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EU Proposes to Overhaul Farm Subsidies欧盟农业改革计划将改变农业补贴   The European Union's executive commission has unveiled an agricultural reform plan for the 27-member block that aims to overhaul farm funding to better meet current challenges - including global warming and the recent spike in world food prices. 欧洲联盟的执行委员会星期二公布了一个农业改革计划。根据这项计划,欧盟的27个成员国将彻底调整农业资金,以便更好地面对目前的挑战,其中包括全球气候变暖和近来的世界粮食价格暴涨等问题。The plan by the European Commission aims to fundamentally change how agricultural subsidies are handed out - and to give farmers more flexibility on what crops and how much they can grow. 欧盟委员会这项计划的目的是从根本上改变农业补贴的发放,并在种植什么作物和种植多少等方面给予农场主更多的灵活性。In presenting what she called the "health check" in Strasbourg, France, Tuesday, European agricultural commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel said it aims to modernize and streamline agriculture in the 27-member European Union and give farmers greater freedom. 欧盟农业专员波尔在法国斯特拉斯堡公布这项计划的时候表示,这项计划将使拥有27个成员国的欧洲联盟在农业方面实现现代化和一体化,给予农场主更大的自由。他把这项计划称作一次“健康检查。”"When we started preparing our health check we were in a completely different time, but recently we have seen prices going up, we have seen new challenges coming up -- energy, climate change," she said. "So I think we are very timely with our new proposal that meets exactly the new requirements of the public." “在我们开始准备这项健康检查的时候,我们处于一个完全不同的时期,可是最近,我们看到价格上涨,我们看到新的挑战层出不穷,比如能源、环境变化等等。所以我认为,我们现在提出新的计划是非常及时的,我们恰恰呼应了公众的新的要求。”Among other proposals, the EU plan would reduce subsidies for larger European farms in favor of underwriting smaller rural development projects. It would also move away from traditional subsidies and production as - and eventually scrap a practice of making farmers set aside 10 percent of their land due to overproduction. 根据这项农业改革计划,欧盟将减少对欧洲大型农场的补贴,把更多的资金用于扶持较小的农村开发项目。欧盟还将逐步减少传统的补贴和生产配额,最终取消那种让农场主为了防止生产过剩而让10%的土地休耕的做法。In order to pass, the plan needs the approval of all EU member nations along with the European Parliament. On Monday, EU agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels agreed Europe needs to increase its food production, but that does not mean the new reforms will be adopted. 这项计划要得到通过,还必须赢得欧盟所有成员国以及欧洲议会的批准。在此之前,欧盟各国的农业部长在布鲁塞尔开会时同意增加粮食产量。但是这并不意味着新的改革计划将被接纳。A number of agricultural ministers oppose dismantling the current system of EU farm subsidies and regulation, which particularly favors countries with large agricultural sectors, such as Germany and France. 好几位农业部长都表示反对解除欧盟目前的农业补贴和管理体系。这一体系对于德国和法国等拥有庞大农业部门的国家特别有利。The proposals coincide with a new study by the European Commission looking into reasons for the recent world food price rises. Among other factors, the report blamed high energy costs, increasing demand for biofuels, slowing growth in cereal yields and poor harvests in key countries producing and exporting cereals for the price increases.  这项新的计划的公布跟欧盟委员会发表的一份关于世界粮食价格上涨的研究报告不谋而合。欧盟委员会的研究报告指出,粮食价格暴涨的主要原因是能源成本升高、生物燃料需求增加、谷类作物收成增长减缓、以及生产和出口粮食的主要国家歉收。 200805/39588

Well, serve your man according to my next guest, all women should be a wife first, a mother second, and then focus on their career third. She calls Hillary Clinton a lousy wife while saying Laura Bush is a great one. So, what gets? With me now is Dr. Vorenica Corpening. Doctor, good to have you here.Great to be here.You know a lot of people are gonna hear that and say, oh, Man! What do you say?I'd say that you were chosen to be a wife, and so you have to do your job as a wife just as well as you do your job as a physician, a lawyer, a politician. So when you're chosen, your husband expects you to meet the needs of him; you expect him to meet your needs. So therefore, you need to do what you need to do as a wife first and put that at the top of your priority list.All right, now you said you had, and you were telling me during the break you have? 3 kids, right?I have 3 sons.All right, and, and you've been married for almost 20 years?Yes.And you put your husband ahead of the kids?I do, I do things like take him to lt;thegt; train station every morning, pick him up at night. I work my schedule around my life as a wife, and then my life as a mother, and my children also understand that there is time where mum and dad are spending time together, and they are aside. And, your argument is it makes for better parenting that way anyway, when the couple is tight, close, makes for better kids down the road, right?It does because what has happened is that women have lost their way, and they don't know what it means to be a good wife and how do they learn that. They learn that through how their mother and father interacted at home. So we have to teach women and men what it means to be a good partner and then marriages would be much more successful.Um, you said Hillary Clinton was bad at that, Laura Bush is good at it. What did you mean?Hillary has been trying to be in front of her husband the whole time, and further her own career. When her husband was the most powerful man in the world, she wasn't behind his vision; she was behind her vision and (she) always has; whereas Laura Bush although she is a professional and a very intelligent woman, she always follows her husband and is behind his vision.You, you know there're gonna be women listening to this say, well, you know, we are not slaves! We are not second-class citizens, you, you, you seemed to give that image.I absolutely, I absolutely, I am not telling people to be a servant, em, you have to look at...(inaudible) Does your husband like worship the ground you work on? I mean if you're here doing all this for him. If you were my wife, I would say, man, I'm gonna take you out every night. I'm gonna...You are not, you are not superwoman. But Let's think about women like Nancy Reagan and Coretta Scott King, those are women who supported their, the vision of their husbands so well that even when their husbands were faltering and even when they were dead. They kept their vision alive.All right, but what if you have a husband that er has a cheat on you left and right? chasing interns, I mean why be loyal to a guy like that?Well, it probably started because one thing that Hillary does not give Bills is admiration, and she definitely looks like the type of woman that when he says I want some, she'd say, noway, I don't feel like .....Hey, hey, hey. All right, so you are saying that you, you women just have to be a little more sycophantic to their husbands?Well, there is a time to step back. And When you walk into the house, it's a time to step back and let your husband feel like he is in charge even though you know that there're, the decisions are being made side by side. You let him be forward and so there's peace in the home. All right, even if it's the man deciding the peace.The women are deciding the peace too, and the women who decide peace (are) the best.So you are actually getting your way by making him think he's getting (it)…You interestingly do get your way cause you are not having a fight about it anymore.All right, I'd like you to come home and talk to my wife, Doctor. Doctor Veronica Corpening, thank you very very much. (Thank you) In fact there're gonna be a few e-mails on this particular segment.200809/48179

Thailand Court Agrees to Hear Case Against Thaksin in New Blow to Governing Coalition泰最高法院同意审理他信贪污指控  The Supreme Court of Thailand has agreed to hear a new corruption case against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in a move seen as another blow by opponents against the embattled government that is stacked with Mr. Thaksin's allies. 泰国最高法院同意审理针对前总理他信的一项新的贪污指控。此举被认为是对和他信联盟的泰国现政府的又一打击。The case against Thaksin Shinawatra alleges that he used his influence as Prime Minister to arrange low-interest loans to Burma so that the military government of that country could spend the money on a telecoms business then owned by Thaksin's family. 这项指控他信的案子声称,他信在担任总理期间利用影响力给缅甸安排低息贷款,以便让缅甸军政府能够和当时由他信家族所拥有的电信企业做生意。The former Prime Minister has other legal cases pending against him and his wife on allegations of corruption - the same issue that drove his opponents in the army, the bureaucracy, and the urban upper classes to push for his ouster in 2006. Thaksin returned to Thailand this year after his political ally Samak Sundaravej was elected Prime Minister. Samak formed a six-party coalition government dominated by Thaksin supporters.  其他一些控告这位泰国前总理以及他妻子贪污的案件仍在审理当中。这些贪污指控曾经促使他在军队、官僚体系以及城市上层阶级中的反对者联手于2006年将他推翻。他的政治盟友沙马.顺达卫当选总理后,他信于今年返回泰国。沙马.顺达卫筹组了一个主要由他信持者组成的六党派联合政府。The last several weeks have seen a return of Thaksin's opponents to the streets in rallies against the Samak government.  过去几个星期,他信的反对者走上街头,抗议沙马.顺达卫政府。Political analysts say the Supreme Court's decision to hear the corruption case against Mr. Thaksin bolsters Thaksin's opponents' efforts to discredit him and the Samak administration. 政治分析人士说,泰国最高法院决定审理控告他信腐败的案子,助长了他信的反对者抹黑他和沙马.顺达卫政府的努力。Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak is an expert on Thai politics at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.  曼谷朱拉龙宫大学泰国政治专家旁苏迪拉克说:"Samak is seen as Thaksin's proxy," he explained. "I think a lot of people in Bangkok - and around the country but mostly in Bangkok - hate Thaksin for his corruption, for his collusion. But deeper than that, I think the Thaksin agenda threatened the vested interests of the establishment of the Bangkok middle class. That's why they wanted to overthrow him then, and that's why they want to overthrow Samak now."  “沙马.顺达卫被看作是他信的代理人。我想,在曼谷有许多人,在全国,特别是在曼谷有许多人,他们痛恨他的腐败,痛恨他的阴谋。但是深一层看,我想他信的作法也威胁了曼谷广大中产阶层的既得利益,这就是为什么那时候他们要推翻他,也就是为什么他们现在要推翻沙马.顺达卫的原因。”In a bid to stave off pressure from his opponents, Prime Minister Samak plans to reshuffle his cabinet in the coming days. 为了抵销来自对手的压力,沙马.顺达卫总理计划在未来几天重组他的内阁。200807/45210

Top US General in Iraq to Head Regional Command 彼得雷乌斯被提名领导中央司令部 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has named the top U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, to lead the U.S. Central Command, which oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S. military operations and security cooperation throughout the Middle East and in Central Asia and East Africa.  美国国防部长盖茨提名美军驻伊拉克的最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯领导美军中央司令部。美军中央司令部监管伊拉克和阿富汗战区以及美军在整个中东地区、中亚和东非的军事行动和安全合作。The move was not a surprise, but it confirmed Secretary Gates' desire for continuity in Iraq strategy, and the expansion to Afghanistan of the kind of success the administration says General Petraeus has had in Iraq.  美国国防部部长盖茨的这一提名并不出人意料,但是这一举措实了盖茨部长要继续坚持在伊拉克的政策,并且要把布什政府所说的彼得雷乌斯将军在伊拉克取得的成功扩大到阿富汗。"The kind of conflicts that we're dealing with not just in Iraq, but in Afghanistan, and some of the challenges that we face elsewhere in the region, in the Central Command area, are very much characterized by asymmetric [guerilla] warfare," said Secretary Gates. "And I don't know anybody in the ed States military better qualified to lead that effort." 盖茨说:“我们目前处理的一些冲突不仅只存在于伊拉克,阿富汗也存在这些冲突,我们在这个地区、在中央司令部管辖的其他地方,也要面对这些挑战。这些冲突的主要特征是游击战。我认为美军中没有人能比彼得雷乌斯将军更有资格领导这方面的工作。”Secretary Gates also announced that General Petraeus' former deputy in Iraq, Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno, will replace him, even though Odierno has only been home from Iraq for two months, much shorter than the minimum one year. 盖茨部长还宣布在原来彼得雷乌斯将军手下担任驻伊拉克美军副指挥官的奥迪尔诺中将将接替彼得雷乌斯的职位,虽然奥迪尔诺从伊拉克返回才两个月,这比规定的至少一年的时间要短得多。Gates was asked whether that reflects a 'stay the course' strategy, an approach that hurt President Bush's Republican Party in the 2006 election. The secretary indicated things have changed since General Petraeus was put in place early last year, including a surge of U.S. forces and a new counterinsurgency strategy.  有人问盖茨,这么做是否体现了“坚持到底”的战略?这项策略在2006年的选举中损害了布什总统的共和党的地位。盖茨指出,自从去年年初任命彼得雷乌斯将军为美军驻伊拉克总指挥以来,事情已经发生了变化,其中包括美国军队增强了兵力以及镇压叛乱分子的新策略。"The course, certainly, that General Petraeus has set has been a successful course," he said. "So, frankly I think staying that course is not a bad idea. I would say it's a good idea." 盖茨说:“可以肯定的是,彼得雷乌斯将军制定的战争路线是成功的。因此,坦率地讲,我认为坚持这条战争路线不是坏主意。我认为,这是一个好主意。”The secretary said he expects General Petraeus to stay in Iraq for several more months while the process of Senate approval of his nomination proceeds. He says that, and the fact that the general will still supervise the Iraq war from his new post, means he will be intimately involved in the assessment that U.S. commanders will make in August and September, after the last of the surge forces leave Iraq. That assessment will determine when additional U.S. forces will be withdrawn, and how many.  盖茨说,他预计在参议院批准这一提名的过程中,彼得雷乌斯将军将在伊拉克再呆几个月。他说,事实上,彼得雷乌斯将军在新的岗位上仍将指导伊拉克战争,这意味着,在美军最后一批新增的部队离开伊拉克之后,他将密切参与美军指挥官在8、9月份对局势作出的评估。这些评估将决定更多美军撤离伊拉克的时间和数量。During testimony before U.S. congressional committees this month, General Petraeus called for a 45-day period of assessment and he cautioned against withdrawing U.S. forces too quickly. 彼得雷乌斯将军这个月在国会几个委员会作时,要求有45天的时间对伊拉克战争局势作出评估,并警告说,不要过快撤出驻伊拉克的美军。"We haven't turned any corners," he said. "We haven't seen any lights at the end of a tunnel. The champagne bottle has been pushed to the back of the refrigerator. And the progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“我们还没有取得任何具有转折性的进展。我们还没有看到隧道尽头的光亮。我们已经把用来庆祝的香槟酒放回冰箱。我们取得的真正进展是脆弱的,是可以逆转的。”At Central Command, General Petraeus will replace Admiral William Fallon, who announced his retirement six weeks ago. An article published in Esquire magazine last month portrayed Admiral Fallon as standing against many people in the Bush administration who, the magazine said, wanted to go to war with Iran. Officials deny there were any substantive differences. 彼得雷乌斯将军将取代海军上将法伦任中央司令部司令。法伦在六个星期前宣布退休。时尚先生杂志上个月发表的一篇文章说,法伦上将和布什政府中的许多人看法有分歧。该杂志说,法伦上将主张对伊朗开战。美国官员否认他们之间存在实质性分歧。On Wednesday, Secretary Gates said all American commanders involved in Iraq, including Petraeus and Fallon, have the same view of Iran."It is a hard position because what the Iranians are doing is killing American servicemen and women inside Iraq," he said.U.S. officials say the Iranian Quds Force, an elite unit of the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps, supports Iraqi Shi'ite insurgents, giving them funding, training and technology for high-powered roadside bombs. Wednesday's announcements also included the withdrawal of General Odierno's nomination to be vice chief of staff of the army. That nomination goes instead to another former Iraq deputy commander, Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli, who has been Secretary Gates' chief military aide. 200804/36463

Yes?什么事?Stop! Thats all wrong.停下!大错特错。Im going to call you again. This time…我再打给你,这次……Hello. Here we are in the middle of a telephone training session with Denise and Anna. What fun!你们好。我们正在看的是丹尼斯和安娜的电话练习。多么有意思!This time, you dont say yes when you answer, its rude.这次你接电话的时候不能说“什么事”,这很没礼貌。Call me and Ill show you how its done.给我打电话,我告诉你如何做。Hello? Tip Top Trading.你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。Wow, that’s good.太好了。And, you can say your name. Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. Try it.你还可以说出你的名字。你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。试试。Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. No!你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。 不对。What? Say: ;Anna speaking!;怎么了? 说“我是安娜!”Oh, sorry, Im so stressed by all this.不好意思,我被搞得压力很大。Hello Anna speaking.你好,我是安娜。You sound like youre sitting on a pineapple.你的声音听起来像是很不安。Listen to my voice: Hello? Denise speaking.听听我怎么说:你好?我是丹尼斯。Hello? Anna speaking.你好?我是安娜。 /201701/483838

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