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湖州福音医院祛疤多少钱湖州脱毛医院德清县治黄褐斑多少钱 Children from poor families are more likely to eat junk food, claim researchers.研究者称,来自贫困家庭的孩子更易倾向于吃垃圾食品。Young children from poor families are more likely to consume junk food and fizzy drinks than their better off counterparts, it was claimed today.今天的一项研究声称,相较于生长在富裕家庭的同伴,来自贫困家庭的的孩子更易倾向于消费垃圾食品和碳酸饮料。A study of 1,800 four and five year olds found more than half (54.5 per cent) of those from deprived backgrounds drank at least one a week, compared to just four in ten affluent kids.They also drank less milk and consumed more fruit juice which is also linked to child obesity caused by high sugar intake.一项在1800名4-5岁的儿童之中进行的调查发现,超过一半的贫困家庭出身的儿童每周至少饮酒一次。富裕家庭中的儿童比例则只有40%,同时相较于家境不太如意的同龄人,他们喝更少量的牛奶,但是却有更多的果汁,而这种过多的糖分摄取正是引起儿童肥胖症的原因之一。The phenomenon also related to children who spend more than two hours a day in front of a TV or playing computer games - whatever their social circumstances.儿童肥胖的现象还和他们每天在电视机前或者电脑前呆坐上一两个小时有关,而跟他们的生活社会环境关系不大。A companion study also found children from low and medium-income neighbourhoods were more likely to eat chips, sweets and chocolate.一项类似的研究还发现,来自中低收入家庭的孩子会更喜欢吃薯条甜食和巧克力。Professor Kate Storey, of the University of Alberta, Canada, said: ;When you are looking at that age group, and such a large percentage of very young kids in the study are consuming a large amount of soda, it is quite concerning.;加拿大阿尔伯特大学的Kate教授说:“当你看到这个年龄段的儿童中,每天消费大量苏打水的儿童高比例之高,这种情况很让人担心。” /201208/196516Most men prefer leggy and lean women, Gisele Bündchen lookalikes, right? Not necessarily.大部分男性的梦中情人应该像名模吉赛尔·邦辰一样高挑纤细。但也有例外。In fact, the body type that a man finds attractive can change depending on his environment and circumstances, a new study finds: when under stress, for instance, men prefer heavier women.有新的研究结果发现,当男性的环境和心境改变时,他们评判体形性感的标准也会随之变化。例如,在身处压力下,男性更偏爱丰腴的女性。The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, reports that when men were placed in stressful situations, then asked to rate the attractiveness of women of varying body sizes, they tended to prefer beefier frames, compared with unstressed men whose tastes skewed thinner.这项研究发表在PLos ONE上。研究人员让被测试男性给各异的体形打分,受到压力的测试者偏向喜欢饱满的身材,而心情轻松的测试者偏爱苗条的体形。“This suggests that our body size preferences are not innate, but are flexible, ” said study co-author Martin Tovée of Newcastle University in the U.K., in an email, noting that they may be influenced by our particular environment and resources.文章的作者之一,英国纽卡索大学的Martin Tovée提到,这个结果说明我们对体形的喜恶不是天生的,而是会改变的,可能是受到当下外部环境和物质条件(resources)的影响。The findings fall in line with evolutionary theories that suggest when resources are scarce or unpredictable, a woman’s thin physique may signal illness, frailty and the inability to reproduce. Indeed, Tovée and colleague Viren Swami of the University of Westminster in London have previously found that men under trying conditions — like extreme hunger — tend to rate heavier women as more attractive. The researchers suggest also that underlying biological mechanisms, such as blood sugar and hormone levels, are major players in how we perceive our surroundings.这项发现有对应的进化论理论持。进化论认为,当缺乏食物或来源不稳定的情况下,体形纤瘦的女性容易虚弱疲乏,失去生育能力。Tovée和伦敦维斯敏斯特大学的Viren Swami之前发现,当男性感到难受,例如极度饥饿,他们会更偏爱丰腴的女性,觉得他们更性感。他们认为这是本能的生物机制,环境配着体内的血糖和荷尔蒙。“Our work in parts of Malaysia and Africa has shown that in poorer environments where resources are scarce, people prefer a heavy body in a potential partner, ” said Tovée. “If you live in an environment where food is scarce, being heavier means you have fat stored up as a buffer against a potential food reduction in the future, and that you must be higher social status to afford the food in the first place. Both of these are attractive qualities in a partner in those circumstances.”Tovée说到,“马来西亚和非洲的研究显示了,贫穷社会中,资源匮乏,人们期待未来的 伴侣体重更重。当缺乏食物,胖意味着你有脂肪储存来度过之后一段食物紧缺的日子,首先你要有高的社会地位才买得起食物。在这类社会环境下,这两点是优秀伴侣人选应具备的。”Moving from a low-resource environment to a richer one, like the U.K. or the U.S., can cause a shift in these preferences, says Tovée, and to test the theory further, the researchers recruited some male volunteers and manipulated their stress levels — a key problem for people living in poor environments.而在富裕社会,例如英国或美国,人们的偏好却不是这样的。为了进一步明这个理论,研究人员招募了一些男性试验者,并控制他们的精神压力。而压力是贫穷社会中重要问题之一。The study examined 81 heterosexual men, about half of whom underwent the Trier Social Stress Test. In the test, the men participated in an impromptu job interview in front of four interviewers. They were asked them to “sell” themselves for five minutes, and then calculate answers to simple math problems under time pressure.参与研究的81位直男试验者中,一半参加了Trier社会压力测试。测试内容是,试验者没有准备地参加了工作面试,面对4为面试官。试验者要“推销”自己5分钟,随后在规定时间内做简单的计算题。Afterward, all the study participants were shown images of 10 women with body types ranging from emaciated to obese and were asked to rank them based on their attractiveness.[The images were numbered on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the women’s body mass index (BMI), with 1 representing very thin and 10 obese. The largest body size rated attractive by the stressed-out men was 7.17, which fell in the overweight category. The largest body type deemed attractive by the unstressed control group was 6.25, which was considered normal on the BMI scale.所有试验者都看了10张不同体形女性的照片,跨越瘦骨嶙峋到珠圆玉润。实验者要依据照片中女性的吸引力打分。之后,所有试验者看了10张女性照片。按照照片中的女性体重指数“BMI”,他们被标注1到10的分数,1为最瘦,10为最胖。在压力组男性评选为美丽的女性中,身材最胖的体重指数为7.17,属于超重。而非压力组的结果中,美丽的女性体形BMI指数最大仅为6.25,属于正常。Overall, stressed men preferred a bigger body — their “ideal” figure was a 4.44 — than the unstressed men, who idealized a thinner body type, at 3.90. Stressed-out men not only rated heavier women as more attractive, but they also gave higher ratings to a wider range of body types overall.总体看来,压力中的男性偏好殷实的体形——他们心目中理想身材的BMI是4.44,相对的,非压力组的结果是3.90,更瘦一些。处于压力下的男性不仅觉得胖女人更有吸引力,他们给高分的体形范围也更广。“This shift suggests that stress alters what you find attractive in a potential partner, and it is another factor helping you to optimize the fit of your partner preferences to your environment, ” said Tovée.Understanding how body preferences may change or be influenced by circumstance also sheds light on the development of warped body image, the authors say. “People suffering from conditions such as anorexia nervosa have a distorted perception of body size and body ideals, and it’s important that research focus on the mechanisms underlying and influencing the perception of body size, ” says Tovée.“这个区别显示了,压力能改变对未来配偶的偏好,你会更偏好能适应按照当前环境的配偶。”Tovée阐述。文章中提到,环境能改变或影响我们对身材的喜好,这个发现会让我们更好的理解目前扭曲的体形形象是如何发展形成的。“为追求完美体形,而在厌食症的煎熬下的人对体形的理解是有失偏颇的,这就是为什么研究需要关注影响体形偏好的机制。”Tovée说。Despite our media’s seeming reverence for size-zero models and ripped muscle men, it may help people suffering from eating disorders and other body-image problems to know that such body “ideals” are not exactly ideal after all. “The information from this article could be useful in therapy of anxiety and eating disorders, ” Dr. Igor Galynker, associate chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Beth Israel Medical Center, told A News. “The information could be an alternative to thoughts such as, ‘I am fat; no man would find me attractive.’”尽管我们的媒体似乎过度宣扬零号模特和肌肉男,其实却可以帮助饮食絮乱的人,纠正他们对“完美”身材的误解。“本文提供的信息可以应用到烦躁症和饮食混乱症的治疗。”贝斯以色列医学中心精神病和行为科学系副主任Igor Galynker士,告诉A新闻。“我们传达的信息代替了有些人原来的想法:我很胖,没有人觉得我漂亮”。 /201209/197646湖州曙光整形医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

湖州双眼皮埋线好湖州长兴县做隆鼻手术多少钱 When a relationship ends, the once treasured mementos of a lost romance – from teddy bears to love letters – are most likely destined for the bin, or even the fire. But some of those bittersweet gifts have now been given a new purpose, as part of an award-winning exhibition called the Museum of Broken Relationships.据英国《每日邮报》8月16日报道,当一段感情结束,那些曾经被看作是浪漫爱情的珍贵纪念品,从泰迪熊到情书,就都有可能被扔进箱子甚至火堆里。而如今,这些苦乐参半的礼物被赋予了新的意义——即成为这个备受赞誉的“分手物馆”展品中的一部分。Items donated by heartbroken owners include a prosthetic leg, a pair of handcuffs, a collection of Proust novels – complete with sand between the pages – and a set of seven bras. There are even the keys to an ex-boyfriend’s apartment。失恋人士捐赠出的物品中有假腿、手铐、夹杂着沙子的普鲁斯特小说合集和7件套的内衣,甚至还有前男友公寓的钥匙。Most of the objects are displayed anonymously and each one comes with a caption that includes the location, date and length of relationship.大部分物品以匿名方式展出,并且附有标签注明感情发生的地点、日期和持续的时间。Lila La Scala, 29, donated a piano that she was given by a one-time lover with the caption "for sale"。29岁的莱拉#8226;拉#8226;斯卡拉捐赠了一架前男友赠与的钢琴,标签上写着“出售”字样。The singer, from Westcliff, Essex, said: "It was given to me in 2005 by someone I had a rather short affair with. I wouldn’t consider it a relationship, it lasted about two and a half months, and when it ended he gave me a piano. It’s quite a strange parting gift to give someone. I thought it would raise a smile with people at the exhibition."这位来自艾塞克斯斯特克利夫的歌手说:“2005年,我和一个人有过短暂的暧昧,这就是他送给我的。我不认为我们恋爱了,因为那只持续了两个半月,分开时他给了我这架钢琴,离别送钢琴确实挺奇怪的。我想它能给前来参观展览的人带来笑容。”The concept was dreamt up eight years ago in Croatia when film producer Olinka Vistica and designer and artist Drazen Grubisic split up after four years. They refused to treat their broken relationship like “an illness” and instead set about celebrating their time together.8年前,当电影制片人奥林卡#8226;韦斯蒂卡和身为设计师兼艺术家的德拉赞#8226;格鲁比希奇结束长达4年恋爱的时候,这对曾经的恋人就在克罗地亚提出了这个设想。他们不想把感情破裂当成 “伤病”一样对待,相反,他们开始着手庆祝曾经与彼此在一起的时光。They asked their friends to donate their own discarded love tokens and soon built up a large collection. 他们让自己的朋友捐出“废弃”的爱情信物,很快他们便收藏了大量物件。The London stop of the exhibition’s world tour, lasts a week and spans two Covent Garden venues: the Tristan Bates Theatre and 38 Earlham Street.该物馆世界巡回展的伦敦站将持续一周,贯穿科芬园的两个场馆——特里斯坦#8226;贝茨剧院和38号及额拉姆街。Tickets cost pound;3.50, and there are linked literary, film and dance events.每张门票售价3.5英镑,届时还将举行相关的文学、电影和舞会活动。Laura Kriefman, of the Tristan Bates Theatre, said: "As you walk around ing these stories some of them are full of anger and hurt while others are full of joy and resilience."特里斯坦#8226;贝茨剧院的工作人员劳拉#8226;克瑞佛曼说:“当你四处参观阅读那些故事时会发现,有些人充满愤怒和伤痛,有些人则满怀喜悦、活力依旧。” /201108/149458湖州曙光整形医院瘦脸针怎么样

湖州南浔区脱小腿毛多少钱 SHI MINGSHENG, NPC deputy and abbot of the Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.;Every citizen should care about politics and have the consciousness of responsibility as well as love for our compatriots. And a monk should, also.;“每个公民都要关心政治,而责任意识、大局意识,同胞情怀,和尚也同样应该有”。ZHENG HUIQIANG, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-president of Tongji University.;In China, some 30 percent of young urbanites live off their parents, and more than 65 percent of urban families face the problem of NEET (not currently engaged in education, employment or training ).;“我国城市中有30%的年轻人靠啃老生活,65%以上的家庭存在啃老问题。”CAI YAOJUN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy chief engineer of the Changjiang Survey, Planning, Design and Research Institute under the Changjiang Water Resources Commission.;Reform is not to add to or reduce a ministry, but to see how much the people can benefit and how much progress it can bring to society.;“改革不是多一个或少一个部,要看人民得什么好处、社会进步多少。” /201303/230093湖州激光去痘印要多少钱湖州去疤痕



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