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  • It is a familiar complaint from those of a certain age: today pop music is louder and all the songs sound the same. It turns out they are right.年龄稍长的人都抱怨说:现在的流行音乐声音大,而且所有歌曲听起来都一样事实实他们说的没错Research shows that modern recordings are louder than those of the 1950s and 60s. They are also blander, with less variety in terms of chords and melodies.研究显示,现代唱片的确比五、六十年代发行的那些声音要大,在和弦与旋律上缺乏变化,听起来单调The finding, which will come as no surprise to all those over the age of 35 or so, comes from Spanish researchers who carried out a computer analysis of the key features of almost half a million pop, rock and hip hop songs from 1955 to .西班牙研究人员利用电脑对发行于1955到间50万首流行、摇滚和嘻哈歌曲的主要特点进行分析,分析结果并没有使年龄35岁左右的人群感到意外This revealed today tracks to be louder. The researchers say this is because sound engineers and producers are cranking up the volume at the recording stage.这一研究揭示了现代唱片声音大的特点研究人员解释说,录音师和制作人员在录音阶段加大了音量As a result, if two tracks are turned up to the same volume at home, the more recent will sound noisier.如果在家播放两张不同的唱片,并调到同等音量,结果发现较新的唱片听起来声音更大This is thought to not simply due to better recording equipment but an attempt to make music that catches the attention and is suitable playing in discos.人们认为这样的结果并不单单取决于录音设备的质量,还与试图制作出听众喜欢并适于迪斯科伴奏的音乐密切相关The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, also found evidence that songs are more similar than in the past.这项研究在《科学报告杂志上发表,它同时还发现,现代歌曲之间比以往更具相似性The chords used and the changes between chords are simpler, leading to the production of music that is easy on the ear but contains little variety.现代歌曲中的和弦与和弦间的变化更简单,这样的音乐作品悦耳却又有些单调Researcher Martin Haro, of Barcelona Pompeu Fabra University, said: ‘I think this is related to the role of music.巴塞罗纳法布拉大学的研究人员马丁-哈罗说:“我觉得,这与音乐所发挥的作用有关”‘Nowadays, it is more about relaxing, you dont want to think about what the music is telling you. In the 1950s and 60s, music was more artistic and getting messages, things about politics, across.“如今人们倾听音乐以放松身心,并不在意音乐的内涵五、六十代的音乐更具美感,而且,我们可以从中获取信息、了解政治形势或两者兼俱”‘When the synthesiser was introduced, you had lots of bands like Pink Floyd that were experimenting with different types of sound and chords, this was an experimental playground them.“声音合成器的问世让你有机会见识很多像平克·弗洛伊德那样的乐队,他们尝试着不同类型的声音和和弦,现代音乐成为他们的演练场”‘Now it about dancing and relaxing, rhythm and energy, with groups and bands not so interested in experimenting with sounds and chords. The study also found that instruments fall in and out of fashion, depending on the sound of the time.“现在,在声音与和弦方面趋于保守的组合和乐队更受欢迎,人们更享受这种音乐环境下的舞蹈与放松、节奏与活力”这项研究还发现,乐器的流行取决于时代的主流声音Wannabe musicians looking a hit should turn to the past inspiration, said the researcher Joan Serra, of the Spanish National Research Institute.西班牙国家研究所研究员琼尼·萨拉说,想要成为音乐家的人们应该从过去的音乐中发掘灵感Professor Adrian North, a music psychologist, said: ‘There isnt much research out there on how music should evolve, but what little there is argues that composers and permers are in a continuing battle the attention of listeners, and apparently tailor their music to achieve this.音乐心理学家艾德里安.诺斯教授说:“有关音乐沿革方面的研究不是很多,但毫无疑问,作曲家和表演者一直力求满足观众的口味,他们大幅度地剪裁自己的作品以达到这一目的”‘One way in which they can achieve this is by, example, making their music progressively louder over time, as seen in the research here.“例如,随着时间的推移,音量越来越大来迎合听众,这一点从这项研究中可见一斑”‘However, music can only get so loud bee it becomes simply unlistenable, and so the same theory argues that this is where musical styles begin to evolve: rather than making their music novel by simply making it louder, permers and composers have to find new types of music, and so this is how new musical styles come about.“然而,音乐的音量增加不是无限度的,超出限度会使音乐失去品质,变得不堪入耳;所以这一理论也显示,正因为如此音乐类型在演变:表演者和作曲家努力在音乐类型上进行创新,而不是通过简单提高音量来增加音乐的新鲜感,这样新音乐类型就出现了” 198。
  • They call it ;denial marketing;: the process whereby the contents of JK Rowling books are guarded like the crown jewels until publication day. It made sense with Harry Potter, when the world and his dog wanted to know what had happened to the boy wizard and his dastardly foes. But it creates a slight anti-climax in the case of The Casual Vacancy, a novel concerning a parish council election in a small West Country town.他们称之为“勿需营销”:JK罗琳新书内容的写作过程,在今天的出版市场上就像上的宝石当全世界以及他的追随者都想知道小巫师和他邪恶的敌人之间发生了什么时,这对《哈利波特是完全适用的但是,至于《临时空缺,它产生了一个小低潮,一本关于英国小镇上议会选举的小说There are some superficial excitements here, in that the younger characters get up to things that Harry probably never dreamed of: taking drugs, swearing, self-harming, having grimy casual sex, singing along to Rihanna. Generally, though, The Casual Vacancy is a solid, traditional and determinedly unadventurous English novel.这里有一些肤浅的兴奋,年轻的人物接触的是哈利大概做梦也没想到的事:吸毒,诅咒,自残,滥交,一路高歌蕾哈娜的歌曲但基本上,《临时空缺是实在的、传统的、决不冒险的英文小说The Casual Vacancy has all the satisfactions and frustrations of this kind of novel. It immerses the er in a richly peopled, densely imagined world. Rowling has reportedly drawn on her own mildly unhappy childhood, in a village outside Bristol and then later outside Chepstow. The claustrophobic horror is nicely done: everyone knowing everyone. Rowling is good at teenagers, particularly boys, and unhappy couples. The book has a righteous social message, about responsibility others, and a great big plot that runs like clockwork; like the Potter novels, it is efficiently organised beneath its busy surface.《临时空缺被寄予了此类小说所有的满意与失望,它使读者沉浸在人口密集、想象深入的世界据说罗琳在刻画她自己略微不幸的童年,位于布里斯托郊外、然后再到切普斯托之外的一个村庄恐怖幽闭是很好的:每个人都知道彼此罗琳很擅长写青少年,特别是男孩子,以及不快乐的夫妻这本书有一个公正的社会意义,关于对他人的责任平静表面蕴藏着阴谋,像哈利波特小说一样,在它繁忙的表象下一切有条不紊地进行The Casual Vacancy is no masterpiece, but it not bad at all: intelligent, workmanlike, and often funny. I could imagine it doing well without any association to the Rowling brand, perhaps creeping into the Richard and Judy Book Club, or being made into a three-part TV serial. The fanbase may find it a bit sour, as it lacks the Harry Potter books warmth and charm; all the characters are fairly horrible or suicidally miserable or dead. But the worst you could say about it, really, is that it doesnt deserve the media frenzy surrounding it. And who nowadays thinks that merit and publicity have anything do with each other?《临时空缺不是杰作,但它一点也不坏:机智、娴熟,且不乏幽默我能想象即便和罗琳这个品牌没有一点关系它也能卖的很好,可能会流入理查德和朱迪读书俱乐部,或者被拍成一部3集地电视剧哈迷们可能会发现它有点令人失望,因为它缺少《哈利#86;波特系列丛书的温暖和魅力所有的文字都是相当可怕及自杀般的痛苦或死亡但是说真的,你可以评价它最糟糕的是它不值得媒体围着它炒作现在有谁认为有荣誉和名气之间互不相关? 197。
  • China Internet singing sensationChopsticks Brothers will perm their viral hit Little Apple at the American MusicAwards, according to Southern.com据报道,中国内地组合筷子兄弟将在年的全美音乐奖上表演歌曲《小苹果Chopsticks Brothers ——which consistsof director Xiao Yang and musician Wang Taili - played a middle-aged singingduo in the film Old Boys: The Way ofthe Dragon. In the film, they sang Little Apple when they auditioned an American music talent show and received a thumbs-up from the judges筷子兄弟成员肖央和王太利在他们的新电影《老男孩之猛龙过江饰演了一个中年演唱组合电影中,他们参加了一个美国音乐选秀节目并演唱了《小苹果,他们的表现获得了评委们的一致认可Now, life is following art现在,电影中发生的故事要成为现实了The duo has confirmed theirattendance at the AMA, an awards show second only to the Grammys in prestige.They will join renowned singers including Taylor Swift and One Directionto deliver a night of sensational music to the world仅次于格莱美的全美音乐奖已确认对筷子兄弟发出邀请,届时筷子兄弟将与知名歌手泰勒·斯威夫特、单向组合一起为全世界观众带来一场音乐盛宴;I did not expect the plot inour film to come true in real life,; Xiao Yang said during an interview.;It seems unreal. Weve worked on music so long and after all theseyears, this is another story of dreams coming true old boys,; saidWang Taili肖央在采访中称,他并没有想到他们电影中的情节真的变成了现实王太利也说到,“这太不真实了我们在音乐上努力了很久,终于在这么多年以后‘老男孩’又一次实现了自己的音乐梦想”This is the first time a Chinese;god; song (a term songs that go viral on the Internet) will beshowcased on the global stage这是中国神曲第一次登上国际舞台Little Apple has taken China Internet by storm. Its MP3 received 579 million hits and themusic has been played 83 million times on China major music and streaming sites此前,《小苹果已经席卷了中国的互联网,网络点击量已经达到5.79亿次,各大排行榜的点播数量也已达到8.3亿次According to Southern.com, the songhas been played to at least500 million listeners worldwide据称,全球已经至少有5亿人收听过《小苹果。
  • The First Lady and daughters Sasha, , and Malia, , were spotted cheering on the superstar during the second night of her concert series at Atlantic City Revel Resorts, according to an AP report.据美国联合通讯社一篇报道称,美国第一夫人和她岁的女儿Sasha,岁的女儿Malia被发现出现在巨星碧昂斯第二夜位于大西洋城狂欢度假村的演唱会上The youngest Obamas were animated and cheered during the show, and even sang along to ;Love on Top,; according to the report.根据报道称,两位小女孩在演唱会上非常活跃,甚至还跟着碧昂斯一起唱;Love on Top;Bee Saturday show, Sasha and Malia were spotted splashing around the resort pool. When the First Lady and her daughters arrived at the Revel Resorts cabana area – flanked by secret service officers – a white curtain wasdrawn to give them some privacy.在周六的节目之前,Sasha和Malia就被发现在度假村泳池旁边戏水当第一夫人和她的女儿们抵达狂欢度假村的小屋地带-神秘的务人员守在左右两边-一条白色帘子被拉下来保护她们的隐私The First Lady and Beyoncé have a special connection, having worked together on Obama Let Move campaign. And in PEOPLE latestissue, the First Lady says if she could be anyone else, she would be the pop star.第一夫人和碧昂斯有着特殊的关系,在奥巴马让我们一起行动的活动上,她们就一起合作并且,在最新发行的《人物中,第一夫人还说如果她能成为其他人,她希望变为流行歌手;If I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé,; Obama said. ;Id be some great singer.;“如果我有一些天赋的话,我会成为碧昂斯,”奥巴马夫人说,“我将会成为一个优秀的歌手”And it was a ladies only weekend in Atlantic City. On Saturday, President Obama was golfing outside of Washington, D.C.这是一个在大西洋城仅有女士的周末周六,奥巴马总统在华盛顿附近打高尔夫 18589。
  • Tear-jerking romance ;Go Away Mr. Tumor; ruled China box office in the week ending Aug. , pulling in 185 million yuan (.9 million U.S. dollars) after opening on Aug. .催人泪下的浪漫爱情大片《滚蛋吧肿瘤君在8月日周末截止时引领当周票房,在8月日上映后累计收入达到1亿8500万元(约合90万美元)The film, which features the story of a woman fight against cancer, was closely followed by domestic film ;Monster Hunt,; the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time, which combines live action and animation. ;Monster Hunt; took in 0 million in the week and its total box office reached . billion yuan on Aug. after its release on July .这部电影是以一个女人和癌症抗争的故事为主线的影片而紧随其后的是国产影片《捉妖记,也是国产票房最高的一部影片该片将现实人物和动漫融于一体《捉妖记在当周获得1亿6000万元的票房额并自7月日上映以来至8月日共获得亿千万的票房额Third place went to domestic drama ;To the e,; which made 55. million yuan in the week. Total ticket sales of the movie about bicycle racing teams stood at 8.1 million yuan on Aug. since opening on Aug. 7.排名第三的是国产剧《破风,当周票房业绩为550万元,这部关于自行车赛车队的影片自8月7日上映到8月日票房总营业额为1亿万元Animated feature ;Monkey King: Hero is Back; landed in the fourth spot, earning about 7.7 million yuan in the week. It is a 3D animated adaption of the classical epic ;Journey to the West.; Its total box office sales stood at 899.5 million yuan after opening on July .动漫影片《西游记:大圣归来占据第四名,当周营业额达到770万元,这是经典故事“西游记”的3D版本,在7月日上映以后总票房额达到了8亿9950万元Rounding out the top five was ;Jian Bing Man,; a domestic comedy about an actor experience in the film industry, which grossed 39.9 million yuan, China Film News reported Wednesday. Its total box office sales have reached 1. billion yuan since opening July .中国电影网周三报导:排名第5位的是影片《煎饼侠,一部讲述了一个演员在电影业所经历的一切的国产喜剧,在当周业绩为3990万元,总票房自7月日上映以来共达到亿000万元 395。
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