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It was 7:30 a.m., and I was groggily pulling on a bathrobe when the doorbell rang.当时是清晨七点半。一听到门铃响,我便迷迷糊糊裹上了一件浴袍。#39;Who could that be?#39; I murmured to my husband.“那会是谁呢?”我向丈夫呢喃道。#39;It#39;s the painters,#39; he answered, darting downstairs to open the door. I soon heard him chatting with them in Spanish on the front porch. That#39;s when I really woke up.“是油漆工”,他一边冲下楼去开门一边说。不久我就听见他和油漆工们在前面门廊用西班牙语交谈。那时,我才真正从梦乡中醒来。#39;The painters? For our house?#39; I called down the stairs incredulously. Alejandro and I had been talking about painting the exterior of the house for over a month. We had looked at color charts, painted sample patches and narrowed down the choices. But we were still completing the plan.“油漆工?来刷我们的房子?”我冲楼下大喊,觉得难以置信。一个多月以来,亚历杭德罗(Alejandro)和我一直都在谈论房屋外观的刷漆问题。我们一起看了比色图表和刷好的样品,并缩小了选择范围。但我们仍在完善这个计划的过程中。By the time he came back inside, I was furious.等他回到房间时,我已是怒不可遏了。#39;Why are painters aly here? We don#39;t know the accent colors! We haven#39;t sketched it out! We didn#39;t run it by my sister!#39; I complained.“为什么油漆工现在就来了?我们连主色调是什么都不知道!我们还没有把草图画出来!我们还没让我的过目呢!”我抱怨道。#39;We#39;ll get started and figure it all out as we go,#39; Alejandro said. #39;It#39;s time to make it happen.#39;“我们就要动工了,在这个过程中,我们会把所些问题都一一解决的。”亚历杭德罗说,“该是开工的时候了。”I was mad all day long: Painting our house is part of our investment in it and ought to be a mutual decision, I fumed. But that evening when I got home and took a look at the painters#39; progress, it was suddenly easy to figure out where the trim color should go and what color the door should be. I tried to defend my morning hysteria, saying we had not technically been y to pull the trigger on the project, but my argument fell apart in light of how well it was working out.我一整天都气鼓鼓的。刷房子是我们对房产投资的一部分,这应该是两个人共同的决定,我十分恼火。但那天晚上,当我回家看到油漆工的进展时,突然觉得不费吹灰之力便能说出门该上什么色、哪些地方该刷配色。但我还是试着为自己早上歇斯底里的行为辩解。我说,严格说来,我们并未准备好动工。但由于刷漆工程进展得异常顺利,我的此番争论因而完全站不住脚。#39;Maybe you could even say…I was right?#39; he asked, teasingly, hopefully.“也许你甚至可以说……我是对的?”亚历杭德罗揶揄道。他对我的态度发生转变仍抱有希望。I answered with a mock cry of horror, as though he had asked me to curse my children. I love the man, but really. What a suggestion.我对他的话报以一阵恐怖的假哭干嚎,就好像他要我诅咒自己的孩子一样。但我爱这个男人,是真爱。让我承认他是对的,这是多好的一个建议。***---In a democratic system like our marriage, where two parties enjoy a 50-50 split in voting rights, it#39;s uncomfortable when one party designates himself or herself the dictator and makes a decree. I#39;ve always prided myself on being part of a marriage of equals, where we are both the bwinners and, as I like to tenderly remind the South American gentleman to whom I am wed, we are both responsible for the housework. We also both handle the banking, bill paying and investment decisions.当身处我们的婚姻这样一种民主制度中时,双方在投票表决权上各占一半,如果其中有一方(他或她)自封为独裁者并作出一个裁定,这就会让另一个人不快。一直以来,我都为自己是这段平等婚姻中的一份子而感到自豪。我们两个人都在赚钱养家,同时我也喜欢温柔地提醒我丈夫──娶我的这位南美绅士──两个人都应该承担一些家务。而在事务、账单付和投资决策方面,我们俩也是有商有量。But as illustrated by the #39;paint-gate#39; episode, sometimes it really doesn#39;t work to wait around for consensus to take hold. Sometimes you need to designate a trigger man to execute the final decision. And sometimes─and this is where it gets complicated─we need to assign ourselves that role and simply take over.但回到我刚刚提的“刷门”事件上,你会发现,有时候想要达成共识,光空等着根本就行不通。有时你需要指派一位“扣动扳机的男人”来作出最终的决定。还有一些时候──这种情况就很复杂了──我们需要自封为这个角色并坦然接受。In retrospect, I realize I did this a few years ago after our kids were born and I felt strongly that we did not have enough life insurance. For Alejandro it was a nonissue: None of his Uruguayan friends or family have life insurance, which he considered a symptom of Yankee neurosis. Getting insurance for myself was easy enough, but it felt awkward to demand that Alejandro take out a policy on himself. Combine that with the fact that when I can#39;t sleep, I watch those true-crime TV shows that are inevitably about one spouse who knocked off the other for the insurance money.回忆往事,我发觉自己在几年前就曾这样做过。那是在我们的孩子出生后,我强烈地感到一家人的人寿保险缴得不够多。而对亚历杭德罗来说,这根本就不是个问题:他在乌拉圭的家人朋友统统都没有人寿保险,所以在他看来,这完全是美国佬的神经质症状。要我为自己买一份保险是小事一桩,但如果要求亚历杭德罗也这么做会让我觉得尴尬为难。还有,那就是我在睡不着的时候会看一些根据真人真事拍的犯罪电视节目,那里面必然会上演这样的剧情:夫妻中的一方为了吞掉配偶的保险金而出手干掉对方。However, it was my absolute certainty that life insurance was essential that motivated him. Now we both have policies, and we both feel better for having them.尽管如此,我还是百分百确定,人寿保险对他来说必不可少且至关重要。正是这种坚定,促使我让他上了保险。现在我们俩都投了保,这也让我们感觉更好。One party having that total confidence that this is the right thing to do is, I believe, the first requirement for decree-making. It relates to the second requirement, which is a willingness to take responsibility for the consequences. It#39;s not always possible to completely mitigate the impact after the fact, but it#39;s important to let your spouse know you understand it will be your job to clean up any mess.我认为,作出独裁决定的首要前提就是:一方须完全确信自己要做的事是对的。而这又与第二个前提息息相关,那就是愿意为一切后果承担责任。虽然事后不可能完全消除所有的影响,但有一点很重要,就是要让你的伴侣知道,你非常清楚残局要归你来收拾。I got an opportunity last week to exercise some of my new theories on decree-making when we needed to clear out space in our garage, which we are converting to a guesthouse. I suggested selling our unneeded stuff on Craigslist.上周,就在我们需要清空车库、准备将其变成一间客房的时候,我得到了一个能将我自创的“独裁决定新理论”付诸实践的机会。我建议将家里用不上的东西放到在线分类网站Craigslist上出售。Alejandro was negative about Craigslist, arguing that he didn#39;t want strangers stopping by the house and that the payoff would be too small for the work of posting ads and fielding calls. At first, I let the items sit while we mentioned them to friends, hoping we might somehow luck into a taker.而亚历杭德罗却一口否决了在Craigslist上卖旧物的想法,他争辩说不想让陌生人到家里来,而且跟刊登广告和接答电话的工作付出相比,卖东西的所得太少了。一开始,我依了他,就将物品闲置在家里,但向朋友们宣传了旧物出售的消息,希望就这样靠运气,没准儿会寻来买家。Finally, I decided this was silly: I knew selling them on Craigslist was the right thing to do, and I was willing to do the work of vetting calls and receiving customers. A week later, our garage was empty and we were a few hundred dollars richer. Alejandro can hardly remember why he didn#39;t like the Craigslist idea and is happy to have been overruled.但最终,我觉得这种方式太愚蠢了:我知道把它们放在Craigslist上出售才是正确的事情,我也愿意去做筛选来电和接待买家的工作。一周以后,车库就被清空了,我们的手头也多出了几百美金。现在,亚历杭德罗很难想起自己当初为什么不喜欢在Craigslist上卖东西的主意,他也乐于接受自身建议被否决的事实。And, oddly enough, that#39;s how I feel about the house paint and some other decisions that my beloved temporary dictator has unilaterally imposed.说来也怪,在刷房子和其他一些由我心爱的临时独裁者单方面敲定的事情上,我也颇有同感。I may even work my way up to saying #39;you were right.#39; But first let#39;s see how the house looks when the paint dries.也许,我会争取说一声“你是对的。”但在这之前,先让我们等油漆干了,瞧瞧房子的模样再说吧。 /201305/242252年度“时尚黑名单”出炉 贝嫂最没品味A decade after singling out the Spice Girls as fashion atrocities, Mr. Blackwell put just one of them -- Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham -- at the top of his 48th annual worst-dressed list released Tuesday.The acid-tongued critic who was designing dresses for the rich and famous when he originated the list in 1960, skewered entertainment's biggest stars in the latest compilation of fashion follies, including Fergie, Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.Blackwell heaped venom on Beckham, his No. 1 choice on the list."Forget the fashion spice, wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck-em," he said in a statement.Blackwell listed the Spice Girls as No. 1 in his 1998 worst-dressed list, deriding the group as "the only spices on the planet that have no taste."The top 10 roll-call of fashion dishonors also included:No. 2. Amy Winehouse -- "Exploding beehives above, tacky polka-dots below, she's part 50's carhop horror."No. 3. Mary Kate Olsen -- "She resembles a tattered toothpick-trapped in a hurricane."No. 4. Fergie -- "Yes, when it comes to couture chaos, guess it's all in a name!"The rest of the top 10 list included Kelly Clarkson, Eva Green, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Alison Arngrim.Missing from the list was Britney Spears, who has made it many times before."I felt that it was inappropriate at this time to make comment, when her personal life is in such upheaval. I hope 2008 is a better year for her," Blackwell said.Blackwell also released a Fabulous Fashion Independents list that included Reese Witherspoon, Jemima Khan, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, Katherine Heigl and Cate Blanchett. 布莱克维尔第48届年度 “时尚黑名单”于本周二出炉。在“辣”组合被评为该“最差穿着榜”冠军的十年后,布莱克维尔将今年的冠军颁给了“辣”成员之一“高贵辣”维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆。时尚“毒舌”布莱克维尔从1960年开始编撰该榜,当时他专为社会名流设计时装。今年,圈的一些大牌明星遭到了布莱克维尔的炮轰,其中包括菲吉、凯莉#8226;克拉克森、林赛#8226;洛翰和杰西卡#8226;辛普森。而对于今年的“冠军”维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆,布莱尔维尔给出了恶毒的评价:“曾经那个时尚的辣不见了,那个辣随便穿件短裙就够时尚!现在爱翘嘴的‘高贵辣’穿着一件又一件紧身的奇装异,简直能把它们给撑爆了。”1998年,“辣”组合被布莱尔维尔评为当年的最差穿着榜冠军,他评价该组合是“地球上唯一没有味道(品味)的香料”。十大最差穿着名人包括:第二名 埃米#8226;怀恩豪斯。点评:“头上顶着炸开的马蜂窝,下面是俗不可耐的波卡圆点,活脱一个50多岁的饭店务员。”第三名 玛丽#8226;凯特#8226;奥森。点评:“像个被困在飓风中的衣衫褴褛的牙签。”第四名 菲吉。点评:“堪称时尚灾难的代名词。”其他几位上榜明星包括凯莉#8226;克拉克森、伊娃#8226;格林、艾薇儿、杰西卡#8226;辛普森、林赛#8226;洛翰和艾莉森#8226;安格里姆。曾多次上榜的布兰妮今年则“幸免于难”。布莱克维尔说:“在这个时候对她评头论足不太合适,现在她的生活一团乱。我希望她2008年能交好运。”布莱尔维尔还公布了一份“时尚佳人名单”,其中包括里斯#8226;威瑟斯彭、杰尼玛#8226;卡恩、碧昂丝、安吉利娜#8226;茱丽、海伦#8226;米伦、妮可#8226;基德曼、凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯、凯特#8226;米德尔顿、凯瑟琳#8226;黑格尔和凯蒂#8226;布兰切特。 /200803/31399

Christmas is marked on the 25 December (7 January for Orthodox Christians).12月25日是圣诞节(东正教的圣诞节是1月7日)。圣诞节的故事:耶稣的诞生The Holy Family, Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus.圣母玛利亚、约瑟夫、婴儿耶稣Christmas is a Christian holy day that marks the birth of Jesus, the son of God.圣诞节是基督教的一个神圣节日。因为他标志着耶稣,上帝之子的诞生。Jesus#39; birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible.圣经新约记载了耶稣的出生,即耶稣诞生。The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts. It is from them that the nativity story is pieced together.马太福音和路加福音对耶稣诞生分别作了记载,基于这两者的记载,我们才有了流传到现在的耶稣诞生故事。 /201312/269907

Given the parlous state of the European car market, this would not seem a sensible moment to launch a new car brand. Yet, Qoros, a Chinese-Israeli joint venture, did exactly that at the Geneva motor show last week.鉴于欧洲汽车市场的糟糕现状,当前或许并不是推出一个新汽车品牌的合适时点。但中国和以色列合资的观致汽车有限公司(QOROS)上周在日内瓦车展上举行了全球首秀。Qoros’ primary target market is China. But more than 10 per cent of an annual volume of 150,000 cars that are set to roll off its production line in Changshu, China later this year are set to be exported to Europe.观致汽车的主要目标市场是在中国。但在其位于中国常熟的生产线今年晚些时候计划产出的15万辆汽车当中,有超过10%将被出口至欧洲市场。This explains the stream of curious executives from rivals including Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault who came to the Qoros stand in Geneva to size up the young pretender and its first model, a sedan.这也是来自大众(Volkswagen)、丰田(Toyota)、雷诺(Renault)等竞争对手的高管对观致汽车充满好奇的原因,他们来到观致汽车在日内瓦车展的展台,仔细打量这家年轻的竞争者及其首个车型——一款轿车。Qoros is a 50-50 joint venture between China’s Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, the industrial holding company controlled by Idan Ofer, Israel’s richest man with an estimated fortune of .6bn, according to Bloomberg.观致汽车是由中国奇瑞汽车(Chery Automobile)与以色列控股集团(Israel Corporation)各自持股50%成立的合资企业。以色列集团是由以色列首富伊丹?奥佛(Idan Ofer)掌控的工业控股公司。来自彭(Bloomberg)的数据显示,奥佛的财富总额估计达到56亿美元。China, the world’s largest car market, is dominated by foreign brands and Chinese makes have in the past struggled to penetrate the European market because of concerns over quality.中国作为全球第一大汽车市场,目前主要是外国品牌占据优势地位。而且,中国汽车生产商过去一直难以进入欧洲市场,因为当地对于中国汽车的质量存在顾虑。Qoros, which was founded in 2007, therefore put together an international team of well known western car executives to deliver western standards of safety and German-influenced design.有鉴于此,成立于2007年的观致汽车组建了一由著名西方车企管理人士构成的国际化团队,以贯彻西方的安全性能标准以及德国式产品设计。They include Gert Hildebrand, former chief designer at Mini, and Volker Steinwascher, former head of Volkswagen’s North America operations. Qoros also relied on advice from McKinsey, the consultancy.观致汽车请来了Mini的前任首席设计师格特?希尔德布兰德(Gert Hildebrand)以及大众北美业务前任主管石清仁(Volker Steinwascher)。该公司还聘请了咨询机构麦肯锡(consultancy)提供建议。“The car industry went through very bad times in the financial crisis but it was beneficial for us as we were able to recruit great talent in that period,” Mr Ofer told the FT in an interview. “We were fortunate to reach practically anybody we wanted.奥佛在接受英国《金融时报》的一次采访时表示:“在金融危机期间,汽车工业经历了非常艰难的阶段,但这对于我们来说是有利的,因为我们得以在此期间请到如此优秀的人才加盟。我们非常幸运地把想要邀请的绝大多数人都成功招至麾下。”“I’m not a racing guy, I like to think of myself as an industrialist so I’m not doing this for fun, this is a serious industry?.?.?.?And we couldn’t have found a better partner than Chery. We’ve come a long way from the initial concept and they never said: ‘maybe we should do it in another way’.”“我不是一名赛车爱好者。我喜欢把自己看做是一个实业家,因此成立观致汽车并不是为了好玩,这是一个严肃的领域……而且我们不可能找到比奇瑞更好的合作伙伴。相对于最初的构想,我们现在已经取得了很大进展,而且他们从来不曾说过:‘或许我们应该采用另一种方法来做这件事。’”Qoros will require about .7bn in funding of which .2bn is equity – split 50-50 between the two parties – and .5bn debt. As well as the Changshu plant, Qoros has had to establish its own dealer network in China.观致汽车所需资金规模高达27亿美元,其中12亿美元以股权形式筹集,奇瑞汽车和以色列集团各承担50%;其余15亿美元则以债务形式募集。除了在常熟设立生产厂以外,观致汽车还需要在中国国内建立一套自有经销商网络。 /201303/230158放飞梦想,没有不可能I have a band in Beijing, Woodie Alan. The moniker is a joke, reflecting my name and that of my Chinese partner, Woodie Wu, but the group is not. In fact, much to my surprise, I am fronting a pretty happening little band.I never could have pulled this off back home. I owe my success as a gigging musician, however far it goes, to being an expat. Moving here and re-establishing my identity has allowed me to redefine myself, casting off old insecurities and pursuing a reality I always envisioned but didn't quite know how to achieve. In this, I am not alone.Many people find that expat life allows them to liberate themselves from the accumulated reputation and history that can come to define you. Everyone plays an established role with his or her families and old friends, and moving somewhere new gives you an opportunity to reboot. Expats may also be more willing to give something new a try; after all if you've traded Milwaukee for Beijing, why not try your hand at fronting a band, or running a bar, or riding a motorcycle?Woodie Alan plays regularly at The Stone Boat, inside Ritan Park, within one of the city's Embassy districts. The little bar is actually a stone boat and sits on a lake with a small stage extending over the water and tables sp along the banks, a surprisingly serene, pastoral setting right in the middle of downtown Beijing.American expat Jonathan Ansfield and his wife run the Stone Boat. Jonathan is a journalist and blogger, contributing to Newsweek and other publications and Web sites. Now he is also a bar proprietor and a small-scale Beijing music impresario, booking performers for free shows three nights a week during the warmer months.'It's an out of body experience -- certainly nothing I ever did or would have done had I stayed in America,' he says. 'I've always loved music and spent a lot of time going to clubs and seeing bands in college, but I can't see how I ever would have ended up booking bands had I stayed in the U.S. But I've been into the Beijing music scene since I got here [over 10 years ago] so it's something I really enjoy.'It's manifestly easier to realize some goals here than it would be in the U.S. American Jonathan Anderson, now an analyst for the investment bank UBS, fronted blues bands in Moscow in the early '90s and in Beijing at the end of that decade. In this city he co-founded the Rhythm Dogs with some of the city's finest musicians, including key members of the Cui Jian Band, China's first significant rockers.'I'm a mediocre harmonica player and a worse guitarist but I had my pick of incredible musicians,' says Mr. Anderson. 'With some vision, drive and hard work, anything was possible. It was like living out a fantasy. The quality of the guys I played with was head and shoulders above what I could have rated at home. It was like walking in and gigging with Led Zeppelin and that just doesn't happen in a more developed market.'Kaiser Kuo has a similar story. He moved to Beijing in 1988, formed the hard rock band Tang Dynasty in 1989, put out an album in 1990 and was touring all over the country by 1991. After returning to the University of Arizona to pursue a doctorate in East Asian Studies, Mr. Kuo found himself daydreaming about Chinese rock stardom and eventually quit school to return to Beijing. He rejoined Tang Dynasty and was soon performing in 35,000-seat stadiums. Now overseeing digital strategy for Ogilvy and Mather's Beijing office, Mr. Kuo still performs regularly with his band Chunqiu.'I can sit in a guitar store in the U.S. and hear 10 guys who smoke me in just an hour but here I am,' says Mr. Kuo. 'For me, this could only have happened in China.' /200803/32587A young man saw an elderly couple sitting down to lunch at McDonald#39;s. He noticed that they had ordered one meal, and an extra drink cup. As he watched, the gentleman carefully divided the hamburger in half, then counted out the fries, one for him, one for her, until each had half of them. Then he poured half of the soft drink into the extra cup and set that in front of his wife. The old man then began to eat, and his wife sat watching, with her hands folded in her lap.一个年轻人在麦当劳里看见一对年迈的夫妇在吃午餐。他发现那对夫妇只点了单人餐,还要了一个空杯子。年轻人看见丈夫认真地把汉堡分成两半,把薯条一根一根数出来同样放成两堆,一份给自己,一份放在妻子面前。之后丈夫把饮料一半倒到空杯子里,同样放到妻子面前。这时丈夫开始吃了,而妻子却把手摊在膝盖上,在一旁看着。The young man decided to ask if they would allow him to purchase another meal for them so that they didn#39;t have to split theirs.年轻人决定上前请那对夫妇允许他为他们再买一份单人餐,这样他们就不用分一份了。The old gentleman said, ;Oh no. We#39;ve been married 50 years, and everything has always been and will always be shared, 50/50.;丈夫说道:“哦,不用了。我们已经结婚50年了,所有的东西我们都会一起分享,对半儿分。”The young man then asked the wife if she was going to eat, and she replied, ;It#39;s his turn with the teeth.;然后年轻人问妻子她为什么不吃,她说:“这回他先用假牙。” /201303/229695

美国早期的高等教育学校沿袭英国而称为College,19世纪后期,私立的College开设研究所后多改名为University,每州也将其首要之州立大学由Institute﹑Seminary﹑College或类似之名改为University。另早期许多科学、工程和理工的专门学校都称为Institute,有些后来也改名为University,但少数学校仍以Institute为名,如:麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)和加州理工学院(California Institute of Technology)。   现在College与University的意义如下:   UNIVERSITY通常是指一所设有文理科及专业课程的大学,且有至少一种领域的研究所,和至少一种的学士学位后的专业课程(如:医学、牙医或法律)。但也有少数例外情行,而有些私立文理学院只有大学部但也称为University。   COLLEGE则有几个意义:   所有高等教育学校的通称。   只有大学部的大学:然而也有学校具University之条件却名为College的学校,如:Dartmouth College in New Hampshire,有硕士、士和医学士之学位,而且又是美国最好的四年制大学之一。 属于University的学院。   二年制大学:有的称为junior college,有的称为community college,也有的就叫college,还有几个是technical college。 /200803/29055

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