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We owe everything to Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche. The 911 Carrera is justly regarded as the greatest sports car of all time, a fantastically well rounded, tasteful and luxurious automobile, a flawless Olympian that just keeps getting better and faster every four years. It is the standard, the reference. Mad respect for Weissach. 我们的一切都是工程学荣誉士费迪南德#8226;波尔谢(Ferdinand Porsche)给予的。保时捷“911 Carrera”被理所应当地视为史上最好的跑车。它是一款成熟全面、品味十足的豪车,是一名完美无瑕的奥运会选手,它每隔四年就变得更优、更快。它是标杆,是参考。向魏斯阿赫(Weissach)工厂致敬。 But. If I wanted to drop 0,000 on a sports car today, it#39;d have to be the Jag. That#39;s what we in journalism call the nut graf. 但是,如果我今天想拿出10万美元(约合61.5万元人民币)买辆跑车,那就只能是“Jag”。它是我们新闻行业所说的“核心段落”。 The Jag is the new Jaguar F-Type─I like mine with the big V8, thank you─and it is thrilling. It#39;s also a huge surprise. Personally, I didn#39;t think Jaguar was prepared to go this deep into sports-performance territory with this car, which looks the part of a merely gorgeous, superbly upholstered grand tourer (the ragtop version hit the U.S. market in May, with the coupe likely arriving by year#39;s end; base engine is an also-formidable 3.0-liter supercharged V6, with either 340 or 380 hp.) “Jag”就是捷豹F-Type的新款(我喜欢带V8大型发动机的这款,没有理由)。它令人兴奋不已,也让人大感意外。但我个人曾以为,单凭这样一款车,捷豹还没有做好深入运动性能领域的准备。它仅仅像一款外观漂亮、内饰精良的双座旅行轿车的缩小版。(敞篷版5月份在美国上市,四门版可能会在年内上市;简版发动机是一台也很强大的3升增压式V6,分340马力和380马力两种。) The V8 roadster with the Sport package, the V8 S (,000 MSRP), our test car, is essentially a factory tuner: lower, on bigger tires, and brakes with the stopping power of death rays. 我们测试用的是带V8发动机和Sport套装的V8 S(厂商指导价9.2万美元,合人民币56.37万元)。它在本质上是一辆工厂改装车:底盘更低,轮胎更大,制动器的制动力有如死亡射线一般。 If you flip the right switches, the V8 S transforms into something quite belligerent and intense, a British aristocrat well off his meds: The steering grows keen and twitchy, the adaptive suspension gets stingy, the throttle antsy, the torque-vectoring differential goes to work and pretty soon all four tires are chirping and squeaking madly around canyon hairpins. At this point, m#39;lord is hauling the royal mail. 如果换挡对路,V8 S就变得相当好斗、急切,像一名性情乖张的英国贵族:方向控制变得灵敏而焦躁,自适应悬挂变得吝啬,油门坐立不安,扭矩矢量分配差速器发挥作用,很快四个轮胎就绕着峡谷大弯道疯狂地尖叫。这个时候,英国贵族就像是在运送皇家邮件。 And raising a royal ruckus, thanks to the Jag#39;s woolly exhaust note, for which it will live in noise-ordinance infamy. For some years now, Jaguar has been experimenting with engine and exhaust sounds, tuning their cars#39; exhaust systems almost musically, using a variety of actuated drums, cockpit-selectable bypass valves and silencers to evoke what they hope will be a brand-specific aural experience: deep, restrained, resonant notes at low rpm and bright, emotional notes at high rpm. Growl and purr, if you like. 而由于Jag粗犷的排气管声音,它又引起一阵骚动。这将使它因为违反噪音管制条例而一辈子声名狼藉。几年以来,捷豹一直在试验发动机和排气管的声音,几乎是像调校乐器一样来调校其车辆的排气系统。他们使用了一系列刹车鼓、驾驶室可选的旁通阀和消声器,希望唤起一种专属于这个品牌的听觉体验:低转速下声音深沉、克制、带共鸣,高转速下声音明亮而情绪饱满。如果你喜欢的话,把它说成是的和猫的呼噜也可以。 With the F-Type V8 S, rabies has set in. If the car#39;s active sport exhaust is set to #39;Dynamic Mode#39;─which it will be, if you possess any red blood cells at all─the F-Type just bellows with feral, straight-pipe aggression right out of the Junior Johnson hymnal. On throttle, the supercharger#39;s whine plays over the exhaust#39;s whacking, resonant staccato. Off-throttle, rolling into a corner, the car#39;s quad exhausts ignite in waves of snapping overrun, like firecrackers in an oil drum. 有了F-Type V8 S,狂犬病也就流行起来。如果该车的主动运动型排气系统设为“动态模式”──就如同你有血红细胞,那就是动态模式──F-Type就发出凶猛的直管排气声音,如一首致小约翰逊(注:Junior Johnson,美国全国汽车比赛协会(NASCAR)最早的车手和创始人)的赞美诗。踩下油门的时候,增压器的轰鸣叠加在排气管的巨大共鸣断音之上。松开油门拐弯时,车辆的四根排气管便溢出口啪声的浪潮,像在油桶里点燃了鞭炮。 /201308/252580

一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我是剩女我怕谁?最佳损友会来陪!译者:koogle




  A man goes to the doctor and says: “Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts.”有一个人去看医生,说:“医生,不管我碰哪里,都好疼。”The doctor asks: “What do you mean?”医生问:“什么意思啊?”The man says: “When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts. When I touch my knee – OUCH! When I touch my forehead, it really, really hurts.”这个人说:“当我碰我的肩膀时,真的很疼。碰到膝盖时,哎呦,用手碰前额时,真的真的非常疼。”The doctor says: “I know what’s wrong with you. You’ve broken your finger!”医生说:“我知道原因了,那是因为你的手指断了。”内容来自: /201304/236563Among the slew of end-of-decade and end-of-year wrap-up lists, there were several tallies of the most popular names of recent years (as well as predictions for name-trends of the future。) But If you are pondering giving your baby a distinctive name - like, say, Garland or Malcolm - you might want to think again。随着2009年的结束,以及21世纪第一个十年落幕,众多年度及十年盘点纷纷出炉,其中包括几项对近年来最热门名字的统计(以及对未来哪些名字会受到青睐的预测)。不过,如果你正考虑给自己的孩子取个特立独行的名字,比如贾兰德或马尔科姆,那我劝你三思而后行。Not only do kids with unusual names tend to rise to the top of big companies less often than others, but they also are more likely to wind up in jail。名字特别的孩子不仅更难进入大公司的高层,而且蹲监狱的几率会大一些。Names like Michael, David, John, James, Richard, Paul, Edward and Robert are significantly more common among Fortune 1000 CEOs, compared with that same age group in the population as a whole, USA Today reported recently. (Not enough women appear among corporate leaders to assess the relative clout of female names。)根据《今日美国》报近日公布的一项调查结果,在《财富》1000强企业的首席执行官中,名字为迈克尔、戴维、约翰、詹姆斯、理查德、保罗、爱德华和罗伯特的人所占的比例远远高于同一年龄组的总人口中叫这些名字的人所占比例。(由于女性企业家数量过少,关于女性名字的相关调查没有进行。)Separately, a scholarly study reported earlier this year showed that juveniles in jail, on probation or otherwise in trouble with the law had an above-average likelihood of having unpopular names - such as Walter, Ernest, Ivan, Kareem, Malcolm, Preston or Garland. The study compared juvenile delinquents#39; names with those of the population as a whole in a large, populous state. Researchers found youth with common names, such as Michael, Matthew, Christopher, David, Ryan or Brian, were less likely to get in trouble. The research, conducted at Shippensburg University, appeared in Social Science Quarterly。此外,2010年初的一份学术研究报告显示,入狱、缓刑和违法的青少年拥有特别名字的几率超出平均水平,如沃特、厄内斯特、伊万、凯林姆、马尔科姆、布莱斯顿或贾兰德等。研究人员将少年犯的名字与一个人口众多的美国大州的青少年名字进行对比,发现拥有普通名字的年轻人,如迈克尔、马修、克里斯托弗、戴维、瑞恩或布莱恩等,犯事的可能性更低。这项研究是由宾州西盆斯贝格大学做出的,报告刊登在《社会科学季刊》上。Of course, many people with unusual names - Barack, for example, or Oprah - have done fine. A child#39;s name alone doesn#39;t shape his or her life. The Shippensburg study found unusual names were linked with other factors that make life harder for kids, such as a weaker family structure, poverty or low education. Kids with popular names tended to live among higher-income, better-educated populations. For example, the name Allison is usually selected by mothers with 17 or more years of schooling, and bypassed by mothers without a high school diploma。当然,也有许多独特的名字,如贝拉克和欧普拉,没有出现这种问题。孩子的命运不可能光凭名字就能决定。西盆斯贝格大学的研究发现,与众不同的名字跟其他一些因素存在关联性,这些因素会让孩子的日子不好过,如家庭关系紧张、贫穷或受教育程度低等。拥有热门名字的孩子往往生活在收入较高、教育水平较高的圈子当中。举例而言,为孩子选择艾利森这个名字的母亲通常受过17年或以上的正规教育,而没有读过高中的母亲往往跳过这个名字。Other research has suggested, however, that uncommon names can have a direct impact on kids, embarrassing them in their formative years, the USA Today story says. While parents might want their children to feel special or unique, it may be better to give children names that encourage them to be team players and put ego aside。不过,《今日美国》的报道说,其他一些研究显示,特立独行的名字会给孩子带来直接影响,让他们在性格形成过程中因为自己的名字而感到尴尬。虽然父母的本意可能是让孩子感到特殊和与众不同,但如果不那么在意个性,给孩子起个普通名字以鼓励他们融入集体,效果可能会更好。Also, adults may treat kids with unusual names differently in handing out opportunities; one widely reported experiment found that among 5,000 resumes sent to prospective employers, job applicants with names that suggested an African-American background were less likely to receive interview callbacks。此外,成年人在提供各种机会时,可能会另眼看待名字特别的孩子。一项被媒体广为报导的试验发现,在用人企业收到的5,000份简历中,名字像黑人的应聘者得到面试通知的几率更低。Jugglers have had animated discussions in the past about baby names. How important do you think a name, especially an unusual one, is in setting someone#39;s course in life? Did you think about the social or career effects of the names you chose for your children?以往,已有不少人围绕着该给孩子起什么名字的话题展开过热烈讨论。你觉得名字,尤其是特别的名字,对于一个人的人生会产生多大的影响?你在给孩子起名时,有没有考虑过名字会给孩子今后的人际关系或职业生涯带来什么样的影响? /201304/234744

  In its review of the 30 countries surveyed, online reservation site Hotels.com found that Russians enjoy 40 days off throughout the year. The US gets 20 days off, while Canada is second to last on the list with an entitlement of just 15 days vacation time. At the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, Mexicans get a paltry 13 days off.在线酒店预订网站Hotels.com在其针对30个国家所做的调查中发现,俄罗斯人一年有长达40天的假期。美国人一年的假期是20天,同为北美人的加拿大人则只有15天,排名倒数第二。倒数第一是墨西哥人,一年只有13天假期。Meanwhile, a slew of studies have shown that productivity actually increases in proportion to vacation time taken, serving to recharge employees’ batteries and re-enter the workplace with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a concept that some companies have taken a step further in the US. Companies such as IBM and Netflix, for instance, have tossed the standard two-week vacation policy in the US and implemented an open, unlimited vacation program in an effort to prevent staff burnout in a country where employees get so little time off.此前已有不少研究发现,生产力与假期长短成正比,休假可以给人充电,让人斗志昂扬地回到工作岗位。在美国,一些公司进一步发挥了这一理念。如IBM及Netflix公司,它们推翻了通行的2星期年假制度,改为实行开放式的无限期休假制,以避免员工身心疲劳。Here are the top 10 countries which enjoy the most time off (days off total includes both annual leave and public holidays):全球假期最长的10个国家(假期包括带薪年假和公众节假日):1. Russia 40 days off俄罗斯 40天2. Italy 36意大利 36天2. Sweden 36瑞典 36天4. Finland 35芬兰 35天4. France 35法国 35天4. Norway 35挪威 35天4. Brazil 35巴西 35天8. Denmark 34丹麦 34天8. Spain 34西班牙 34天10. Colombia 33哥伦比亚 33天 /201307/250262Since Michael Jordan signed with Nike at the beginning of his illustrious career, his signature Air Jordan shoes have redefined the world of athletic footwear. Signature sneakers are now a major part of an athlete’s global brand, and they also help change the course of casual fashion. Every release of a new version of the Jordans is a basketball event.自从迈克尔#8226;乔丹在事业辉煌时期和耐克公司签约,署名“飞人乔丹”的鞋就被重新定义为世界上的运动鞋。现在,署名运动鞋是运动员全球品牌的一个主要部分,并且他们还改变了休闲时尚的发展。乔丹的每一个新品发布都是一个篮球界大事件。On Monday afternoon, Nike and Jordan Brand released their latest incarnation, the Jordan XX8 (aka 28, for those of you don’t recognize both Roman and Arabic numerals) in New York City. As you can see in the photo, it’s a bold design that’s aly generating controversy. From the outside, the sneaker looks something like a black rain overshoe, with a zipper that encloses the entire inside. Underneath, however, the dominant color is a distinct neon green.周一下午在纽约市,耐克和乔丹品牌发布了他们最新的研发品牌,乔丹XX8(对那些不认识罗马和阿拉伯数字的人来说,又叫28)。正如图片所示,这是一个引发争议的大胆设计。从外面看,这双运动鞋外表看来像黑色的雨套鞋,拉链把鞋的内部给封住了。但是在里层,主导颜色是一种独特的霓虹绿。The shoes, devised by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield over the course of two years, retail for a cool 0.这双鞋由耐克传奇设计师哈特#8226;菲尔德用了两年的时间设计,零售价是250美元。 /201212/212577


  Getting too little sleep for several nights in a row disrupts hundreds of genes that are essential for good health, including those linked to stress and fighting disease.连续几个晚上睡眠过少会扰乱数以百计对身体健康必不可少的基因,包括那些与压力有关以及对抗疾病的基因。Tests on people who slept less than six hours a night for a week revealed substantial changes in the activity of genes that govern the immune system, metabolism, sleep and wake cycles, and the body#39;s response to stress, suggesting that poor sleep could have a broad impact on long-term wellbeing.对连续一周每晚睡不到六个小时的人的测试揭示了控制免疫系统、代谢、睡眠和清醒周期以及身体应激反应的那些基因活动的明显变化,这表明睡眠不好对长期健康有广泛影响。The changes, which affected more than 700 genes, may shed light on the biological mechanisms that raise the risk of a host of ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stress and depression, in people who get too little sleep.这些变化,影响超过700个基因,可能阐明了那些睡眠过少的人会增加一系列包括心脏病、糖尿病、肥胖、压力和抑郁等疾病风险的生物机制。Previous studies have suggested that people who sleep less than five hours a night have a 15% greater risk of death from all causes than people of the same age who get a good night#39;s sleep. In one survey of workers in Britain more than 5% claimed to sleep no more than five hours a night. Another survey published in the US in 2010 found that nearly 30% of people claimed to sleep no more than six hours a night.先前的研究显示:那些夜里睡眠少于5个小时的人比能睡个好觉的同龄人多增了因各种原因而死亡的15%的风险。在对英国工人的一项调查中,超过5%的人声称每晚睡眠不超过5小时。另一个2010年在美国发表的调查发现,近30%的人声称每晚不超过6小时睡眠。The time spent asleep had a huge effect on the activity of genes, picked up from blood tests on the volunteers, according to a report in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Among the sleep-deprived, the activity of 444 genes was suppressed, while 267 genes were more active than in those who slept for longer.睡眠时间对基因活动有巨大影响,从血液测试志愿者那采集的,根据《美国国家科学院院刊》上的一份报告。在睡眠不足的人中, 444个基因活动被抑制,而267个基因比那些睡得更长的人的基因更活跃。Changes to genes that control metabolism might trigger or exacerbate conditions such as diabetes or obesity, while disruption to other genes, such as those that govern the body#39;s inflammatory response, might have an impact on heart disease. Further genes that were affected have been linked to stress and ageing.控制代谢的基因变化可能会引发或加剧像糖尿病或肥胖那样的情况,而破坏其他基因,比如那些掌控身体应激反应的基因,可能会对心脏疾病有影响。被影响的其他基因与压力和老化有关。Sleep loss also had a dramatic effect on genes that govern the body#39;s biological clock, suggesting that poor sleep might trigger a vicious cycle of worsening sleep disruption.睡眠不足对配人体生物钟的基因也有巨大影响,这表明睡眠不足可能引发恶化的睡眠中断的恶性循环。Jim Horne, professor of psychophysiology at Loughborough University#39;s Sleep Research Centre, said: ;The potential perils of #39;sleep debt#39; in today#39;s society and the need for #39;eight hours of sleep a night#39; are often overplayed and can cause undue worry. Although this important study seems to support this concern, the participants had their sleep suddenly restricted to an unusually low level, which must have been somewhat stressful.吉姆#8226;霍恩,拉夫堡大学睡眠研究中心的心理生理学教授,说:“ 在今天社会‘睡眠债’的潜在危险以及需要‘每晚八小时睡眠’往往被夸大,会导致过度忧虑。尽管这一重要研究似乎持这一担忧,但参与者使其睡眠突然限于异常低的水平,这一定是有些紧张。”;We must be careful not to generalise such findings to,then say, habitual six-hour sleepers who are happy with their sleep. Besides, sleep can adapt to some change, and should also be judged on its quality, not simply on its total amount.;“我们必须小心地不去归纳这些发现,然后说习惯于六小时睡眠的人满意他们的睡眠。此外,睡眠可以适应于一些变化,也应根据其质量来判断,而不是简单地根据其总量。” /201302/227077。


  1. Eat a good breakfast1. 早餐要吃好A child#39;s brain needs a proper balance of nutrients suchas glucose, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, zinc, and folic acid.Kids who eat breakfast have better memory and longer attention spans.Whole grain cereals and oatmeal have been found to be a better start to the day than sugary cereals like Cap#39;n Crunch.With toddlers, breastfeeding has been shown to improve health and intelligence.小孩的脑部发育需要许多营养物质,比如葡萄糖、铁、维他命A、B、锌、叶酸(维生素B)。吃早餐的孩子好,注意力集中程度也较高。早餐最好是全谷类食品和燕麦片,而不是像Cap#39;n Crunch这样含糖的谷类食品。有据明,母乳喂养有助于提高孩子的抵抗力和智商。2. Engage in music-making2. 音乐熏陶Give your kids lessons in piano, guitar and violin; music helps your children develop higher IQs.On average, music students perform better on standardized tests and have higher over all GPAs.In one experiment, it was found that taking piano lessons even helped raised IQ significantly.让您的孩子学习钢琴,吉他和小提琴;音乐有助于培养孩子的高智商。在标准化考试中,学习音乐的学生比其他学生表现的更好,平均分也更高。标准化考试中,学习音乐的学生比其他学生表现的更好,平均分也更高。3. Play Games3. 游戏也能增长智力Studies show that games can improve many skills.According to the UC Berkeley study, games can improve:hand-eye coordination,problem solving ability,reasoning,pattern recognition,accuracy of estimations,hypothesis testing,resourcemanagement,quickthinking and reacting,memory,spatial perception,judgment calls.有助于改善多种技能。根据根据加州大学伯克利分校的一份研究显示能够改善手眼协调能力、解决问题的能力、推理能力、图像识别能力、判断能力、假设检验能力、资源管理能力、快速思考和反应的能力、、空间感知能力和决策能力。Pretending type of games and playtime can help your develop intellectually, especially if your child is between ages 1 and 3.It also helps children remember and recall events with least hassles.伪装类型的游戏和时间可以帮助你的孩子开发智力,特别是如果您的孩子是1到3岁之间。它也帮助孩子记忆,不去想那些少有的麻烦事。4. Limit television time4. 限制孩子看电视的时间Of course, too much of anything can still be badthing.Kids still need time away from the TV to develop social skills and do homework.Control TV time as uncontrolled TV can hinder your child#39;s ability to concentrate and focus on studies.当然,太多的干某件事情会适得其反。孩子们仍然需要削减一些看电视的时间来发展他们的社交能力或者做作业。控制看电视的时间,因为长时间看电视会影响你的孩子对学习的专注能力和很难专心学习。5. Unstructured play time should be mandatary5. 必须让孩子自由玩耍Unstructured playtime has always been an importantpart of ;being a kid,; but it is also crucial to a child#39;s development.Hovering and over-parenting is linked with psychological problems.;Free play; not only helps kids develop cognitive and social skills, it also helps them develop into happy, healthy adults in the future.对于小孩来说,自由玩耍是非常重要的一部分,同时也对他们的成长至关重要。如果父母老是在一旁或者管的太多,容易使孩子产生心理问题。自由玩耍不仅能帮助孩子发展认知能力和社交能力,还能让他们成长为快乐健康的成年人。6. 20 minutes of exercise helps kids too6. 20分钟的体育锻炼A Swedish study of over a million 18-year-olds showed that fitness does relate to a person#39;s IQ.The specifics of how exercise affects brain growth and development is unclear, but studies show that for 9 and 10-year-olds, 20minutes of exercise before a test significantly improves test scores.瑞典一项基于100万18周岁人群的研究显示,健康和一个人的智商息息相关。人们现在还不清楚体育锻炼是怎样影响大脑发育的,但是研究显示,如果9至10岁在接受测验前进行过20分钟的体育锻炼,测验分数有显著提高。7. Reading with your kids7. 和孩子一起阅读Reading has long been known as away to improve children#39;s intelligence.Kids who are to frequently develop earlier writing and number skills as well.For parents who don#39;t have as much time, just surrounding your kids with books goes a long way too.人们很早就知道阅读有助于提高儿童的智商。经常阅读的孩子的写作和算术能力比其他孩子发展的要早。如果父母没有那么多的时间,那么拿着书和孩子们呆在一起也会大有帮助。8. Put kids to bed early8. 让孩子早点睡觉Studies from a California-based group called SRII nternational show that kids with regular bedtimes are better at languages,math, and ing.Preschool children should get at least eleven hours of sleep, and kids upto age 12 should try to get at least ten hours of sleep.总部设在加州的斯坦福研究院的研究显示,作息时间规律的小孩在语言、数学和阅读等方面表现的比其他孩子要好。学龄前的儿童至少应该保11个小时的睡眠,12岁的小孩也应该至少保10个小时的睡眠。9. Praise good effort, not intelligence9. 鼓励孩子多尝试,不要只注重结果Your kids may be smart, but you should focus your praise on the effort they put into succeeding at tasks.Kids who are praised on intelligence often feel it is a fixed trait, and mistakes or failures severely hurt their self-confidence.Kids who are praised on effort often focus more on learning, and are not afraid of a challenge, or to fail and try again.孩子们可能很聪明,但是父母更应该注重对孩子们完成任务时所作出的努力给与鼓励。如果父母总是在孩子们获得成功时才给与鼓励的话,孩子们会认为这是一种固定的模式,任何错误或者失败都会打击到他们的自信心。被父母鼓励多尝试的孩子更多地注重学习,也不怕挑战和失败,他们会一次次的尝试。10. Learn a second language10. 学习一门外语Early studies in this field have preliminarily shown that bilingual kids can focus better under pressure and focus better on relevant information.Research is being done still, but many argue that the peak of language learning ability ends before puberty.It has been shown that young children can learn new languages with nearly perfect fluency and pronunciation.这一领域先前的研究表明,会说两门语言的孩子在压力环境下更能集中精神,对于相关信息的专注度也更高。相关方面的研究还在继续,但是许多人认为,语言学习能力在青春期前达到顶峰,而后就保持在固定的水平。还有据表明,孩子学习起新语言来会非常流畅,发音也更为准确。 /201301/222719


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