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Why Is He Howling.他为什么喊Dentist: Please stop howling. I haven#39;t even touched your tooth yet.牙医:请你不要再喊了!我还没碰你的牙呢。Patient: I know, but you are standing on my foot!病人:我知道,可是你正踩着我的脚呀! /201210/203886

Want to know how to get a superstar smile? Who doesn#39;t? Well, here#39;s a list of your very own at home beauty solutions direct from your Beauty Lab tooth fairy to whiten, brighten and cheer up your choppers. We do the research and give you the results. This is Beauty Lab.想拥有明星般灿烂的笑容吗?当然谁不想啊?美丽实验室的牙齿小仙女为您提供在家就能做到的小窍门,帮您拥有亮白、美丽的牙齿。我们研究给您结果。这里是美丽实验室。1. Baking soda brush. Sprinkle a dash of baking soda on a wet toothbrush. Do this about one or two times a week. The baking soda acts like a mask for your teeth and it does an amazing job at absorbing stains and polishing, just like you came from the dentist#39;s office.1、小苏打。在湿牙刷上撒些小苏打。一周做1或2次。小苏打就像牙齿的面膜,它能很好地吸收牙渍为您的牙齿抛光,就像您去过牙医诊所似的。2. Oil pulling, okay, so what is oil pulling? I know it sounds strange but it works and here#39;s how. By swishing and swirling just a little bit of oil in your mouth in the morning like a mouthwash, this will stimulate enzymes which will fight bacteria in your mouth all day. I like to use sesame or olive oil.2、擦油。好,什么叫擦油呢?我知道很奇怪但它确实有效,那么该如何做呢?早晨打转式地刷一点油在你的口腔内就像漱口那样,这能刺激酶的生成,并能抗菌一整天。我喜欢用芝麻油或橄榄油。3. A strawberry swipe, cut a strawberry in half, swipe it and massage it across your teeth. The naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids will help to gently whiten and brighten and leave you looking good.3、草莓。把一个草莓切成两半,用一半边擦边你的牙齿。天然的α-羟基酸的产生会帮助牙齿亮白,让你更神采奕奕。4. Floss is boss. I can#39;t believe I have to say this but it#39;s so important to floss every single day. Flossing reduces the plaque that hides in between your teeth and it also has a body benefit. It helps to reduce plaque in your arteries which leaves your body and your heart healthier.4、牙线是王道。我真不敢相信我会说这个,但是用牙线清洁牙齿在每一天都是如此重要。牙线可以减少牙齿见隐藏着的菌斑,而且还对身体有好处。它能减少动脉中的菌斑,从而使身体更加健康。5. An apple a day, an apple a day keeps the dentist away. Apples are like nature#39;s very own toothbrush. They work like an astringent for your teeth and the pectin serves to polish and perfect.5、一天一颗苹果,远离牙科诊所。苹果就像自然牙刷,它能为你的牙齿止血,所含的果胶还可以为你的牙齿抛光,使它更加完美。6. Water and lots of it. Water, water, water, you#39;ve got to drink a lot of water. That way you keep things moving and grooving in your mouth and then bacteria can#39;t camp out in the crevices of your teeth.6、许多水。水,水,水!你要喝大量的水。喝水可以在口腔中形成流动,这样细菌就不能在你的牙缝间安营扎寨了。7. The seven deadly smile sins, don#39;t be like Lindsay Lohan, just say no to the seven deadly smile sins. Are you y? Take notes, sugar, juices, carbonated beverages like soda, red wine, coffee, tea, and finally smoking, blah, no alcohol. Alcohol-based mouthwashes can dehydrate and damage your gums. Instead make your own.7、危害笑容7宗罪。别像莲莎·露夏恩似的,要直接对这7宗罪说不!你准备好了吗?要记下来哦,糖、果汁、碳酸饮料、苏打岁、红酒、咖啡、茶,最后吸烟,当然还有拒绝酒精!含有酒精的漱口水会让你的牙龈脱水,还会对牙龈有害。你可以自己制作漱口水来代替。8. All you have to do is grab your favorite essential oil, cinnamon, clove, peppermint all work. Pour eight to ten drops in a little bit of distilled water, stick in the fridge, swish around in the a.m. for an early wakeup, and you#39;ll be smiling like a samurai.8、你要做的就是放点你最喜欢的精油、肉桂、丁香还有薄荷就哦啦。滴8到10滴到蒸馏水中,放到冰箱,造成擦点可以振作精神,你的笑容将会像一个武士那样灿烂。9. Chew gum after meals. Here#39;s the deal. Chewing gum with Xylitol is actually incredible for your teeth, why? Bacteria can#39;t even survive in a Xylitol rich environment. They just can#39;t attach to your choppers. So, what#39;s best for your health is for you to chew. Chew for a cause. Practice this advice and you#39;re sure to have tip top teeth. For the Beauty Lab, I#39;m Tracy O#39;Connor, say cheese.9、饭后嚼口香糖。是这样的,口香糖和木糖醇对你的牙齿有着绝妙的好处,为什么呢?细菌是不能在木糖醇丰富的环境中生存的。它们不会伤害你的牙齿。那么为了对你身体好,咀嚼把。我们的目标是咀嚼出健康。按照这几条做一定会为你带来超级棒的牙齿。我是美丽实验室的特蕾西·奥康纳,来,一起说“茄子!” /201211/207138

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