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President Obama has described as a positive sign BP's statement that oil has, at least temporarily, stopped leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon well site. President commented briefly on the issue after returning from a visit to Michigan.Video of the Deepwater Horizon well site deep below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico showed a new more tighly-fitting cap installed by BP having stopped the flow of oil into the ocean.After delivering a main statement on the U.S. Senate's passage of a sweeping financial system reform bill, the president responded this way when asked about the development."I think it is a positive sign," said President Obama. "We are still in the testing phase, I'll have more to say about it tomorrow."Caution was understandable considering a statement from BP Thursday about the operation in the Gulf.BP said while it was expected no oil would be released during a pressure integrity test this could not assured, adding that even stoppage during testing would not indicate that oil and gas flow had permanently stopped.BP said it had temporarily halted drilling operations on relief wells, which the company says remain the sole means to permanently seal and isolate the Deepwater Horizon well site. If the latest BP capping operation does succeed in stopping the oil flow, it will be the best of news for people in Gulf states struggling with economic and environmental devastation from the nearly three month ordeal.It would be good news too for President Obama, who faced sharp criticism that his administration was slow to respond to the initial explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, which killed 11 crewmen.The president has made clear he intends to maintain pressure on BP to fulfill obligations it has made to pay compensation to Gulf coast residents, through a billion fund negotiated with the administration, and finance ongoing containment and cleanup operations.It remains to be seen whether a successful stoppage of oil flowing into the Gulf will strengthen the president politically in coming months, after he faced tough polling numbers regarding his handling of the disaster.The president also faces ongoing pressure from Gulf state politicians over a new six month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling announced this week. Mr. Obama says this was necessary because of ongoing uncertainty about safety in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.Steps are continuing in the U.S. Congress to dramatically change existing U.S. laws regarding offshore oil drilling, including imposing new environmental safeguards, with numerous pieces of legislation awaiting action.英国石油公司发表声明称至少是已经暂时制止了深水地平线油井向墨西哥湾泄漏原油。奥巴马总统星期四在从密西根返回之后发表简短,称这是一个积极的迹象。 深水地平线油井在墨西哥湾海底被拍摄到的录像显示,英国石油安装的密封性更强的新控油罩已止住了原油泄漏。 奥巴马总统就美国参议院通过一项全面改革金融系统议案发表主要讲话之后被问到漏油事件的最新发展,他回答说: 奥巴马说:“我认为这是一个积极的迹象。我们仍然是在测试阶段,明天我还要就这一问题发表更多的。” 考虑到英国石油星期四就墨西哥湾的封堵行动发表的一项声明,奥巴马采取谨慎的态度是可以理解的。 英国石油在声明中说,尽管在压力测试期间,预料原油不会泄漏,但这也不能完全保。英国石油还说,测试期间停止漏油并没有表明油气的流动已经彻底停止了。 如果英石油最新的封堵方案能够取得成功,这对于墨西哥湾沿岸各州的人来说无疑将是一个莫大的喜讯。近三个月来,这些州饱受漏油带来的经济和环境等方面的沉重打击。漏油油井被封堵对于奥巴马总统也是好消息。自从4月20号深水地平线原油钻井平台发生导致11名工作人员丧生的爆炸事件以来,奥巴马政府就受到批评,说他们的反应迟缓。 奥巴马总统明确表示,他打算继续向英国石油施压,要求他们履行已经承诺的责任,通过与美国政府谈判达成的一项200亿美元的基金,向墨西哥湾沿岸居民付赔偿金,为封堵和清除漏油的行动提供资金。 最近在就奥巴马处理漏油灾难问题上进行的民意调查中,奥巴马的持率下降。那么,成功地使原油不再流入墨西哥湾能否在今后几个月加强奥巴马总统的政治地位还有待于观察。在本周宣布的一项为期6个月的深水原油钻探禁令问题上,奥巴马总统目前还面临着墨西哥湾沿岸各州政界人士的压力。奥巴马说,实行这项禁令是必要的,因为在深水地平线灾难之后,深水原油钻探的安全性还不确定。 美国国会继续采取步骤,要显著地改变与近海原油钻探有关的现行美国法律,包括实行新的环境安全措施。许多相关议案都在等候下一步采取的行动。201007/109504But Steven Jobs was increasingly gone and getting sicker.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯却逐渐淡出了人们的视野,他的病越来越严重。But he remained firmly at the head of his company.但他仍然是公司的决策者。We got really exciting staff to share with you.我们将和你们一起分享非常刺激的东西。Ah, before we do, I just want to mention this.啊,但在此之前,我首先想请各位注意一下这个。New fear set in, could apple be apple without him?新的恐惧即将来临,没有他的苹果还会是苹果吗?Occasionally the stock fell, prove positive that he and his company were one.有时股票下跌,这明他和他的公司已经融为一体。But Steve Jobs continue to plan for the future.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯仍然为将来作着打算。You works gonna fill a large part of you life and the only way be truely satisfy it is do what you believe its great work.你的工作占据了生活的很大一部分,唯一的办法就是相信你在从事着伟大的工作。The only way to do great work is to love what you do.做伟大的事情的唯一途径就是爱你所做的。词语解释:1. excite v. 激动2. occasional a. 偶然的164469The Emirate of Abu Dhabi begins construction on its green city, Masdar. See the plans for this billion undertaking. “Imagine a place where the challenge of living in the extreme climate is overcome at no cost to the environment.”Imagine such an eco-friendly project emerging from the sands which also produce much of the world's polluting hydrocarbons, a place that has ten percent of global oil resources.‘Imagine Masdar’. A 15-billion-dollar government fund drive to make the Emirate of Abu Dhabi an epicenter of green technology.“Masdar city is planned to develop a platform for the highest possible quality of life, where people can wake up in the morning and say, my environmental foot paint today is zero.”The building site today is just a fraction of what is planned, a 6-square-kilometer or roughly two-square-mile green cluster, and eco community being built under the punishing Arabian sun over the next 8 to 10 years.Ultimately, 40,000 people will live in Masdar, another 50,000 or so work here, and this animation promises their energy will come from the sun and wind, and bio-fuels refined from plants and waste. Water will be purified by solar power and recycled from the sea for both consumption and farming. There`ll be computer rides, electric ports and monorails for transport. Zero carbon emissions, zero waste. Organizers admitted their goal is ambitious.“When you set it up too high, whatever you achieve will be excellent.”The project is getting support from beyond the Emirate, the World Widelife Fund has endorsed Masdar city and Abu Dhabi`s wider project to include green technologies and its explosive growth. America`s prestigious MIT University has also signed up, creating the first graduate school and research institute focus exclusively on renewable energy. “Their acceptance that this thing has to be done, with the highest quality possible, was really gave us the impetus to come here. It`s no longer the issue of pumping oil out of the ground, it`s the issue of competing globally for the same issues. And that they need the highly trained people.”Through the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology or MIST, Abu Dhabi wants its stamp on the clean technology chain from concept to product. It`s not all about philanthropy and green credentials.“Imagine a place which will be the global center for the future of energy, a place …”When its old fuels begin to run out, Abu Dhabi wants to be a world leader in harnessing new fuels. Jennifer Alcolston, CNN, Abu Dhabi.200812/58415Electric cars 电动汽车All charged up for sharing 全力以赴Vincent Bolloré makes a risky bet on electric-car technology 文森特.布洛尔大胆下注电动汽车产业Sep 10th 2011 | PARIS | from the print editionAdieu petrol, welcome Bolloré再見汽油,欢迎充电汽车FIFTEEN years ago Vincent Bolloré, a French industrialist, decided to get into the business of electricity storage. He started a project to produce rechargeable batteries in two small rooms of his family mansion in Brittany. “I asked him, ‘what are you doing?’ and I told him to stop, that it wouldn’t go anywhere,” says Alain Minc, a business consultant in Paris who has advised Mr Bolloré for many years. Fortunately, he says, Mr Bolloré continued.法国企业家文森特.布洛尔十五年前决定进军充电电池行业,在布列塔尼家族企业的大厦里的两间小屋中,他开始了充电电池的研制。‘我问他“你在做什么”,并告诉他趁早停手,这个项目没有前途’在巴黎的商业顾问阿兰.明克曾多次这样建议。幸运的是,布洛尔先生坚持了下来。Mr Bolloré’s technology is about to hit the road. In 2010 his group won a contract to run Autolib, a car-sharing scheme designed by Bertrand Delanouml;e, the mayor of Paris, which will put 3,000 electric vehicles on the city’s streets along with 1,120 stations for parking and recharging. Construction of the stations started in the summer, and Mr Bolloré will begin testing the service on October 1st before opening it to the public in December. Rechargeable batteries are now an important technology for the global car industry as it starts to make ever more electric and hybrid vehicles. Renault, a French manufacturer, is alone investing201109/154049The future of Yahoo With Microsoft walking away, Yahoo still has opportunities for other potential partnerships.Hi, I'm Yi-Wyn Yen with Fortune, and I’m here today with senior analyst Jeffery Lindsay of Stanford Bernstein. Why don't you start this off by telling us what's going on with Microsoft walking away? Well, it came as something of a surprise on Saturday evening when, um… we heard that, um… basically Microsoft were not prepared to increase their offer above 33 dollars and the Yahoo management team, Jerry Yang and David Filo, were still sticking hard wanting 37 dollars for the stock, so the deal broke down and Microsoft walked away. Now that Yahoo’s got the monkey off its back. What other options now? Well, I think it, it at least initially has some breathing space. And, um, it… Many analysts including ourselves expect it that may announce a deal in the next, you know, days or weeks. Probably with Google, or possibly even with AOL, and, or Google. Google, it’s been rumored for some time that Yahoo might consider outsourcing its page search functionality to Google. And, it's well understood that Google can monetize page research advertising much better than Yahoo. Yahoo’s closed some of that gap, and not all of it, and so a very straightforward way for Yahoo to boost its cash flow and its profitability, is simply to have Google outsource some portion of this activity. So, people think that the test was really a precursor to see if the monetization improvement would be as big as was hoped. In both sides, both companies announced that the test had been successful and we understand it basically met all the criteria they were seeking. But won't a No.1 and a No.2 player combined? Have all sorts of entire regulation problems? Well, that will be one, you know, position that certainly Microsoft was taking at the beginning. And certainly it will give them a very high access to a very high portion of the page search business in America. But if you look at, you know, overall advertising, it’s only a tiny amount, and even you look at online advertising globally, including display, it's really only about 35% of the market. So it's not as if anyone was cornering particularly any major share of the market, but it is true that the two combined companies would have a certainly large percentage of the US page search business. One last question, what's the next step for Microsoft? For Microsoft, it's difficult. They will have to really check with my colleague Charlie DiBona, but he thinks that they're likely to pursue acquisitions of a bunch of small and interesting companies in order to rebuild the position in the internet airspace. Thanks so much for meeting with us today, Jeffery.My pleasure!01/61505

The battle for control of the U.S. Congress has entered its final week and both major political parties are engaged in a furious last-minute push for votes.11月2号是美国中期选举投票日,为争夺国会控制权的角力进入冲刺时刻,两大政党都在为争取选票做最后的努力。According to the opinion polls and political pundits, Republicans continue to have the upper hand heading into the final days of the 2010 congressional midterm election campaign.民调显示,共和党人在2010年国会中期选举竞选中继续保持优势。Most Americans say the domestic economy is the number-one issue this year, and the public's dismal view of the economic climate is bound to hurt Democrats and help Republicans on Election Day, November 2.大部分美国人表示,国内经济是今年的头号议题。民众对经济形势的悲观看法必然会在11月2号选举日影响民主党人,惠及共和党人。Among those campaigning for Republican candidates is Ohio Congressman John Boehner, who is likely to become speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority next week.如果共和党11月2号赢回多数地位,正在为共和党候选人助选的俄亥俄州共和党众议员约翰·纳就可能成为众议院议长。"If you are tired of the high unemployment, if you are tired of all the takeovers and bailouts, [then] that is what elections are for," he said.他说:“如果你们厌倦高失业率,如果你们厌倦所有这些并购和救市措施,这就是为什么要进行选举。”Polls also give Republicans an edge in voter enthusiasm, though there are signs that lethargic Democrats may be waking up in the final days of the campaign.民调还显示,尽管缺乏生气的民主党人在竞选的最后几天可能振作起来,但共和党人还是更能激发选民的热情。Much of that Republican intensity is being driven by the Tea Party movement, a loose coalition of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups around the country that is demanding spending and tax cuts and a smaller role for the central government generally.共和党人紧锣密鼓的竞选大部分要归功于茶叶党运动。这个全国性的保守派联盟要求削减开,降低税率,缩小政府作用。201011/116977

So I practise a lot and now I know how to do it. We try to make the student as comfortable as possible. So that's also a part of the ground prep.that we make the student calm down,don't be too nervous and too excited. With all the training out of the way,it's time for his first jump. The experienced sky divers will stay with him all the way. The jump-sequence 1 100 times on the ground can still make your blood curdle. The endorphins released during the euphoria can get a sky diver hooked. Someone's first jump is one they'll never forget. Great! How are you feeling?I guess I'm in heaven.It's incredible! I'm flying. I'm still flying.You're gonna do it again?Yes! Norway offers the best thermal conditions, enabling these sky divers to turn into acrobats of the air. Great physical control,experience and lots of courage is(Sabrina's note:grammatically speaking,the "is" here is wrong and it should be replaced by "are") required to master this extreme sport. Nils Predstrup is a world-class freestyle sky-diver and a regular visitor to Voss all year round. The multiple world champion who also does 2 diving has revolutionized the discipline. He sees himself and other freestylers more as artists than atheletes. We can move a lot horizontally,we can move a lot vertically at different speeds. And for that,we can move in three dimensions. And this is what I like to use to make kinda like a theater in the sky,kinda like dancing in the sky. As soon as wind and weather allow,the plane goes up again to drop off its next round of adrenaline junkies.注释:①thermal: adj. 热的;热量的 n. 上升暖气流②junkies: n. 毒品贩子;吸毒者(junky的复数)课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156063

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