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Are you willing to travel?你愿意出差吗?The opportunity to travel is one of the key reasons why I choose this career track,with its international scope.有机会出差是我选择这一行的原因之一。I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures,and I love the idea of the challenges presented by doing business in an unfamiliar environment.我喜欢去新的地方走走看看,体验新文化;我也乐于在不熟悉的环境中从事商业活动时遇到挑战。I think on my feet very well,and I dont need a lot of structure or supervision.我善于独立思考,所以不需要太多的组织体系或者监督。Also,I know a key part of your companys growth strategy is China,and youll notice from my resume that Im fluent in Mandarin.我也知道,贵公司发展策略的一个关键部分是中国,而您从我的简历中科院看到我的中文很流利。So,not noly am I willing to travel,but I look forward to it and would consider it a significant factor in my overall development.因此,我不只是愿意出差,而且是非常渴望地出差,并且会把它当成自己全方位发展的一个重要因素。 /201309/257227

1.Can you lend me that book for a few days?  你能把那本书借给我几天吗?  重点词语:lend n.(短期)贷款 vt.借给,贷(款)  商务用语:lend money at interest 有息贷款  2.People have been punished for less.  人们因小事而受到惩罚。  重点词语:less adv.较少地,不及 n.较小 adj.少的  商务用语:less favourable currency 弱币  less privileged country 条件差的国家  3.I was level with my friend in the examination;we got the same number of marks.  我和我的朋友考试成绩一样,我们所得分数相同。  重点词语:level adj.齐平的,水平的;主持 n.水平,标准  商务用语:level annuity 定额年金  level off 达到平衡或稳定  4.The factory lies to the west of town.  工厂位于小镇西边。  重点词语:lie n.谎话,谎言 vi.位于 vt.说谎  商务用语:black lie 用心险恶的谎言  5.He devoted his whole life to the study of science.  他把一生献给了科学研究。  重点词语:life n.一生,生活,生命  商务用语:product life 产品寿命  life annuity 终身年 /200811/56400

A:Mr. Zhang. Please come and sit down.A:你好,张先生。请坐。B:Thank you. Im so glad to see you again.B:谢谢。很高兴再见到你。A:Me too.A:我也是。B:Im also pleased that we have been doing business so well with each other and our cooperation over the years has been a fruitful one.B:我也很高兴我们之间的贸易关系能保持得如此良好。我们双方的合作是我们多年来合作关系中,有成果的一个。A:Im glad that you are satisfied with the service we provided.A:很高兴我方提供的务满足贵方的要求。B:As you know,one of the purposes of my present visit here is to discuss ways of strengthening the relationship between us.B:你知道,我这次拜访贵公司的其中一个目的是讨论如何加强双方的关系。A:This idea is exactly mine. As a matter of fact,I was going to mention that we still had some capacity at the Vietnam refinery.A:这也正是我的想法。事实上,我想说的是我们在越南的炼油厂还有生产能力。B:Thats interesting. We are going to expand our gasoline import at the moment. It would certainly be easier to deal with an old and reliable friend than to establish a new relationship. Of course. it depends on the processing fee you will offer.B:太好了。我们正想扩大汽油进口。与可靠的老朋友打交道显然比建立新的业务关系容易多了。当然,这取决于贵方的加工费。A:I think we can work out something there. As a rule. ourprocessing fee decreases with the amount of crude oil we sell.A:我认为我们可以解决这个问题,作为惯例,我方的加工费会依据原油销售量的增加而减少。B:Good. I think thats something we can talk about in detail later. At present,we are going to buy 6,000 tons of gasoline for our company.B:好的,我想我们稍后可以讨论下细节我们公司欲购买六千吨的汽油。A: Thats very good.A:太好了。B:Can you provide it right from the stock?B:贵方能从库存里提供吗?A:Yes.of course.A:当然可以。B: Thats good,Can we determine the price according to the internationally accepted standard?B:太好了我们可以根据国际标准确定价格吗?A:Sure.A:当然可以。B:Good. Now I must try to get a vessel. And if everything goes on well,we can expect to draft and sign a contract soon.B:好的。现在我得想法联系船运的事了,如果一切顺利的话,我们很快就可以起草和签订合同了。A: Good. Well get the necessary document drawn up.A:很好,我方会把需要的文件草拟好.B:And well follow the usual signing procedures,shall we?B:我们将按照通常的签约程序进行可以吗?A:Yes.thats the best.A:是的,那样最好不过了,B:But Im afraid wed have to negotiate other terms and conditions concerning this transaction,shall we?B:但我想我们还需就合同的相关条款进行协商。A:If you feel it necessary. lets think them over this evening and meet here tomorrow afteroon.A:如果你觉得有必要,晚上可以仔细考虑一下,我们明天下午再谈B:Thats good. See you tomorrow.B:好的,明天见A:See you.A:再见。 /201508/391076



  Interview (6) Interviewer: From reviewing your resume I can see that you have ample experience for this position. What I want to know is why you think you’re right for the job. 从你的简历,我可以看出你在 方面有丰富的经验。我想知道为什么你认为你适合这份工作。 Interviewee: Well I’m impressed with what the company has done in the past and I think by hiring me the company’s future can only be brighter. I find that my personal goals and ideas about business operations mesh perfectly with this company’s goals and mission statement. 公司过去的业绩给我的印象很深,我认为公司雇佣我,公司的前景会更好。我觉得我的个人发展目标和商业理念和公司的目标完全吻合。 Interviewer: So you’ve acquainted yourself with the company. It’s refreshing to interview someone who’s sure of what they want. 你对我们公司很了解。这样的申请者让我感到耳目一新。 Interviewee: Yes, I believe that it’s crucial for me to know if a company is right for me, not just if I’m right for the company. I’ve only been impressed by what I’ve and heard and I see myself having a very rewarding and successful career here. 是的,我觉得了解公司是否适合我也很关键,而不仅仅是我是否适合公司。 我所见所闻给我的印象很深,我觉得我在这儿能开创有价值而且成功的事业。 Interviewer: Commitment to the company and the team is very important to us here. 我们看重责任心以及团队精神。 Interviewee: Well I’m definitely a team player as well as being highly self-motivated. I believe this company can fulfill my long-term goals and offer me great upward mobility. Therefore you will find in me a very loyal employee. 我绝对是个好的合作者而且有很强的进取心。我相信公司能实现我长期目标,给我巨大的动力。因此,你会发现我是个很忠诚的雇员。 Commitment承担义务 team player有团队精神的人 self-motivated自动自觉的 Fulfill实现某人的长期目标 /200702/10434

  complimentary copy 赠阅(期刊等)英文释义 Free sample; free copy; something given as a favor to encourage future business。例句 The ad sales representative always gave his prospective customers a complimentary copy of his companys magazine.这位广告销售代表总是给他的潜在客户赠送一份本公司的杂志。 /201209/198634Thank you for coming to see me off.谢谢你来为我送行。see sb. off直译过来就是:“看到某人离开”,这个短语的正确意思是:“为某人送行”。因此,当美国人说;Thank you for coming to see me off.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Thank you for your coming and saying goodbye to me.;、;Thank you for giving me the send-off.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Thank you for coming to see me off.本杰明:谢谢你来为我送行。Terry: Take care and come back soon.泰瑞:保重,早点回来。搭配句积累:①I cant wait until we work together again.我期待着我们的再次合作。②Well, have a nice trip and give my best wishes to your wife.那么祝你一路顺风,代我向你太太问好。③Im glad to have cooperated with you for two years.很高兴与你们保持长达两年的合作。④Ill see you around.后会有期。单词:cooperate vi. 合作The plan failed because the soldiers refused to co-operate.因为士兵们不肯合作,这项计划宣告失败。The UN had been co-operating with the State Department on a plan to find countries willing to take the refugees.联合国一直都在与美国国务院合作推进一项计划,寻找愿意接纳难民的国家。The couple spoke about how they would co-operate in the raising of their child.这对夫妇讲述了他们将如何共同抚养孩子。 /201303/229736

  1.Appointment 约会,约见 A: Do you have an appointment with Mr.Liu?B: I have an appointment with him at one o'clock.A:您和刘先生约时间了吗?B:我和他约在一点钟见面。 2.Fund 成立A: Our company was founded in 1960.B: That was long time ago.A:我们公司成立于1960年。B:历史蛮悠久的。3.Headquarters 总部A: The headquarters of our company is in New York.B: I see. So this is your branch office.A:我们公司的总部在纽约。B:我知道了,这是你们的分公司。4.Health check 体检A: How often do you do a health check?B: Once a year.A:你们多久做一次体检?B:每年一次。5.Book a hotel for visitors 为来宾订酒店A: Yvonne, Mike is coming this Sunday to Changchun.B: Do I need to book a hotel for him?A: Yes, please.B: Is Shangrila okay?A: Fine. If there is no room here, book him at Maxcourt.B: Okay. I'll let you know once it's confirmed.A:伊冯,迈克这个周日来长春。B:我需要为他预订酒店吗?A:是的。B:订香格里拉可以吗?A:可以,如果没有空房就订在吉隆坡。B:好的,我订好之后通知你。 /200809/47284


  第一句:It s a pleasure working with you, Mike. May I call you Mike?跟你一起工作很愉快,迈克,我可以叫你迈克吗?A: Its a pleasure working with you, Mike. May I call you Mike? 跟你一起工作很愉快,迈克。我可以叫你迈克吗?B: Of coursc. As you wish.当然了,随意。第二句:How are you doing?你好吗?A: How are you doing?你好吗?B: Pretty Good.很好。知识扩展:1.英语中的人名如David Beckham, David是名,Beckham是姓.只有亲近的人才可以直呼其名.所以当你想表示亲密时不妨礼貌性地请求许可:Can I call you John?我可以叫你约翰吗?Could I call you by your first name?我可以叫你的名字吗?So I can call you Bella?那么我可以叫你贝拉吗?2.我们一起来学习几个打招呼的句子:What’s up?有什么事吗?How is everything going?最近怎么样?How have you been?近来怎么样?内容来自: /201401/272706。

  (一):We decided to shorten the meeting for the extra 30 minutes.我们决定缩短会议时间,腾出30分钟。We decided to shorten the meeting for the extra 30 minutes.我们决定缩短会议时间,腾出30分钟。Well, but why?好吧,不过为什么呢?This annual session was convened for only nine days instead of the usual two weeks.今年年会的召开只有九天时间,而不是通常的两屑Mr. Brown was unhappy with the trimmed visit.布朗先生对缩短行程表示不满。(二):The flight is delayed due to the mechanical fault.航班因机械故障的原因延误了。Ms. Brown’s flight is delayed due to the mechanical fault.布朗女士的航班因机械故陣的原因延误了。When will she arrive in Beijing?那她什么时候能抵达北京呢?The problem delayed some flights at the New York airport这一问題造成纽约机场教架航班延误。Stranded passengers were put up at the airport hotel.被滞留的旅客被安排到机场饭店住宿。 /201411/343072



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