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When the cold war ended 25 years ago, Europe emerged as prosperous, democratic, united and peaceful. 25年前冷战结束后,欧洲呈现出一片繁荣、民主、团结、和平的景象。Today, however, it faces interlocking crises that threaten to undermine the continent’s economy and weaken the EU.但如今,它面临一系列环环相扣的危机,这些危机有可能破坏欧洲经济、削弱欧EU)。This has significant implications for the US and for its next president. 欧洲的形势对美国及其下任总统有重大影响。Europe remains America’s largest trade partner and investor, and 25 European nations are members of Nato, its most important military alliance. 欧洲仍是美国最大的贸易伙伴和投资来源地,欧洲有25个国家是美国最重要的军事同盟——北Nato)的成员。As a global power, the US must interact with every major region of the world. 作为一个全球强国,美国必须与世界所有主要地区互动。But for all the undeniable importance of the so-called pivot to Asia, the next US president may have to focus first on Europe.但是,尽管所谓的转向亚洲(pivot to Asia)战略具有不可否认的重要性,但下任美国总统或许不得不首先聚焦于欧洲。Americans in both parties worry about a weaker, more divided EU. 美国民主、共和两党人士都担心一个虚弱、分裂的欧盟。When Britain leaves, the bloc will lose its second-largest economy and its strongest military. 英国退出将使欧盟失去第二大经济体和最强大的军队。Combined with a recurring Greek debt crisis and declining public support for ever-closer union, the European project appears adrift.再加上反复发作的希腊债务危机以及公众对日益紧密的联盟持率下滑,欧洲一体化计划似乎一筹莫展。Americans are also watching warily the most serious far-right populist revolt in Europe since the 1930s. 美国人也警惕地注视着欧洲出现的自上世0年代以来最严重的极右翼民粹主义反抗运动。While the US is experiencing its own ugly nativist campaign, led by Donald Trump, the reactionary Viktor Orban is aly in power in Hungary and the Law and Justice government in Poland has created problems for both Brussels and Washington. 在美国国内经历唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)领头的丑陋的本土主义运动之际,逆历史潮流而动的欧尔班.维克Viktor Orban)已在匈牙利掌权,波兰的法律与公正Law and Justice party)政府给布鲁塞尔和华盛顿都制造了麻烦。Will similar movements in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany deepen the assault on the EU’s liberal democratic foundations?法国、比利时、荷兰、奥地利和德国出现的类似运动会深化对欧盟的自由民主基石的攻击吗?The US also recognises that the vast number of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and North African refugees has overwhelmed Europe’s ability to assimilate them. 美国也认识到,来自叙利亚、伊拉克、阿富汗以及北非的大量难民超出了欧洲的收容能力。German chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders would be right to ask the new US leader to accept a substantially greater number of refugees than President Barack Obama.德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel)和其他欧洲领导人有理由促请美国新领导人收容比巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)主政时期更多的难民。Finally, a previously united Europe is being divided by the aggression of President Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Georgia and eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea pose an existential threat to the survival of free countries along Russia’s southern and western borders.最后,昔日团结的欧洲正遭到俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)的侵略行径的分化,俄罗斯入侵格鲁吉亚和乌克兰东部、吞并克里米亚的行为,对与俄罗斯南部和西部边界接壤的自由国家构成了生死存亡的威胁。The Russian challenge will become particularly acute next month, when the US will be in the middle of the presidential transition. 俄罗斯带来的挑战将在12月美国总统交接期间变得尤为严重。That is when European nations must decide whether to extend the sanctions imposed on Moscow after the assault on Ukraine. 届时,欧洲国家必须决定是否延长乌克兰遭入侵后对莫斯科实施的制裁。Anything less than a full and unequivocal extension of the sanctions regime would weaken the American president-elect just as the relationship with Moscow reaches its lowest ebb since the 1980s.在美俄关系处于自上世0年代以来的最低谷之际,如果欧洲各国不能全面、果断地延长对俄罗斯的制裁机制,那将削弱美国当选总统的地位。Hillary Clinton has supported the impressive efforts of Mr Obama’s team to rebuild US military strength in Europe. 希拉克林Hillary Clinton)持奥巴马团队重建美国在欧洲军事力量的令人印象深刻的努力。Moving Nato battalions into Poland and the Baltic states to protect them from Russian aggression will be an urgent priority in 2017. 让北约部队进驻波兰和波罗的海国家以保护它们免遭俄罗斯侵犯,将017年的当务之急。This would not be sabre-rattling, as claimed by Frank Walter-Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, but a warning to Mr Putin that the west will protect the democracies of eastern Europe at all costs. 这不是德国外长弗兰克-瓦尔施泰因迈Frank-Walter Steinmeier)所称的炫耀武力,而是为了警告普京:西方将不惜一切代价保护东欧的民主国家。A new US administration should also consider providing defensive weapons to Ukraine and should ask the EU to deepen its economic commitment to the government of President Petro Poroshenko.美国新政府还应考虑向乌克兰提供防御性武器,并促请欧盟深化对彼得波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)总统的政府的经济承诺。Such strengthening of the west’s position is the surest path to contain Mr Putin. 如此强化西方的立场是遏制普京的最靠谱方式。At the same time, the US and Europe will need to keep open the lines to Moscow to seek Russian co-operation on crises that concern us all: Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria.同时,美欧需要保持与莫斯科的沟通,以便在大家共同关注的危机问题上——伊朗、阿富汗、朝鲜和叙利亚——争取俄罗斯的合作。There is much more the new president will need to do to shore up the transatlantic alliance. 美国新总统还需做出更多努力来巩固跨大西洋联盟。The US must re#172;affirm its close intelligence and military ties with Britain while also deepening its strategic connection to Europe’s power centre in Germany.美国必须再次确认其与英国之间紧密的情报和军事纽带,同时深化其与欧洲实力中心德国的战略关系。What many Europeans say they need most, however, is a return to stronger American leadership to support them in a time of crisis. 然而,许多欧洲人称,他们最需要的是美国再次展现出更强大的领导能力,在危机时刻持他们。The next president will need to stand resolutely with the US’s European partners, not least against the challenge from Mr Putin.下任美国总统将需要坚定地站在其欧洲伙伴一边,尤其是在应对普京带来的挑战的时候。Mrs Clinton would be such a president. 希拉里将成为这样的总统。Her strong ties to the continent as well as her sturdy convictions and deep international experience could lead a revival of America’s transatlantic link with Europe. 她与欧洲的密切关系、她坚定的信念以及深厚的外交经验有望帮助重振美欧间的跨大西洋关系。Mr Trump, on the other hand, has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is unprepared to exercise these responsibilities. 另一方面,特朗普已经在超越合理怀疑的程度上表明,他对承担这些责任丝毫没有准备。He has consistently devalued Nato and, with his public praise for Mr Putin, has undermined the embattled Ukrainian government.他不停地贬低北约的作用,还对普京公开称赞,令处境艰难的乌克兰政府雪上加霜。This is why so many European leaders hope fervently for a Clinton victory next week. 这就是为什么如此多的欧洲领导人热切希望希拉里赢得大选。She is the candidate who understands what all US presidents since Harry Truman have known that America’s global fortunes depend in large part on the vital link with Europe, especially at times of crisis.作为总统候选人,她明白美国的全球运势在很大程度上有赖于与欧洲的关键纽带,尤其是在危机时期——这是自哈里.杜鲁Harry Truman)以来历任美国总统都认识到的。来 /201611/476890The Chinese concept of ;building a human community with shared destiny; was incorporated into a UN resolution for the first time, mirroring the global recognition of the concept and manifesting huge Chinese contribution to global governance.日前,“构建人类命运共同体”这一中国理念首次被写入联合国决议,体现了这一理念已得到全球认同,也彰显了中国对全球治理的巨大贡献。The 55th UN Commission for Social Development(CSocD) approved the resolution ;Social dimensions of the New Partnership for Africas Development; by consensus, which calls for more support for Africas economic and social development by embracing the spirit of ;building a human community with shared destiny.;联合国社会发展委员会5届会议一致通过“非洲发展新伙伴关系的社会层面”决议,呼吁本着“构建人类命运共同体”的精神,加强对非洲经济社会发展的持。Since China first proposed the concept in late 2012, it has gone on to shape Chinas approach to global governance.2012年年底,中国首次提出;构建人类命运共同;的理念,此后这一理念继续塑造着中国的全球治理方案。Since the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995, the CSocD has been the key UN body in charge of the follow-up and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Program of Action.自从联合国社会发展世界首脑会议自1995年在丹麦哥本哈根召开之后,联合国社会发展委员会就成为了对《哥本哈根宣言和行动纲领》的贯彻和实施负责的重要的联合国机构。On Jan. 18, Chinese President Xi Jinping shed more light on the Chinese concept in his keynote speech at the UN Office at Geneva.18日,中国国家主席习近平在联合国日内瓦总部发表主旨演讲时就阐明了中国的这一理念。To maintain peace, sustain development and ensure continued prosperity, China has proposed the building of ;a community of shared future,; and achieving shared, win-win development, he said.习近平主席说道,为了维护和平、可持续发展,确保持续繁荣,中国提出了建设“命运共同体”,并实现了共享、共赢发展。来 /201702/493639The widely held belief that the Great Hall of the People, iconic edifice of Chinas political democracy, had little room for spontaneous dissent crumbled today when Finance Minister Lou Jiwei delivered a lengthy attack on a standing law, live on national TV.人民大会堂代表了中国民主政治,人们普遍认为政务讨论中很难听到批评的声音,日十二届全国人大四次会议记者会却让人们听到了不同的声音。财政部部长楼继伟在中央电视台的直播记者会上发表长篇言论,直击现行《劳动合同法》的弊端。Monday was the third day of the national parliamentary session, and the news briefing where Lou made his unprecedented statement was hosted by the National Peoples Congress (NPC), the body which approved his nomination as Finance Minister and whose Standing Committee in 2007 passed the Labor Contract Law which has so irked the minister.3日是十二届全国人大四次会议召开的第三天,在由全国人大主持的记者会上,财政部部长楼继伟发表了这篇前所未有的言论。楼继伟正是被全国人大任命为财政部部长的,让他感到困扰的法律就是2007年人大常委会讨论通过的《劳动合同法》。Hundreds of reporters were present to hear the man who holds Chinas purse strings, when one of them, citing complaints from entrepreneurs, lit Lous fuse by asking about previous criticism he had made of the law.记者会上有数百名记者出席,有记者援引企业家对《劳动合同法》的意见和抱怨,再次对楼继伟此前对此法的批评言论提出问题,由此触发了这位手握中国经济命脉的财政部部长的长篇言论。Those comments had been to a rather different audience, one composed mainly of academics in Tsinghua University and on another occasion at a scholars forum. Well-known as a no-nonsense straight-talker, Lou held nothing back.楼继伟干脆利落,直言不讳,对问题毫不隐瞒。他曾两次就《劳动合同法》的问题对不同听众提出意见,一次是在清华大学管理学院从学术角度进行批评,另一次是在中国经济五十人论坛上向参会学者提出修改劳动法的建议。The ministers argument is that the law is overprotective of employees, making employers unwilling to create jobs and invest in training. This, Lou claims, ultimately hurts workers by denying them jobs openings or the opportunity to improve their skills.楼继伟认为,现行《劳动合同法》对在职职工的保护比较多,未能激励企业对职工进行企业培训、为劳动者提供就业机会,这最终会对劳动者造成伤害,因为企业提供的职位和员工提高自身技能的机会都减少了;For enterprises and employees, the extent of protection afforded by the Labor Contract Law is unbalanced,; Lou said. ;For prospective employees, especially the low-skilled, the law discriminates against them.楼继伟说:“《劳动合同法》在企业方面和雇员方面,保护的程度是不平衡的。对于新入职的人,特别是低技能的体力劳动者的实际就业是带有歧视的。;As employees are allowed to terminate employment easily with only one months notice, employers lack the motivation to invest in training. Why would any business spend money on training them? Our acute shortage of medium to highly skilled technicians partly stems from this law.;“企业如果加大了企业培训,提高技能,而职工可以提前一个月不说什么原因就可以离开,企业为什么花钱给你提高技能呢?目前中高级技师是最为短缺的,与《劳动合同法》是有关的。;An employee may not work hard and the law makes it difficult for the employer to deal with by, for example, firing him or her. That prevents another prospective employee from taking the position.;“一个职工如果工作不努力,企业很难对他进行处理,比如解雇,那么位置就占着,对新入职的就形成歧视。”Lou is not the first to voice concern over the Labor Contract Law. The draft spent nearly a year in front of the cabinet before being submitted to the Standing Committee of the NPC and took another 19 months to be approved.楼继伟不是第一个针对《劳动合同法》提出意见的人。经过近一年的讨论后,国务院将《劳动合同法》草案提交至全国人大常委会审议,审议过程历时19个月之久。In China drafts are usually three times, but the labor contract draft was for a fourth time, after its full text was released for public consultation.在中国,法律议案一般要经过三次审议,但《劳动合同法》在经过三次审议后向公众征求意见,后又进行了第四次审议才通过。来 /201603/430301

Japanese Emperor Akihito intends to abdicate in a few years, public broadcaster NHK said last Wednesday, a step that would be unprecedented in modern Japan.日本公共广播公司NHK上周三报道称,该国明仁天皇打算在未来几年退位,这在日本现代历史上尚无先例。The 82-year-old monarch, who has had heart surgery and been treated for prostate cancer in recent years, expressed his intention to the Imperial Household Agency, NHK said.NHK报道称,这位现年82岁的天皇近年来已经接受了心脏手术和前列腺癌的治疗。他向宫内厅表达了自己的意愿。Kyodo news agency, ing a government source, said Akihito had been expressing his intention to abdicate to people around him for about a year.《日本共同社》引用一则政府消息来源称,明仁天皇在一年前就已经向他身边的人表示了自己打算退位的打算。He didnt want surrogates frequently carrying out his duties as he aged. His 56-year-old son, Crown Prince Naruhito, is expected to succeed to the throne.他不希望因为年事已高而频繁找人代理其公务。预计其现年56岁的儿子,皇太子德仁将继承皇位。But Shinichiro Yamamoto, vice grand steward of the Imperial Household Agency, said that the report was false.但宫内厅次长山本信一郎称,该报道不实。Asked whether the agency was studying a change to the law, he responded, ;We are not studying it, because the emperor has no feelings of the sort that would be the critical precondition; for such an examination.当被问及宫内厅是否在研究修改法律时,他回应称,他们并未对此进行研究,因为天皇没有此类想法,只有天皇有这样的想法时才会进行这样的研究。Born in 1933, Akihito was heir to Emperor Hirohito, in whose name Japan fought World War Two.生于1933年的明仁天皇是发起二战的裕仁天皇的继承人;Looking back at the past, together with deep remorse over the war, I pray that this tragedy of war will not be repeated and together with the people express my deep condolences for those who fell in battle and in the ravages of war,; he said.他曾表示:“回首过去,我对这场战争有着深深的自责。我祈祷这样的悲剧不会重演,而对那些在战斗中阵亡、饱受战争蹂躏的人民,我表示沉重的哀悼。”来 /201607/456158

Scores of alleged sexual assaults against German women during New Year’s celebrations in Cologne have added another dimension to the country’s increasingly fraught debate over migration.在德国科隆庆祝新年之际,该市据称发生了数十起针对德国女性的性侵。这件事为德国围绕移民问题展开的、愈发令人烦恼的辩论增添了新变数。The attackers emerged from a crowd of about a thousand young men of “Arab or north Africanappearance who had gathered outside the city’s main railway station on Thursday night, according to police reports.警方的报告称,上周四晚,科隆市主要火车站的外面聚集了约一千名“阿拉伯人或北非人”长相的年轻男子,性侵者就来自这群人。As partygoers poured into the city, women were set upon, often by drunken assailants, said the police. One was allegedly raped and about 90 were allegedly molested or robbed. Other revellers were injured by fireworks thrown into the crowds.警方表示,当参加派对的人涌进科隆时,有女性遭到攻击,攻击者多为醉汉。据称一名女性遭到强奸,0名女性遭到性骚扰或抢劫。还有一些狂欢者被扔进人群的烟花所伤。As news of the episode sp through Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel urged that the perpetrators of the “disgusting assaultsbe brought to justice as quickly as possible “without regard to their origin or their background随着关于这件事的新闻传遍全国,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)敦促尽快将做出“令人恶心的侵犯行为”的肇事者绳之以法,“不管他们是什么出身或是什么背景”。Justice minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday condemned the seemingly co-ordinated attack as “a completely new dimension of organised crime周二,德国司法部长海科氠Heiko Maas)谴责了这一似乎是协调一致的攻击行动,称之为“全新水平的有组织犯罪”。The assaults come at a time when many Germans are questioning the country’s ability to cope with the more than 1m asylum seekers who arrived last year.此次攻击发生之际,许多德国人开始质疑本国是否有能力应对去年到来的00万避难者。Conservatives, in particular, have expressed concerns about how the recent surge of Middle Eastern refugees will affect social stability. Some right-wingers fear that the influx, which includes many single young men, could lead to increased crime, even though government officials say statistics show that crime rates among immigrants are no higher than among native Germans.尤其值得一提的是,保守派人士对近来中东难民数量飙升会对社会稳定造成何种影响表示了担忧。有些右翼人士担心难民(其中包括大量单身年轻男子)的流入可能导致犯罪增多,尽管政府官员表示统计数据显示移民的犯罪率并不高于土生土长的德国人。A leading MP in chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU bloc on Tuesday called for an open debate on links between immigration and crime. Stephan Mayer, CSU interior affairs spokesman, said it would be “fatalto remain silent when such crimes came from those people “to whom we have granted a generous welcome in our country周二,默克尔所在的保守派基民盟/基社CDU/CSU)联盟中的一位知名国会议员呼吁,就移民与犯罪之间的联系展开公开辩论。基社盟内部事务发言人斯特凡迈尔(Stephan Mayer)表示,当那些“被我们慷慨地迎入国门的”人犯下如此罪行时,如果仍然保持沉默,将带来“致命的”后果。Meanwhile, Jens Spahn, a CDU deputy minister, criticised the apparent delay in the media reporting the incident that made national headlines only on Tuesday four days after the assault. In a tweet he condemned the “embarrassed silence asking: “Where really is the outcry when we genuinely need one?”同时,来自基民盟的副部长延斯施Jens Spahn)对媒体在报道该事件方面存在的明显滞后提出了批评。这件事在发天后的本周二才成为全国性的头条新闻。施潘在Twitter上发帖谴责了这种“令人难堪的沉默”,并问道:“当我们真正需要抗议声时,它到底在哪儿?”But other politicians urged caution. Interior minister Thomas de Maizière, a close CDU ally of Ms Merkel, warned that even though the crime was said to involve “such a large number of people apparently from an immigrant background immigrants as a whole should not be placed under “general suspicion但也有一些政治人士呼吁小心行事。默克尔在基民盟内的亲密盟友、德国内政部长托马斯德迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)警告称,尽管这起犯罪据说涉及“如此众多明显具有移民背景的人”,但移民作为一个整体不应受到“普遍怀疑”。Aware of the sensitivities, Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers on Tuesday made clear there were as yet no suspects, and so no question of categorising them by ethnic origin.由于意识到其中的敏感性,科隆警察局局长沃尔夫冈阿尔贝Wolfgang Albers)周二明确表示,目前尚未找到嫌犯,所以不存在将他们按照人种进行分类的问题。However, he said the police officers on duty on New Year’s Eve had reported that young men aged 18-35 from the “Arab-North African areahad gathered before the station on Thursday night. Assault victims had described their assailants in similar terms, he said.不过,他表示,在新年前夜值班的警官们报告称,上周四晚,火车站前聚集了很多18岁至35岁、来自“阿拉伯和北非地区”的年轻男子。他说,受害者描述的攻击者特征与此相仿。Marianne Weich, a Cologne representative of White Ring, a crime victimssupport group, warned against pandering to stereotypes and blaming the men’s apparent Muslim origins. “We have many Muslims in multicultural Cologne,she told the FT. “These were drunken criminals.”犯罪受害人援助组织White Ring驻科隆代表玛丽安娜传Marianne Weich)警告称,不要迎合成见,不要归咎于那些人明显具备的穆斯林出身。“在文化多元的科隆,生活着大量穆斯林,”她对英囀?金融时报》表示,“而那些人是些喝醉了的犯罪分子。”来 /201601/421903

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