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我喜爱的老师(My Favourite Teacher) -- ::3 来源: 我喜爱的老师(My Favourite Teacher) hello,my name is steven. i have many good teachers, but my favourite teacher is miss li. swhe is a very good teacher.  she is very young, but her english is very good. she teaches us english every day. her class has so much fun.she sings songs with us, plays games with us. we are so happy . and we learn english well. our english are very very good.so i like her very much.  she likes ing books and playing sports. after class, miss li often plays sports with us. we are very happy. we all love her very much.  this is my favourite teacher.she is a good teacher .i like my english teacher very much. what about you?do you have a good teacher, too?梵蒂冈城(Vatican City)英语导游词 -- :35:3 来源: 梵蒂冈城是由罗马天主教教皇绝对统治的独立国家,位于罗马和意大利之间,总面积只有公顷,是世界上最小的独立国家199年拉特兰条约通过,标志着梵蒂冈城的建立  Vatican City is an independent state under the absolute authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It is an enclave with Rome, Italy, with an area of hectares (1 acres). The smallest independent country in the world, Vatican City was established in 199 under terms of the Lateran Treaty, concluded by the Italian government and the papacy after many years of controversy. This treaty was superseded in 198 by a new concordat, which, like its predecessor, recognized the full sovereignty of the Holy See (the jurisdiction of the Pope) within the state of Vatican City.   Vatican City is situated on Vatican Hill in northwestern Rome, just west of the Tiber River. It is surrounded by medieval and Renaissance walls and has six gates. Many of the most renowned artists and architects of the Italian Renaissance were commissioned by Popes to work on the Vatican's buildings. The most imposing and important edifice is Saint Peter's Basilica. Built the most part between the th and th centuries, and designed by artists, including Bramante, Michelangelo, and Bernini, it is the world center of Roman Catholic worship. In front of the basilica is the great Piazza San Pietro (Saint Peter's Square).   The other major edifice is the Palace of the Vatican, also known as the Papal Palace. It is a complex of buildings that contains more than 00 rooms and houses the papal apartments, the government offices of the Roman Catholic church, several chapels and museums, and a library. The most famous portions of the palace are the Sistine Chapel, with its great ceiling frescoes painted by Michelangelo (restored 1980-1990); and Raphael's Rooms, papal apartments with frescoes painted by the Italian artist Raphael.   The Vatican's museums are outstanding and include the Gregorian Museum of Egyptian Art; the Gregorian Museum of Etruscan Art; the Pio Clementno Museum, with a superlative collection of antiquities; the Chiaramonti Museum; and the Vatican Pinacotheca, with representative works by Italian masters. The Vatican Library has a priceless collection of ancient manuscripts and more than 1 million bound volumes. Also within the Vatican's walls are the Government Palace and the Vatican Gardens.   Vatican City is governed by the Pope, who has absolute executive, legislative, and judicial powers. The executive powers are delegated to a governor, who is responsible directly to the Pope. In the exercise of his legislative powers, the Pope is advised and assisted by the Sacred College of Cardinals and by the various Sacred Congregations. The judicial powers are exercised by tribunals; appeals from their decisions are heard by the sacred Roman Rota and by the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature.   The Secretariat of State represents the Holy See in diplomatic relations with eign powers. Swiss Guards maintain internal security and protection of the Pope; the Piazza San Pietro is subject to the authority of the Italian police. Castel Gandolfo, the papal summer palace outside Rome, as well as other buildings located in Rome but outside of Vatican City are endowed with extraterritoriality.   Vatican City has its own currency (equal to the Italian lira) and postal system. It also has a railroad station and radio station, and manages its own telephone and telegraph services. Annual expenditures in the late 1980s were .9 million. A daily newspaper and an official monthly journal are published, as are books and pamphlets in numerous languages. 梵蒂冈 Vatican CityA Mouse In My House --19 :: 来源: A Mouse In My HouseThere is a mouse in my house.Mouse, mouse, I hate you.Don’t run to my bed.Don’t run to my bag.Don’t run to my socks.|Mouse, mouse, go away.I don’t like you.我的房子里有一只老鼠老鼠,老鼠,我讨厌你|别到我的床上,别到我的书包里,别到我的袜子里,老鼠,老鼠,请你出去,我不喜欢你三年级英语作文:My Weekend Plan --1 01:57:1 来源: It is Friday afternoon. School is over. The students are talking about their weekends.  Hi, I am Yu Yan. I'm going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I'm going to the park by bus .I'm going to catch butterflies and catch dragonflies .  Then , I 'm going to climb on Saturday.On Sunday, I'm going to plant flowers after lunch. I'm going to clean the rooms and wash the clothes. Then , in the evening ,I'm going to watch cartoo. That will be fun.

三年级英语作文:My Turtle --1 01:57:1 来源:   hi! good friends. my name is susie. i’m ten years old. this is my pet. itrsquo a turtle. he is also ten years old. his name is sandwich. he eats ten small fishes every day .  look at him! he has a beautiful shell and two small eyes. he also has a long tail.  now my turtle wants to have a little sister. they can play, sleep and walk together. now, mr sandwich, please reach out your hand and say ye-bye.” my friends,please call me. my telephone number is one two three four five.

奶奶的生日(Grandmas Birthday) --01 18:: 来源: 奶奶的生日(Grandmas Birthday)    今天是奶奶的生日她和叔叔一起住在离太原不远的一个村子我们决定去看她  早晨八点我和爸爸妈妈去商店买了一块生日蛋糕坐爸爸的车去那里用了两个小时奶奶和叔叔见到我们很高兴我握住奶奶的手说,“祝您生日快乐!”奶奶开心地笑了然后我们坐下来说话,一起度过了美好的时光下午五点我们向他们告别回家  我爱我奶奶!下个月我还要去看她  奶奶的生日(grandmas birthday)  it's my grandma's birthday today. she lives with my uncle in a village not far from taiyuan. we decided to visit her.  at eight o'clock in the morning, my parents and i went to a shop and bought a big birthday cake. it took us two hours to go there in my father's car. my grandma and uncle were very glad to see us. i shook her by the hand and said, "happy birthday to you!" she smiled happily. then we sat down to talk, and we had a wonderful time together. at 5 o'clock in the afternoon we said goodbye to them and went home.  i love my grandma. i am going to see her again next month.

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