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樊城区人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤怎么样襄阳老河口妇幼保健院中医院泌尿外科And that#39;s why you need to break things down to bite-sized chunks.所以要把事情分开 分成若干小部分You try and reach one goal,get to there, reassess,and then go for the next one.先制定一个目标 完成目标 再审时度势 为下一个目标做准备It just means jungles become about lots of little successes rather than one big failure.由此丛林探险是由 诸多细小的成功组成 而不是只是一次失败Two things you can guarantee in the jungle dense undergrowth and sudden downpours.丛林中有两件事是可以确定的 即茂密的植物 以及突降的倾盆大雨Rain. you#39;ve got to love it, eh?A good-sized river, this.下雨了 好好享受吧 一条相当宽的河You know, really, I want to stick to my plan of heading north.我想一直按照计划继续向北走Which means we#39;ve got to get across it.所以我们要横渡这条河Look, you can see those are big rapids up there.Don#39;t want to get tangled up with those.看那 湍急的河流滚滚而来 千万不要陷入其中Try and find a safer place a safer place to cross downstream.试着找到比较安全的地方 可以顺流渡河的安全之地You can#39;t underestimate the power of fast-flowing water.不要低估湍急河水的力量In 2007, 12 Guatemalans were swept away in their truck by a rain-swollen river.They were all killed.2007年 12名危地马拉人 被因下雨而涨满的河水 连人带车卷走了 无一生还We#39;re well downstream in the rapids here.我们在急流的下方I reckon we should be able to cross it.我认为 我们应该可以穿过去You#39;re gonna need to stick with me on this.Okay, come on, let#39;s go.一定要紧紧跟着我 好了 咱们出发吧 Article/201609/466756襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院打掉孩子怎么样 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson22:Faith宗教与信仰316. Most Americans are Christian. 大部分美国人是基督教徒。317. I don’t like going to church. 我不喜欢去教堂。318. There are different religions all over the world. 世界上有很多不同的宗教。319. Religion is important to many people. 对许多人来说,宗教是很重要的。320. It’s hard to define what is a superstition. 很难定义什么是迷信。321. Faith is often a cause for some people to fight. 信仰经常是导致人们斗争的原因。322. Some people believe in miracle. 有些人相信奇迹。323. Fear often causes non-believers to pray. 恐惧经常会使不信教的人也来祈祷。324. It’s comforting to believe in a life after death. 相信有来生,会让人感到欣慰。325. Faith can keep people from doing bad things. 信仰可使人不做坏事。326. I was wondering if you would like to go to the church with me this coming Sunday. 我在想这星期天你能否陪我去一趟教堂。327. It’s just that I’m not very religious. 只不过我并不是很虔诚的教徒。328. The past few years I've really become an agnostic. 过去几年来,我真可说成了一个不可知论者。329. I just thought you might like my church’s Sunday service. 我只不过是想你可能会喜欢我那教堂的礼拜仪式。330. Even though you aren’t religious, are you any particular| religion? 虽然你不很虔诚,但你是不是某个教派的教徒?【生词解读】1. Christian [5kristFEn] n. 基督教徒2. religion [ri5lidVEn] n. 教派;宗教团体3. define [di5fain] v. 解释,给...下定义4. superstition [7sju:pE5stiFEn] n. 迷信;迷信行为5. miracle [5mirEkEl] n. 奇迹;奇迹般的人(或物)6. pray [prei] v. 祈祷,祈求7. agnostic [A^5nCstik] n. 不可知论者8. particular [pE5tikjulE] a. 特殊的;特定的;特别的 /200812/19245襄阳阳痿治疗要花多少费用

湖北附属襄阳医院男科医院在那儿The Pastons got over these bumps in the road to become a settled presence in their county,帕斯顿坎坷前行 冲破重重障碍 成为郡中有声望的家族and that would be true for countless other English men and women just like them.还有无数的英格兰人 也如他们一般历经沧桑 终见虹Essentially, they were survivors.They#39;d survived the plague, they#39;d survived dethronement,they#39;d survived civil war.最终 他们有幸存活下来 他们躲过鼠疫之灾 躲过政变之哗 躲过内战之乱Kings came and went, but the village men the same sort of men who#39;d marched on London in 1381, 经历改朝换代 村民们 那些于1381年在伦敦游行的who#39;d been revolutionaries and desperados were now on their way to becoming squires of the village. 革命者和亡命徒 正在逐渐变成村落中的乡绅People like this knew what the worst could be.这些人们历经重重磨难They knew that the plague could come and carry off babies and children.他们目睹鼠疫夺走孩子们的生命They knew that knights over the hill might go on a rampage,他们经历骑士的狂怒咆哮but they also knew that with an equal measure of prudence and prayer,they would get through it.但是 他们也坚信 带着一颗平等的心去审慎和祈祷 苦难终将过去So come to an English village like this,far from the mayhem,因此在1480年前后 来到远离暴乱的英格兰小村庄say around 1480, and you#39;d see what you#39;d expect会看到如你所愿的一番景象a church built in the economic elegance of the perpendicular style.教堂优雅屹立 典型的哥德式建筑For the first time,an ale house was a name like ;The Swan; or ;The Frog;.首次 啤酒屋被称作;天鹅;或;青蛙;And at the heart, a grand handsome dwelling for the biggest tenant farmer in the area.在村庄中央 有一座漂亮的小房子 为当地最大的佃农所有No longer just a wattle and daub single-roomed glorified hut,but a miniature manor with its own hall and servants to wait on the master and mistress.不再是个用藤条和涂料 随意装饰的单间小木屋 而是个应有尽有微缩庄园 还有仆人等待着男女主人的归来A buttery, a cellar and private retiring chambers.一个酒窖 一个地下室 还有几间私密的房间One shouldn#39;t be too complacent about the condition of Britain at the end of its first century of plague.人们不应该 在鼠疫刚刚过去百年后 对不列颠自鸣得意The end of the road through trauma was not all buttercups and beer.创伤过后 并未迎来繁荣There was still grinding poverty alongside plenty.But all the same, the improbable had happened.仍有大量的穷苦人民挣扎在贫困边缘 但尽管如此 仍存在奇迹Out of the fires of pestilence and bloodshed had emerged that most unlikely example of survivor the English country gent.在接受了鼠疫以及战乱的洗礼之后 出现了不可思议的幸存者 即英格兰乡绅 /201612/483420襄阳中医医院不孕不育医院 More Americans are dying by accident, largely because of drug overdoses. 越来越多的美国人死于事故,很大程度上因为药物过量。A National Safety Council report shows the number of accidental deaths hit a record high in 2014, the most recent year data was available.国家安全委员会的报告显示,2014年意外死亡人数创历史新高,最近年份的数据可以获得。But it#39;s a number that#39;s been on the rise over the past decade. 但在过去的十年这一数据一直在上升。Accidental deaths are now the fourth-highest cause of death, falling behind heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory disease. 意外死亡是导致死亡的第四大原因,位于心脏病、癌症和慢性呼吸系统疾病之后。NSC statistics manager said: It#39;s all preventable. Every accident is preventable. But it#39;s not necessarily the fault of the victim.国家安全委员会统计经理说:这都是可以预防的。每一次事故都是可以预防的。但这不一定是受害者的过错。Americans#39; rising use of opioids including heroin has become a national issue highlighted in other recent reports.美国人增加使用包括海洛因在内的阿片类药物已成为一个国家问题,在其他报告中有强调。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said deaths from opioid and heroin use rose 14 percent from 2013 to 2014 and have nearly tripled since 2010.疾病控制和预防中心表示,2013年至2014年间死于阿片类药物和海洛因的人数上升百分之14,自2010年起翻了近三倍。As for the NSC report, it also showed deaths from accidents like falling have more than tripled in the past couple of decades. 据国家安全委员会的报告,在过去几十年里,死于类似摔倒的事故已经翻了三倍。An increasing elderly population from the baby boomer generation is likely the reason for this uptick.来自婴儿潮一代的越来越多老年人可能是上升的原因。But other types of accidental deaths, like those caused by traffic crashes, are actually down. 但其它类型的意外死亡,如交通事故所造成的,实际上下降了。Better technology has made cars increasingly safer, although drunk driving is still a big concern. 更好的技术使汽车变得越来越安全,尽管酒驾仍是一个大问题。译文属。 Article/201606/449845襄阳看男科那家比较好

襄州区妇幼保健中医院做药流It was as a politician that John was most obviously a wretched failure.作为政治家来说 再也没有 比约翰更加一败涂地的了Under his father, the empire had been sustained by a shrewd combination of charisma and feudal loyalty.其父在位时 这个国家维系于 君主的号召力和对封建制度的忠诚 两者间的巧妙结合John#39;s problem was his difficulty in believing that anyone would ever be more than a fair-weather friend.约翰的问题在于不信任别人 总是认为别人不过是酒肉之交So he relied on blackmail and extortion,threats to the barons rather than promises.对待贵族 他只崇尚敲诈勒索和胁迫 宁我负天下人 莫让天下人负我Assuming disloyalty, he ended up guaranteeing it.结果却事与愿违So when John needed the barons most,when Normandy was threatened by the French king,they weren#39;t there for him.当诺曼底受到法王威胁 约翰最需要他们的紧要关头 贵族们却没有伸出援手The result was a catastrophic defeat.最终导致了灾难性的失败The loss of Normandy ripped the heart out of Angevin power.痛失诺曼底令安茹王朝元气大伤Whether or not there was a secret meeting at Bury st Edmunds,无论英格兰的所有大贵族是否在with all the major nobles in England sworn to force John to accept reform,it#39;s certainly true that from defeat sprang rebellion.柏立艾蒙秘密会谈 立誓要逼迫约翰接受改革 可以肯定的是 失败催生了叛变At some point, the barons drafted a document that went well beyond forcing John to stop being vindictive,在这个时候 贵族们起草了一份文件 不仅禁止国王实施报复proposing, instead, a catalogue of things the king would not be allowed to do.It was called Magna Carta.同时还列出了一连串 国王不得越过的雷池 这就是《大宪章》 /201609/469205 襄阳谷城县人民中心医院医术怎么样襄阳市中医医院靠谱吗?



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