期寿命不断上升,我们中的很多人有望活到90多岁。这意味着,除了那些在生前发生的财富转移,随身故而发生的财富转移,将越来越多地发生在受益人50多岁甚至60多岁的时候。多数人自然不愿意在生前就放弃自己的很大一部分财富——如果他们认为可能需要这笔财富为自己的生活方式买单。Generation X — those born between the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s — can also find it difficult to discuss money with their parents. The baby boomer generation grew up after the second world war when rationing was still in place and most people had relatively modest living standards. Many people born before the war grew up during the depression of the 1930s, when times really were tough and waste was frowned upon. In both cases, people in their 60s, 70s and 80s have a very different view of money from their adult children and grandchildren.在上世纪60年代中期至70年代中期出生的X一代(Generation X),可能也会发现很难跟他们的父母谈论“钱”。婴儿潮中出生的人,成长于第二次世界大战后仍实行配给的年代,那时多数人的生活水平相对一般。同时很多在战前出生的人,成长于30年代大萧条的艰难时期,那时浪费被视为可耻。在这两种情况下,那些年龄在60多岁、70多岁和80多岁的人,跟他们的成年子女和孙辈有非常不同的金钱观。One financial adviser firm I know runs regular wealth workshops for adult children of their clients, where they explain basic financial planning concepts and give a generic overview of the type of planning done by their parents and grandparents. This helps create awareness and understanding about family wealth without going into specifics, while also building a relationship between the advice firm and the younger generation, before any transfer of wealth arises.我知道的一家理财咨询公司,会定期为客户的成年子女举办财富讲座,讲解基本的财务规划理念,并笼统概述这些人的父母和祖父母所做的理财规划类型。这有助于在不谈细节的基础上培养对家庭财富的意识和理解,同时也能在财富转移发生之前,在该咨询公司和较年轻一代之间建立良好关系。Another way of developing a dialogue about family finances is to have regular structured family financial planning meetings. Many good financial advice firms are happy to provide this service either as part of their core planning service or for a modest additional fee. These meetings are an ideal forum to discuss things like the appointment and role of trustees, guardians, executors and attorneys.另一种建立家庭财务对话的方式,是定期举行有组织的家庭财务规划会议。很多不错的理财咨询公司都乐意提供这一务,要么作为他们理财规划核心务的一部分,要么收取少许额外费用。此类会议是讨论受托人、监护人、遗嘱执行人和律师的委任和角色等事务的理想平台。At the very least it is a good idea to create a “What to do if we die or get seriously ill” document which summarises who the next generation should contact about various financial issues. Together with a statement setting out what assets you own, this should help your adult children or grandchildren make sense of your financial world, even if you haven’t discussed things beforehand.在最低限度,拟订一份“如果我们身故或得重病了该怎么办”的文件是个不错的主意,可用这份文件为下一代列出在各类财务问题上应该联系谁。连同一份列出你拥有的资产的声明,这应该帮助你的成年子女或孙辈厘清你的财务世界,即便你们事先并未讨论过。Back to my daughter and her question about my net worth. I answered: “We have enough money to have a nice lifestyle; for me to choose what type of work I want to do; for us to fund your education and help you buy a house or start a business; for us to support various charities; and for your mother and I not to be a burden on you when we are old.”回到我的女儿和她提出的有关我净资产的问题上。我的回答是:“我们有足够的钱享有不错的生活方式;我能自主选择想要做什么样的工作;我们能资助你的教育,并帮助你买房或创业;我们能持各种慈善事业;还能确保在我和你的母亲年老时不会成为你的负担。”My daughter replied: “I get it, Dad. What you are saying is you’ve opened the door for me but it’s up to me to walk through it, right?” I smiled to myself — that’s the answer I’d expect from someone studying the classics. She continued: “But one day I do want to know what you’re worth.”我的女儿回答说:“我明白了爸爸。你是说你为我打开了一扇门,但迈入这道门得靠我自己,对吗?”我由衷笑了——这是我预计会从古典学专业的学生听到的回答。她继续说:“但总有一天我会希望知道你的身价。”One day she will. I’m just not sure if that will be while I’m alive or when I’m dead!总有一天她会知道的。我只是不确定那会是在我生前还是身故之后! /201608/459306乌鲁木齐怎么去眼角

吐鲁番耳部整形多少钱Chinese authorities have arrested nine people in a recent milk powder scandal, which involved the production and selling of fake baby formula under the brands of ;Similac; and ;Beingmate;.针对近期发生的乳粉丑闻,我国相关部门已抓获涉嫌生产、销售;雅培;和;贝因美;冒牌婴幼儿配方乳粉的案犯9人。China#39;s food safety commission under the State Council said at a last Saturday press conference that Shanghai police had transferred six of the suspects to judicial organs for prosecution and hunting down another suspect.国务院下属的中国食品安全委员会在上周六的新闻发布会上表示,上海警方已将其中六名犯罪嫌疑人移送至司法机关起诉,且正在追捕另一名嫌疑人。Shanghai police started to probe the case after receiving reports in September. From Dec. 9, 2015 to Jan. 7, 2016, they have arrested nine suspects and seized about 1,000 cans of milk powder, over 20,000 empty cans and 65,000 fake ;Similac; trademarks.上海警方在去年九月份接到举报后就开始调查此案。从2015年12月9日到2016年1月7日,他们逮捕了九名嫌疑人,并缴获了大约1000罐奶粉,20000多个空罐和65000个假“雅培”商标。The fake products had been sold into four provinces, including Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Hubei, according to Yan Zuqiang, deputy director of the Shanghai food safety office.据上海食品安全局副局长阎祖强透露,冒牌乳粉已销往河南、安徽、江苏、湖北四省。According to the commission, three vendors in Hubei, Jiangsu and Anhui have voluntarily destroyed 3,300 cans after becoming suspicious of the powder, while Shanghai police have confiscated another 5,000 cans. There are still 3,300 cans of fake ;Similac; powder left unaccounted for, and another vendor in Anhui confessed 3,600 cans of ;Beingmate; had been sold.根据委员会的信息显示,因乳粉而被怀疑的湖北、江苏和安徽三家厂商,已经自愿销毁了3300罐奶粉。此外,上海警方也已经没收了另外5000罐。目前仍有3300罐冒牌;雅培;乳粉尚未查明下落,另一家安徽的供应商承认有3600罐的“贝因美”冒牌奶粉已被售出。Authorities in provinces concerned are further tracing down the fake products.相关省市食安办将进一步对冒牌乳粉进行追查。Deputy head of the food safety commission Teng Jiacai said the agency will further improve food safety mechanism to strengthen regulation in the industry.国务院食品安全委员会副主任滕佳材表示,食安办将进一步完善食品安全机制,加强对该行业的管理。 /201604/437247乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院整形 Consumerism in China is healthy. Chinese consumers’ tastes are becoming healthier too — and more Chinese. Foreign consumer brands are declining in popularity. 中国的消费主义相当健康。中国消费者的品味也正在变得日益健康——而且日益中国化。外国消费者品牌的受欢迎程度正在下滑。 Few know this better than Yum Brands, a former fast-food favourite whose fried chicken and pizzas once lorded it over noodles and dumplings. Last week, private equity groups were in talks to buy one-fifth of its China unit, due to be spun off this year. The price, reportedly, implies a valuation of bn for Yum’s China unit. That is less than a third of the whole company’s market capitalisation, even though China contributes 40 per cent of total profit. This imbalance may be warranted: Yum’s China business is struggling. Growth has become dependent upon new stores, rather than higher productivity at each store. 几乎没人比百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands)更明白这一点。它曾是最受欢迎的快餐企业,旗下的炸鸡和披萨曾称霸于面条和饺子之上。上周,私人股本集团在讨论收购百胜今年将要剥离的在华业务的五分之一股份。据报道,收购价码意味着对百胜在华业务估值100亿美元,不到整个公司市值的三分之一,即便中国市场对总利润的贡献达到40%。这种失衡或许是有原因的:百胜的在华业务正陷入挣扎。增长开始依赖于开设新店,而不是现有餐厅的生产率提高。 Results from a 2015 survey by McKinsey show that consumption of fizzy drinks and western fast food has fallen a fifth since 2012. The move is mirrored in other industries. In 2015, half of those surveyed aimed to buy the most expensive product they could afford in apparel and consumer electronics, a marked uptick from 2012. While premium foreign brands may smack their lips at this news, the trend is not unequivocally good for them. For the same price and quality, an increasing number of Chinese prefer to buy domestic rather than overseas goods. 麦肯锡(McKinsey) 2015年的一项调查结果显示,自2012年以来,汽水和西式快餐的消费量下降了五分之一。这种趋势也反映在其他行业。2015年,受访者中有一半的人计划购买自己买得起的最昂贵的装和消费电子产品,较2012年显著提升。尽管外国高端品牌听到这条消息可能垂涎,但是这种趋势并非绝对有利于他们。对于相同价格和品质的商品,越来越多的中国人倾向于购买本土(而非海外)产品。 Luxury brands are responding by shrinking store space in China. Burberry reduced its Chinese store count by 10 last year and plans further sales space cuts this year. This may have unanticipated benefits. Scarcity in China enhances cachet. And increased enthusiasm for overseas travel means that sales often just move to tourist destinations. 奢侈品牌正通过在中国缩减店铺空间来回应这一现实。去年,柏利(Burberry)关闭了10家中国门店,并计划在今年进一步削减销售空间。这或许带来了意外好处。在中国的稀缺加强了高端的形象。同时,中国人对海外旅游日益高涨的热情意味着,销量往往只是转移到了旅游目的地。 Yum Brands will not be so lucky. Those Chinese turning their noses up at Yum’s ubiquitous fare back home are not likely to gobble more of it as they travel the world. 百胜餐饮不会那么幸运。那些对百胜在国内无处不在的餐厅不屑一顾的中国消费者,在环游世界时也不太可能对这些食物大快朵颐。 /201603/434356乌鲁木齐假体隆鼻价格

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