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Straight out of college, I dated a guy from Washington DC who had just spent a few years working on the redevelopment of public housing projects in Chicago. We met at Harvard, where I was working as a receptionist at the department of Afro-American studies, which was his focus for a graduate degree. He was easygoing and honest, handsome and smart, with outstanding taste in music (I will be forever grateful to him for introducing me to Outkast – in particular, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik). A light-skinned black man with a palpable sense of racial pride, the man I’ll call Tim would occasionally mention with fondness a friend he’d made during his time in Chicago. The two had bonded over basketball and politics, race and identity, local government policy and community service. His friend’s name was Barack.直走出大学校门,我和一个来自华盛顿特区的人相遇了。他刚好在芝加哥的公共住房重建项目工作了几年。我们相遇在哈佛,我在那的非裔美国人研究部门工作,这是他研究生学位的研究点。他很随和,诚实,英俊又聪明,在音乐领域有突出的嗅觉(我将永远感谢他把我介绍给流浪者合唱团 - 尤其是Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik)。一个浅黑色男子,带着明显的种族自豪感,我总是叫他蒂姆。我偶尔会欣赏性地提起这位芝加哥的好朋友。我们两个总是一起参与篮球和政治,种族和身份,地方政府的政策和社区务等各种场合。他的朋友的名字是巴拉克。Now, do I know for a fact that Tim had an influence on the president’s musical preferences? No. But judging from Obama’s summer playlist, released on Thursday, I’m willing to posit that it’s not out of the question. Both Tim and the president have black fathers and white mothers, while firmly identifying as black, as opposed to biracial or mixed – which, given the current climate for black men in America, is not an unfraught declaration. Still, as Obama wrote in his book Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, he didn’t get there overnight, and he often turned to books and friends and black cultural markers for guidance.现在,是否我知道一个事实是,Tim对于总统爱好音乐方面起了很大的影响?不是,但从奥巴马的夏季播放列表,上周四公布的情况来看,我断定是。蒂姆和总统,都有黑人父亲和白人母亲,但都被被坚决地认定为是黑人,而不是混血儿- 这,鉴于目前美国黑人所处的环境,是让人担忧的宣言。尽管如此,奥巴马在他的书中《我父亲的梦想:种族和继承的故事》写道:他通宵都没能到达,他经常求助于书籍和朋友和黑人文化标志。There’s no black cultural marker more abiding than our music, and if Obama’s playlist indicates nothing else it’s that reaffirmation of one’s blackness can always be found right there in the bars. It also strikes me that although he has been frequently criticized for his handling of race and policies regarding the overall inequities experienced by black folks in America, among the most important aspects of his legacy is that he is going to leave that Oval Office as blackity black as he was when he entered. And that means mic drops, an entire absence of fucks, and dope playlists.没有比我们的音乐更持久的黑人文化,而如果奥巴马的播放列表没有标明任何事情,对于黑人的重申总是可以在酒吧里找到。这也让我觉得,虽然有关于他处理种族问题和美国黑人经历了不平等政策时,总是被批评指责,他的馈赠中最重要的方面之一是,他将要离开和当时进入白宫椭圆形办公室的时都是黑皮肤。这意味着麦克风下降,整个没有乱搞的,而酷毙的播放列表。Most satisfying to see from the nighttime list is I’ll Be There for You (You’re All I Need to Get By) by Method Man featuring Mary J Blige. Who among us of a certain age can forget the dark beauty and elegant, sublime emotion in the for this song – Method in cornrows, Mary with her bucket hat pulled down low over her eyes, just the gloss of her lips making out the lyrics, head bobbing, both sitting on the pavement, backs to the wall surrounded by a menacing cityscape. It’s the blackest, most glorious, magnificent display of camaraderie, love and loyalty. There isn’t a day that has gone by with Obama in the White House that it hasn’t been resolutely clear that Michelle is all he needs to get by: “Back when I was nothing/You made a brother feel like he was something/That’s why I’m with you to this day boo no fronting.” We will miss them.从夜间列表中看到最满意的是Method Man最具特色的玛丽#8226;布莱姬:为了你我会在那里(你是我需要的一切)。我们中间某些年龄段的人会忘记在这首歌的视频里那些黑色的美丽和优雅,崇高的情感 - Method in cornrows,玛丽把她的帽子拉得低低的,盖住她的眼睛,只有她的嘴唇轻吟出这些旋律,摇着头,大家都坐在人行道上,背对着墙,被来势汹汹的城市景观包围着。这是最黑暗、最辉煌、最气势磅礴的友情、爱情和忠诚的展示。没有一天奥巴马在白宫没有明确坚决地表明米歇尔是他的柱:“回来时,我一无所有/你让哥哥有了自我/这就是为什么直到今天我们还在一起。 “我们会想念他们。译文属 /201608/460279。

Chicken is the next level of sexy. Yes yes yes.性感已迈入了新的维度! Use the sunscreen you wanna use. Be the chicken you wanna be. That#39;s life babe!用你想用的防晒霜,成为你想成为的鸡,这才是追求! Are you tired of messy sunscreen?你已经厌倦了不好用的防晒霜了吗?Sick of that awful lotion odour?那种恶心的乳霜味道已经闻到吐了吗?Do you want to smell like fried chicken?你想闻起来像炸鸡吗?But you are just not hungry.可你又不怎么饿。Introducing the KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen!来认识一下肯德基加倍松脆吮指原味鸡防晒霜!A real limited edition product that we#39;re giving away for free!这可是限量版产品!而我们要免费送!It works just like regular sunscreen.它用起来就像普通的防晒霜一样。But it smells like fried chicken.但它闻起来就像炸鸡。I#39;m a lot more popular now.我现在更受欢迎了,不止一点点。I smell 10 years younger.我闻起来像年轻了10岁。Ahh, just can#39;t wait for this stuff.每天都朝思暮想。My extra crispy sunscreen dosen#39;t just keep you smelling great.老夫的加倍松脆吮指原味鸡防晒霜不光让你闻起来棒棒的。It keeps you feeling delicious!它还让你觉得自己超级美味!Extra crispy delicious.加倍松脆的超级美味。KFC extra crispy sunscreen.肯德基加倍松脆吮指原味鸡防晒霜。It#39;s real. And also, do not eat it.我们并不是在开玩笑,不过,可别吃进嘴哦。Smells like chicken. Taste like sunscreen.闻起来像鸡,吃起来像防晒霜。Get you Extra Crispy Sunscreen now for free.现在就来免费获得你的加倍松脆吮指原味鸡防晒霜吧。It#39;s definitely real and definitley not edible so do not eat it.绝对真实,而且绝对不能吃,所以,别吃。Available for limited time only.只在活动时间内供应。 /201608/462604。

Abilities I should win a medal for: staring into the middle distance. Dithering over a sandwich choice. But above all, getting lost. Usually, I embrace this. I like getting lost in Paris or Venice; Brazil’s Olympics 2016 city, not so much. 我在某些方面也很迷糊,比如会盯着远处发呆,会为选择一块三明治而犹豫不决,最糟糕的是经常迷路。通常我觉得这还不错,我喜欢在巴黎或迷失方向,但在2016年奥运会主办城市里约迷路,那还是算了吧!I was last in Rio de Janeiro over a decade ago when First Choice was experimenting with package holidays there. 我上一次到里约还是十年前,那时首选航空正在这里试行团体旅游。It was quite a short experiment while, as there were – and still are – some great resort hotels around Salvador in the east, the rest of the country wasn’t quite y for package tourism. Especially Rio. 然而试行持续时间很短,因为这里除了东部的萨尔瓦多有些还不错的度假酒店外,其余地方的条件都不足以进行团体旅游。如今,这一情况尚未改变,一切都还照旧。尤其是里约热内卢。Back then, we were warned against using public transport or going on Copacabana Beach. And the infamous favelas – the slum areas – were totally off-limits. In short, Rio wasn’t a place you wanted to get lost in. 那时,有人警告我们不要乘坐公共交通或去科帕卡巴纳海滩玩耍。还有臭名昭著的贫民窟绝对禁止涉足。总而言之,里约热内卢不是个你会想迷路而乱逛的地方。Now, I can’t get lost even if I want to. I have a smartphone, a local SIM card and a phalanx of Googlers guiding my every move as they show off their latest mapping app in one of the cities that needs it most. 现在,我即便是有意为之,也不会再迷路。我拥有一部智能手机,一张当地 SIM卡,一群谷歌用户充当我的向导,因为他们会在极需使用地图软件的城市里,时时分享自己的地理位置。After hosting the World Cup in 2014, the city is sprinting towards this month’s Olympics. You do get the feeling things are a bit behind compared to London 2012 at this stage, but Rio knows how to put on a show. It’s a diva of a city – ridiculously beautiful, with life, drama and an unshakable belief that it can set its own rules. It shouldn’t work, but generally it seems to. 继2014年主办世界杯之后,这座城市即将在本月迎来奥林匹克运动会。眼下如若与2012年伦敦奥运会相比稍有逊色,但是这座城市却知道如何“搔首弄姿”引人入胜。仿若“天后”之城,这里美得荒谬、生机勃勃、充满戏剧性,有着其坚不可摧的信念——制定其独具个性的规章制度。按理它不能正常运转,但似乎一切如常。There are photo ops at every turn, from the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over it to Copacabana Beach, where the beach volleyball will take place and the cycling ends. Crime is better than it was but seems to be on the rise again, and Rio is teetering financially, having had to be bailed out by central government. 人们可在这座城市的每个角落里举起相机合照,从耸立着的地标救世主基督像到沙滩排球赛举行地及自行车赛终点的科帕卡巴纳海滩。犯罪率比之前降低了,但又有上升迹象。里约的经济摇摇欲坠,不得不倚靠中央政府稳定大局。Not that you’d know this in Leblon. This is Rio’s old money area, orderly and sedate. So I switch off my phone and wander at will, past the patisseries, restaurants and the shops that still sell maid’s uniforms. 在里约的雷伯龙地区情况并没那么糟糕,那里是里约较富有的区域,井然有序又平和恬静。因此我关掉手机,四处走走漫不经心,路过一些糕点店、餐馆还有至今仍卖有女仆装的商店。In contrast, the favelas are Rio’s running sore; ramshackle, romantic, passionate, and near lawless.相反,贫民窟是里约的脓疮,破烂不堪,荒诞离奇,热情奔放又缺乏法纪。In recent years, they’ve become tourist attractions. Every hotel runs guided tours but now Google Maps are making it possible for us to explore the tiny passageways and streets independently. 近几年,这些贫民窟已成为旅游景点。每家酒店都会安排向导带旅客参观游览,但现在谷歌地图正准备“另辟蹊径”让我们能够独立探索前往该处的小巷与街道。You have to admire Google for persevering in the belief the world exists to be mapped #172;whatever the problems. But tackling the favelas has been time-consuming. 谷歌坚信无论艰难险阻与否世界各地皆可绘在地图上,这确是让人佩不已。但是处理起参观贫民窟地区路线依旧相当耗时。The company sought advice from community ambassadors and then used experts to train locals to map the best routes through the twisty thoroughfares and alleyways. By next year, 10 percent of Rio’s favelas will have been mapped, opening up new opportunities for shops, restaurants and even tourist hostels for those who like their travel edgy. The mapped bits are said to be safe, but keep your wits about you and leave your valuables in the safe, 公司在咨询社区大使后,派出专家培训当地居民绘制出最佳路线以穿过蜿蜒曲折的大街小巷。到下一年,10%的里约贫民窟可在地图上体现,从而为那里的商店,餐馆甚至是旅舍提供了新机遇,从而让它们得以接待那些喜欢寻找刺激的游客。虽说谷歌地图的绘制路线相对比较安全,然而自己多长点儿心眼儿,保管好贵重物品也相当重要。One of Google’s ambassadors is David Vieira Bispo. Born and brought up in the favela of Chapéu Mangueira, not far from Copacabana, and a former fisherman, he now runs an acclaimed restaurant on its edge. As we ate there, a procession of taxis unloaded locals and tourists in search of classic Brazilian dishes such as Feijoada, a black bean and pork stew, washed down with beer. 大卫#8226;维埃拉#8226;比斯波是谷歌的一名社区大使。他出生并成长于离科帕卡巴纳海滩不远处的贫民窟Chapéu Mangueira。过去他曾是一名渔民,现在他正在贫民窟外缘经营着一家广受赞誉的餐馆。我们在那里用餐时不断地看到有当地人与游客从出租车上下来,络绎不绝,他们都是前来寻觅巴西经典菜肴如巴西肉烧豆,它是由黑豆与猪肉炖煮而成,可就啤酒下肚。Over in the Olympic stadia, there’s a mapping frenzy with added Streetview. The interiors have been snapped – even the diving board Tom Daley will use. 奥运会场馆内掀起一股街景务绘制地图的狂热,任何室内装置都未有遗漏,甚至是跳水王子汤姆#8226;戴利即将使用的跳水板。Mapping’s one thing, life’s another, especially for those of us who know they will never want to do a forward three-and-a-half somersault dive with a twist pike. So on the last night, we go off-piste to Gavea, Rio’s posh-boho centre of bar excellence. We get there by Uber, but scout out suitable bars by sight rather than smartphone. 绘制地图是一回事,而现实情况又是另一回事,尤其是我们中某些人深知自己永远不会想要去尝试向前翻腾三周半转体一周。因此,在最后一个晚上,我们改变了先前计划,用打车软件优步去了里约豪华时髦逍遥自在的酒吧中心卡维亚,但是我们搜寻合适的酒吧时并非借用智能手机而是亲身体验。Rio natives may complain that – at 20#730;C – it was on the chilly side, but everyone’s spilled out on to the streets while entrepreneurial types sell shots of tequila for a few reals. 里约当地人也许会抱怨20#730;C实在是温度太低,但是在商家们进行龙舌兰酒促销活动时,他们又蜂拥到大街上。We pile into a nearby restaurant for serious food. Cariocas eat late and they eat as they party, with a bossa nova band playing in the square. And I realise – caipirinha in hand – I’ve found my happy place. 我们涌入附近的一家餐馆准备大吃一顿。里约人吃饭时间较晚,他们通常一边吃饭一边办趴,巴萨诺瓦乐队在广场上弹唱。我意识到,凯匹林纳鸡尾酒(巴西国酒)在手,把酒言欢,夫复何求。 /201608/458122。

Out of three Guangzhou restaurants that used robots to serve customers, two have closed and the third has fired its robot waiters, Workers#39; Daily reported.根据《工人日报》近日报道,广州曾经有三家餐厅使用机器人务顾客,目前其中两家已经关门歇业,剩下一家的机器人务员已被;炒鱿鱼;。While the robot waiters were an excellent gimmick to get customers through the door, they were not quite so good at their programmed task of serving food and drink to customers, according to staff.根据餐馆员工反映,虽然聘用机器人务员是吸引顾客的很好的噱头,但是机器人是按照已输入的程序招待顾客,务并不到位。;The mobility of the catering staff was great, we initially recruited six for service, but after a year we only retained one,; says a hotpot restaurant supervisor named Ms Liang.一家知名餐馆的主管说道:“此举动为了迎合顾客固然是好的。刚开始我们雇佣了6位机器人务员,但一年之后我们只留下了一个,”A staff member said the robots couldn#39;t effectively handle soup dishes, often malfunctioned, and had to follow a fixed route that sometimes resulted in clashes.一位餐厅员工表示,机器人务员端不好汤水多的食物,经常出现故障,只能沿着固定路线送餐,有时会造成碰撞。A customer also said the robots were unable to do tasks such as topping up water or placing a dish on the table.一位顾客也表示,机器人务员有些务做不了,比如加水或者将食物放在桌上。The current state of robotics and artificial intelligence means that the technology is not quite advanced enough for robot waiters to work effectively, one expert notes. Quoted by the Shanghaiist website, Zhang Yun, a specialist at Guangdong University of Technology, says that while robots are good at repetitive tasks in manufacturing, they#39;re still unable to perform autonomously in jobs such as waiting which require interaction with unpredictable humans.相关专家表示,目前的机器人科学和人工智能状况并不能持机器人很顺利地完成机器人务员工作。根据Shanghaiist引用广东科技大学的一名专家张云的话,虽然机器人很擅长在制造业的重复性工作,但是在务员这样需要和人面对面交流的工作方面,却不能操作自如。 /201604/436976。

Half an hour later, I walk out of a shop selling “African groceries” carrying a stone that had cost me 99p. I gingerly put a small piece in my mouth. The grit sucks all of the water from my tongue, forming a paste that sticks to the roof of my mouth like peanut butter.果然,半个钟头以后,我怀揣着一块耗资99便士的泥巴,从一家号称售卖“非洲食品杂货”的铺子里迈步走出。随后,我轻手轻脚地掰开一小块放到嘴里。霎时间,土里的沙砾吸干了我舌头上的全部水分,接着就跟块浆糊似的粘在我口腔顶部,那质感有点像花生酱。I briefly entertain the thought that it tasted a little bit like smoked meat, before deciding that no, actually it tasted much more like dirt. 刹那见,我萌生出一个念头,感觉它尝起来有一点儿像烟熏肉。但马上,我就毙了这个想法,说实在的,它尝起来真正就是泥土的味道啊。I wondered what it is that gets so many people hooked.所以,我就纳了闷了,为什么有这么多人吃土吃上瘾。“Everyone has their reasons,” says Monique, another Cameroonian student. “Simple desire is one, or else to treat nausea and stomach pain. The clay calms the pain by acting as a gastric dressing.”莫妮克(Monique)说:“每个人都有自己的原因”,她是另外一名来自喀麦隆的学生,“有些人纯粹是为了满足自己的欲望而吃土,还有些人是为了治疗反胃恶心和胃痛而吃土。黏土到了胃里,会形成一层保护膜,进而缓解胃的疼痛。”Could this be it? Instead of an illness, is geophagy a treatment?果真如此吗?难道食土癖非但不是一种怪病,反而还是一种治病的疗法?In fact, three key explanations have been proposed for why people eat dirt, and Monique’s answer touches on one of them.事实上,对于人们吃土的原因,已有三种主要的解释性论述,而莫妮克的回答便涉及到了其中之一。Not all dirt is created equal. Kaolin belongs to a specific group of clay minerals, and these seem to be the most popular when people crave a mouthful of earth. 不同的泥土生成的方式也有所不同。高岭土从属于一种特别的矿物质黏土类型,而这些矿物质黏土似乎也是最受食土族群喜爱的黏土。Clay is very good at binding to things, so when Monique talks about it calming gastric pains, it could be doing just that by binding with or blocking harmful toxins and pathogens in the digestive system.黏土是非常好的粘合材料。所以,当莫妮克提到吃土缓解胃痛时,它的作用原理应该就是:黏土进入消化系统后吸附有害有毒物质、阻碍病原体入侵。Experiments with rats andobservations of monkeys indicate that other animals may seek non-food substances to combat ingested poisons, and various traditional food preparation practices involve mixing food with clays to extract toxins andmake it palatable. Acorns are generally unpleasant to eat, for example, but the traditional production of acorn b in both California and Sardinia involves grinding the nuts up with clay that seems to reduce the concentration of unpalatable tannic acid they contain.根据小白鼠实验和对猴子的观察,专家发现除了人类,其他动物也会通过摄入非食物类物质来对抗体内的毒素。而在各种传统的食物烹制过程中,都有这么一个步骤:在食物中混合些污泥,进而将食物中的毒素提取出来,同时让食物更加美味可口。比如说,橡子其实是味道极涩的一种坚果,但在美国加州和意大利的撒丁岛,橡子面包是一种传统的食物。为了减少橡子中苦涩的丹宁酸的含量,人们用泥块将橡子的果仁碾碎,从而使橡子面包更可口。The second hypothesis is perhaps more intuitive: clay could provide nutrients that are not present in conventional food items. Anaemia is often associated with geophagy, so perhaps eating iron-rich soil is an instinctive attempt to remedy iron deficiency. 而第二个猜想或许更为直观:黏土可以为我们提供别的传统食物没有的营养物质。贫血症常常和食土癖联系在一起,而对于同时有贫血症和食土癖的人来说,含铁量丰富的泥土或许就是他们福音。There’s also a suggestion that geophagy is a response to extreme hunger, or micronutrient deficiencies that make non-food items attractive. This hypothesis is non-adaptive, meaning it fits with the idea that eating earth is a negative behaviour with no benefits.另外一个意见则认为,食土癖是在极度饥饿时产生的一个反应,又或许是人体微量营养素的缺乏导致人们对非食物类物质产生食欲。这一假设认为吃土是非适应性的行为(即生物体与环境表现不适合)。换言之,这一假设认为吃土是一个负面的行为,并不能给人带来任何好处。The first two hypotheses, on the other hand, suggest adaptive reasons for geophagy, and they go some way to explaining its distribution, too.前两种假设则与之相反,认为食土癖存在适应性原因,而且它们也解释了食土习俗在热带地区相对盛行的原因。“We predicted that it would happen most in the tropics, because that’s where there is the greatest density of pathogens,” says Young. Furthermore, children and pregnant women are two groups that might need extra nutrients or protection against disease, as their immune responses are weaker. 塞拉#8226;杨指出:“我们判断,热带地区是发生最多食土行为的地区,因为那里是病原体最集中的地区”。而且,由于儿童和妇的免疫力相对较弱,他们是最需要营养和保护以抵抗疾病入侵的两大群体。 /201606/451515。

This weekend saw one of the biggest street parties in the world take over London, with crowds of around a million people flooding the streets with a vibrant sea of music, song and laughter.上周,一场世界上最大的街头派对席卷了伦敦,大约有100万人涌上街头,整个伦敦都沉浸在一片音乐、歌声和欢声笑语的海洋中。The Notting Hill Carnival, which took place Aug 28-29, is recognized as the largest street party in Europe, seeing hordes from across the globe join together every summer to celebrate the many cultures of England’s capital.8月28-29日期间举办的这场诺丁山狂欢节被认为是欧洲最大的街头派对。每年夏天,世界各地的人们都会来到这里,共同庆祝这座英格兰首都中的多元文化。But in these troubled times – with terrorist attacks, murder and religious tension being almost daily front page fixtures –is it appropriate to be spending the weekend dancing in the streets with wild abandon?但是,在如今这个动荡的时期——每天的报纸头条几乎都是恐怖袭击、谋杀和宗教冲突——周末依然在街头上狂野地跳舞,是否真的合适呢?Against adversity, people must stand up for themselves, says Patrick Bullock, 53, an artist who builds floats for the parade each year.面对逆境,人人都应该站起来,现年53岁的艺术家,帕特里克#8226;布洛克说道。每年,他都为狂欢节的游行制作花车。The smiles and dancing do not stop all weekend – the spirit of the carnival can’t be crushed.欢笑和舞蹈会持续整个周末——狂欢节精神不能够被摧毁。The festival, now in its 50th year, made its debut in 1966, albeit on a much smaller scale – around 1,000 people attended – and began as a way to encourage unity between the various groups who called London’s Notting Hill their home.诺丁山狂欢节始于1966年,到今年,它已经走过了第50个年头。尽管刚开始的时候规模较小,大约只有1000人参加,但它却促进了伦敦诺丁山地区不同群体之间的团结。Creator Rhaune Laslett, herself half Native-American, half Russian, formulated the first gathering in 1966, after being inspired by a vision. 狂欢节的创始人,Rhaune Laslett 是美国印第安和俄罗斯的混血。受到一次幻想的启发,她在1966年策划了第一届狂欢节。I could see the streets thronged with people in brightly colored costumes, they were dancing and following bands and they were happy, she told the Caribbean Times in 1989.Men, women, children, black, white, brown, all laughing.我可以看见,人们身着鲜艳亮丽的饰涌上街头,他们随着乐队起舞,无比快乐,1989年,她在接受《加勒比时报》采访时表示。不论男人、女人、小孩、黑人、白人、棕色人种,都在尽情欢笑。During what was then a period of racial tension, Laslett believed that music and laughter were what was needed to unite the melting pot of nationalities in her west London neighborhood.当时的社会正处于种族关系紧张之中,而Laslett 相信,唯有音乐和笑声能够使伦敦西区不同民族的大熔炉团结在一起。We felt that although West Indians, Africans, Irish and many other nationalities all live in a very congested area, there is very little communication between us, she explained in an interview in 1966, shortly after the first carnival took place.我们感觉到,尽管印第安人、非洲人、爱尔兰人和许多其他民族都生活在一个非常拥挤的地区,但他们彼此之间却鲜有交流,她在1966年第一届狂欢节举办后的一个采访中说道。Over the years, the party grew into its modern day form and now sees the streets swell with the sound of Caribbean steel drums, the aroma of exotic street food, and the dancing of hundreds of thousands of diverse partygoers in fabulously flamboyant costumes.这些年来,这场派对也逐渐发展成了它现在的规模。如今,街道上充盈着加勒比钢鼓声,异国街头小吃的香味。成千上万的派对参与者从世界各地赶来,他们身着艳丽饰,在街头尽情跳舞。Our participants find themselves in a space of music, color and creativity which brings about the emotion of joy and encourages the freedom to express themselves with no inhibitions, says Debora Alleyne De Gazon, the carnival’s creative director.我们的参与者们会发现,自己正身处于一个充满音乐、色和创造力的空间。它带给了人们欢乐,鼓励人们肆意地表达自己。狂欢节的创意总监Debora Allenyne De Gazon 说道。However, not everyone is queuing up to join in the festivities, despite the carnival’s all-inclusive ethos.尽管诺丁山狂欢节希望能做到包罗万象,但并不是所有人都想要参加这个活动。I can’t go out from my door on that day with all the rubbish around, Fortuoso Cruz, a local resident, tells a London newspaper. 那一天垃圾遍地,我甚至都不能走出家门,当地居民Fortuoso Cruz在接受伦敦的一家报纸采访时表示。Last year I had to throw some women out who trampled my garden to wee in there.去年还有一些女的踩踏我家的花园,随地小便,我不得不将她们都轰出去。But when a million people can come together for one weekend of eating, laughter and music – forgetting about life’s troubles for 48 hours – perhaps a few soiled lawns are a price worth paying.但是,当100万人齐聚一堂,共同享受一个充满了美食、欢笑和音乐的周末时——在这48小时中,将生活的一切烦恼抛诸脑后——弄脏几处草坪似乎也是一件值得的事。 /201609/464401。

Man builds huge 30,000 litre aquarium in his living room so he can swim with his own fish在家自建超大鱼缸,只为与鱼儿畅游A man has built a giant 30,000 litre aquarium in his living room - which is so big he can get in the water and swim around with the fish .有哥们在家中客厅建了能容纳3万升水的超大鱼缸——只为自己能跳进去跟鱼儿同游。The wildlife enthusiast has built the coral reef tank to enjoy while he sits relaxing in the evenings, but admits that it requires quite a bit of technology and upkeep.这哥们是个野生动物爱好者。他自建这个珊瑚打底的鱼缸,想要晚上坐着看这些鱼来放松心情。但也承认不仅建它难,保养更难。Eli, from Haifa, Israel, explains: ;I started the aquarium in January 2012, so it will soon be five years old.来自以色列的Eli解释说:“我2012年1月就开始建造这个鱼缸,现在它已经问世快5年了。”;It is a 30,000 litre tank and when adding the sump [the aquarium#39;s filter system], it is close to 37,000 litres, or 10,000 gallons making it the largest home reef aquarium in Israel, and probably one of the largest in the world.;“这个鱼缸能容纳3万升水,加入排污装置后,总水量接近3万7千升,即1万加仑。现在应该是以色列最大的家用鱼缸,甚至有可能是世界最大的。”The aquarium is located in Eli#39;s living room and takes up a whole wall.鱼缸被安置在Eli家的客厅内,占了整整一面墙。A glass panel has been installed so he can look into the tank as he sits relaxing.最外面是玻璃透明面板,让Eli能轻松观赏他的鱼缸。The filtration system is located on the floor below the tank and requires a complex combination of technology to work efficiently.过滤系统安置在鱼缸下方地板中,需要许多复杂制造程序才能让它正常运转。Eli explains that he uses natural sunlight to keep the coral alive, and also has four 100W LEDs to be used during the evening.Eli说他用自然阳光来让珊瑚存活,晚上还要开4个100瓦的LED灯来保持缸内亮度可供观赏。He has now created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel to give fans more information on his incredible #39;water feature#39;.现在Eli开通了一个专门的Facebook主页和YouTube频道。以此渠道给粉丝提供更多有关他神奇鱼缸的更多信息。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201608/461628。