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Dialogue 1M: Are you free next thursday?F: Yeah, why, is there something going on Thursday?M: A bunch of us in the office are planning a retiring party for Bob, he's been with the office for ages, so everyone was really suprised to hear he took early retirement.F: Bob is retiring, wow...that's news to me, I had no idea Bob was that old, retirement's still sixty-five, right?M: Retirement age is still five, but I think more and more people are retiring earlier, I think Bob's in upper fifties aly, he just looks pretty young.F: Wow...I thought he was early forty stops, why would he want to retire so soon?M: Well, I think you prepare it well and capture good savings, retiring early can give you a lot more time for travel and other activities, you should get out and enjoy the life you still can't, don't you think?F: I guess if you have a Heathy Fore One Key Plan, why not retire a few years early,so what plans does Bob have for his new life after retirement, he's been bringing his traveling brochures to the office and talking about all these exhouted places like Fiji and Hawaii, I have a hunch he'll take a second honey moon with his wife to some sunny paradise. /201001/93851(一):Our company was founded in 1960.我公司始建于 1960年。A: Our company was founded in 1960.甲:我公司始建于I960年。B : A really long history.乙:历史很悠久啊。描述公司成立The company was established in autumn 2004.我公司成立于 2004 年秋。The company dates back to 1973.公司始建于 1973 年。(二):Our company is a European based international consultancy company. 我们是国际性的咨询公司,总部在欧洲。A: Could you tell me about your company?甲:能跟我说说你们公司吗?B: Our company is a European based international consultancy company.乙:我们是国际性的咨询公司,总部在欧洲。我们的总部在……:Siemens is headquartered in Munich, Germany.西门子公司总部在德国慕尼黑。We are a Chinese Company with its headquarters in Shenzhen .我们是一家总部在深圳的中国公司。 /201408/321944Catherine辛辛苦苦为公司跑下来一个项目,但在聚餐时老板口口表扬的却是另一位同事,Catherine被冷落一旁。Tom见此情景,深感不平,就对Catherine说:What a raw deal! It's you that have made the job done.【句型说明】"a raw deal" refers to an act that is not just, that is, an unfair treatment, and the opposite expression is "a fair deal". What a raw deal! 卑鄙!在商务谈判中我们会经常用到deal这个词,意思是“交易,成交“,我们经常说的make a deal意思就是”一笔交易”。raw意思是”生的,原始的,未经加工的“,通常用来形容材料,raw material意思是”原材料“。raw和deal放在一起,raw deal原来指“不不公平或骗人的交易”,引申含义就是“卑鄙的行为”。当我们感到有人的行为很卑鄙时,我们就可以说:What a raw deal!(真卑鄙啊!) Shirley:What a raw deal! I deserve the promotion more than he does.雪莉:卑鄙!我比他更应该升值。Benjamin:I know. He got the promotion by kissing up to the boss.本杰明:我知道,他是因为拍老板的马屁才升值的。背景音乐:Scarborough fair◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201007/109983Encouraging life to bloom in the middle of a desert is no easy task.在沙漠中生活绝非易事。But one company in the ed Arab Emirates has come up with a bizarre plan to provide drinking water for the states citizens.但是阿联酋一家公司想出妙计,解决民众饮水问题。The firm intends to haul icebergs from Antarctica to the gulf coast in order to harvest its billions of gallons of fresh water.这家公司计划从南极洲拖运冰山到中东海湾,从中获得大量淡水。The National Advisor Bureau, headquartered in Masdar City, Abu-Dhabi, plans to source the massive blocks of ice from Heard Island, around 600 miles (1000 kilometres) off the coast of mainland Antarctica.总部位于阿布扎比马斯达尔城的国家顾问局有限公司计划从赫德岛开采冰山。赫德岛位于南极洲外海,00英里000公里)处。It will then transport them around 5,500 miles (8,800 km) to Fujairah, one of the seven emirates which make up the UAE.冰山会被运往阿联酋的七个酋长国之一---富查伊拉,全500英里800公里)。One iceberg could provide enough for one million people over five years, according to the company.该公司称,每座冰山产生的淡水00万人饮用五年。And the scheme could begin as early as the start of 2018.项目018年年初就可以启动。The firms director says they have aly travelled the transportation route and used simulators to check the feasibility of the scheme, according to reports in Gulf News.据《海湾新闻报》报道,该公司经理表示,他们已经行驶过运输路线,并用模拟器核实了这项计划的可行性。Speaking to the site about what he is calling the UAE Iceberg Project, Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi said: Our simulator predicts that it will take up to one year [to tow an iceberg to UAE].阿卜杜拉-穆罕默德把整个项目称为阿联酋冰山计划,他告诉记者:“根据模拟器预测,整个计划预计耗时一年(把冰山拖回阿联酋)。We have formulated the technical and financial plan. Towing is the best method. We will start the project in beginning of 2018.“我们已经拟定了技术和资金方案。拖拽可能是最好的方式018年年初,我们就启动计划。We want it mainly for the water. It could also be good for tourism and the weather.“我们主要是想获得水资源,不过可能对旅游业和天气也有好处。”The UAE is one of the most arid countries and one of the top 10 most water-scarce in the world, due to its extremely arid climate, which receives less than four inches (100 mm) of rainfall per year.由于气候极度干燥,阿联酋是世界上最干旱的国家之一,也是全球水资源最短缺的十大国家之一,年降雨量不英寸00毫米)。Despite that, it consumes more water than double the global national average putting the country at severe risk of droughts over the next 25 years.尽管如此,它每年的用水量仍高于全球平均水平的两倍不止,致使整个国家在未5年中要面临严重的干旱问题。An average iceberg contains more than 20 billion gallons of water, according to the Abu Dhabi-based company.国家顾问局有限公司称,每座冰山含有200亿加仑(00万吨)以上的淡水量。They take a long time to melt as 80 percent of their mass is underwater, while the white ice above reflects sunlight and deflects its heat.拖行过程中冰山有约八成的部分都在水面以下,而且水面之上的白色的冰块会反射阳光,转移高温,使得融化速度放缓,所以冰山不会融化。Upon arrival at a specially constructed processing facility, workers will mine the icebergs for their water supplies.冰山会被安置在一个特制的加工设备中,工人将“开矿”冰山获得用水。Blocks of ice will be chipped off and placed in giant tanks, before being filtered and processed.在过滤和加工前,大块的冰山会被切碎,放在巨型容器中This is the purest water in the world, Mr Al Shehi added.阿卜杜拉说:“这是世界上最纯净的水源了。”He also claims the icebergs presence could provide a more moist micro-climate in the area, perhaps even prompting rainfall.他还说,冰山的出现可能还会为当地提供更湿润的微气候,甚至带来更多降雨。And the project may prove a boost for tourism if it proves a success, with people travelling to see the unusual sight of an iceberg off the coast of the Arabian Gulf.如果成功的话,冰山还可能推动旅游业。大量游客会来到这里,一睹罕见的景观---阿拉伯湾的冰山。来 /201705/509176

商业英语口语 4暂无文本 /200707/16077

【Trancript】E-resume or paper resumeA:Hello, Lucy. This is Monica again. I have a question.B:Please ask.A:I was wondering what kind of resume do you prefer, an e-resume or paper one?B:For this position we prefer e-resume at the very beginning. Please send it to our department’s e-mail box.A:Ok, thank you.B:You’re welcome. /201005/104232

May I have a customs declaration form, please?请给我一份通关申报表好吗?May I have a customs declaration form, please?请给我一份通关申报表好吗?Here you are.给您。May I see your passport and customs declaration form?请您出示一下您的护照和报关单好吗?Please have your customs form y for your baggage clearance.请准备海关申报单接受行李通关检查。When does the Flight 212 depart?212次航班什么时候起飞呢?When does the Flight 212 depart?212次航班什么时候起飞呢?9:30 am.上午九点9:30。What is the departure time of your flight?请问您的航班是什么时候起飞?Could you tell me when the plane will leave?你能告诉我飞机什么时候起飞吗? /201510/404208

Catherine的一个下属要去洽谈一个项目,由于该项目比较重要,他就一心想拿下它,以明自己的能力;但同时又担心万一哪个环节处理不好,就会把问题搞砸。于是忧心忡忡。Catherine笑着对他说:Take it in stride. Take it in your stride.泰然处之吧。stride本义为“大步,一跨步”,而take sth. in (one's) stride是固定用法,表示“从容应对,不为其烦恼,泰然处之”。例如:Some people find retiring difficult, but he has taken it all in his stride. 有的人觉得很难适应退休後的生活, 但他却能安之若素. Tom: I feel too much pressure from my job. I don't know what to do.汤姆:我感到工作压力很大,我不知道该怎么办。Shirley: Take it in stride. There's nothing so important that deserves you thinking about it overnight.雪莉:你要泰然自若一些,没有什么事重要到你得为之想一整个晚上。背景音乐:Should It Matter◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/120434

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