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A particularly high spring tide flooded the beach.一波超高的海浪涌上沙滩Any baby turtles still in their nests尚被埋在巢穴深处的小海龟would be lucky to survive.能否幸存就得看运气了See it bubbling out as well. Yeah.瞧 水中冒着泡泡 是的It means that basically anything below that lines going to be gone.那意味着水位线下的所有东西都将被海水带走Lets hope and pray its not, but...让我们祈祷不会...但是...As you say, we dont know, lets wait and see.正如你所说的 让我们拭目以待吧All across the world, turtles are in decline.全世界的海龟数量正在减少Their eggs are stolen,他们的蛋被偷走the adults are hunted for their flesh人们为了龟肉捕捉成年龟and they drown in fishing nets.他们自己则常常陷落渔网But here in the Comoros, they have friends.但在科罗 他们有朋友在Its amazing here in Itsamia.伊兹米亚真是个伟大的地方Its just a really heartening story of此处上演着温暖人心的故事 how the local people are doing everything they can当地人都竭尽全力to protect sort of what they think of as their turtles.来保护他们的海龟And some of the baby turtles have survived the flood tide.有些小海龟在涨潮中幸免于难201404/289389Energy Prices: MPs To Turn Up Heat On Big Six The bosses of Britains energy giants will be asked to justify recent energy bill hikes, which have provoked widesp anger.It may prove to be a moment of revelation. These big six power companies have been called before parliament to shed some light on rising customer bills. The regulator Offgem says gas may not be rising as fast as they claim.They do have to pay these green levies. And for government policy reasons, they are going up dramatically. And those of transmission and distribution costs are going up dramatically. Wholesale cost, no. But other cost, yes. Unfortunately one of the main reasons is that because we are in a free market, because they all refer to stock market, they must make more profit year on year to keep their bosses in the jobs.British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and En Power have raised wholesale bills by an average of 9.1% for this winter. They all say mounting wholesale costs are to blame. But Offgem data show these prices have only gone up by 1.7% over the past year. And that should only add 10 pounds to each bill.MPs want energy bosses to justify these recent winter price hikes but also to detail the difference in their pricing plans and to explain how profits can be made more transparent in the future. Executives have been called to appear before a committee here tomorrow.Its a global market at the end of the day and something is as far removed as the Fukushima disaster has had a big impact on UK gas prices. Japan has shut down nuclear reactors. They are more dependent on gas than ever. They are more willing to pay for it. So in the global market, the UK needs to compete. And those prices have reflected that.Yet here at home, smaller firms like the Co-op have kept hikes in check. Unlike the big six, they are absorbing the cost of wholesale market moves themselves.Their duty is to their shareholders first before most and to return profits to their shareholders. Our duty in running this business is to our customers because they are the people who own our business. And thats the fundamental difference.But one after the other, the big power firms all listed the same reasons for hiking rates: green levies, infrastructure investment and the cost of wholesale fuel. Now increaslingly, that equation doesnt seem to add up. Whats clear is a lack of transparency on how energy firms make all their money has left customers in the dark for too long.Poppy Trobert, Sky News. /201311/263125UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!How high is One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the U.S.? If you think you know it, shout it out! 世贸中心一号大楼,即美国最高的建筑,有多高?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it, 1,492 feet, 1,776 feet, 1,865 feet or 1, 980 feet. Youve got three seconds, go!它有1492英尺、1776英尺、1865英尺还是1980英尺?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Counting its spire, One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall, matching the year the American colonies declared independence.算上它的塔尖,世贸中心一号大楼高1776英尺,标志着美国从殖民走向独立的年份。AZUZ: Previous record holder, the Willis Tower in Chicago, it measure 1451 feet, and its still the tallest, if you only count completed buildings. 之前的纪录保持者是芝加哥的威利斯塔,它有1451英尺高,如果只算建筑的高度的话,它仍然是美国最高点的建筑。One World Trade isnt there yet. Its scheduled to be finished later this year, but its not just about height. 世贸中心一号大楼并不是仅此而已。它计划在今年底竣工,但这并不只与高度有关。We can tell you that what it has on the inside is also intended to impress.我们能告诉你的是其内部结构也能让你印象深刻。 /201401/274289

工程师兼艺术家Golan Levin 推动视听和科技的可能极限。 在这个令人惊叹的TED演讲中,他展示了他的两个程序来表现他最原始的创作。201411/341624

This is the 10th season since you arrived in European football,这是你在欧洲联赛的第十个赛季了,much have changed in your life since then,what have you changed?你生活中发生了很多变化,究竟什么变了?You know, I have more champions, I have more money,你看,我有更多冠军,我有更多钱,I have even more desire to win than I have before.我甚至有更多的赢得比赛的渴望。重点词汇:desire 渴望例句:She had remarried and desired a child with her new husband.她又结婚了,并且渴望和新任丈夫生个小孩。201406/306737After several new product lines had failed to take off,随后 几个新的系列产品都相继流产the income from the Apple II was keeping the company alive.是来自于苹果机二代的收入让公司维持了下去But Apples hopes of a revival rested on a new home computer,苹果公司把复兴的希望寄托在了一款新的家用电脑上the Macintosh, named after a variety of Apple.那就是Macintosh 这也是苹果的别称Jobs set out to build a computer that would blow IBMs PC away.乔布斯开始着手打造一款能够打败IBM的个人电脑的产品There was enough of the ordinary corporate executive about him乔布斯作为一个企业管理者to want to beat a rival.想要打败对手是很自然的But there was little else conventional about Steve Jobs.但乔布斯不仅仅是一个普通企业家He wanted computers to be simple and pleasurable to use.他希望电脑的操作体验能够简单愉悦He wanted our relationship with them to be more human and intimate.他希望人机关系能够更亲密更人性化And that approach to technology has been Apples hallmark ever since.这种技术理念一直都是苹果公司的一大特点The Macintosh team was full of rebel spirit.Macintosh团队的精神就是要打破世俗We were all young, we were all the same age, and we all thought我们都很年轻 也都是同龄人we could do better than has ever been done before.我们相信自己可以做出石破天惊的产品Jobs thought it would take a year to build the Macintosh.乔布斯认为研制Macintosh电脑需要一年In fact, it would take more than three.但事实上它耗费了三年多的时间Hes got a ;reality distortion field;.他带着一个;现实扭曲场;Steve wanted the impossible乔布斯要的就是不可能and he was somehow able to convince everyone而他总是有办法说大家that the impossible was possible.不可能也是可能的Jobs was determined the Macintosh would be easy to use.乔布斯要求 Macintosh必须要易于操作It would have a mouse and icons on screen,它得配备鼠标 而且屏幕上要有图标a first for an affordable personal computer.对于经济型的个人电脑来说 这些都是史无前例的The story of how Jobs brought that mouse to the world乔布斯把鼠标推广开来的故事explodes a myth about him -曾引起过一个谣言That he invented revolutionary technology.那就是 鼠标是乔布斯发明的You see, Jobs didnt operate in an intellectual vacuum.其实 乔布斯的世界可不是封闭式的Nearby, in Silicon Valley, the Xerox corporation had a research division附近的施乐公司在硅谷有一个研究小组called PARC.叫做PARC /201308/250956Tough love has been used by therapists and parents to get results, so it seems only logical to bring the method into the workplace.治疗师和父母通常通过严格的爱来获得结果,所以,这种方法用于工作场合似乎也是符合逻辑的。You Will Need你需要High standards较高的标准Communication skills沟通技巧Limits限制Steps步骤STEP 1 Be firm1.坚定Stand your ground without being demanding or aggressive. Tough love is about getting results, but not at the cost of being emotional or difficult.不卑不亢地坚持自己的立场。严厉的爱是为了获得结果,但不是以情绪化或逼迫为代价来实现。STEP 2 Communicate the required behaviors2.就要求的行为进行沟通Make sure everyone at work understands the type of behaviors that are expected. In order to stress the tough portion of tough love, make sure they understand the consequences of not following these behaviors.确保工作中的每个人都能理解期望的行为模式。为了强调“严厉的爱”中严厉的部分,确保他们理解不遵守行为准则的后果。STEP 3 Hold everyone to the same standards3.统一标准Hold everyone at work to the same high expectations. Enforce the rules, and make sure everyone follows them.对工作中的每个人都抱有同样高的期望。执行规定,确保每个人都执行。STEP 4 Offer constructive criticism4.提供建设性的批评Offer constructive criticism that is honest and to the point. Dont treat bad behavior as if it is no big deal. Make sure to praise good behavior.提供诚实而一针见血的建设性批评。不要把坏的行为不当回事。确保赞扬良好的行为。Be prepared to receive constructive criticism in return.做好准备接受别人的建设性批评。STEP 5 Set limits5.设定限制Set limits on unreasonable demands if you are an employee. Bosses are not the only ones who can administer tough love at work. Offer a compromise that is more beneficial when faced with an overwhelming workload.如果你是雇员,对不合理的要求设定限制。不仅仅老板可以在工作中严格管理。面临繁重的工作负担时,提出更加有益的折中方案。STEP 6 Make your word final6.自己拥有决定权If you are the boss, make it clear that you are open to hearing everyones opinions and that you welcome feedback, but that its up to you to make final decision. Dont let your employees bully you into implementing ineffective policies.如果你是老板,明确表示你乐意听取每个人的建议,并欢迎大家反馈。但是最终的决定取决于你。不要让你的雇员在实行效率低下的政策时欺凌你。In a study, people who worried about losing their jobs had worse overall health than those who actually lost their jobs.在年的研究中,担心失业的人比已经失业的人整体健康状况更差。视频听力译文由。201409/327352

Yartsa gunbu has been used as a traditional remedy for thousands of years, though only by the very wealthy.冬虫夏草被用作传统药物已经上千年,但仅限于非常富有的人群。Its been bartered for tea and silk, and is worth more than four times its weight in silver.它被用来交换茶叶和丝绸,可以换回超过本身四倍重量的银子。So lucrative is this trade, that sites and information are jealously guarded.这项贸易是如此的暴利使得它的交易地点和信息都被谨慎地保护起来。At the nearby market, yartsa gunbu are cleaned, and their true nature becomes clear. The yartsa gunbu translates as ;summer grass, winter worm;.在附近的集市上冬虫夏草被清理干净,这使得它的本来面目显露了出来,冬虫夏草被翻译为“冬天的虫子夏天的草”。The winter worm is a caterpillar. It eats roots of grasses in preparation for its transformation into a moth.冬虫是一种毛虫,它以草根为食,为自己变身成蛾做准备。But some winter worms never make it as moths. Instead, a strange growth erupts from their body, appearing above ground in summer. This is the ;summer grass;,a fungus called Cordyceps, whose spores have infected the caterpillar, using its body as their host.但有些冬虫却从没有机会变成蛾。而在夏季一个奇怪的植物,在冬虫的体内生长发育直至破土而出,这就是“夏草”。一种被称为虫草的真菌,是它的孢子侵入了毛虫体内,并将毛虫的身体作为它们的宿主。Modern scientific tests have shown that substances contained in Cordyceps lower blood pressure and make it easier to breathe.现代科学实验明含有冬虫夏草的物质可以降低血压并能使呼吸更顺畅。So in recent years, harvesting this natural treasure has grown into a huge and profitable business.所以近些年来收获这种自然资源,已经成为有巨大利益的生意。 /201403/280065Chinas major holidays dates for 2015 announced2015年节假日安排出炉In China, the State Council has announced the dates of official holidays for 2015.国务院办公厅发布了《关于2015年部分节假日安排的通知》。Significant changes have been made particularly in relation to New Years Day and Chinese Spring Festival holidays.其中元旦和中国传统的春节假期都发生了明显变化。Excluding Lunar New Years Eve from the list of major holidays earlier wasnt very popular; therefore for 2015, the Spring Festival holiday will start on new years eve and last seven days.早先将农历除夕从重大节假日列表中排除的做法不大受欢迎,因此2015年春节假期将会从除夕开始并持续七天。The government has also decided to extend the New Years holiday from January the 1st to 3rd.政府还决定将元旦假期延长为1月1号到3号。201412/349476

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