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山东省青岛潍坊祛痣价格四方区儿童医院花多少钱My clothes: ‘They wear me, in a way’我的衣:“在某种程度上,他们在穿我”Robert is 6ft 7in tall. A giant, without his heels. Very tall men are often intimidating; they use their height to enforce their status, to tell us how tough they are. Not Robert.罗伯特身高六尺七。不穿高跟鞋也是个巨人。非常高的人总是让人害怕,他们能够利用身高来强调身份地位,告诉我们他们有多强壮。但罗伯特不是。There is no obvious fight in him. Instead he plays with femininity, with fun, with ideas of home and away. He’s wearing a floral pinny, like an English country mum. He has some spring-like sprigs in his hair. These are domestic, rural, female references. But his top ventures further afield: there’s a palm tree, a turquoise sea, a sunny sky. Robert’s chest has gone on holiday abroad. And what of his shawl and trousers? Both a beautiful bright coral, they remind me of churidars under a tunic, a scarf for all occasions, of India, of South Asia, even further away than the seaside above his waist. 他身上没有明显的斗志。相反他具有女性的柔弱,趣味,有着家和远方的想法。他穿着用花装饰的围巾,像一位英国农村的母亲。他头发上有一些像春天的卡子。它们是家庭,农村和女性的象征。但是他朝着最高挑战又进了一步:一颗棕榈树,一片青绿色的海和晴朗的天空。罗伯特的胸部是海外度假的场景。那他的围巾和裤子呢?两个都是美丽闪光的珊瑚,它们使我想起束腰外衣下的印度长裤,想起一块适用于任何场合的围巾,想起印度,想起南亚,甚至想起他腰上方的海滨。Then there are his feet. Glitter fluff socks, suede court shoes, slightly wobbly stance. Robert’s feet are awkward, turned in, as easily embarrassed as a child. It’s as though he’s playing a part with his feet. As though the way he holds them was suggested by the shoes.接下来是他的脚。闪烁绒毛的袜子,绒面的球场鞋,微微歪斜的姿势。罗伯特的脚很笨拙,向内弯,像孩子一样局促不安。看起来好像他在和自己的脚玩耍。似乎他穿鞋的姿势是由鞋决定的。Robert’s clothes look cheap. They’re found or swapped rather than bought, which means their value is not in how much they cost but in how they are used. He uses them beautifully, with a quiet delight. He is one of the most unusually dressed people we’ve had in this column, but he isn’t wearing his clothes with show-off pride or check-me-out attitude. He’s just wearing them, like the rest of us do jeans and a sweatshirt. There is so much that’s unusual about Robert’s outfit, but the most remarkable thing about it is how he makes it all look so casual.罗伯特的衣看起来很廉价。它们不是买来的而是找来或交换来的,这意味着觉得它们价值的不是花费多少成本而是如何使用。他带着不起眼的愉悦,美妙地使用它们。他是这个专栏穿着最不寻常的人之一,但是他并没有炫耀似的骄傲或是想要被注意的态度。他只是穿着它们,就像我们穿牛仔裤和运动衫一样。罗伯特的饰有很多不寻常的地方,但最值得注意的是他如何让它们看起来那么随意。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430233青岛光子嫩肤好吗 We all get a little stuck sometimes.每个人都有不通畅的时候。Constipation can be caused by a host of things: A poor diet, a poor exercise routine and often stress can all contribute to discomfort on the toilet.便秘的原因有很多:饮食不好、锻炼不够、压力频繁都会让你上厕所的时候不畅快。In most cases, adding a little extra fiber to your diet can help get things moving.The body can#39;t fully digest the nutrient, so it comes out in the stool while promoting a healthy intestine.Fruits and veggies are naturally full of the stuff, but some individual foods can help make you more regular than others.According to the Institute of Medicine, men should consume about 38 grams of fiber a day and women should consume 25.Most Americans fall short, eating only 15 grams or so each day.大多数情况下,在你的饮食中加一点额外的纤维素有助于肠道畅通。身体不能完全吸收纤维,所以部分纤维会随粪便排出体外,同时促进了肠道健康。水果和蔬菜富含天然纤维素,另外也有一些食物可以让你的排便比其他人更规律。据美国医学研究所的研究,男性每天需要摄入约38克的膳食纤维,女性需要25克。大多数美国人的摄入量都不够,每天只有15克左右。The foods listed below can help loosen things up; keep it handy for when things don#39;t come as smoothly as you#39;d wish.And while an irregular series of bowel movements is not usually something to worry about, if the problem persists for more than three weeks or you#39;re experiencing extreme discomfort, it#39;s definitely time to seek advice from an expert.下面列举的食物能够促进肠道蠕动,要随时把这份列表放在手边,以应对便便困难的情况。肠道一时运动不规律通常并无大碍,但如果情况持续超过三周,或者你感到极度不适,那你就得马上咨询专家意见了。1.Coffee1.咖啡You probably drink your routine morning cup to wake up; coffee#39;s natural caffeine content stimulates your brain and prepares you to brace the day ahead.Besides that jolt, caffeine can also offer a laxativeeffect for some people.As HuffPost previously reported, it stimulates muscle contractions in the large intestines, making things flow.But be careful here: Too many cups will send you running to the bathroom and dealing with diarrhea.Sticking to two to three cups is your safest best.你或许会每天早上都喝一杯咖啡提神。咖啡里天然的咖啡因会使大脑兴奋,让你准备好随时应对一天中的事。除了提神,咖啡对意些人还有通便的功效。HuffPost不久前就报道过,咖啡会刺激大肠肌肉收缩,促进食物流动。不过要注意的是,喝太多的话你会拉肚子的,你会不停地去厕所。坚持喝两、三杯是最有益的。2.Water2.水Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for constipation.If you#39;re not drinking much water throughout the day, it#39;s time to get on it.Be sure to drink even more when you work out, especially on hotter days.缺水是便秘最常见的原因之一。如果你一天喝的水少,那你就要开始补水了。如果你运动了,特别是在天热的时候,就要保喝到更多的水。3.Popcorn3.爆米花Isn#39;t it nice to be able to call popcorn a health food? The snack offers about a gram of fiber for every cup.To make the most of popcorn, skip the kind that#39;s drenched in butter and make a plain, all-natural batch at home.爆米花能够被叫作健康食品是不是很棒呢?每一杯爆米花能为你提供大约1克的纤维素。不要吃那种泡过黄油的爆米花,在家里自己做一份纯天然的吧,这样才能充分发挥爆米花的功效。4.Spinach4.菠菜Popeye was right to promote spinach as a muscle-builder, but he should have also touted the leafy green#39;s ability to help you poop.(Strong muscles and a regular bathroom schedule? Sounds like a dream).A cup of boiled spinach has 4 grams of fiber and more than 150 mg of magnesium, a mineral that has laxative powers.大力水手宣传菠菜的增肌效果没有错,但他应该也吹捧一下菠菜通便的功效。(又能让你肌肉健壮又能让你排便规律?听起来像梦一样。)一茶杯份量的水煮菠菜含有4克纤维素和超过150微克的镁,这种矿物元素也有通便功效。5.Yogurt5.酸奶As Jamie Lee Curtis will tell ya, yogurt#39;s probiotic presence can improve the consistency and frequency of your poops.A 2014 analysis found that the probiotics in yogurt helped people poop more often and more comfortably.You don#39;t need to buy Activia to get the benefits.杰米·李·柯蒂斯会跟你说,酸奶中的益生菌能让你的排便更加顺畅规律。一项2014年的分析报告发现,酸奶中的益生菌能让人们排便更频繁、舒畅。不是非要达能酸奶才有这种益处。 /201511/408787Everything in moderation, as the old adage goes. As it turns out, that couldn#39;t be more accurate, as research continues to shed light on how the modern world is damaging our health. We might be living longer today than our ancestors did, but the current era isn#39;t as health-friendly as we might think.老话说得好,凡事都有个度。事实明,这句话十分准确,研究正持续揭露出现代社会是如何戕害我们的健康的。我们或许能比我们的祖先活得更久,但现在这个年代或许没有我们想的那样对健康多有益。10.Feeling Guilty Can Damage Your Health10.愧疚感能伤害你的身体Every January, people around the world resolve to leave their bad habits behind and embark on a journey of self-improvement as the new year begins. Then, a few weeks later, everyone starts to feel a little guilty for not following through.每年1月,全世界的人们都决心丢下他们的坏习惯并且在新年伊始时开始一场自我提升的旅程。接着,几周以后,每个人都会为没能做到而开始感到些许愧疚。But while a little guilt can encourage someone to make positive changes, too much guilt is a different story. Feeling guilty isn#39;t just unpleasant—it could be causing damage to your immune system. Researchers from Hull University found that people who felt guilty about their favorite activities had decreased levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A in their saliva. So if two people like to unwind with a box of wine and some trashy reality shows, but only one feels guilty about it, then the guilty person is more likely to catch viral and bacterial infections. That means your favorite ;guilty pleasure; could be the reason you seem to catch colds more often than someone who just calls it ;pleasure.;些许愧疚能鼓励一个人做一些积极的改变,但太多的愧疚感则另当别论了。感到愧疚不只是令人不愉快——它还可能对你的免疫系统造成损害。赫尔大学的研究者们发现对自己喜欢的活动感到愧疚的人唾液中的抗体免疫球蛋白水平降低。所以如果有两个人想用一箱葡萄酒和一些没什么意思的真人秀节目来放松自己,但只有一个人对此感到愧疚,那么这个愧疚的人更有可能被病毒和细菌感染。那意味着你最喜欢的;有罪恶感的快乐;可能就是你比只是单纯感到;快乐;的人更容易感冒的原因。9.Light Pollution9.光污染According to astronomers, the majority of Americans under 40 have never experienced true darkness. Urban areas experience a phenomenon called ;sky glow,; where artificial light is scattered by water droplets, creating a dome of light over the city. Even inside our own homes, the little lights on electronics like alarm clocks and televisions stay on 24/7—and our bodies just weren#39;t built to handle that. In fact, light pollution in the developed world is now so bad that it#39;s damaging our health. According to physicist Eric Vandernoot, the human body is hardwired for a cycle of light and darkness. Overuse of light in the evening is connected to a number of health problems, including increased risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.根据天文学家的说法,大多数40岁以下的美国人都没有体验过真正的黑暗。城市地区有种现象叫;人工白昼;,人造光被水滴反射出去,在城市上空制造了一个光线的穹顶。即使是在我们自己的家里,从闹钟和电视这样的电子产品中发出的微弱光线也一刻不停地照射着我们——而我们的身体可不是生来就能承受这些的。实际上,光污染在发达国家十分严重,它正侵蚀着我们的健康。根据物理学家Eric Vandernoot所说,人体天生适应光与暗的循环。在夜晚过度用光将导致一系列健康问题,包括增加患糖尿病、肥胖症、抑郁症、前列腺癌和乳腺癌的风险。Sleep disorders are another big problem. In fact, light pollution may have actually changed the entire way we experience sleep. Before the industrial revolution, it was common for people to sleep for two periods of around four hours each, separated by one to three hours ;of quiet wakefulness.; Even today, studies have shown that people tend to revert back to this sleep pattern once light pollution is taken out of the equation. And even if you buy blackout curtains and cover those flashing LEDs, you might still be in danger from excess light, since the streetlights are still on outside. Turning streetlights off has actually been found to drastically reduce crime (even criminals need to be able to see). Of course, that might not be much comfort to anyone trying to find their way home in the pitch dark, but at least they won#39;t get mugged.睡眠障碍是另一个大问题。实际上,光污染可能已经改变了我们整个睡觉的方式。在工业革命以前,人们普遍有两段睡眠期,每段约四小时左右,中间隔着1到3个小时的;安静的清醒;时期。研究显示,即使在今天,一旦光污染消失后人们也倾向于回到这种睡眠模式里去。而就算买了遮光布来挡住那些闪烁的LED灯光后,你可能还是会处在多余光照的危险下,因为外边还是有路灯。人们发现关掉路灯实际上大幅减少了犯罪行为(就连犯罪行为也需要能看得见)。当然,这对那些在伸手不见五指的黑暗中想要找到回家的路的人来说不是件好事,但至少他们不会被抢劫了。8.Added Sugar Is Worse Than You Realized8.多加糖比你意识到的更糟糕Sugar itself isn#39;t bad for you—glucose is essential to powering the body, especially the brain. The problem is that people are now consuming more sugar than ever, and you can definitely have too much of a good thing. And while our ancestors got most of their sugar from fruits and grains, these days most of our sugar is added to various processed foods—the average American eats 27.5 teaspoons of added sugar a day. It#39;s hard to cut back, too—the brain has a built-in trigger to let you know when you should stop eating and sugar consumption makes it less effective over time.糖本身对你无害——葡萄糖给身体、特别是大脑提供的能量至关重要。问题在于人们现在正消耗比以往更多的糖分,而再好的东西用起来都该有个度。我们祖先的多数糖分都是从水果和谷物中获取,而今天我们的多数糖都被加进了各种加工食品中——美国人一天中平均食用27.5匙的添加糖。减少食用量也很难——大脑有一套内置的机制,能让你知道什么时候应该停止进食,而糖分的消耗让它随着时间推移而变得不那么有效了。It#39;s only relatively recently that we#39;ve started to realize just how bad too much sugar can be for you. In the 1970s, when the public became concerned about fat in foods, manufacturers simply replaced fat with sugar. Since then, sugar consumption has shot up worldwide. Which is unfortunate, since sugar is now linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, premature aging of the skin, dementia, brain damage, poor metabolism, and liver damage. Added sugar might even be damaging to our very DNA. In fact, some scientists now regard sugar as a problem potentially as damaging as alcohol and tobacco.直到不久前我们才开始意识到太多的糖分会对人造成多大的危害。在上世纪70年代,当公众开始关心食物中的脂肪含量后,制造商仅仅是把脂肪换成了糖分。自那以后,全世界食糖量迅速上升。这挺不幸的,因为现在糖和高胆固醇、糖尿病、肥胖症、皮肤过早老化、痴呆、脑损伤、药物不良代谢以及肝损伤都有关。添加糖甚至对我们的DNA有害。实际上,一些科学家现在把糖看作是和酒精与烟草一样具有潜在危害的东西。7.Climate Change7.气候变化We aly know that global climate change is making Mother Earth sick, but it may also cause major health issues in humans. As our oceans get warmer, toxic algae blooms will increase in likelihood, area, and duration. Algae like Alexandrium catenella can contaminate seafood and cause everything from vomiting to death by paralysis.我们已经知道全球气候变化让地球母亲生病了,但它也可能会引起人类的重大健康危机。随着我们的海洋变暖,有害藻类将有可能持续区域性的大量繁殖。像链状亚历山大藻这样的藻类能够污染海产品并且通过麻痹引起呕吐甚至死亡等一系列反应。Meanwhile, as the Earth gets drier, more dust will be blown into the ocean, spurring the growth of dangerous bacteria—poisoning caused by bacteria of the genus Vibrio in seafood is aly up 85 percent since 1996. Rapid urban growth means that many sewer systems are aly close to overflowing and contaminating our water sources—in Milwaukee, it currently only takes 4.3 centimeters (1.7 in) of rain a day for this to happen. As climate change makes flooding more likely, this could become a real problem. Between the flooding and the increased bacterial growth in the oceans, don#39;t be surprised if water-borne diseases make a comeback in the developed world.与此同时,随着土地越发干旱,更多的尘土将被吹入海洋,激发危险的细菌生长——自1996年后由弧菌属细菌致毒的海产品已经在85%以上。快速的城市发展意味着许多污水管道系统已接近外溢而污染我们的水源——在密尔沃基,现在只需每日4.3厘米(1.7英寸)的降雨量就会发生这件事。至于气候变化使得发洪水的可能性更大,这将成为一个真正的问题。在思考洪水和海洋里增长的细菌的两个问题时,别为发达国家里卷土重来的水源性传染病感到惊讶。6.Lack Of Sleep6.睡眠的缺乏It might be a cliche, but in our fast-paced modern world many people just don#39;t get enough sleep. And researchers are increasingly concerned about just how dangerous that might be. In fact, men with chronic insomnia who sleep less than six hours per night are substantially more likely to die young than normal sleepers. In one study, 51.1 percent of male insomniacs were dead within 14 years, as opposed to just 9.1 percent of regular sleepers. Oddly, this only appears to affect men—women with chronic insomnia have only slightly higher mortality rates than average. That might be because men are more likely to suffer from severe insomnia than women, even though women are more likely to have insomnia overall.这或许是陈词滥调,但在我们快节奏的现代生活里,许多人都没有得到充足的睡眠。研究者们越来越关心这会带来怎样的危害。实际上,每晚睡觉少于6小时的慢性失眠者大体上更有可能比拥有正常睡眠的人死得早。在一项研究中,51.1%的男性失眠症患者在14年内死亡,与此相对照的是只有9.1%拥有正常睡眠的人死亡。古怪的是,这似乎只影响男性——患慢性失眠的女性死亡率只比平均水平高一点点。那可能是因为男性比女性更有可能患重度失眠症,即使总的来说女性更可能患失眠症。While insomnia itself isn#39;t deadly, it will slowly wear a person down by not allowing enough sleep for the body to rest, recover, and revitalize, and long-term sleep loss is now known to cause irreversible brain damage by killing off neurons. Even just working night shifts can badly damage your health. There is also no such thing as being able to ;catch up on sleep;—taking naps on the weekend won#39;t make up for lack of sleep during the week.虽然失眠本身不致命,它却会通过不允许身体由充足睡眠得到休息、恢复而慢慢拖垮一个人,并且现已知长期的睡眠缺失会通过杀死神经导致不可逆的脑损伤。即使只是值夜班也会大大危害你的健康。也不存在;补觉;的说法——在周末打个盹不能弥补这周缺失的睡眠。翻译:bansu 来源:前十网 /201510/405758青岛市李沧区第五医院简介

青岛美白针多少钱一次Tsinghua University#39;s Center for Statistical Science has set up a Medical Big Data Center to support the increasing demand for medical big data research and to follow the call for developing big data by the State Council in China.医疗大数据研究的需求不断增加,同时为了响应中国国务院发展大数据的号召,清华大学统计学研究中心建立了医疗大数据中心。Analysis Group, one of the largest economic consulting firms headquartered in Boston, will also join the center as a strategic partner to develop the Medical Big Data Center.总部在波士顿的安诺析思国际咨询公司是最大的经济咨询公司之一,该公司也将加入医疗大数据中心,并作为战略合作伙伴推动其发展。According to Liu Jun, director of the Center for Statistical Science of Tsinghua University, who is also professor of statistics at Harvard University, the center#39;s research will focus on medical big data methodology development and applications.清华大学统计学研究中心主任、哈佛大学统计学教授刘军表示,该中心将重点研究医疗大数据方法的开发与应用。;The center will also provide research to support clinical decision making, health policies,hospital and healthcare system management, and innovation by the healthcare industry,; he said.刘军称:“医疗大数据中心还将就临床决策、卫生政策、医院和卫生保健系统的管理、医疗保健行业创新等方面进行研究。”;Meanwhile, the center will also focus on the development of talents who will lead medical bigdata research in academics, government and the healthcare industry.;“同时,研究中心会重点培养人才,他们将在学术、政府和卫生保健行业的大数据研究中发挥带头作用。”The Medical Big Data Center will work together with the Institute for Data Sciences and MedicalSchool, while other institutes in Tsinghua will also invite researchers and experts from various academic and research organizations, including Peking University, the Chinese Academy ofSciences and Harvard University.医疗大数据中心将与数据科学研究所和医学院合作,同时清华大学的其他研究所也将邀请包括北京大学、中国科学院、哈佛大学在内的各种学术和研究机构的研究员和专家参与研究。Clinical experts from major hospitals and medical institutions will also join to develop the medicalbig data research platform, said Liu.刘军表示,重点医院和医疗机构的临床专家也将为医疗大数据研究平台的发展献力。Liu said the collaboration between Tsinghua University and Analysis Group presents a strong combination in scientific research and talent development.他说,清华大学和安诺析思国际咨询公司的合作反映了科学研究和人才培养的有力结合。While Tsinghua has a world-class research team with a solid theoretical foundation supporting medical big data research, Analysis Group offers extensive experience in the global applications of medical big data research to support medical providers, payers, the health industry and government policy makers, he said.清华大学世界一流的研究团队具有坚实的理论基础,这为医疗大数据的研究提供了有力的撑,安诺析思国际咨询公司在医疗大数据研究的全球应用方面经验丰富,这些应用为医疗机构、纳税人、健康产业和政府决策者提供了帮助。The research teams from Tsinghua and Analysis Group have aly been collaborating closely over the years in fields of comparative effectiveness analysis, construction of medical big data, data mining, personalized medicine and Chinese natural language processing.近年来,清华的研究团队和安诺析思国际咨询公司在比较效益分析、医疗大数据的构建,数据挖掘,个性化医疗和中国自然语言处理等领域一直保持着密切的合作。The collaboration will help develop talent who will play an important role in medical big dataresearch, medical informatics and related industries in China, he said.刘军称,这种合作将有助于培养中国医疗大数据研究、医疗信息和相关产业的领军人才。 /201511/407225青岛黑脸娃娃祛痘哪家医院好 Two years ago, 150m iPhones sold and bn in annual App Store spending could not persuade Bobby Kotick to take an interest in mobile gaming. The chief executive of Activision Blizzard, the world’s largest games company, still worried that mobile games were all one-hit wonders, like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird, at a time when its latest Call of Duty title was minting bn on its first day on sale.两年前,1.5亿部iPhone的销量以及App Store 100亿美元的年消费额都没能使得鲍比科蒂克(Bobby Kotick)对手游产生些许兴趣。全球最大视频游戏公司——动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)的首席执行官当时仍然担心手游只是昙花一现,就像《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)和Flappy Bird一样,而当时动视最新版《使命召唤》(Call of Duty)首日发行就将10亿美元收入囊中。“Right now we just don’t see anything that would suggest that changing the way we approach investing against mobile would be a good idea,” Mr Kotick told analysts on an earnings call in 2013.“眼下我们只是不认为有任何迹象表明,我们改变不投资手游的姿态会是个好主意,”科蒂克在2013年一次财报电话会议中向分析师们表示。At the beginning of the decade, when many in the industry were chasing after Zynga’s FarmVille and other “social” games for Facebook, Mr Kotick had made a similarly counterintuitive move by launching Skylanders, a range of interactive toys. Sparking copycats from Disney to Nintendo, Skylanders became a bn franchise selling 250m action figures, while Zynga’s business has shrunk into irrelevance.本十年初,在游戏行业很多公司都在追逐Zynga的《乡村度假》(FarmVille)以及Facebook上其他“社交”游戏之际,科蒂克作出了同样貌似违反直觉的举动——推出互动玩具系列《小龙斯派罗》(Skylanders)。已引起迪士尼(Disney)和任天堂(Nintendo)效仿的《小龙斯派罗》,成为了一个售出2.5亿人形玩偶、总值30亿美元的特许销售系列,与此同时Zynga的业务则缩水至无足轻重的规模。Even if social gaming turned out to be a fad, however, the decision to overlook mobile would soon catch up with Mr Kotick. By the end of 2013, an addictive puzzle app called Candy Crush Saga was being played by 93m people every day. Last year, it drove revenues of .2bn for its developers, King Digital.然而,尽管社交游戏到头来被明是一时的风尚,但对手游不屑一顾的决定很快就让科蒂克蒙受损失。2013年底,令人欲罢不能的益智App《糖果粉碎传奇》(Candy Crush Saga)的日均游戏玩家达到9300万。去年,该款游戏为其开发公司King Digital带来了22亿美元的收入。This week, the 52-year-old Mr Kotick finally responded in bold style. Activision agreed to buy King for .9bn, creating a company with a combined audience of 500m monthly players.最近,52岁的科蒂克终于决定大胆出手。动视同意斥资59亿美元收购King Digital,缔造一家拥有月均5亿玩家受众的公司。What Mr Kotick calls his “disciplined, deliberate and methodical” dealmaking has made Activision Blizzard the most valuable company in gaming, its market capitalisation hitting a new all-time high this week of bn.被科蒂克称为“中规中矩、深思熟虑、有条有理”的交易撮合,使动视暴雪成为视频游戏界估值最高的公司,最近其总市值创下了270亿美元的历史新高。Growing up in Long Island, New York, Mr Kotick was hustling from an early age, selling sandwiches and wallets at school. He started his first company, selling software for the Apple II personal computer, while studying art and literature at the University of Michigan. Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, persuaded him to drop out to pursue it full-time.科蒂克在纽约州长岛长大,从小就忙于赚钱,在学校里卖三明治和钱包。在密歇根大学(University of Michigan)学习艺术和文学期间,他创办了自己第一家公司,出售苹果二代(Apple II)个人电脑所用的软件。苹果(Apple)联合创始人史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)说科蒂克辍学,全职经营公司。Among the big names in Mr Kotick’s vast network, it was Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas hotels billionaire, who gave Mr Kotick his start, writing a 0,000 cheque for the 20-year-old after they met at the Cattle Barons’ Ball in Dallas.科蒂克的庞大人脉网中包含许多大名鼎鼎的人物,酒店业亿万富翁史蒂夫韦恩(Steve Wynn)便是其中之一。韦恩给科蒂克提供了一个起点,两人在达拉斯的募款活动Cattle Barons’ Ball上见面后,韦恩给这位20岁的小伙子签了一张30万美元的票。The Apple software business was shortlived but, a few years later, Mr Wynn supported another venture by Mr Kotick: his attempt to revive a struggling games company called Mediagenic. Spun out of Atari, a maker of home computers, in 1979, the company had made popular games with titles such as Kaboom! and Pitfall. But by 1990, it had lost all its founders and the games market had stalled.这家苹果软件公司经营的时间不长,但是,几年后韦恩又出资持了科蒂克另一项冒险:试图重振举步维艰的游戏公司Mediagenic。1979年从家用电脑制造商雅达利(Atari)分离出来后,Mediagenic曾打造了Kaboom!和《逃离险境》(Pitfall)等热门游戏。但是到了1990年,该公司失去了所有的创始人,同时视频游戏市场陷入停滞。Mr Kotick bought a stake of the company for 0,000, moved it to Los Angeles and gave it back its original name: Activision. Gamers started gravitating towards the couch, playing games on televisions hooked up to powerful set-top consoles instead of sitting at computer screens, and the company followed them, doing ever-larger deals. LA studio Neversoft produced its first hit of the PlayStation era, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, in 1999. He picked up Guitar Hero — in which players put themselves in the shoes of Freddie Mercury, sporting plastic guitars that plug in to all major brands of console — for 0m in 2007. It became the first such game to reach bn in sales. That year also saw the first big hit of the Call of Duty franchise: Modern Warfare, which centres around special forces missions.科蒂克以40万美元购买了该公司的股份,将公司迁往洛杉矶,并重新启用了原有名称——动视(Activision)。游戏玩家开始沉迷于坐在沙发上,将电视连上强大的机顶游戏机后玩游戏、而不是坐在电脑屏幕前,而动视追随着游戏玩家,交易越做越大。1999年,位于洛杉矶的游戏工作室Neversoft凭借《职业滑板高手》(Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater)在PlayStation时代一鸣惊人。2007年,科蒂克斥资1亿美元收购了《吉他英雄》(Guitar Hero)——在该游戏中,玩家扮成弗雷迪墨丘利(Freddie Mercury),弹起可以连接所有主要品牌游戏机的塑料吉他。该游戏成为了同类游戏中首款销售额突破10亿美元的游戏。那一年也见了《使命召唤》系列的首款成功游戏《现代战争》(Modern Warfare)一炮打响。该游戏以特种部队的任务为题材。Mr Kotick has a knack for minting blockbuster franchises that makes his friends in Hollywood jealous. But to critics — who have compared him with everyone from Star Wars baddie Emperor Palpatine to the cartoon villain Scrooge McDuck — the annual Call of Duty update puts profit ahead of creativity.科蒂克缔造畅销系列的本事让他在好莱坞的朋友们眼红。但是对批评者而言——他们把科蒂克比作各色人物,从《星球大战》(Star Wars)中的大反派皇帝帕尔普廷(Emperor Palpatine),到卡通反派角色史高治麦克老鸭(Scrooge McDuck)——每年一个新版的《使命召唤》将利润置于创造力之上。Friends call that unfair. “He is an entrepreneur and a very bottom-line businessman,” says Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation. “But beyond that he is a very smart and intuitively great creative talent.”朋友们认为这样说不公平。“他是企业家,是非常注重盈亏的商人,”梦工厂动画电影公司(DreamWorks Animation)的首席执行官杰弗里愠森伯格(Jeffrey Katzenberg)称,“但是除此之外,他还是一个非常聪明、在直觉上极具创造力的天才。”Mr Kotick certainly has a sizeable pay packet: he earned .9m last year, and made .9m in 2012, including a four-year stock scheme. Among the other beneficiaries of that wealth is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where Mr Kotick is a trustee.当然,科蒂克有着非常可观的薪水:去年他赚了690万美元,2012年赚了6490万美元,其中包括一项为期4年的股票计划。他的财富的受益人包括洛杉矶艺术物馆(Los Angeles County Museum of Art),他是该物馆的一个受托人。“He’s very generous and has been key to assembling the next generation of philanthropists,” says Lacma director Michael Govan, whom Mr Kotick convinced to move to LA from New York to take the post in 2006. “I can tell you first hand, he is a very persuasive person.”“他非常慷慨,对组织下一代慈善家起着关键性的作用,”洛杉矶艺术物馆的总监迈克尔戈万(Michael Govan)称,“我能以自己的亲身经历告诉你,他是一个非常有说力的人。”2006年,戈万被科蒂克说从纽约搬到洛杉矶接受这个职位。But at Activision, Mr Kotick can be less generous with company funds. “Bobby is really tight and makes sure they don’t overpay for anything,” says Michael Pachter, games analyst at Wedbush Securities. “He throws nickels around like they are manhole covers.”但是在动视,科蒂克对公司的资金就没那么大度了。“鲍比管钱真的很紧,确保不花任何冤枉钱,”韦德布希券公司(Wedbush Securities)的游戏分析师迈克尔帕赫特(Michael Pachter)称,“他花5分钱的硬币就像它们像窨井盖那么沉重似的。”Mr Kotick’s own nickels are on the line. Together with Activision’s co-chairman Brian Kelly, he invested 0m two years ago as part of the .2bn deal to buy out Vivendi, the French media group that held a majority stake in the game maker. Even after that huge transaction and now the King deal, he is not standing still. Last month he hired the former chief executive of sports network ESPN to broadcast games being played competitively. Movie offshoots are in the works, too.经营好坏关系到科蒂克自己的硬币。两年前,在那笔总值82亿美元、回购维旺迪(Vivendi,持有动视大部分股份的法国媒体集团)所持股份的交易中,科蒂克与动视联名主席布赖恩凯利(Brian Kelly)联手投入了1亿美元。即使是在完成了那笔巨额交易、以及如今又收购King Digital后,他仍然没有停下脚步。10月份,他聘请了体育电视网ESPN的前首席执行官来播放竞争性的视频游戏。电影项目也在筹备中。“He’s a great storyteller,” says Mr Katzenberg. “I don’t think I could touch him at his game.”“他是一个出色的讲述者,”梦工厂动画电影公司的卡森伯格称,“我觉得我没法在他的领域望其项背。” /201511/410961市北区中医院口腔美容中心

青岛小腿抽脂减肥价格 ;Grin; is the most popular emoji on the instant messaging tool QQ in China, and was used more than 52 billion times in 2015, according to a report released by Tencent.腾讯公司发布的一份报告称,“龇牙”表情是即时聊天工具QQ上最受欢迎的表情,在2015年使用次数超过520亿次。The report was based on the data of more than 860 million QQ users, for whom means polite, cute, and friendly, and has become the best way to say hello when chatting online.该报告的数据采集自超过8.6亿QQ用户,他们认为“龇牙”表情礼貌、可爱而又友好,因而是网上搭讪的不二之选。Different people prefer different emojis. Though not listed in the top 5, icons of crying are popular among women and kids.当然,各人自有各人钟爱的聊天表情。哭泣类表情虽未能入驻前五,却赢得了女性和儿童的青睐。Females like the emoji ;sob; most, which is also used to represent acting like a child. Kids and teenagers between the age of 5 to 15 favor ;whimper;, which is frequently used for an icon representing tears.女性最喜欢“流泪” ,让人觉得她们童心未泯。5到15岁之间的青少年喜欢“大哭” ,常用来代表泪水。Meanings of emojis change over the years, too.各个表情的意思也在逐渐变化。The emoji ;smile; used to represent kindness, but now indicates unhappy and dismissive. For example, one can reply with when he disagrees with and makes fun of others.“微笑” 曾经表示友好和善,如今却代表不开心和鄙视。例如,在反对并取笑对方时就可以用这个表情。The emoji ;wave; used to mean goodbye, but now is more often used to mean to pretend that ;we are no longer friends;. For example, one can say ;I don#39;t want to see you anymore;, which is usually not taken seriously.“再见” 曾经用来告别,如今却往往用来佯装“我们不能愉快地做朋友了”。比如,我们可以说“再也不见 ”,当然这一般是开玩笑的啦。The emoji ;laugh and cry;, which was chosen as the word of the year of 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a new star with several different meanings, for example laughing out loud, expressing extreme happiness, laughing helplessly, or embarrassment.“笑哭” 当选为牛津英语词典2015年度词汇,是一颗身负多重含义的新星,表达的含义可以有哈哈大笑、喜不自胜、无力苦笑、尴尬无语等。 /201602/426710胶南市人民医院位置青岛市诺德医院正规的吗



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