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长乐区哪些医院无痛人流好长乐市妇幼保健医院预约挂号长乐无痛人流专科医院无痛人流费用多少 Vella: So, Daniel, were talking about movies.维拉:丹尼尔,我们来谈谈电影。Daniel: Uh, uh.丹尼尔:好。Vella: Do you have any favorite Chilean movie?维拉:你有喜欢的智利电影吗?Daniel: Well, yeah. Actually Chilean movies are quite, were making a lot of movies recently but this one movie I really liked. Its quite old, probably ten years ago, its called El Chacotero Sentimental. Its really difficult to explain that in English but it was based on a radio show. There was every week from Monday to Friday from two to four pm, there was a radio show so people would call to the host of this radio show and they would explain their problems related to love, family, friends, whatever, and it became really popular. Everyone was listening to this, this show and some of those stories were absolutely brilliant and you could hear like any kind of stories, like really sad stories or really funny stories. And for the movie they took three of them, well three, they made three stories and they took elements from real stories that they were told during the show.丹尼尔:有。实际上智利电影非常……最近智利制作了很多电影,其中有一部电影我非常喜欢。这是部老片子,大概是10年前的片子了,电影名是《El Chacotero Sentimenta》。很难用英语解释,不过这部电影是以广播节目为背景的。每周周一到周五,下午两点到四点有一档广播节目,人们会给节目主持打电话,讲述他们的问题,这些问题和爱情、家人、朋友有关,这档节目变得非常流行。所有人都会听这个节目,其中一些故事非常精,你可以听到各种故事,有非常悲伤的故事,也有非常搞笑的故事。这部电影选取了其中三个非常好的故事,他们把这三个故事拍成了电影,这些是广播节目中听到的真实故事。So the first one, for example, its about a guy who move from the countryside to, into Santiago, and he was having an affair with a neighbor and he was caught by her husband and her husband was the police. He was a policeman so all the, it was really funny to watch it, but at the same time like everyone knew that kind of stuff happened so it was funny but at the same time kind of, you know, like come on thats a really, really big problem.第一个故事,一个男孩从乡村来到圣地亚哥,他和一个女邻居有染,被她的丈夫抓了,她的丈夫是警察。这非常有意思,所有人都知道这种事,所以这很有趣,但同时这又是一个非常严重的问题。The second story was a bit sad. It was about a family who had problems. They had a lot of problems during their childhood so and all the traumas and all the problems it creates and you take when you have problems in childhood.第二个故事有点儿悲伤。这个故事讲述了一个有问题的家庭。他们在孩童时期有很多问题,孩童时期的问题会留下很多创伤,继而引发更多问题,这些你都要去承受。And the third one, its a really, really funny story. Its about a young couple. They were really poor but how they lived, the love, and how they live their couple lives.第三个故事非常搞笑。这个故事讲述了一对年轻夫妻的故事。他们非常穷,但是他们生活的很好,电影讲述了他们的生活和爱情故事。So all the stories, like the stories all together, talk about how Chilean people, they live, their love, how they act as couples, so it became really, really famous in Chile.所有故事都在谈论智利人的生活、爱情和夫妻关系,所以这在智利非常有名。Vella: That sounds really interesting. I would love to watch it.维拉:听起来很有意思。我想看看这部电影。Daniel: Actually theres a version with English subtitles so any time.丹尼尔:实际上这部电影有英文字幕,你随时可以看。Vella: I have one question though.维拉:我还有一个问题。Daniel: Hm, hm.丹尼尔:嗯。Vella: Have you ever called the house and maybe tell them that youre sorry?维拉:你有没有给电台打过电话,跟他们说你难过的事情?Daniel: No, but, no I never did but I think one of my friends, because everyone listened to the shows, so you can see and you can hear that. Like I know that story or I know something similar so it might be one of my friends I dont know.丹尼尔:没有,我没有打过,不过我有一个朋友打过电话,因为所有人都会听这个节目,所以我们会听到。我知道这个故事,或者说我知道类似的故事,这可能是我一个朋友的故事,不过我也不确定。 译文属 /201612/481197长乐营前镇人流去哪家医院比较好

湖南镇妇女儿童医院门诊的开门时间Todd: So Aaron, in Canada youre a bouncer.托德:亚伦,你在加拿大的工作是保镖。Aaron: Yeah, thats right. Im a bouncer.亚伦:对,没错。我是保镖。Todd: A lot of people might not know, what is a bouncer? What is a bouncers job?托德:很多人可能不清楚,保镖是什么?保镖的工作是什么?Aaron: A bouncer! The bouncer is actually a name that, I guess its called a colloquialism. Bouncer is not our actual job description. Were security. But a bouncer comes from the fact that we bounce people out of the bar. So we check around and make sure that the liquor laws are being enforced in the bar and that if people are being rough or rowdy or too drunk, we ask them to leave, and if they dont leave voluntarily, then we physically remove them.亚伦:保镖!我想,保镖是口语的说法。保镖并不是实际的工作描述。我们的工作是保护安全。称之为bouncer是因为我们会把一些人赶出酒吧。我们要四处检查,确保酒吧实施有关酒类的法律,如果有人举止粗鲁、捣乱或喝醉,那我们会让他们离开酒吧,如果他们不愿意离开,那我们就会把他们赶出酒吧。Todd: So as a bouncer are you always getting in fights with the clientele?托德:作为保镖,你会不会经常和客人发生争执?Aaron: People always ask me, ;Well, how many fights have you been in?; and I guess it depends on your description of a fight because Ive been in over 500 fights but Ive only been hit maybe four or five times because Im breaking up a fight and then that person is angry at someone else but theyre also fighting me to stay in the bar or towards someone, so Ive been involved in 500 altercations, I guess you call them.亚伦:别人总是问我,你打过几次架?我想这要取决于你如何描述“打架”,我卷入过500多次争执,但是只被打过四五次,因为通常我会避免打斗,有时一名客人可能是对另一个客人生气,但是他们为了留在酒吧里会攻击我,所以我卷入的口角有500多次。Todd: So, it youve been in that many fights, or whatever, when it happens do you get your adrenaline going? Do you get really nervous or is it just like, ;Ah, normal.;托德:你卷入争执时,当争执发生时,你的肾上腺素会增加吗?你是会紧张还是觉得这没什么。Aaron: Well, its kind of funny because I play football in university and its kind of like being in a football game. You know, there are periods of rest, you know where youre sitting there and youre not doing anything and youre just being pretty basically and theres about five or six seconds where its just crazy. What happens in that five or six seconds can be really important, so I was a head bouncer for quite a while, and I had to hire and fire quite few guys and a lot of it based on those five or six seconds, you know, how a guy reacts.亚伦:这其实很有趣,因为我在大学时经常踢足球,所以这有点像足球比赛。有休息时间,你坐在那里的时候,什么都不会做,很平静,可是大概会有五六秒的疯狂时间。那五六秒中内所发生的事情非常重要,我做过很长时间的保镖队长,我雇佣了很多人,也开除了很多人,这要取决于一名保镖在那五六秒内做出的反应。Todd: So whats a good reaction?托德:什么是良好的反应?Aaron: Well, a good reaction is usually if youre trying to talk someone out whose drunk, is youre talking first, and I always refer to it as a switch, there comes a point when you need to be physical and theres shouldnt be a gradual move up as a bouncer. Youre talking to someone, youre talking to someone, and then theres an incident, a moment where you realize its not going to be talked out, and you need to flip your switch and get physical right away, no questions asked and by physical, you know, my background is in wrestling and judo for that sort of thing so Im not a puncher or kicker or striker so for me thats subdueing someone and draging them out. Yeah, I dont want to go too indepth here there are guys that have different roles on my crew as well. There was a guy who was a really chirpy guy who liked to yak a lot and there was a guy who was big and thick headed and intimidating and guys like me who dont really look that intimidating but are solid, and theres usually one guy, you dont really want more than one on my crew, who was the loose cannon who would, someones yipping at him, would punch him in the face.亚伦:一般来说,好的反应是你要试图说醉酒的人,你要先谈话,我通常把这比喻为开关,在某个时刻你可能需要动手,作为保镖不应该逐步行动。你要先和那个人谈话,你要先说他,之后可能会发生冲突,在某个时刻你会意识到你不能说他,这时你就要按下开关,马上采取行动,不再问问题,你知道,我练过摔跤和柔道,我不是拳手,不是打手,我只是会制那个人,然后把他们赶出酒吧。我不想讲得太深入,我们团队中也有负责其他工作的人。有名员工非常活泼,话很多,还有个人块头很大,头脑不聪明,看起来很吓人,像我这样的人看上去并不吓人,但是身材结实,还有一个人是那种容易失控不计后果的人,如果有人找碴,他就会一拳打到那个人的脸上,我可不想我的团队中再有一个那样的人。Todd: And you dont want that? You dont want a loose cannon?托德:你不希望要那样的人吗?你不想要一个我行我素的员工?Aaron: I dont want — well, thats the problem. Sometimes I do because you get those incidents where theres a guy who wont go out any other way except for a fight and you need your loose cannon to shut him up and the rest of his crew, and usually it just takes one shot from the loose cannon and then within five or six seconds everything is taken care of. The other guys are there. People are taken out. You never want a loose cannon on his own. You want him in a pair with someone.亚伦:不想,那会成为问题的。有时我需要这样的人,因为发生冲突以后,有的客人不想出去,然后就会引发争斗,这时你就需要这种容易失控的人让那个人和他的同伴闭嘴,那个我行我素的人可以马上解决问题,五六秒钟之内事情就解决了。这时其他人就会把那些人赶出酒吧。你是不会希望一个容易失控的人单干的,要让他和其他人合作。 译文属 /201506/382920长乐哪里的人流医院好 unit 38电话道别dialogue英语情景对话A:Hello, Mr.Green. This is Lin Tong. How are you?A:您好,格林先生。我是林潼,您好吗?B:Hi, Mr.Lin. I am leaving tomorrow and I am just packing.B:您好,林先生,我明天就要动身回国了,我现在正在整理行装呢。A:Oh, sorry to interrupt you. But I am calling to say goodbye to you. I am awfully sorry to tell you that I am afraid I could not see you off at the airport tomorrow, because I will have to affend a very important meeting.A:哦,对不起,打扰您了。我打电话来是跟您道别的。非常抱歉我明天恐怕不能去机场给您送行了,因为我要参加一个很重要的会议,脱不开身。B:lt doesnt matter, Mr.Lin. I can understand. I know you are always very busy. Work must come first.B:没关系,我能理解,林先生。我知道您总是很忙,工作第一嘛。A:Thanks a lot. You have been here for almost three weeks. How time flies!A:非常谢谢您的理解。时间过得真快呀,转眼您都在这儿待了快三周了。B:Yes. And I would like to convey my thanks to you for your help during my stay here in Nanjing.B:是呀,时间过得真快。在此我要向您为我在南京期间所做的一切致以深深的感谢。A:It is our pleasure. It has been a great pleasure to work with you.A:这是我们的荣幸。很乐意跟您一起工作。B:Me too. I am looking forward to cooperating with you again.B:跟您合作我也同样开心。我希望还能再有机会合作。A:Really? Great! We will. Well, whats your flight number? When are you leaving tomorrow?A:真的吗?那太好了!我们会的。对了,您乘坐的是哪次航班?明天什么时候动身?B:lts Flight No. 104, Northem Airlines, which leaves at ten Odock tomorrow evening.B:是北方航空公司的104次班机,明天晚上10点起飞。A:OK, I will send someone to see you off.A:好的。我会派人去送您。B:That is so thoughful of you.B:哎呀,您真是想得太周到了。A:My pleasure. Take care and have a nice trip.A:您不用客气。您多保重,旅途愉快。B:Thanks a lot. My wife and I will be welcoming and looking forward to your visit.B:非常感谢。我太太和我将欢迎并期待您来做客。A:Lets call it a deal. Hope to see you again soon. Keep in touch then. Byebye.A:一言为定,我一定去。盼望与您再会。常联系,再见。B:Goodbye. Thanks again.B:再见,再次感谢。 /201504/370519长乐第一人民医院做无痛人流多少钱

长乐营前镇做人流哪个医院比较好讲解文本:deep pockets 财富,财力雄厚的人(或公司)She married a man with deep pockets.她嫁了个土豪。These investments are made by companies with deep pockets.这些项目的投资商非常有钱。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/493550 25. The Bus System (2) 25.公交系统(2)A: I want to get to Monterey Park. What bus should I take?A:我想去蒙特利公园。我应该乘哪班公交?B: If youre in Maywood, you can take the 260 bus on Atlantic.B:如果你在梅坞市,你可以乘大西洋260公交。A: How long will it take me to get there?A:它到那需要花费多长时间?B: It will take you about thirty minutes depending on traffic.B:根据交通状况要花费你30分钟。A: Thats not too bad.A:那太糟糕了。B: Yeah, it really isnt.B:是的,确实很糟糕。A: Are there a lot of people on that bus?A:那班公交会有很多人吗?B: The 260 bus can get pretty full except on holidays.B:260公交可以装得很满除了在假期的时候。A: Thank you for telling me.A:谢谢你告诉我。B: No problem. Where are you going?B:没关系。你要去哪?A: Ill be visiting friends.A:我去拜访朋友。B: Thats nice. I hope you have fun. B:太好了。希望你玩得愉快。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/438615长乐区第一医院门诊正规吗文岭镇儿童医院收费如何



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