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晋安博爱医院靠谱吗有没知道的三明市做输卵管疏通需要多少钱If the permafrost was to melt,如果是永久冻土融化it would significantly increase the amount of methane in the atmosphere.那将有很大量的温室气体进入大气层That would be certain to speed up global warming,这肯定会加速全球变暖but by how much and with exactly what consequences,但要了解确切的结果no one can really say yet.目前没人能给出It all comes down to the fickle nature of the atmosphere.这全都取决于变化无常的大气层A change in one ingredient. Like the LeveL of methane,一个要素的改变,比如甲烷浓度can mean a dramatic shift in climate.会导致气候明显变化It has taken billions of years to create the atmosphere that we have today,创造我们今天的大气层花费了数十亿年and during that time从那时起an interdependence between life and the atmosphere has emerged.生命和大气层建立起了一种互相依赖的关系We#39;re the first species ever consciously to be changing the atmosphere,我们是首个有意识改变大气层的物种knowingly warming it on a grand scale.刻意使大范围变暖For Earth, a warmer atmosphere will be nothing new,对于地球,一个暖些的大气层并无新意but for us humans, this is uncharted territory.但是对于我们人类,这是一个未知的领域Now we#39;re in the vulnerable position of having placed ourselves我们把自己放在了一个容易受伤害的位置at the mercy of the most unpredictable of forces, the atmosphere.在大自然最不可预测的力量--大气层 Article/201510/401638福州看妇科专科医院 福州附一医院治疗封闭抗体

福州省妇幼医院性激素检查多少钱Stephen Covey wrote a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People few years ago. Some of you may be familiar with it. He had a lot of really great stuff on listening in his book. Amongst that, he had five...he identified five levels of listening.Stephen Covey 几年前写过一本叫做“高效率人们的七种习惯”。你们某些人可能对那很熟悉。他在书里有许多关于倾听真的很棒的东西。在那之中,他有五个...他订定倾听的五个等级。Now the first three levels are kind of waffling. None of you should be listening at that level. It#39;s the last two—active and empathic listening—that I want to talk about.现在前面三个等级有点不清不楚的。你们之中没有任何一人应该要以那种等级倾听。最后两个--积极和同理倾听--正是我想要谈论的。Active listening is when you are actively engaged, so you might be asking questions; you might be nodding; you might be making listening sounds, uh huh, uh huh, hmm...that#39;s interesting.积极倾听是当你正积极投入时,所以你也许会问问题;你也许会点头;你也许会发出在倾听的声音:嗯哼、嗯哼、嗯...那很有趣。And paraphrasing is also involved in active listening. Paraphrasing is great, because when you repeat the words back to someone that they have said in your own words, it gives them a chance not only to clarify but also to let them know that you#39;re listening. So active listening is nice.改述同样也包括在积极倾听中。改述很棒,因为当你用自己的话向某人覆述他刚刚说过的话,这给了他们不只能澄清的机会、还能让他们知道你在倾听。所以积极倾听很好。But Covey says we should be working towards the big one—empathic listening—and that is listening with your left and your right brain. Now what that means is listening with your left brain for the words, and listening with your right brain for the emotion.但 Covey 说我们应该要朝向更重大的那一种去努力--同理倾听--那是用你的左脑和右脑倾听。现在那表示用你的左脑倾听话语,并用你的右脑倾听情绪。So if you listen with your right brain, you might hear things in body language. So, it#39;s my son. You might hear things like tension in a voice, tiredness in the slump of a shoulder. If you learn to listen for emotion, you#39;re gonna pick up a whole heap more information.所以如果你用你的右脑倾听,你也许会听到肢体语言中的内容。所以,那是我儿子。你也许会听出像是声音中的紧张情绪、肩膀垂下中的疲累感的东西。你学会倾听情绪,你就会得到整个更大批的资讯。So what do we do about listening? How do we become better listeners? Well, one thing is listen for repetitive words. People repeat the stuff that#39;s important to them. So I feel like I had to ask my husband; I feel like this is sounding really good; I feel like this is the right choice for me, right? Feeling is important to that person. They#39;ve also given you some extra information, because if someone is using the word ;feeling; a lot, it also means they have quite been on a preference.所以我们对于倾听要做些什么?我们如何成为更好的倾听者?这个嘛,其中一件事是去倾听重复的话语。人们重复对他们来说很重要的东西。所以我觉得我好像要去问问我丈夫;我觉得这听起来非常不错;我觉得这对我来说是正确的选择,对吧?“感觉”对这个人来说很重要。他们同样也给了你额外的资讯,因为如果某人很常使用“觉得”这个字,这同样代表他们颇偏好使用它的。People also emphasize stuff that#39;s important to them. I#39;m gonna snap! I#39;m at the end of my tether! Listen for emphasis.人们通常强调对他们来说重要的事物。我要发疯了!我实在无计可施了!倾听强调之处。See? This is the stuff that we can#39;t do if we#39;re doing all the talking.So if you listen through a repetition, listen for emphasis, you#39;re going to start honing in on the stuff that#39;s really important to them.看到了吗?如果我们全都在说话,这就是我们做不到的事。所以如果你倾听重复、倾听强调之处,你会开始专注于对他们来说确实很重要的事物上。Try and focus on the big picture, and this is particularly when you#39;re with people who ramble a lot, you know, people live in a stream of consciousness—I#39;m sure you know the one—the person who comes in and says, ;Hi, I#39;m thinking about going on a trip to Bali, because bikini stores at the Bali was really great. And I was gonna get to Seminyak, because I heard it#39;s got all the bars and all the fun over there. But, you know, my boy sort of likes surfing, so I thought that maybe we should go to Dekuta. In fact, Terry#39;s been surfing since he was six. You should see him. Can I show you the photos? I was thinking about going to Phuket.; Right, you know the ones I#39;m talking about?尝试并专注于重点上,而这特别是当你和很常碎碎念的人在一起时,你知道,生活在意识流中的人--我相信你认识这种人--那种人会进来然后说:“海,我在想要去峇里岛旅游,因为峇里岛的比基尼商店都很棒。我还要去 Seminyak,因为我听说那儿有酒吧和所有有趣的东西。但是,你知道的,我儿子有点喜欢冲浪,所以我想也许我们应该去 Dekuta。事实上,Terry 从他六岁就开始冲浪。你应该看看他。我可以给你看照片吗?我在想要改去普吉岛。”好的,你知道我在说的那种人吗?Focus on your big picture, get right up in a helicopter and try just to listen for the message.专注于你的大局面,直接登上直升机然后就倾听那讯息。Don#39;t dominate the conversation. You know who you are. People who like to talk too much and like to just throw all their information in, don#39;t dominate.别主导对话。你知道我在说谁吧。就是那些喜欢说太多话、喜欢就丢出所有他们资讯的人,别主导对话。If you#39;ve ever had a time, and I#39;m sure you have, because most of us have been through this when you#39;ve told a story, you stop your story, and there#39;s just the silence, like crickets chirping on the Simpsons, right? No one was listening. How do you feel? We don#39;t feel good when we#39;re not listened to. So don#39;t dominate. Learn to harness yourself and stop and listen.如果你曾有过这种时候,我确信你们都有,因为我们大多人都经历过这个,当你讲了一个故事,你停下你的故事,然后那里就一片寂静,像是辛普森家庭(卡通)里只有蟋蟀唧唧叫的样子,对吧?没人在听。你感觉如何?当没人倾听时,我们感受很差。所以不要主导。学习控制自己,并停下来倾听。Finally, listen without judgement. It#39;s a really difficult thing to do, because we tend to, as human beings, we judge. Let someone get that thought out first before you come back to judge.最后,不带着意见去倾听。这是很难做到的事,因为我们倾向于,身为人类,我们倾向于去批判。在你回来评判之前,让某人先说出那想法。And finally, Hugh Mackay the social researcher says that listening is a gift, a generous gift that we give the other person, a very respectful generous gift. And if you shut down all the folders in your mind and listen like a lion, and focus on the one person speaking to you, it is a gift. And you equally will get an enormous gift back with all the information that comes your way.最后,社会研究员 Hugh Mackay 表示倾听是种礼物,一份我们给予他人大方的礼物,一份带着敬意非常大方的礼物。如果你关上脑中所有储存想法的文件夹,并像狮子狩猎般倾听,并专注于跟你说话的那一个人身上,这是份礼物。你同样也会得到一份极大的回礼,带着送到你面前的所有资讯。 Article/201411/343075宁德打胎费用 福州哪个医院腹腔镜手术好

福州省人民医院性激素检查费用Hi, I#39;m Jessica嗨,我是Jessicaand today I#39;m gonna be talking about a chemical demonstration I like to call今天我要讲的化学演示叫作;mirror, mirror;;魔镜魔镜;In this demo, MIT#39;s Dr. John Dolhun will demonstrate Tollens testMIT的John Dolhun士将演示Tollens测试a chemical test created by this man, Bernard Tollens这是由这个人,十九世纪末德国化学家a German chemist born in the late 1800#39;sBernard Tollens所发明的化学测试So let#39;s watch Dr. Dolhun perform this demonstration here at MIT作为MIT剑桥科学节的一部分,来看看Dolhun士as part of the Cambridge Science Festival是如何演示这个的OK, so I#39;m gonna be careful好,我要小心了and I#39;m going to pour my first substance into the flask首先将第一种物质倒入烧瓶my second substance然后是第二种物质down to the last drop倒完最后一滴and my third substance然后是第三种物质and we#39;re going to do a little shaking摇一摇for mixing some things together让它们能够充分混合So what did Dr. Dolhun do?Dolhun士做了什么呢Well, he added three solutions to the flask他往烧瓶中添加了三种溶液Solution 1 was glucose in water溶液一是葡萄糖水溶液Solution 2 was a mixture of silver nitrate and ammonium nitrate溶液二是硝酸银和硝酸铵的混合溶液And solution 3 was sodium hydroxide溶液三是氢氧化钠which is a base一种碱So let#39;s focus on the second two solutions first我们先来看后两种溶液When you mix solutions 2 and 3, two things happen溶液二三混合时,会发生两件事First, you form Ag20首先会形成Ag2Owhich is insoluble in water它不溶于水so it precipitates out as a brown solid会作为褐色固体沉淀出来The sodium hydroxide氢氧化钠reacts with ammonium, NH4+会同铵根离子NH反应to produce ammonia,NH3 生成氨 NH4This dissolves the precipitate这会溶解沉淀物and you end up with Ag(NH3)2最终得到Ag(NH3)2which all has a positive charge这整个带有一单位正电荷This is soluble in water and it#39;s called Tollens reagent它溶于水,叫作Tollens试剂Now the positive charge is born by the silver正电荷来自于银离子So we have in solution is essentially silver ions溶液中基本上也就是银离子Now looking at solution 1再看溶液一glucose looks like this葡萄糖是这样的We don#39;t really care about this whole part of the molecule分子的这一部分我们并不关心So we#39;re gonna call it R可以记作Rfor the rest表示剩余部分So glucose is basically this葡萄糖可以写成这样And this part of the glucose is going to start reacting with the silver ions葡萄糖的这部分会同银离子反应Let#39;s watch what happens看看会发生什么 Article/201501/352015 宁德检查激素六项到哪里好福州晋安区检查精子那个医院最好




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