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As a terrifying outbreak of Ebola virus sps across west Africa, the world is beginning to wake up to the threat of a public health disaster in the region – and possibly more widely – but efforts to contain the epidemic require much more local co-ordination and global support. With more than 1,100 cases and 660 deaths reported so far, this is not only the largest Ebola epidemic to date but also the first to threaten urban west Africa, where populations are larger and more mobile than in the relatively isolated central parts of the continent affected previously.随着可怕的埃拉病毒在西非各地不断蔓延,世界开始对西非(抑或更广泛地区)爆发一场公共健康灾难的威胁警觉起来,但遏制疫情需要当地更多的合作和全球的持。迄今报道的感染人数超过1100人,死亡人数为660人,这不仅是历史上最严重的埃拉疫情,而且还是该病毒首次威胁城镇化率更高的西非地区——与此前爆发疫情的相对封闭的中非地区相比,西非人口更多,而且流动性也更强。Ebola’s scary reputation is based on its lethality – the virus kills about 60 per cent of those it infects – and the lack of any effective treatment beyond making sure that patients are kept fully hydrated. But it is not as contagious as some other germs such as influenza that can sp considerable distances through the air. People catch Ebola by physical contact with an infected person or animal; scientists believe fruit bats, often eaten as bushmeat in Africa, are a reservoir of infection.埃拉病毒的可怕名声源于其致死率(约为60%),而且除了确保病人充分补水以外,目前还无其他有效的治疗方案。但它的传染性不如流感等其他病毒,后者可以通过空气传播至相当远的地方。埃拉病毒通过与受感染患者或动物的物理接触传染。科学家相信,在非洲常被当作野生动物食用的果蝠是埃拉病毒的宿主。Sophisticated healthcare, with quick diagnosis of suspected cases followed by barrier nursing and medical care, could halt the epidemic. The challenge is to provide that – or something closer to it than exists in much of west Africa today – in a region where the public health infrastructure is generally poor.成熟的医疗卫生,加上对疑似病例的快速诊断,再加上隔离看护和治疗,可能阻止疫情的传播。挑战在于,一个公共卫生基础设施普遍匮乏的地区很难提供这些务。西非大部分地区的医疗水平与之相距太大。The World Health Organisation is aly co-ordinating regional action with west African governments, and the medical assistance body Médecins Sans Frontières is active in the fight against Ebola, alongside some smaller western health charities. But they need more help from governments and agencies in the developed world, such as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.世界卫生组织(WHO)已在与西非各国政府协调地区行动,医疗援助机构“无国界医生组织”(Medecins Sans Frontieres)与一些较小的西方医疗慈善机构一起,也积极参与到抗击埃拉病毒的行动中。但它们需要来自发达世界的政府和机构——比如美国疾病控制与预防中心(US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)——的更多帮助。The first requirement is for better and faster diagnosis so that doctors can tell as quickly as possible whether someone is infected with Ebola, which resembles many other illnesses in its early symptoms. Because samples from suspected Ebola patients are an extreme biohazard risk, they must be handled in high-containment testing facilities, which are in short supply in west Africa.第一个需求是更快更好的诊断,让医生可以尽快确诊某人是否感染埃拉病毒。感染该病毒的初期症状与其他许多疾病类似。由于从疑似感染埃拉病毒患者提取的样本的生物危害风险极大,因此必须在高防护的检测中心检测这些样本,但这些设施在西非供应不足。Then patients must be treated in complete isolation by staff wearing full protective clothing (masks, gloves, gowns and goggles), with all equipment sterilised and patients kept away from friends and family. The World Medical Association warned yesterday that serious shortages of protective equipment were putting the lives of doctors and nurses at risk in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; indeed several health workers, including two Americans, have aly been infected. Health workers fighting bravely in the front line against Ebola deserve all the technical help they can get.接下来病人必须接受完全隔离治疗,由穿着全套防护(面罩、手套、长袍和护目镜)的医疗人员护理,对所有设备消毒,禁止病人与朋友和家人接触。世界医学会(World Medical Association)昨日警告称,防护装备严重短缺正让几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的医生和护士的生命处于危险当中;实际上,包括两名美国人在内的多名医护人员已经受到感染。勇敢地战斗在抗击埃拉病毒第一线的医护人员,理应获得他们能够获得的所有技术援助。While equipping and protecting staff properly is a matter of money and logistics, unhelpful social and cultural attitudes in west Africa will be harder to tackle – and will need assistance from local religious and political leaders.为医护人员提供合适的装备和保护是资金和后勤的问题,而更大的问题在于西非的社会和文化态度,它们对于抗击疫情毫无帮助,这将需要当地宗教和政治领导人出手干预。Many people in the region are suspicious of western healthcare and would rather take care of infected family members in the community than send them to an isolation hospital which they see as a place to die. Traditional death rituals, such as washing the body before a funeral, must also be suspended for Ebola victims.该地区的许多人不相信西方的医疗保健,宁愿在社区里照顾受感染的家人,也不愿送到被他们视为死亡之地的隔离医院。因感染埃拉病毒而死亡的患者也不应举行传统的死亡仪式,比如在葬礼前清洗尸体。While Ebola is primarily a health issue, it could quickly become an economic crisis, too, for the region. Travel restrictions are appearing; yesterday Liberia closed most of its border crossings in an effort to halve the sp of the disease and Arik Air, a leading Nigerian airline, stopped flying from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The threat to international business and investment in west Africa should add weight to the humanitarian arguments for more decisive action against Ebola.尽管埃拉病毒主要是一个健康问题,但它可能很快演变为该地区的经济危机。已经出现了一些旅游禁令;昨日利比里亚关闭了大多数边界通道,以努力阻止埃拉病毒的传播,尼日利亚主要航空公司Arik Air停飞了从利比里亚和塞拉利昂出发的航班。不论是出于人道主义,还是考虑到埃拉对西非国际企业和投资造成的威胁,各方都应对埃拉病毒采取更果断的行动。 /201407/316554。

Their trip to Beijing was to be a celebration-a delayed honeymoon.他们这趟飞往北京的旅行原本是为了庆祝――这是他们迟到一个月的蜜月之旅。But just weeks before boarding Malaysia Airlines 3786.KU +2.13% Flight 370, Norli Akmar Hamid miscarried, several friends said in interviews. Her husband of a year and a half, Muhammad Razahan Zamani, had characteristically rallied behind her.但就在登上马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)370航班几周前,诺丽#12539;阿克马尔#12539;哈米德(Norli Akmar Hamid)流产了。这是她的几个朋友接受记者采访时说的。诺丽与丈夫穆罕默德#12539;拉扎罕#12539;扎马尼(Muhammad Razahan Zamani)结婚一年半,丈夫通常都对她的决定都表示持。#39;After she lost her baby, she was a bit lost,#39; said a female friend who spoke of Ms. Norli on condition of anonymity, adding Ms. Norli continued taking special vitamins in the hope of getting pregnant again. Having a baby #39;is her main goal.#39;诺丽的一个女性友人说,孩子没有了之后,诺丽有些怅然若失。这位不愿透露姓名的朋友还说,诺丽仍在用特别的维生素,希望能再次怀,有个孩子是她的主要目标。Ms. Norli#39;s boss recalls her preparing for two weeks off after the miscarriage to go on a holiday.据诺丽的老板回忆,她在流产后请了两周假,准备去度假。#39;She said that when she came back, she would start a new life,#39; said Ms. Norli#39;s boss, who asked to be identified only by her middle name, Ediana.这位请记者在报道时只写其中间名埃迪亚纳(Ediana)的老板说,诺丽说回来后就会开始新生活。Despite an age difference of nearly 10 years-Ms. Norli is 33 and Mr. Razahan is 24-the Kuala Lumpur couple married on Oct. 6, 2012. On their Facebook pages, each of them posted a photograph of them in traditional Malay white wedding attire, with gold accents and the bride wearing a crown over her head scarf.尽管诺丽(33岁)与拉扎罕(24岁)有着近10岁的年龄差距,但这两个吉隆坡人仍在2012年10月6日喜结连理。在他们的Facebook页面上,两人都发了一张他们身穿有金色装饰的马来白色婚礼装的照片,新娘在头巾上戴着一顶王冠。Ms. Norli-whom friends call #39;Akmar#39;--works as an assistant at Prima Elite Technology, an aviation maintenance, repair and operations company. She has at least five cats, at least several of whom she named after her favorite Japanese comic book series, #39;Dragon Ball.#39; The daughter of a policeman, she loves television crime dramas-including #39;NCIS#39; and #39;Criminal Minds.#39; On her Facebook page, she lists Mahathir Mohamad-the former two-decadeslong prime minister of Malaysia credited with helping transform Malaysia#39;s economy-as inspiring.朋友们平时称呼诺丽阿克马尔,她是Prima Elite Technology的一名助理。这家公司从事飞机维护、维修和经营业务。她养了至少五只猫,其中好几只都以她喜爱的日本漫画书《七龙珠》(Dragon Ball)里的形象命名。诺丽的父亲是一名警察,她喜欢看犯罪剧,如《海军罪案调查处》(NCIS)和《犯罪心理》(Criminal Minds)。在其Facebook页面上,她将曾担任马来西亚总理20年之久的马哈蒂尔(Mahathir Mohamad)列为自己的偶像。马哈蒂尔被认为帮助马来西亚进行了经济转型。A petite Muslim who wears a hijab, she has an adventurous streak. She told a friend she hoped in Beijing just by happenstance to bump into Cantopop star Leon Lai, whom she was #39;crazy#39; about, according to a friend.身材娇小的诺丽是一位穆斯林,戴着头巾。她一直有冒险精神。据朋友说,她曾告诉一位朋友,她希望能在北京偶遇香港明星黎明(Leon Lai),她是黎明的狂热粉丝。A friend recalls of Ms. Norli#39;s #39;wild imagination#39; that they would just coincidentally meet.一位朋友回忆说,诺丽经常有古怪的想法,而这些想法又会碰巧成为现实。#39;A few days before going to Beijing, she started talking about Leon Lai, sharing Leon Lai#39;s s. She was very excited,#39; the friend said.这位朋友说,在出发去北京前几天,她开始谈论黎明,分享黎明的视频。她非常兴奋。Her husband, too, has quite a voice, a friend said, loving to belt out Malay songs.朋友说,她的丈夫也是大嗓门,喜欢大声唱马来语歌曲。#39;My best memory of him is when we took part in a singing competition last year, organized by the company,#39; said Rozaimah Abdul Rahim, who works with Mr. Razahan. #39;There was an audition. Five of us (including Mr. Razahan) were chosen. He has a nice voice,#39; added Ms. Rozaimah, who ultimately won.拉扎罕的同事罗萨马哈#12539;阿卜杜勒#12539;拉希姆(Rozaimah Abdul Rahim)说:我对他印象最深的是我们去年参加一个公司组织的歌唱比赛。罗萨马哈补充说:之前有个试音,包括拉扎罕在内的我们五个人被选中了;他的声音很好听。罗萨马哈最终在比赛中胜出。Mr. Razahan works as a salesman at what is now called AEON, a supermarket chain in Kuala Lumpur, where the couple met. He was devoted to his wife, one of her friend#39;s said, and would sometimes stop by her office to share lunch. He loves soccer and lists among his favorite players on his Facebook account legend David Beckham.拉扎罕在目前被称作AEON的吉隆坡超市连锁店里担任销售,这也是他们夫妇二人相识的地方。诺丽的一位朋友说,他很爱他的妻子,有时会顺道去她办公室共进午餐。他热爱足球,在他Facebook账户上列出的喜爱球员中包括足球传奇人物贝克汉姆(David Beckham)。He loves riding a motorcycle and playing computer games―such as #39;Left 4 Dead,#39; said Kamarul Najmi, who works with Mr. Razahan at his new sales job at IMAXX.曾在IMAXX和拉扎罕共事的Kamarul Najmi说,拉扎罕喜欢骑托车和玩视频游戏,比如《求生之路》(Left 4 Dead)。Though he earns about 0 a month, a friend said, he often would pick up the tab when they went out.一位朋友说,虽然拉扎罕每个月收入大约350美元,但他经常在他们一起出去聚会时付账。One friend recalls urging Ms. Norli to go to Beijing after she learned she was pregnant, adding it was a nudge #39;I regret.#39;一位朋友回忆说,在得知诺丽怀后曾鼓励她去北京。这位朋友补充说,现在对此感到后悔。 /201403/280284。

Who makes a worse company chairman: one who is always scratching his head, or one who is off his head?哪种人当董事长更糟糕:永远在挠头的人,还是头脑发昏的人?I have been turning over the question of blockhead-versus-cokehead since the ex-chairman of Co-op Bank was a) filmed apparently handing over £300 for cocaine and crystal meth and b) told a Treasury select committee that the bank had £3bn in assets when it had £47bn.我一直在反复思考这个“傻瓜VS瘾君子”问题,起因是Co-op Bank的前董事长曾被拍到递出300英镑购买可卡因和冰毒的画面,他还曾对财政部的一个专门委员会表示,自己的拥有30亿英镑资产,其实该行的资产规模为470亿英镑。I’m not saying that Paul Flowers himself is either cokehead or blockhead, as I don’t know enough about him to judge. Instead I’m asking more broadly: if you were a shareholder of any company, which type would you be more appalled to find you had in a position of power?我并非意在指出保罗?弗劳尔斯(Paul Flowers)要么是个瘾君子,要么是个傻瓜,因为我对他的了解不足以做出判断。我的问题是更加广泛意义上的:如果你是一家公司的股东,哪种人执掌公司大权会让你更感不安?You could protest that cokeheads and blockheads go hand in hand; though which leads to which is hard to say. If you are on drugs, that could make your command of the facts a little hazy. (Though coke tends to make you wildly optimistic, so you’d be more likely to overestimate your assets 10-fold than the other way round.) On the other hand, if your command of the facts was hazy initially, that might drive you to coke as a way of dealing with your low self-esteem and the clawing fear of getting found out.你可以反驳,声称瘾君子常常也是傻瓜,虽然谁因谁果难以判断。如果你吸食毒品,你对事实的把握可能会有点糊涂。(不过毒品通常会让你异常乐观,因此你更有可能将自己的资产规模夸大十倍,而非反其道而行之。)而另一方面,如果你对事实的把握从一开始就稀里糊涂,这可能促使你走上吸毒的道路,以解决自己缺乏自尊的问题,并缓解害怕被人识破的百爪挠心般的焦虑感。Yet if you take the two types as distinct, the obvious answer is that the cokehead is more lethal. For a start, coke is illegal – and having a chairman arrested, as Mr Flowers was last week, never does any good to a company’s reputation. More than that, a coke habit can make people irritable and unpredictable, distort their judgment, lead to paranoid psychosis as well as doing nothing for the lining of their noses.但如果你认为这是两种完全不同类型的人,那么容易得出的结论是瘾君子危害更大。首先,毒品违法——公司董事长被捕(就像弗劳尔斯最近那样),对一个公司的声誉绝没有任何好处。更重要的是,吸毒成瘾可使人变得易怒急躁,不可预测,扭曲人的判断力,导致偏执的精神状态,对于鼻腔粘膜也绝无好处。None of that is desirable. But it is still better than being ruled by a blockhead. Anyone who is ignorant of the basic facts of a business can only do harm to a company.虽然以上这些都不令人满意,但仍好于由一个傻瓜来执掌公司大权。一个对企业业务的基本情况一无所知的人只能给这家公司带来损害。It is true that ignorance on the scale of Mr Flowers’ is exceptional (the Co-op’s structure is so idiosyncratic it made a virtue of having people on the board who knew nothing about banking). Yet my strong hunch is that there is a great deal of ignorance on most boards that may not be quite as jaw-dropping as at the Co-op, but is still worrying.像弗劳尔斯那样的极度无知确实罕见(Co-op Bank的企业构架是如此独特,以至于让对业一无所知的人加入董事会成了一件好事)。但我有一种强烈的直觉,即多数企业的董事会中都有很多无知的人,虽然情况或许不至于像Co-op Bank那样令人震惊,但也足够引人担忧。If I think of some of the directors I have come across, many have large and shaming gaps in their knowledge. These arise either because their markets have changed in ways they have not kept up with, or because they hop from one industry to another, and after a bit in a new one it becomes too embarrassing to ask: can someone explain how we actually make our money? Add to that the fact that businesses are increasingly complicated – and keeping up becomes increasingly hard.我在回想自己遇见过的董事时发现,很多人的知识结构都存在令人汗颜的巨大断层。这种情况产生的原因之一在于他们所处的市场环境发生了变化,而他们没有跟上形势,或者是因为他们从一个行业跳到了另一个行业,而在对新行业初涉皮毛之后,向人求教对他们来说变得过于难为情,他们不好意思问:有人能帮我解释一下我们究竟是怎么赚钱的吗?此外,商业模式正变得愈加复杂,跟上发展变得越来越难,这进一步加剧了董事们的知识断层。If ignorance is so common, how come we almost never hear of it? Politicians occasionally let their inner bonehead show – Sarah Palin was caught getting her Iran and Iraq confused – yet the people who rise to the top in business are worryingly good at keeping theirs hidden.如果董事们的无知如此普遍,为什么我们几乎从未听说?政客们偶尔会暴露出他们愚蠢的一面——莎拉?佩林(Sarah Palin)被人发现分不清伊朗和伊拉克——但升至商界顶层的人物似乎非常善于掩饰自己的无知,这很令人担忧。This is for three reasons. First, they delegate. Don’t know how big your assets are? Never mind – your finance director can answer that one.商界高层善于隐藏有三个原因。其一在于他们可以把任务分派下去。不知道公司的资产规模有多大?没关系——可以让财务总监来回答这个问题。Second, jargon and flannel come to their aid. “This is an issue currently out of my sightline, and I’ll revert going forward when I have some clarity around it” sounds more impressive than: no idea.其二,行业术语和废话可以助他们一臂之力。相对于“我不知道”,“这个问题目前不在我的关注范围内,当我对它有更多了解时我会重新回到这个话题上”听起来更上档次。Thirdly, when you are really senior, nobody ever calls your bluff. If a tiresome journalist asks a tricky question, then it is quite simple: you answer another question instead.其三,当你真的身居高位时,没有人会戳穿你的虚张声势。如果一个惹人生厌的记者问了一个刁钻的问题,接下来非常简单:你回答另一个问题作为替代。Indeed the only time that directors are really put on the spot is when they get hauled before the regulator or a select committee, where there is no finance director to field tough questions, and where bluster doesn’t work. But even then, they have time to prepare. When I was summoned before the Financial Services Authority (as a routine part of being a non-exec) I spent several weeks beforehand revising furiously.董事们唯一真的陷入困境的时刻,是当他们被传到监管当局或者专门委员会面前时,此时他们既不能找财务总监来替他们回答棘手问题,咆哮恐吓也失去了效力。但即便如此,他们仍有时间进行准备。当我被英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)传唤时(这是对待非执行董事的一种惯例),我就花了好几周的时间拼命复习。What is needed is a new system of fierce and random knowledge tests for all directors, just like drugs tests for sportsmen. Directors would be accosted at unpredictable times and forced to answer basic questions about their company, its performance, its risks, and the market in general. This would flush out the most lethal blockheads and focus the minds of all directors, all of the time.现在所亟需的是一个针对所有董事、强大而又随机的新知识测试系统,就像运动员的药检一样。董事们将会在不可预测的时间被问话,回答有关自身公司的基本问题,例如业绩、风险以及市场整体状况。这将有助于淘汰危害最大的傻瓜,并使所有董事在任何时间都精力集中。Just as Andy Murray recently almost missed getting to Buckingham Palace on time to collect his OBE because the drugs testers had showed up on his doorstep demanding a urine sample, so it should be for company directors. No excuses. No diverting the questions to someone else. No flannel. If you don’t know the answer, you’re out.安迪?穆雷(Andy Murray)几乎没能按时赶到白金汉宫领取他的大英帝国勋章(OBE),因为药检官员突然出现在他门前,要求他提供一份尿样。针对公司董事的测试也应如此。没有任何借口。不能将问题交由其他人代为回答。不允许说废话。如果你不知道,就将被扫地出门。 /201312/267296。

A surprise visit by China#39;s president to a Beijing steamed bun restaurant has sparked a bun craze, with customers lining up by the hundreds to order food and take photos at the table where he ate.中国国家主席习近平意外光临北京的一家包子铺,引发了一股包子热潮。成百上千的顾客们在包子铺外排队,点餐并在主席坐过的位子上轮流留影。President Xi Jinping shocked patrons and restaurant staff when he visited the restaurant on Saturday, paid for his food, carried his own tray and happily chatted with customers.上周六,习近平主席突然出现在这家餐馆,让包子铺里的食客和务员都大吃一惊。习主席亲自付款和拿餐盘,还跟其他的顾客们亲切交谈。At lunchtime the day after Xi#39;s visit, more than 400 people waited for a taste of the ;Uncle Xi combo; as customers took to calling the pork and onion buns, fried liver and stir-fried greens, the Beijing Morning Post said in a report widely carried in state media.据《北京晨报》一篇广为引用的报道,当天中午在习近平离开后,有差不多400人排队等候准备一尝“主席套餐”——指的是习近平主席点的二两猪肉大葱包、一碗炒肝和一份芥菜。Customers waited in line for 40 minutes for their food and a photo in front of Xi#39;s table, the paper said.该报纸还表示,有顾客等待了40分钟点餐和与习主席坐过的位子合照。Since coming to power as president in March, Xi has demanded officials cut down on waste and extravagance and get closer to the people, as part of a broader campaign to root out pervasive corruption.习近平于2013年3月正式当选中国国家主席,在上任后他要求各级官员要减少奢侈浪费、贴近群众,这是在全国范围内根除腐败的行动举措之一。 /201401/271215。

By mid-century, the sun could be the largest source of energy and help reign in global warming by preventing the release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)在最近发布的一份报告中表示,到本世纪中叶,太阳能有可能成为全球使用规模最大的能源,这将会减少数十亿吨二氧化碳的排放,从而有助于抑制全球变暖趋势。The bullish report is the latest dose of good news for the solar industry that has seen phenomenal growth. Global demand is expected to double every two years through 2022 as prices fall and the technology continues to improve. The ed States is one of the markets poised for strong growth.对于近年增长势头迅猛的太阳能行业而言,这份乐观的报告无疑是一针强心剂。从现在起直到2022年,随着太阳能的价格逐步下降而技术持续完善,预期全球需求将会每两年翻上一番。美国市场更是有望出现强劲增长的市场之一。Though it is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity, solar power still only represents a fraction of energy mix dominated by fossil fuels. Globally, it provides 0.5 percent of electricity generation and, in the ed States, it currently provides 0.2 percent of energy generation.虽然太阳能是增长最快的可再生电力来源,但在以矿物燃料为主的能源组合中,太阳能目前仍然只占很小的比例。从全球来看,太阳能发电仅占各类能源总发电量的0.5%,而在美国,这一比例仅为0.2%。“The rapid cost decrease of photovoltaic modules and systems in the last few years has opened new perspectives for using solar energy as a major source of electricity in the coming years and decades,” IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said. “However, both technologies are very capital intensive: almost all expenditures are made upfront. Lowering the cost of capital is thus of primary importance for achieving the vision in these roadmaps.”“过去几年里,光伏组件和光伏系统的成本迅速下降,为太阳能在未来数年和数十年内发展成为主要的电力来源开辟了新的前景,”国际能源署总干事玛丽亚o范德胡芬表示,“但是,这两种技术都属于资本密集型行业——几乎所有的开都需要在前期就早早投入。因此降低资本成本便成了实现这些发展路径图的首要任务。”The price of solar photovoltaic, or PV, systems is expected to drop by 65 percent by 2050, van der Hoeven said. Another key to the growth of solar will be government offering up clear policies to support the sector. The solar sector in the ed States, for example, has benefited from the solar investment tax credit, which provides a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. The industry is pushing for it to be extended beyond 2016.据范德胡芬介绍,到2050年,预计太阳能光伏(PV)系统的价格将下降65%。而推动太阳能增长的另外一个关键所在,则要靠政府制定出明确的产业扶持政策。例如美国的太阳能产业就可以获得太阳能投资税收减免优惠——政府对民用住宅和商用建筑中采用的太阳能发电系统提供高达30%的税收减免。该行业目前正在积极游说政府将这一优惠延长到2016年以后。“By contrast,” van der Hoeven said, “where there is a record of policy incoherence, confusing signals or stop-and-go policy cycles, investors end up paying more for their investment, consumers pays more for their energy, and some projects that are needed simply will not go ahead.”“与之相反,”范德胡芬继续介绍,“有些地方的政策不连贯、不明朗或者时断时续,导致投资者需要为投资付出更高的成本,消费者需要为购买能源付出更高的费用,甚至有一些存在需求的项目最后却难以为继。”With 137 gigawatts of installed capacity at the end of 2013, PV has dominated the market — adding more capacity since 2010 than the previous four decades — and will continue to do so through 2030, according to the IEA. But once solar reaches from 5 percent to 15 percent of electricity generation, the picture changes.根据国际能源署的报告,太阳能光伏在2013年年底的装机容量达到137千兆瓦,在能源市场上占据了主导地位——自2010年至今的新增容量甚至超过了之前40年的新增容量——并会将这种增长势头一直延续到2030年。不过,一旦太阳能光伏占到了各类能源总发电量的5%到15%,局面就会发生变化。At that point, PV begins to lose value in wholesale markets while solar thermal electricity, which uses the solar to produce steam power, “takes off at this stage thanks to (concentrating solar power) plants’ built-in thermal storage, which allows for generation of electricity when demand peaks in late afternoon and in the evening, thus complementing PV generation.”到那时,太阳能光伏发电将会开始在批发市场丧失价值,而利用太阳能产生蒸汽动力的太阳能热能发电技术,则会“在这一阶段开始蓬勃发展,这要归功于(聚光太阳能)电厂内部的蓄热器可在属于用电高峰时段的傍晚和夜间进行热能发电,对太阳能光伏发电形成补充。”Across the globe, China is expected to continue to lead the way on PV, followed by the ed States. Solar thermal, meanwhile, has greatest potential in sunny areas meaning it probably be a “major opportunity” for Africa, India, the Middle East and the ed States.展望全球,预计中国将继续在太阳能光伏领域引领风骚,美国则紧随其后。与此同时,太阳能热能发电则在日照充足的地区拥有无限的潜力,这意味着非洲、印度、中东和美国将迎来“重大发展机遇”。 /201410/334026。

Seventeen-year-old Kurt Coleman has garnered an enormous following online by posting selfies and boasting about his good looks.通过自拍和吹嘘自己的美貌,17岁的少年Kurt Coleman已经在网络上拥有了一批追随者。The teenager, from Gold Coast City, Queensland, has become a web sensation with more than 172,000 followers on Facebook and 87,000 followers on Instagram.这位来自昆士兰州黄金海岸市的少年已经成为近期的网络热点,他在Facebook上的粉丝超过17.2万,在Instagram也有8.7万的粉丝。Kurt has compared his pictures to the perfection of a lunar eclipse and jokes that he inspired Beyoncé Knowles#39;s hit Flawless.他自认与月食相比,自己的照片完美无缺,并笑称自己给了碧昂斯的热门歌曲《Flawless》灵感。;I#39;m hot and I love myself,; Kurt said. ;People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I#39;ll never change for anyone because I love myself.;“我身材火辣,我爱我自己。”Kurt说道,“人们嫉妒我,我能理解,但我不会因为任何人改变自己,因为我爱我自己。”He also describes himself as the #39;Australian Paris Hilton#39;, whom he idolises because ;she doesn#39;t care about anything, she just does what she wants;.他同时自喻为“澳大利亚版帕里斯·希尔顿”,帕里斯是他的偶像,因为“她不在乎任何事情,只随心所以做自己想做的。”Kurt appears to be revelling in his new-found fame:他似乎陶醉于自己的名气中。I love how my face and name is everywhere right now, that#39;s how I like it. — Kurt Coleman (@KurtJayColeman) April 18, 2014“我喜欢我的照片和名字遍布各地,这是我最喜欢的方式。”——Kurt Colman 2014.4.18When asked to share the secrets of his good looks, Kurt informed Studio 10, ;every week I get a spray-tan and then I wash my hair every day...I just try and look amazing every day;.当问及保持美貌的秘诀时,这位少年告诉Studio 10:“我每周都会用皮肤色素喷雾剂,而且每天洗头……我就是竭尽所能让自己每天看起来光照人。”Kurt is particularly popular in Australia and there are even businesses which sell Kurt Coleman merchandise.Kurt在澳大利亚特别受欢迎,甚至有专门售卖Kurt Coleman商品的业务。The Kurt Coleman Supply Company exists to #39;promote the poster-boy to thousands of youth around the world for being who you are and not caring what anyone else thinks.#39;Kurt Coleman供应公司致力于“向全世界的青少年宣传这位典型少年,由此鼓励人们做自己,不要在乎别人的看法。”;It#39;s so funny, I can#39;t believe it really,; Kurt told MailOnline.Kurt告诉《每日邮报》,“这太搞笑了,我简直不相信这是真的。”;It#39;s ridiculous, they#39;re making money off my face, I#39;m going to get around to getting money out of them.;“这太荒谬了,他们在利用我的脸蛋赚钱,我正打算从他们那儿赚钱呢。”In a manner not dissimilar to Justin Bieber, the social media star polarises opinion. Some admire his beauty and liberating individualism but others lament the popularity of a modern-day Narcissus whose looks have stunted the development of his personality.与Justin Bieber的方式没什么不同,大家对这位社交明星的看法两极分化。有的人欣赏他的美貌和个性解放,其他人则叹息这位“现代版纳西索斯”的名气——外表阻碍了个性发展。(小编注:希腊神话中,美少年纳西索斯(Narcissus)深爱自己的美貌,后因恋上自己在水中的倒影而在死后化做了水仙花。自恋的英语名称正源自这个故事。)#39;Haters#39; regularly confront him in the street and the teenager admits to having been hit many times.这位少年承认,经常在街上碰到讨厌他的人,还被袭击过多次。 /201404/290957。