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大理市附属医院做孕检多少钱大理市妇科医院人流价格The dumbest column I ever wrote was the one that suggested that if Apple wanted to sell a lot of iPhones in China it should stick with silver.我曾在一篇专栏中写道,如果苹果(Apple)希望iPhone在中国市场上大卖,就应该坚定不移地出银色版iPhone。事实明这是我错得最离谱的一次。This was just about a year ago. Rumors were flying that Apple was about to launch a champagne-gold iPhone because gold was such a prestigious color in China. I went looking for market research on national color preferences, and the closest thing I could find was a Dupont chart that showed that the best-selling automobile color in China was silver, not gold.这大概也就是一年前的事。当时传闻苹果即将推出一款香槟色iPhone,因为金色在中国是身份的象征。我查找了关于各国人色偏好的市场调研,还找到了杜邦公司(Dupont)发布的一份图表,该图表显示,在中国银色汽车最畅销,而非金色。Cars, it turns out, are not the same as phones.但事实明,汽车与手机是两码事。The gold iPhone 5S was a huge hit in China. It sold out immediately in Hong Kong and the mainland. Customers in New York City buying for export lined up around the block. Gold iPhones were soon commanding mark-ups of several hundred dollar apiece in China’s grey markets.金色版的iPhone5S在中国大获成功,很快在香港和中国大陆销售一空。在纽约,购买无锁版土豪金iPhone5S的买家排起了长队。很快,在中国的“灰市”,金色版iPhone手机每部需要加价数百美元才能买到。Apple, it seems, knew what it was doing. In December it finally cut a distribution deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier. In February, China Mobile announced that iPhones accounted for more than half of the phones on its brand new 4G network. By last week, that network had grown to more than 14 million subscribers.苹果当时就似乎胸有成竹。去年十二月,它终于与全球最大的运营商——中国移动达成了分销协议。今年二月,中国移动宣布,使用该公司全新4G网络的手机中,一半以上是iPhone。截至上上周,中国移动的4G网络用户已超过1400万。“China, honestly was surprising to us,” Tim Cook told analysts last week. “We thought it would be strong but it went well past what we thought. We came in at 26% of revenue growth, including retail and if you look at the units, the unit growth was really off the charts across the board. I found 48% growth that compares to a market estimate of 24%. So growing it two times the market.”蒂姆o库克日前向分析师们表示:“中国着实令我们吃惊。我们知道在中国市场的销售会很强劲,但结果比我们预想的还要好得多。我们的营收(包括零售在内)增长了26%,而如果按销售的产品数量计,可谓全面飙升,产品销量的增速高达48%,而市场预期为24%,所以实际增速是市场预期的两倍。”“Whoever proposed the champagne gold model can’t be rewarded enough for the cascading benefits Apple has enjoyed from it,” writes an American ex-pat who posts here as Jake_in_Seoul.署名“杰克在首尔”(Jake_in_Seoul)的一位驻外美国读者说:“香槟金版iPhone令苹果赚得盆满钵满,提议推出该模型的员工应该获得重奖。”Jake, as regulars here know, is a keen observer of the Asian smartphone market. In January we re-posted a letter he wrote from China that adds some color (pardon the pun) to the Chinese iPhone story:常读这个专栏的读者都知道,“杰克”对亚洲智能手机市场的观察十分敏锐。今年1月,我们转发了他从中国发来的一封信,令中国的iPhone故事更生动起来。“iPhones here are not predominant, but are ily seen, certainly in the hands of wealthy and powerful, (e.g., a local real estate tycoon), but also surprisingly owned by the likes of hotel clerks and a remarkable noodle shop girl. Ownership seems to be a state of mind.“iPhone在中国没有占据市场配地位,但用的人也不少,有钱有势的人(比如说房地产大亨)肯定都是用iPhone,但出人意料的是,饭店职员甚至面馆也可能用着iPhone。购iPhone与否,似乎取决于心态。”“I was amused in a casual conversation to hear Samsung (known in China by its Chinese/Korean character name San Xing Sanxing “Three Stars”) referred to as a “Chinese phone”… I suspect this misunderstanding may not be uncommon and hence highly aggravating to Samsung.“在一次闲聊中,我听到三星(在中国采用其汉字名称)被人称作‘中国手机’品牌,太逗了。我怀疑不少人都存在这种误解,三星肯定对此很困扰。”“The iPhone, by contrast, is now called ‘iPhone’ (using roman letters) in every press article I’ve seen recently, and a Chinese character equivalent Ai Feng (Aifeng ‘Love Crazed’) is increasingly used only as slang in advertising, on Weibo, in blogs etc. The brand maintains its pristine foreign identity.“相比之下,在我近期看到的所有新闻报道中,iPhone都是采用本身的英文名称,而中文说法‘爱疯’日益作为俚语用于广告、微、客中。其品牌本身的外国身份很明显。“The fact that an awareness of Apple and the iPhone has so quickly and widely penetrated Chinese society is a remarkable achievement, one likely due to the perceived excellence of Apple technology and also to good timing, as cell phone culture comes of age here. As long as Apple continues to produce cool products, it will surely gain adherents in China as more and more people can afford them.”“苹果和iPhone在中国的认知度迅速广泛提升,是一项了不起的成就。这可能一是因为人们认为苹果技术卓越,二是因为时机刚刚好,因为手机文化正在中国发展到了一定阶段。随着越来越多的中国人能买得起苹果产品,只要该公司继续生产炫酷的产品,肯定会在中国获得大量拥趸。” /201407/316164大理看妇科病哪里好 随着经济的发展,人类对环境的污染也日益严峻。在交额烂头之时,我们将目光交给那些兢兢业业的专家们。政府间气候变化专门委员会成立于1988年,专家组成员曾于2007年被联合授予诺贝尔和平奖。它最初是由联合国环境保护项目和世界气象组织联合发起组织的,目的是为了定期整合已有的关于气候变化原因与后果的研究结果和学界对这些研究结果的反应。专家组通常会提供大篇的技术报告及相应的简短摘要,用以描述社会发展对于气候变化产生的可能影响。然而,各国政府的“言行不一”让专家组的一些领导人不得不站出来,明确表示他们对于政策制定的意见,科学并不能告诉社会该做些什么,因为现实并不像理论上的那样简单。Can Climate Panel(专门小组) Have Climate Impact?I have an article in Tuesday’s Science Times(《科学时报》) assessing next steps for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(政府气候变化专门委员会). The panel, which shared the Nobel Peace Prize (诺贝尔和平奖)in 2007, was created in 1988 under the ed Nations Environment Program and World Meteorological Organization (联合国环境计划署和世界气象局)to aid governments by periodically reviewing the accumulated research on the causes and consequences of climate change and possible responses. But it was proscribed from recommending particular courses of action. The task of being policy relevant but policy neutral has become ever tougher, it seems. The massive(大量的) reports and shorter summaries(摘要) are certainly relevant to global and national energy policies, describing the possible climatic outcomes of a wide range of societal paths, from business as usual to aggressive emissions curbs. But so far, as the article notes, there’s scant(缺乏) evidence that world leaders, while lauding(赞美) the climate panel and publicly accepting its periodic conclusions, are taking them to heart. That disconnect(言行不一致) has prompted some leaders of the climate panel, including Rajendra K. Pachauri, its chairman since 2002, to speak out (毫无保留地说出)strongly in favor of certain policy choices, from deep cuts in emissions by developed countries (从降低发达国家的有害物质排放量)to steps taken on energy and climate by President Obama and Congress in the ed States. In an interview, Dr. Pachauri ily acknowledged that he presses for particular actions(明确地承认曾表达过类似的意见), but said he does so as an individual(但是是个人观点). He said this does not present a conflict. “When I e from the I.P.C.C(专家组的调查报告). I make sure that whatever I say is totally accurate,” he said. “But that doesn’t prevent me from expressing my own views. I do get criticism, but if you stand still you won’t get anywhere.” Gerbrand Komen, who was the longtime head of the Dutch government delegation at climate-panel plenary meetings(荷兰政府代表团的负责人参加专家组的全体大会) and is a former director of climate research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute(荷兰皇家气象学院), said that the climate panel is, in essence, presenting mixed messages and assuming mixed roles. “I like to distinguish people trying to understand the world and people trying to change the world,” Dr. Komen said in an email. “I.P.C.C. (’policy relevant, but not policy prescriptive’(政策相关但不引导政策制定)) is in between. In all three groups [the climate panel's working groups on the science(科学问题组), impacts and adaptive response(气候变化影响和适应性应对组) and mitigation of human-caused warming(人为原因导致气候变暖应对组)] there are people that ignore uncertainty bands, and emphasize extremes, for various reasons: be it curiosity or the wish to influence policy. Modelers sometimes tend to forget that their models are only models.”Discussions of climate science and policy have seen endless fights over the appropriate role of scientists. Should they limit themselves to laying out the evidence, uncertainties and all, and let society respond however it may? Or should they be as free as any citizen to dive into the policy debate, as James Hansen of NASA and Dr. Pachauri (who is an engineer and economist) have done? And if you endorse such actions by Dr. Hansen(如果你赞同汉森士的说法), can you criticize them when the scientist/advocate stakes an entirely different ideological or economic position? In 2007, on the C-Span program “Close Up at the Newseum(聚焦新闻物馆),” I asked Patrick J. Michaels, a climatologist working with the Cato Institute who unabashedly labels his work “ advocacy science,” just what that phrase means. He offered a defense reaching back to Thomas Jefferson’s encouragement of scientists to be citizens.In the end, many people in this arena insist, the science frames the discussion, providing the best picture of consequences and opportunities while laying out ranges of risk and uncertainty. In its 21 years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(政府气候变化专门委员会) has played a unique role in facilitating just that framing, many panel members and experts on science and policy say. But in the end, I hear again and again, science doesn’t have a role in telling society what to do. If only things were that simple. Kenneth Caldeira, a climate specialist whom I’ve interviewed about ocean acidification(海洋酸化), geo-engineering(地质工程学), climate tipping points(气候剧变点) and other questions, says there is substantial peril in “describing policy prescriptions as if they’re a scientific conclusion.” He bases his thinking on some fundamentals of philosophy, as laid out by David Hume long ago. “You can’t get an ought from an is,(你不能仅从事实的描述中推出我们现实中应该做什么)” Dr. Caldeira told me.Keke View:政府间气候变化专业委员会(IPCC)IPCC是一个政府间机构,它向UNEP和WMO所有成员国开放。在大约每年一次的委员会全会上,就它的结构、原则、程序和工作计划作出决定,并选举主席和主席团。全会使用六种联合国官方语言。 IPCC设有三个工作组:第一工作组评估气候系统和气候变化的科学问题;第二工作组的工作针对气候变化导致社会经济和自然系统的脆弱性、气候变化的正负两方面后果及其适应方案;第三工作组评估限制温室气体排放和减缓气候变化的方案。另外还设立一个国家温室气体清单专题组。每个工作组(专题组)设两名联合主席,分别来自发展中国家和发达国家,其下设一个技术持组。 /200908/80752Inefficiency is not a quality usually associated with Amazon but Jeff Bezos’s company is behaving as if it is a small, disorganised bookstore that cannot quite control its stock. “You want that book, do you? Very sorry but we have run out. We can order you another copy but they are taking a long time to arrive at the moment. How about buying another title instead?”“低效”与亚马逊(Amazon)通常沾不上边,但杰夫#8226;贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)的这家公司现在却表现得像一家组织混乱、库存控制不力的小书店。“你想买那本书是吗?不好意思,库存没货。我们可以为您预订一本,但要花很长时间才能送到。要不买本别的书吧?”It is a ruse, of course. When Amazon tells its US customers that The Silkworm, the new novel by Robert Galbraith, a pseudonym for JK Rowling, is “currently unavailable”, it is not telling the truth. What it means is that it is not making the book available for preorder because it is published by Hachette, from which Amazon is trying to force discounts. 这当然是骗人。亚马逊告诉美国顾客,罗伯特#8226;加尔布雷思(Robert Galbraith,J#8226;K#8226;罗琳(JK Rowling)的笔名)的小说新作《蚕》(The Silkworm)“目前无货”,说的不是实话。亚马逊的真实意思是,它不会预售该书,因为这本书由Hachette出版,而亚马逊正在试图迫使该出版社提供折扣。This is the moment publishers have feared since they lost an antitrust case in the US and Europe last year. “They were concerned that, should Amazon continue to dominate the sale of ebooks to consumers, it would start to demand lower wholesale prices,” wrote Denise Cote, the US district judge. She ruled that the publishers had conspired with Apple to raise book prices in its store.出版商们自从去年在美国和欧洲输掉一桩反垄断官司以来,便对这种场景忧心忡忡。“它们担心,如果亚马逊继续垄断电子书的销售,它将开始要求降低批发价格,”美国地区法官丹尼丝#8226;科特(Denise Cote)写道。她裁定,出版商与苹果(Apple)合谋提高苹果商店里的电子书价格。By forming a blatant cartel, the “big six” publishers and Apple botched their effort to resist Amazon’s dominance of ebooks with the Kindle. It made the strangest antitrust cases of recent years – the US government and the European Commission rushing to the aid of an emerging monopolist. 因为组成的同业联盟太过明目张胆,“六大”出版商和苹果在抵抗亚马逊通过Kindle垄断电子书的斗争中马失前蹄。此案成为近年来最奇怪的反垄断案件之一——美国政府和欧盟委员会(European Commission)竟然急着去帮助一家正在崛起的垄断企业。Mr Bezos once suggested that Amazon treat small publishers “the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle”, wrote Brad Stone in The Everything Store, his corporate biography. Hachette is one of the smaller big five – reduced from six by the Penguin-Random House merger – and is vulnerable.布拉德#8226;斯通(Brad Stone)在亚马逊公司传记《一网打尽》(The Everything Store)中写道,贝索斯曾提出,亚马逊应像“猎豹追逐羸弱的瞪羚”那样对待小出版商。Hachette是“五大”(原本为六大,因为企鹅(Penguin)与兰登书屋(Random House)的合并而减少为五大)出版商中较小的一家,容易受到亚马逊的冲击。I have mixed feelings about Amazon. Mr Bezos has created a remarkable company whose devotion to pleasing customers and cutting prices puts competitors to shame. It reimagined what retailing should be like, not just by putting it online, but by making it easier. 我对亚马逊爱恨交加。贝索斯创办了一家出色的公司,它对满足顾客和减价的执着令竞争对手汗颜。它重新塑造了零售业,不仅实现了在线零售,还让零售变得更方便。He also cut through the fumblings of rivals such as Sony in creating the Kindle. It did not overtake the Sony Reader and the Nook merely because of Amazon’s marketing power and manufacturing efficiency. It is a superior device and is linked to a brilliant (when Mr Bezos lets it work) online store. 贝索斯还打造了Kindle,从索尼(Sony)等竞争对手的笨拙产品中脱颖而出。Kindle之所以超过索尼阅读器和Nook,不只是因为亚马逊的营销能力和生产效率。Kindle性能优越,并与优秀的在线商店(当贝索斯让其正常运转的时候就是优秀的)相连接。Despite its current tactics, Amazon has been a profitable partner to publishers – bringing innovation to a business of custom and practice. “Amazon is the publishers’ best account. It offers tremendous volume with no returns [of unsold books] and preordering helps them put their books on bestseller lists on day one,” says Mike Shatzkin, a consultant.虽然目前采取了不友好的策略,但亚马逊一直能为出版商创造丰厚的利润,为一个以规矩和惯例著称的行业带来创新。顾问迈克#8226;沙茨金(Mike Shatzkin)表示:“亚马逊是出版商的最佳客户。它销量巨大,不会退货(未售出书籍),并且可以通过预售让出版商的书从第一天就登上畅销书排行榜。”But it is disturbingly ruthless, with a hardly disguised ambition to force other suppliers and intermediaries – including publishers and bookstores – out of business. It is a machine for squeezing margins,#8201;including its own, to near-zero in order to cut prices.但亚马逊的冷酷令人不安,它也毫不掩饰自己的雄心:将其他供应商和中间商——包括出版商和书店——挤出这块业务。亚马逊变成了一台机器,为了削减价格,将利润(包括它自己的)挤压到接近于零的水平。These margins include not only publishers’ profits but royalties and advances to authors, which have been falling. “This is a punitive, vindictive, vicious anti-culture company,” says Andrew Wylie, the authors’ agent. “If it doesn’t like the way negotiations are going, it punishes the publishers and ers. I don’t understand why this is not subject to legal redress.”这不仅包括出版商的利润,还包括作者获得的版税和预付金——这些收入也在下降。“亚马逊是一家苛刻、小气、恶毒、反文化的公司,”作家经纪人安德鲁#8226;威利(Andrew Wylie)表示,“如果它不喜欢谈判的走向,便惩罚出版商和读者。我不理解这种行为为何没有被绳之以法。”There lies Amazon’s advantage – it need not form a cartel to squeeze its suppliers because it is aly large. With a 30 per cent share of the physical book market in the US and more than 60 per cent of ebooks, it clearly has market power in the antitrust sense. But there has never been a case in US competition law of a single company being declared an illegal monopsonist. 这是亚马逊的优势所在——它不需要组成同业联盟来压榨供应商,因为它的规模已经够大。亚马逊占据了美国纸质书市场30%的份额和电子书市场逾60%的份额,从反垄断的角度来说,它无疑具有市场权力。但在美国反垄断法的历史上,从未有单独一家公司被宣布为非法买方垄断者的案例。“In the US, the simple use by one company of monopsony power to extract lower prices from suppliers is not illegal. There is general intuition that buyer power means lower prices and lower prices are good,” says Jonathan Jacobson, an antitrust lawyer at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich amp; Rosati in New York.“在美国,一家公司利用买方垄断使供应商降低价格,不构成非法行为。一般的看法是,买方权力意味着低价,而低价是有利的,”纽约威尔逊#8226;桑西尼#8226;古奇#8226;罗沙迪律师事务所(Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich amp; Rosati)反垄断律师乔纳森#8226;雅各布森(Jonathan Jacobson)表示。Amazon may be breaking the law with a deceptive sales practice – telling its customers that Hachette books in the US (and Bonnier books in Germany, where it is waging a similar campaign) are “unavailable”when they can be bought quickly from its competitors. In terms of antitrust law, however, the biggest force in books is secure.亚马逊的欺骗性销售手段可能违法——它告诉顾客,Hachette的图书在美国“无货”(还有邦尼(Bonnier)的图书在德国也是如此——亚马逊使用了同样的手段),但顾客却能在竞争对手那里轻而易举地买到。不过,就反垄断法而言,亚马逊这家图书领域的龙头企业是安全的。There is a moral for publishers: get bigger. Penguin has merged with Random House (Pearson, the owner of the Financial Times, holds a 47 per cent stake in Penguin Random House), and HarperCollins has just bought Harlequin, one of the biggest independents, for 5m. The remedy to market power is to bulk up.出版商吸取的教训是:要做大规模。企鹅已经与兰登书屋合并(英国《金融时报》母公司培生(Pearson)拥有企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Random House) 47%的股份),哈珀柯林斯(HarperCollins)刚刚以4.15亿美元收购最大的独立出版商之一Harlequin。对付市场权力的解药是扩张规模。The question is less who wins the contest between Amazon and publishers than what benefits the er and author (I am both, having had books published by Penguin Random House), and wider society. Amazon has done some things for the public good – the ability of any writer to self-publish on the Kindle platform aids freedom of expression and the sp of ideas. 主要问题不是谁赢得亚马逊和出版商之间的较量,而是什么能让读者、作者和全社会受益(我既是读者又是作者,企鹅兰登书屋出版过我的书)。亚马逊为公共利益做过一些好事——任何作者都可以在Kindle平台上出版作品,这可以强化言论自由,促进思想传播。It is hard, though, to see the public benefit in Amazon treating book publishers as just another bunch of suppliers, like the makers of toys or garden furniture. For now margins on ebooks remain high, offsetting the squeeze on hardbacks, but Amazon’s intent is clear. If it turns publishing into a lossmaking business, the profession of writing will suffer.然而,亚马逊将图书出版商作为普通供应商(如玩具厂商或花园家具厂商)对待,很难说对公共利益有什么好处。目前,电子书利润率依然较高,因此弥补了纸质书所受的压榨,但亚马逊的意图是明确的。如果它将出版业变成一种亏损的行当,写作这个职业就会遭殃。The irony is that publishers’ efforts to set book prices themselves and treat Amazon as an agent were legal; it was the cartel that undermined them. The solution in US law is to grow into giants themselves. So much for craft industry.讽刺的是,出版商试图自行为图书定价,将亚马逊当作代理商对待的努力是合法的;让它们受损的是同业联盟。根据美国法律,它们的出路是自己成长为巨头。同业联盟就到此为止了。 /201406/303441大理东方妇产医院妇产科建卡要多少钱

大理省妇幼保健院咨询电话大理最权威妇科医院 Companion planting is the idea that some kinds of plants can help each other grow. Plants that are compatible together generally have similar needs in terms of nutrients, soil and moisture levels.混栽的想法在于某些种类的植物有助于彼此生长。互相兼容的植物一般在养分、土壤和水分含量上有类似需求。Advice about which plants are compatible is sometimes based more on tradition than proof. But experts say there is evidence to support certain combinations. These can improve harvests, reduce disease and help with pest control by attracting helpful insects.有关哪些植物能够互相兼容有时候更多取决于传统而不是论。但专家表示某些组合有据作为持。这些组合可以提高收成、减少疾病,并且通过吸引益虫来帮助控制虫害。For example, some kinds of soil bacteria take nitrogen from the air and make it into a form that plants can use. The plants hold the nitrogen in their roots. Legumes are especially good at this nitrogen-fixing. Then any crops that share the same space as the legumes can get the nitrogen as the roots decompose.例如,某些类型的土壤细菌从空气中吸收氮并将其转化成为一种植物能够利用的形式。这类植物将氮保存到根部,豆类尤其擅长于这样固氮。这样共享土壤的任何作物,例如豆类,可以在根部分解时获得这些氮。Beans and potatoes can also share territory well because their roots reach different levels in the soil. Deep-rooted vegetables get nutrients and moisture from lower down in the soil, so they do not compete with plants with shallower roots.菜豆和马铃薯也能很好地分享领土,因为它们的根在土壤中的深度不同。深根类蔬菜从更深的土壤中获得养分和水分,因此它们不会与浅根植物竞争。But some plants placed together may harm each other#39;s development. For example, tomatoes do not like wet soil but watercress does, so you would probably want to keep them separated.但有些植物放到一块可能会损害各自的发展。例如,西红柿不喜欢潮湿的土壤,但豆瓣菜却喜欢潮湿的土壤,所以你可能需要将它们分开。Some kinds of produce should be kept apart even after being harvested. This is because of ethylene gas. Ethylene is a plant hormone that can cause some foods to ripen too quickly. Apples release ethylene gas. Apricots, melons and tomatoes also release a lot of ethylene. Some vegetable are easily affected by ethylene, including asparagus, broccoli, cabbage and cucumbers.某些种类的农产品即使在收获后也应当隔离开。这是因为乙烯。乙烯是一种植物激素,能够导致一些食物成熟太快。苹果会释放乙烯。杏、甜瓜和西红柿也释放乙烯。有些蔬菜很容易受乙烯影响,其中包括芦笋,西兰花,白菜和黄瓜。This risk of ripening too soon is why markets often separate high ethylene-producing foods from those that are sensitive to the gas.这种过快催熟的风险就是市场上经常将产生乙烯多的食物和对乙烯敏感的食物分开的原因。But if you put an apple in a bag with a green banana, the ethylene from the apple will make the banana y to eat sooner.但如果你将一个苹果和未熟的香蕉放进一个袋子里,苹果释放的乙烯将使香蕉很快可以食用。What about peaches, plums and nectarines that are too firm to eat? These kinds of fruit do not need any help from an apple ; they release enough ethylene to ripen themselves. But that does not mean there is no way to get the job done faster.桃子、李子、油桃吃起来太硬怎么办?这类水果不需要苹果帮忙,它们能够释放足够多的乙烯使自身成熟。但这并不意味着没办法使这个成熟的过程更快一些。Growers suggest placing the fruit in a fruit bowl or in a paper bag with the top folded over. Keep the fruit at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Once the fruit is soft enough to your liking, either use it or put it in the refrigerator to keep it from getting too ripe. Yuck.种植者建议将这些水果放入水果盘或纸袋里并盖好。将这些水果保持在室温下避免阳光直射。一旦水果软到你喜欢的程度,要么吃了它,要么把它放入冰箱以防止它变得太熟。 /201202/173013大理市妇科处女膜修复医院

大理市四维彩超价格Radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries, including the ed States, made the decision after reviewing peer-reviewed studies on cell phone safety. The team found enough evidence to categorize personal exposure as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." What that means is they found some evidence of increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users, but have not been able to draw conclusions for other types of cancersWireless industry responded to Tuesday's announcement saying it "does not mean cell phones cause cancer."CNN 报道世界卫生组织WHO 最新的公告已经将手机和铅、发动机排气,和氯仿并列成为了有致癌风险。据说包括美国在内的14个国家31个科学家共同研究审查出来了这个结果。这表示科学家们已经找出了一些据表明手机能够导致或者增大脑神经癌症的迹象。而手机的辐射更像是微波炉的辐射,来自洛杉矶的Keith Black 士说“这就好像手机在微你的大脑一样。”但手机无线行业却认为这是无稽之谈。 /201106/139133 Oz#(5cW8zNc-3TRqYqK07S6aw3+6Apple#39;s next iPhone is likely in the final stages of development. It should be out this fall, perhaps at the end of September. To get you y for what Apple#39;s planning, we#39;ve put together this slideshow.苹果的下一部iPhone可能处在最后开发阶段7AWnf1u9oyVc。它应该在这个秋天,也许在9月底发布HbYC0zNLk*xIIk!JTZ。让你为苹果的计划准备好,我们整合这个幻灯片P.Q+V5Fg(M_+。It is expected to be called the iPhone 5S and look exactly like the iPhone 5.它将被称为iPhone 5 s,看起来和iPhone 5很像Ghj+%6!5iK((jp_)Dy0。1!ddEJAu-otz!H7;d-6x80Yt;xW0P8O2j#L, /201307/246789大理市鹤庆县做体检哪家医院最好的大理治疗重度宫颈糜烂要多少钱



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