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Obama to Address Foreign Policy on First Full Day in Office奥巴马上任首日处理外交政策议题  U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to tackle foreign policy issues on his first full day in office. Mr. Obama will likely address the Middle East crisis and other world issues on Wednesday. 美国总统奥巴马在上任第一天预料将处理外交政策议题。奥巴马可能会在星期三针对中东危机以及其他全球议题发表讲话。After almost two years of campaigning, a 78-day presidential transition period and a day of speeches, parades and balls, President Obama is y for his first full day on the job, Wednesday. 在经历了近两年的竞选活动、78天的总统交接期,以及一整天的就职演说、庆祝游行和舞会之后,奥巴马将在星期三正式展开总统工作。He signaled in his inaugural speech on Tuesday that his first focus will likely be foreign policy.  星期二他在就职演说中提到,上任后的第一个焦点可能是外交政策。"Know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are y to lead once more," he said. 奥巴马说:“美国是所有追求和平与尊严的国家以及男女老少的朋友,我们已经准备好再次领导世界。”Published reports e aides as saying one of Mr. Obama's first actions will be to name former U.S. Senator George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy. 一些媒体报导引述奥巴马助手的说法报道,奥巴马的首要行动将是任命前美国参议员乔治.米歇尔担任中东特使。During the transition, the president-elect remained silent about world affairs, deferring to the Bush administration. But as president, Mr. Obama seems to be indicating that he plans to move quickly to work with Israel and the Palestinians toward peace.  在总统交接时期里,总统当选人奥巴马对全球事务保持缄默,以表示对布什政府的尊重。但是就任总统后,奥巴马似乎计划尽快与以色列,巴勒斯坦人合作,促进以巴和平。Later on Wednesday, the new president is expected to meet with his National Security Council to start reevaluating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout the presidential campaign, candidate Obama promised a 16-month withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq and a new look at how the war in Afghanistan is being fought. 星期三稍晚,奥巴马总统将与他的国家安全会议成员会商,对伊拉克和阿富汗战事进行评估。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾经承诺在16个月内将美军从伊拉克撤出,并且重新检视阿富汗战争的情况。By the end of the day, Mr. Obama might have a secretary of state. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will vote Wednesday afternoon on Hillary Clinton's nomination as the country's top diplomat. 星期三下午,奥巴马的国务卿可能就会产生,参议院多数党领袖里德表示,参议院将在星期三下午针对希拉里.克林顿的国务卿任命案进行表决。Shortly after Mr. Obama became president, the Senate approved six members of his Cabinet, but delayed for one day a vote on Clinton. Republican Senator John Cornyn said he had concerns about foreign donations to the foundation led by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton.  星期二在奥巴马就任后不久,参议院就通过了6位内阁成员的任命,但是将克林顿任命案延后一天表决。共和党参议院员科宁说,他对克林顿的丈夫、前总统比尔.克林顿基金会接受外国捐款一事存有疑虑。The economic crisis will also receive Mr. Obama's attention on Wednesday. He is expected to meet with his economic advisers and issue new regulations, forcing institutions that receive government rescue money to be more transparent about how it is spent. 除了外交议题,经济危机也将是奥巴马总统星期三的工作重点。他将与财经幕僚会晤,提出新的法规,要求那些接受政府援助金的机构,更透明地公开援助金的使用。Within days, Mr. Obama is expected to issue an executive order to start the process of closing the controversial military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to make plans for moving the detainees elsewhere. 在未来几天内,奥巴马总统还将发布行政命令,就关闭具有争议性的古巴关塔纳湾监狱展开行动,并且为如何安置那些被关押人制定计划。The new president is also expected to restore U.S. government funding for family-planning programs overseas and reverse the Bush administration's restrictions on federal spending for embryonic stem cell research. 奥巴马总统还将恢复美国政府对海外计划生育项目的赞助,并且推翻布什政府对联邦资金资助胚胎干细胞研究的限制。01/61425。

1月5日,冰雪大世界开园式上燃放礼花。当日,第26届中国哈尔滨国际冰雪节在哈尔滨市开幕,作为此次冰雪节重要板块之一的第十一届中国哈尔滨冰雪大世界也在当日正式开园,开园当天吸引来自世界各地至少五万名游客在此见冰雪童话的魅力。Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Takes International Stage For instance, Zhaolin Park, one of the major venues for the festival, is turned into a Disney wonderland with ice sculptures of Mickey and his friends from classic Disney animation films. You can take a tour around the ice castles of Sleeping Beauty and have fun sliding down from the top of Aladdin's tower. Guo Rui, an intern working at the park, says the ice sculptures and complexes are very much enjoyed by young people and children alike."Kids like the slides very much and usually they come in the early evening. There are so many people that you have to wait in line to have a try."Jia Tianming came all the way from eastern China's Anhui Province for the festival. He is impressed by the ice sculptures."The ice sculpture of an eagle at the entrance of the southern gate is quite lifelike. I liked it the minute I saw it. There's really no other piece that outshines this one."The ice sculptures have been created by artists from home and abroad. Many of the works are based on popular images and icons around the world.Jerry "Ice" Reynolds formerly played for the NBA. During his visit to Harbin, he was attracted by sculptures of the Japanese manga and the game character Pac Man."I've seen many, many sculptures shaped like Pac Man. So I would guess that would be some type of an international thing they are adding into the festival."Now in its 26th year, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is said to be the oldest festival of its kind in the world. The event will last two months.Shuang Feng, CRI news.201001/93884。

Dolphin saves the whalesA dolphin called Moko makes headlines - and possibly history - by apparently saving two stranded whales A dolphin called Moko has made headlines, and possibly history by apparently saving two stranded whales. The pair of pygmy whales, a mother and child were stranded on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Rescuers struggled for an hour and a half to get the whales back into the water, only to see them beached another four times and were starting to contemplate euthanasia. (It) was about to give up, and usually when that happens, the whales will stay on the beach, and we have to take the strays away from the situation. Entered Moko who approached the whales, leading them along the beach, and through a channel out to open sea. She came directly to where we were and established contact, and immediately those two whales seemed to relax. The speculation Moko responded to the whales' distress calls. She did in a few minutes work, we actually being totally in a fit-to-fit doing over an hour and a half. Moko's well-known to the locals and anecdotal evidence abounds of dolphin's protecting people lost at sea. But dolphin's helping other marine life, it's virtually unheard of ...200810/54445。

And its saved them. Life on the move kept them step ahead of the guns and human hunger.它在拯救他们。迁徙中的生活必须让他们领先一步于口和人类的饥饿中。By November, the blinding equatorial sun has turned their southern water holes into sucking mud. A trap for unwary youngsters. And so they must move north toward permanent water. Their pace quickens with the males need to reach their ancient battle grounds.在11月,眩目炽热的太阳已把他们在南部的水洞变成了恶心的泥浆。这对年轻一代来说是粗心的陷阱。这样,他们必须北上,那里的水是永久不会干涸的。他们加快步伐,男性们需要尽早到达古老的争斗中去。After months on the move, they arrive at the northern edge of their migration. A network of swamps and rivers, where they can unleash their unique breeding spectacle. This is where the antelopes lacks of form, vast fighting arenas,where gladiators duel, sometimes to the death for the right to mate.经过数月的迁徙,他们到达北部边缘。一个沼泽和河流交织而成的网络。在这里他们被激发出生存欲望,接下来的景象令人叹为观止:这是羚羊极度缺乏下的巨大战斗竞技场。决斗士们互相角逐,甚至用一死来争夺交配的权利。Their breeding season brief, their hormone rage intense. They are about to the stance with ritual, and get straight to the blood bleeding. Head budding males are conspicuous icons of the need to breed. But in the hidden world of a cost reckoned rainforest, it is a seeding sisterhood of hunger that assures the success of the next generation.简短的繁殖季节,他们的荷尔蒙让他们愤怒。他们注重礼节,采取硬碰硬,直到出血才罢休。初露头角的男性都是引人注目需要交配。但是在这个隐藏世界,适者生存的热带雨林里,饥饿难耐的下一代只有对亲人痛下狠手才能确保自己后代的延续。词语解释:1. equatorial a. 炽热的2. permanent a. 永久的3. antelope n. 羚羊201111/162521。

Tick up:上涨,上升Bounce back: to feel better quickly after being ill, or to become successful again after failing or having been defeated 恢复(健康或信心等),重整旗鼓lag:走的慢;落后;延迟Some of the runners in the race began to lag. 参加比赛的运动员中有一些开始落后了。 The children were tired and lagged behind their parents.Glimmer: 少许She showed no glimmer of interest in them. 她对他们没流露出丝毫兴趣。Spike:a sudden large increase in the number or rate of something 突然上涨 07/77768。

March is Women’s History Month in the ed States, an opportunity to examine how far women have come and the areas where there is still work to be done. One of these areas is employment and income, according to a recent report released by the White House.在美国,3月是妇女历史月,这是一个检验妇女状况有多大进步以及还有那些方面有待改进的机会。据白宫不久前发表的一份报告,一个有待改进的地方是就业和收入方面。"Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being" offers a look at the full measure of a woman’s life.这份报告的题目是《美国妇女:社会和经济福祉指标》。报告对妇女的生活做了一个全面展示。"It’s the first comprehensive federal report of this nature since President Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosevelt in the early 1960s to do a report on women," says Rebecca Blank, undersecretary of economic affairs, adding the new report covers five main areas of women’s lives. "It brings together data focusing on families, education, income and employment, health, and crime and violence, and really highlights the trends of what’s happening in women’s lives across all of those domains over the last 20 to 30 years." 主管经济事务的副部长吕贝卡.布兰克说:“自从肯尼迪总统1960年代早期委派埃里诺.罗斯福起草一份妇女问题报告以来,这是第一份这种性质的全面的联邦报告。”布兰克介绍说,新报告涵盖妇女生活的5大方面,“它汇集了关于家庭、教育、收入及就业、健康、犯罪和暴力。报告并且突出了过去二、三十年在所有那些领域妇女生活中出现的趋势。”Compiling data from a variety of federal agencies, Blank says, revealed both positive and negative trends. Women are less likely than in the past to be the victims of violent crimes, including homicide. Women are marrying later and having fewer children than in the past. They make up 51 percent of the general population, and 57 percent of Americans over 65. Women are more likely than men to face health problems such as arthritis, obesity and depression… and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes. The report highlights significant improvement in the field of education.布兰克说,汇编来自各联邦机构的资料显示了正反两面的趋势。妇女不像以往那样易于沦为谋杀等暴力犯罪的受害者。妇女现在结婚较晚,生孩子较少。妇女在总人口中占51%,在65岁以上美国人口中占57%。妇女比男人更可能有关节炎、肥胖症和忧郁症等健康问题。她们患心脏病和糖尿病的可能性比男性小。201103/127940。

Climate Change, World Trade at Forefront of Day Two of G8 SummitG8峰会探讨气候变化、世界贸易Summit host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi welcomed world leaders for a second day of discussions in L'Aquila.The agenda items are much the same - the global economic crisis, the environment, climate change and trade. But, Thursday's talks were expanded from the G8 group to include the so-called G5 nations of major emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. But others were invited to the table as well, along with international organizations.On climate change, G8 leaders agreed Wednesday on new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions and try to limit global warming to just two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.In announcing that decision, Prime Minister Berlusconi spoke of the need to bring other countries into the process, especially India, China and Brazil.It would be counterproductive, Mr. Berlusconi said, if the ed States, Europe, Canada and Japan implement strategies to cut emissions if other countries do not. G8 leaders have said the group wants to be inclusive and bring other nations into discussions on global issues. The move is also widely seen as an increasing understanding that while G8 members may be the world's most powerful nations, they cannot solve issues such as the global economic crisis or climate change without the help of others.07/77296。

Lexington来克星敦Connubial bliss in America美国佬的幸福婚姻AMERICA is the country, said Alexis de Tocqueville, where the bonds of marriage are most respected and the concept of connubial bliss “has its highest and truest expression.” If the French aristocrat were to revisit America’s capital today, he might at first glance think his observation had withstood the test of time remarkably well. Not content with having in 1996 put a Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the statute book, Congress has now begun to hold hearings on a Respect for Marriage Act. Defended, respected: what could possibly ail marriage in America?法国历史学家、社会学家阿历克西.德.托克维尔说美国是一个最重视婚姻,最能够诠释也最能真实体现婚姻幸福的国家。如果这位法国贵族如今故地重游,可能他一眼就会发现他的观点可谓经住了时间的考验。早在1996年就颁布了lt;lt;婚姻保护法gt;gt;的议会并不满足,如今又开始对lt;lt;尊重婚姻法案gt;gt;举行听会。那么,无论是保护婚姻也好,尊重婚姻也要罢,什么才是让美国的婚姻现状陷入窘境的罪魁祸首呢?Plenty. As the revisiting Norman would swiftly discover, Americans today are better at quarrelling about what marriage is and who should be allowed to enjoy its benefits than they are at the more demanding work of getting and staying married themselves. The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia points to a widening “marriage gap”. Traditional family values are enjoying a revival among better-educated Americans, but are fraying in the lower middle class and have collapsed among the poor. As for laws “defending” and “respecting” marriage, these are merely weapons in a battle that has rolled back and forth for more than a decade between those who say that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and those who abhor the idea.个中缘由有很多。若是托克维尔故地重游,他会立马发现,今天的美国更热衷于争论婚姻的含义,争论谁才有资格享受婚姻的权利,并说的头头是道。而对于他们还需要做什么去争取和维系婚姻并不感兴趣。弗吉尼亚大学的国家婚姻工程指出婚姻观念的差距正在不断拉大。传统的家庭价值观在一些受过良好教育的美国公众间又重新兴起,但却在中低等收入阶级中碰壁,而在穷人那儿完全坍塌。至于lt;lt;婚姻保护法 gt;gt;和lt;lt;尊重婚姻法案gt;gt;,不过是那些赞成同性婚姻与厌恶同性结合的人之间十多年来,来来回回较量的武器。201108/147499。

O^#dC502ZWK!po+H|w2LTD^b2VW+VtqsSay what you want, but Steve Jobs was the guy who envisioned a computer on every desk, and ear bud in every year and a device that would take multitasking to a whole new level. He didnt just envision. He made it happened.6g.8y|rffryqO1,mmAnd we are calling it iPhone.HusuC|)tF);)+%A3He was about humanizing technology in a way that make it extraordinarily easy and was an absolutely joy and pleasure to use.N(Yr^40MHFHis gut instinct was his genius. Its absolutely unteachable.bFH|_XU)#1~~2@IWVmiIts rare when someone can affect your life in such a personal way and you dont know them at all.lY-+TCUjk+uiMQ_|wqfGenius is not about making complicated things. Its about making complicated things very simply.W^ltuv~6a~QMaking things simple and beautiful, thats was genius of Steve Jobs from the very start.CT_fkmwXr-A_He 一般人都会说出需求,但是史蒂夫;乔布斯把计算机放到了每张办公桌上,他就是这种有奇思妙想的家伙to[Z6m8cCFuCP[h。每一年,一种全新水准的多处理设备就会问世[#%ILCfmFkI)G。他不只是想象Jo7G20n;0aiXX51。他使梦想成真yqIlbIk#uM。我们称这个艺术品为iPhone_3q3)QD4a%~gYVXW@。他的以人为本的技术,使它不仅极其容易使用,而且也绝对能够给使用者带来使用的一种享受于愉悦ULTsj|.@_(iY8Aonu。他的本能就是他的天才wSefRT6(;Y[ph。这绝对是无师自通|%wWN.GNI0。当有人会以这样一种个人方式影响你的生活而和你却无动于衷简直是世所罕见LF8ZIDifG]md4BWdxI。天才不会把事情搞复杂UAbmr3iEHqnKb#uM3.]K。天才只会化繁为简fYJ#KJ+#@MK-,Zo.Y。把事情做简单,让事物更美好,这就是史蒂夫;乔布斯的天才哲学#-AMDcRlIWOLDSn_8xs%。tE+lLN8,~E9TR+@mjs,@~NGbg4[uDxHLrF@Pt9d201111/161014。

First quarter to be calmer The backdrop will be a massive stimulus package as long-term investors focus on long-term bargains What about early , the first quarter of ? What are your expectations for that? what it looks like? how are you advising your clients? Because it seems like we have been really sort of testing the lowest lately. we haven't seen the 700 points swings and in recent weeks like we saw just a few months ago. I mean it seems like a bit of calming. what is the bringing? Is that really a new chapter for the market?It will be a new chapter for the market. I think when we / come to January, we typically see a January effect meaning that you get a fresh batch of / 401K money, that gets largely put into marketplace that would probably happen again. We will probablly see a stabilizing of energy prices that gonna be a positive. you know, precipitated oil and energy prices have been tied to the global economic slowdown, and probably very overdown / . So I think that is gonna be another key theme as we're come to the first quarter of next year. In large part we are here a whole lot more in the February March time plan about physical stimulus. What’s gonna look like and who is gonna impact and how quickly we get that move forwardm, that's gonna be very important for the first quarter of next year, but in terms of what to tell / the investors. this is the time that you start looking at your profolio, January is always a time sort of reset. Look at your exposure every markets to see if it is appropriate, what is your the risk level is. a long-term investor is gonna see a great bargain as first step for the next year for getting any sort of recovering in this economy / the first quarter of next year. Yeh,it is gonna be time to start looking at stocks again with fresh view towards an improving economy.where do you think those good bargains are right now in early ? where should people be looking in? where should they not be looking? where you should not be looking in is consumer discretionary it is too soon for that. Maybe it’s too soon for a while. the auto industries is going to get rescue but the auto stocks are not, stay away from that. Certainly, stay away things tied/ ever/ to advertising business model. That’s gonna have a very difficult . Energy stocks will probably be a bargain lows at first half of this year. I think it's time to start looking at those and I think you gonna see a snap back rally and commodity prices , you know, these stabilizing is close to 50 dollars and it ends at 30 dollars. So probably a lot of money will be made there. Technology is gonna continue to see on-going consolidations, so continue to look at these large cap tax stocks that have a pile of cash. Certainly,look at these names that they maybe buying ./which/ We're gonna see more and more that sort of work with first quarter of next year. so your know technology honestly is not for a sight. And energy through the whole come-up plex to avoid the consumer discretionary and avoid the advertising model certainly, avoid anything that sort of related to the auto industry in any way she'll perform. All right, we're leave it there. Well thank you and appreciate your time.200812/59837。