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宝山开个眼角多少钱上海人民医院整形美容科Japan has issued a daunting challenge to Theresa May, UK prime minister, to negotiate a very soft British exit from the EU or risk seeing Japanese banks and other companies leave for the continent.日本向英国首相特里萨#8226;Theresa May)发起一项强硬挑战,要求英国谈判达成软退欧,否则就会面临日资和其他公司移师欧洲大陆的风险。Mrs May, attending her first G20 summit in China, was also warned on Sunday by Barack Obama, US president, that strong business links between his country and the UK could unravel unless Brexit was handled carefully.梅正在中国出席她的首0国集G20)峰会。周日她还受到美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的警告:除非英国小心处理英国退欧,否则美英之间的强大经贸纽带可能瓦解。The British prime minister had been left in no doubt that Japanese and US companies invested in the UK partly as a base to reach the 500m consumers of the European single market, and that continued access was seen as vital.英国首相被明确告知,日本和美国企业投资英国的部分原因是要以英国为基地,接触欧洲单一市场亿消费者,英国能够继续进入这一市场被视为至关重要。A memo on Japan’s Brexit demands, posted on the ministry of foreign affairs website, called on Mrs May and the EU to negotiate a post-Brexit deal that safeguarded almost all of Britain’s rights in the single market.日本外务省网站张贴了阐明日本对英国退欧要求的备忘录,其中呼吁梅和欧盟谈判达成一份保障英国在单一市场几乎所有权利的后退欧协议。The memo said the UK government lured some Japanese companies to Britain on the basis that it was seen to be a gateway to Europe and suggested it had a moral obligation to honour those promises.该备忘录称,英国政府以英国被视为欧洲的门户为基础,吸引了一些日本企业到英国,暗示英国有道义责任兑现这些承诺。We strongly request that the UK will consider this fact seriously and respond in a responsible manner to minimise any harmful effects on these businesses, said the memo, setting out Japan’s position to both British and EU negotiators.我们强烈要求英国认真考虑这一事实,并以负责任的态度作出回应,尽量减少对这些企业的任何有害影响,备忘录在阐述日本对英国和欧盟双方谈判者的立场时表示。Japanese businesses with their European headquarters in the UK may decide to transfer their head-office function to continental Europe if EU laws cease to be applicable in the UK after its withdrawal, the report says.目前把欧洲总部设在英国的日本企业,可能决定把他们的总部职能转移到欧洲大陆——如果英国退欧后不再适用欧盟法律的话,该报告称。It adds that Japanese financial institutions might have to relocate their operations from the UK to existing establishments in the EU if they were to lose their right to the single passport obtained in Britain to access the single market.备忘录接着称,日本金融机构如果失去他们的单一护照(在英国落地即可进入单一市场),就可能不得不把自己的业务迁至欧盟境内的现有经营地点。Mr Obama, who met Mrs May at the G20 in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, said Britain’s exit should be negotiated so that there was minimised disruption of American investment in the UK and it did not unravel strong business ties between the two countries.奥巴马在出席于杭州举行的G20峰会期间与梅会晤。他表示,围绕英国的退出应审慎谈判,以便尽量减小美国在英投资所受的干扰,不让英国退欧瓦解美英两国间强大的经贸纽带。来 /201609/464904虹口无痕丰胸手术费用 If true, it could be one of the most astonishing stories to ever emerge from North Korea.如果这是真的,那么这将会是朝鲜最匪夷所思的故事。A media report last Friday repeated claims that a 24-year-old American man was kidnapped in China in 2004 and taken to Pyongyang to work as an English tutor for current leader Kim Jong Un.上周五,再次有媒体报道称,一4岁的美国学生004年在中国被绑架后,被带到朝鲜给现任领导人金正恩当英语老师。However, the US State Department says there is no evidence to confirm reports that missionary David Sneddon was seized while hiking in Chinas Yunnan province.然而,美国国务院表示,并无据明失踪的大卫·斯奈登是在中国云南登山时被抓到了朝鲜;The embassy in Beijing has been in regular, ongoing contact with the local authorities since David Sneddon was reported missing.; US State Department Spokesman John Kirby said.美国国务院发言人约翰·科比表示:“自斯奈登被报道失踪后,北京的大使馆一直有定期与当地政府保持联系。”Sneddon went missing near the Tiger Leaping Gorge, just over 12 years ago, and when investigators failed to find any trace of him, Chinese authorities suggested he may have fallen to his death.12年前,斯奈登在云南虎跳峡附近失踪,调查人员找不到任何线索,中国政府表示,他可能已经遇难。Roy and Kathleen Sneddon have been searching for their son for more than a decade, including trips to China and petitions to the ed States congress, according to their websitewww.helpfinddavid.com.在过去十多年来,斯奈登的父亲罗伊和母亲凯思琳从未放弃过寻找儿子,他们还建了一个“帮忙寻找大卫”的网站,上面记录着他们到中国去找寻以及到美国国会请愿的过程;Our goal is to ensure that the US government does everything possible to investigate his likely abduction and secure his safe return to the US.;“我们的目的就是请求美国政府用尽所有可能的办法,调查我们儿子是否被绑架,并保他安全的回到美国。”According to his parents website, Sneddon spoke fluent Korean as well as some Mandarin. He had been working in Seoul, South Korea as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.据他父母网站上的介绍,斯奈登会讲流利的韩语和一些中文。此外,斯奈登还曾在韩国首尔的一家教堂担任过传教士。来 /201609/465933What is one to make of the rise of Donald Trump? It is natural to think of comparisons with populist demagogues past and present. It is natural, too, to ask why the Republican party might choose a narcissistic bully as its candidate for president. This, though, is not just about a party, but about a great country. The US is the greatest republic since Rome, the bastion of democracy, the guarantor of the liberal global order. It would be a global disaster if Mr Trump were to become president. Even if he fails, he has rendered the unthinkable sayable. 怎么看唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的崛起?人们自然会将他与古往今来善于煽动人心的民粹主义政客做番对比。人们也自然会问,为何共和党会选择一个盛气凌人的自恋狂作为其总统候选人。然而,这不仅仅与一个政党有关,而且还与一个伟大的国家有关。美国是自罗马以来最伟大的共和国,是民主体制的堡垒,还是全球自由秩序的保障。如果特朗普最终成为美国总统,那将是一场全球灾难。即便失败,他也让不可思议之事成为了人们的谈资Mr Trump is a promoter of paranoid fantasies, a xenophobe and an ignoramus. His business consists of the erection of ugly monuments to his own vanity. He has no experience of political office. Some compare him to Latin American populists. He might also be considered an American Silvio Berlusconi, albeit without the charm or business acumen. But Mr Berlusconi, unlike Mr Trump, never threatened to round up and expel millions of people. Mr Trump is grossly unqualified for the world’s most important political office. 特朗普宣扬偏执性的妄想,排外而且无知。他的生意包括为了自己的虚荣建造丑陋的地标建筑物。他没有任何从政经历。一些人将他比作拉美的民粹主义者。或许还有人认为他是美国的西尔维#8226;贝卢斯科Silvio Berlusconi),尽管他缺乏魅力和商业头脑。但是与特朗普不一样的是,贝卢斯科尼从来不会威胁要抓捕并驱逐数百万人。特朗普完全不够格担任全球最重要的政治职位Yet, as Robert Kagan, a neoconservative intellectual, argues in a powerful column in The Washington Post, Mr Trump is also “the GOP’s Frankenstein monster He is, says Mr Kagan, the monstrous result of the party’s “wild obstructionism its demonisation of political institutions, its flirtation with bigotry and its “racially tinged derangement syndromeover President Obama. He adds: “We are supposed to believe that Trump’s legion of ‘angrypeople are angry about wage stagnation. No, they are angry about all the things Republicans have told them to be angry about these past seven-and-a-half years 然而,正如新保守主义学者罗伯特#8226;卡根(Robert Kagan)在《华盛顿邮报The Washington Post)上颇具影响力的专栏中所说的那样,特朗普也是“共和党造就的弗兰肯斯坦怪物”。卡根表示,他是共和党“野蛮阻扰主义”、政治机构妖魔化、偏执心态以及对奥巴马总统患上“种族色紊乱综合症”的怪异产物。他补充称:“我们本来会认为,持特朗普的‘愤怒’民众对薪资停滞感到不满。实际上并非如此,他们对过去7年半共和党告诉他们要愤怒的所有事情都感到不满。Mr Kagan is right but does not go far enough. This is not about the past seven-and-a-half years. These attitudes were to be seen in the 1990s, with the impeachment of President Clinton. Indeed, they go back to the party’s opportunistic response to the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Alas, they have become worse, not better, with time. 卡根说得没错,但还说得不够透彻。这与过年半无关。这些态度在上世纪90年代就已显现,当时克林顿总统遭到弹劾。实际上,它们可以追溯至上世0年代共和党对公民权运动的机会主义回应。唉,随着时间的推移,这些态度日益恶化而非改善Why has this happened? The answer is that this is how a wealthy donor class, dedicated to the aims of slashing taxes and shrinking the state, obtained the footsoldiers and voters it required. This, then, is “pluto-populism the marriage of plutocracy with rightwing populism. Mr Trump embodies this union but he has done this by partially dumping the free-market, low tax, shrunken government aims of the party establishment, to which his financially dependent rivals remain wedded. That gives him an apparently insuperable advantage. Trump is no conservative, elite conservatives complain. Precisely. That is also true of the party’s base. 为何会出现这种情况?在于,这是一个致力于减税和缩减政府规模的富裕捐赠阶层获得其所需的群众基础和选民持的方式。因而这是“富豪民粹主义”:财阀统治与右翼民粹主义的结合。特朗普是这个联合体的象征,但他在一定程度上抛弃了共和党当权派的自由市场、低税和缩减政府规模的目标——他的财务上不独立的竞争对手依然致力于这些目标。这让他获得了显然无可比拟的优势。保守派精英人士抱怨称,特朗普并非保守派。确实如此。共和党的根基也不是保守派Mr Trump is egregious. Yet in some respects the policies of his two leading rivals, Senators Cruz and Rubio, are as bad. Both propose highly regressive tax cuts, just like Mr Trump. Mr Cruz even wishes to return to a gold standard. Mr Trump says that the sick should not die on the streets. Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio seem to be not quite so sure. 特朗普是个糟糕透顶的人。然而在某些方面,他的两个主要竞争对手——两位参议员特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)和马#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)也没拿出像样的政策。两人都提议高度递减的减税措施,和特朗普一样。克鲁兹甚至希望回归金本位制。特朗普表示,病人不应该死在街头。克鲁兹和鲁比奥似乎没有那么确定Yet the Trump phenomenon is not the story of just one party. It is about the country and so, inevitably, the world. In creating the American republic, the founding fathers were aware of the example of Rome. Alexander Hamilton argued in the Federalist Papers that the new republic would need an “energetic executive He noted that Rome itself, with its careful duplication of magistracies, depended in its hours of need on the grant of absolute, albeit temporary, power to one man, called a “dictator 然而,“特朗普现象”不只是一个政党的事情,它更是这个国家、因此不可避免也是整个世界的事情。在建立美利坚共和国时,开国元勋们是知道罗马这个榜样的。亚历山#8226;汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)在《联邦党人文集Federalist Papers)中主张,新共和国需要一位“充满活力的行政首脑”。他指出,罗马精心地复制了“执政官”这个职位,但在要紧时期却依赖于将绝对(尽管是暂时的)权力赋予一人,即“独裁官dictator)The US would have no such office. Instead, it would have a unitary executive: the president as elected monarch. The president has limited, but great, authority. For Hamilton, the danger of overweening power would be contained by “first, a due dependence on the people, secondly, a due responsibility During the first century , the wealth of empire destabilised the Roman republic. In the end, Augustus, heir of the popular party, terminated the republic and installed himself as emperor. He did so by preserving all the forms of the republic, while he dispensed with their meaning. 美国不会设置这样的职位。相反,它要设的是一个统一的行政首脑:总统,作为经选举产生的最高统治者。总统拥有有限、但巨大的权力。在汉密尔顿来看,权力过大的危险将受制于两点“一是对人民应有的依赖,二是应负的责任”。在公元世纪,帝国的财富令共和政体陷入不稳。最后,平民党的继承人奥古斯Augustus)终结了共和政体,自立为皇帝。他保留了所有共和的形式,却废除了它们的所有内涵It is rash to assume constitutional constraints would survive the presidency of someone elected because he neither understands nor believes in them. Rounding up and deporting 11m people is an immense coercive enterprise. Would a president elected to achieve this be prevented and, if so, by whom? What are we to make of Mr Trump’s enthusiasm for the barbarities of torture? Would he find people willing to carry out his desires or not? 不要武断地以为宪法约束一定能比某个民选总统的任期更长久,因为他既不理解也不相信这些约束。抓捕并驱100万人就是一种极其高压的做法。为了达到这个目标而选上的总统会被阻止吗?谁来阻止?怎么看特朗普对酷刑的热爱?他会看到人们愿意执行他的意思吗,还是不能? It is not difficult for a determined leader to do the previously unthinkable by appealing to conditions of emergency. Both Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt did some extraordinary things in wartime, but these men knew limits. Would Mr Trump also know limits? Hamilton’s “energeticexecutive is dangerous. 对于一位意志坚定的领导人而言,通过宣布进入紧急状态而做出以前不可想象之事并不难。亚伯拉#8226;林肯(Abraham Lincoln)和富兰克#8226;德拉#8226;罗斯Franklin Delano Roosevelt)都在战争时期做出了一些不同寻常的事情,但他们知道限度。特朗普也知道限度吗?汉密尔顿所谓的“充满活力”的行政首脑是危险的It was the ultra-conservative president Paul von Hindenburg who made Hitler chancellor of Germany in 1933. What made the new ruler so destructive was not only that he was a paranoid lunatic, but that he ruled a great power. Trump may be no Hitler. But the US is also no Weimar Germany. It is a vastly more important country even than that. 1933年,极端保守的德国总统保罗#8226;#8226;兴登Paul von Hindenburg)让希特勒(Hitler)成为了总理。让这位新的统治者变得如此具有破坏力的不只是因为他是一个患有偏执妄想症的疯子,还在于他统治的是一个大囀?特朗普或许不是希特勒。但美国也不是当时的魏玛德国。它要重要得多Mr Trump may still fail to win the Republican nomination. But, should he do so the Republican elite will have to ask themselves hard questions not only how this happened, but how they should properly respond. Beyond that, the American people will have to decide what sort of human being they want to put in the White House. The implications for them and for the world of this choice will be profound. Above all, Mr Trump may not prove unique. An American “Caesarismhas now become flesh. It seems a worryingly real danger today. It could return again in future. 特朗普还是有可能输掉共和党总统候选人提名。但如果他获得提名,共和党精英们必须扪心自问:怎么会发生这种事?他们如何做出恰当的回应?除此之外,美国人民必须做出决定,他们希望让什么样的人入主白宫。这一选择对于他们以及整个世界的影响将是深远的。最重要的是,特朗普或许并非仅此一个。一种美国式的“凯撒主义Caesarism)如今已经如有实体。这似乎是当今一个令人担忧的真实危险。未来它还可能重现。来 /201603/430112上海市长海医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

上海鼻尖整形手术价格上海第九人民医院激光去红血丝多少钱 Iraqs interior minister has offered to resign, part of the political fallout from Sundays devastating attack in Baghdad.巴格达星期天发生的重大袭击事件引起政治效应,伊拉克内政部长提出辞职。Mohammed Ghabban Tuesday handed over authority to his deputy until the offer is considered by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, himself the target of public rage after a suicide truck bombing killed at least 175 people.穆罕默德#8729;哈班星期二把权力移交给内政部副部长,等待伊拉克总理阿巴迪考虑他的辞呈。这次卡车自杀炸弹袭击造成至少175人丧生,公众的愤怒直指阿巴迪本人。Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying they were targeting Shiites.伊斯兰国激进分子对这次炸弹袭击承担责任,说他们的袭击目标是什叶派穆斯林。The attack came near the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time when U.N. envoy for Iraq Jan Kubis had hoped there would be a lull in violence. U.N. Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein also deplored the loss of innocent lives and condemned, what he called, this latest ;horrendous atrocity; by the extremist Sunni group Islamic State.这次袭击正值穆斯林斋月进入尾声,联合国的伊拉克事务特使库比什原本希望在这段时间里暴力事件会暂时停顿。联合国人权事务高级专员扎伊#8729;拉阿#8729;侯赛因也对无辜者被害表示痛惜,谴责逊尼派极端组织伊斯兰国的行为是“可怕的暴行“。来 /201607/452830崇明激光点痣多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心做红色胎记手术价格 President Barack Obama has proposed a plan to close the US prison at Guantánamo Bay in a final effort to persuade a sceptical Congress to help him shut the controversial site before he leaves office, fulfilling a campaign pledge.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)提出了一项计划,拟关闭美国在关塔那Guantánamo Bay)的监狱。这是他最后一次试图劝说持怀疑态度的美国国会帮他在离任前关闭这一备受争议的场所,以让他能够兑现在竞选总统时作出的承诺。Fifteen years after Guantánamo was opened to detain prisoners captured in Afghanistan, the US is holding 91 inmates at the site. While 35 detainees have been approved for transfer to other nations, the plan proposes moving the remaining detainees to one of 13 unnamed prisons in the US.关塔那监狱设立5年前,用来关押在阿富汗俘获的囚犯。目前里面关着91名囚犯,其中35人已获批转至其他国家,而上述计划建议将剩下的囚犯转至美国境3所未具名监狱中的一所。“For many years, it’s been clear that the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay does not advance our national security,Mr Obama said on Tuesday. “Guantánamo harms our partnerships with allies and other countries, whose co-operation we need against terrorism#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law.”奥巴马在周二表示:“多年来,关塔那湾的这座关押设施显然并未提升我们的国家安全。关塔那监狱破坏了我们与盟国及其他国家的合作关系,而我们需要这种合作来打击恐怖主义……在人们眼中,关塔那监狱是我们捍卫最高标准法治的整个记录中的一个污点。”Guantánamo has remained a thorn in the side of the administration since Mr Obama took office in 2008, following a presidential campaign in which he made closing the site one of the pillars of his foreign policy, along with ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While critics of Guantánamo argue that it serves as a recruiting tool for terrorists, proponents of keeping it open say that it helps prevent future terrorist attacks against the US.自奥巴马2008年上任以来,关塔那监狱就一直是奥巴马政府的眼中钉。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾表示,关闭关塔那监狱以及结束伊拉克和阿富汗战争是他外交政策的柱。虽然关塔那监狱的批评者声称该监狱起到了恐怖分子招募工具的作用,但持继续设立这座监狱的人士表示,它有助于防范未来针对美国的恐怖袭击。During his seven years in office, Mr Obama has failed to persuade Congress to help him close the prison. Congress has passed measures that ban the administration from moving detainees from Guantánamo to US soil. Most of the Republican presidential contenders have vowed to keep the prison open.奥巴马在年以来,一直未能说国会帮他关闭这座监狱。美国国会已通过法令,禁止政府将关塔那监狱关押的囚犯转至美国境内。大多数共和党总统竞选人都发誓要继续设立这座监狱。In urging Congress to work with his administration, Mr Obama on Tuesday said he was “clear-eyed about the hurdles to finally closing Guantánamo To make his case, he argued that his predecessor, George W Bush, had wanted to close the site. He also stressed that the military commissions being used to try 10 detainees including alleged 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed at Guantánamo had not produced “a single verdict周二,奥巴马在劝说国会与政府合作时表示,他“对最终关闭关塔那监狱面临的障碍有着清楚的认识”。为了明自己的观点,他指出他的前任小布什(George W Bush)也曾想关闭这一场所。奥巴马还强调,用来审判10名关塔那监狱囚犯(其中包括涉嫌策划了“九一一”事件的哈立#8226;谢赫#8226;穆罕默德(Khaled Sheikh Mohammed))的特别军事法庭连“一个判决”都没有做出。Mr Obama argued that the site, which last year cost 0m to run, was a big financial drain.Tackling claims that it would pose a threat to US security or complicate efforts to try the detainees, he pointed out that federal courts have aly convicted terrorists such as Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.关塔那监狱去年运营开销.5亿美元,奥巴马认为该监狱是一项巨大的财政负担。他驳斥了关闭该场所将对美国安全构成威胁或使在押犯审判工作复杂化的说法,指出联邦法院已为一些恐怖分子定了罪,比如“鞋子炸弹手”理查德#8226;里德(Richard Reid)。来 /201603/428674上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院开双眼皮多少钱虹口区人民中医院减肥手术价格费用



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