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  • 地点:莫妮卡公寓客厅人物:莫妮卡,钱德勒,乔伊,瑞秋,菲比事件:钱德勒赶回家,乔伊在家门口告诉他莫妮卡已经伤心欲绝地走了钱德勒沮丧地打开门,发现满屋都是蜡烛他终于向莫妮卡求了婚Monica: You wanted it to be a surprise.Chandler: Oh my God.Monica: Chandler… In all my life… I never thought I would be so lucky. As to… fall in love with my best…my best… There a reason why girls dont do this!Chandler: Okay! Okay! Okay! Oh God, I thought…Wait a minute, I–I can do this. I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it.Then I realized the only thing that matters is that you, you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if youll let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?Monica: Yes.Monica: I knew you were likely to take a wife!Joey: Can we come in yet? Were dying out here!Monica: Come in! Come in! Were engaged!Rachel: Ohhh, this is the least jealous Ive ever been!Phoebe: Oh, no, wait, no, this is wrong! Ross isnt here!Monica: Oh…Rachel: Oh, hell, he done this three times! He knows what it about! 378。
  • Dialogue 1:Jingjing: So, Xiao Gao, weve aly talked about the first six zodiac signs. I think it time we talk about the last six. Pop quiz, what do you call people born between September 3 and October ?京晶:小高,我们已经说过了前6个星座,是时候说说后6个啦,考考你!9月3日到月日出生的人是什么?Xiao Gao: That easy!Theyre called Libras. These people love justice and fairness. They also work well with other people.小高:这很容易,他们是天秤座,这些人非常喜欢公平和公正,并且可以非常融洽地和别人合作Jingjing: Yup, Libras are known to be cooperative. They dont like violence or injustice of any kind.京晶:是的,天秤座被认为非常有合作精神,他们不喜欢暴力和任何的不公正Xiao Gao: I think the next group, called Scorpios, is pretty interesting too. Born between October 3 and November 1, Scorpios seem quiet and cool on the outside, but theyre actually really emotional and passionate on the inside.小高:我觉得下一个星座,天蝎座,也非常有意思他们出生在月3日至月1日之间,天蝎座外表看起来很安静很酷,但其实他们内心感情非常丰富并且富有Jingjing: I heard they make really great leaders. They dont like being lied to, so make sure youre always honest to a Scorpio.京晶:我听说他们是非常好的领导者,他们不喜欢被骗,所以,一定要注意诚实地对待天蝎Xiao Gao: Next is the Sagittarius, theyre born between November and December 1. These people are deep thinkers that love change.小高:下一个是射手座,他们出生于月日到月1日之间这些人是思想家并且非常喜欢改变Jingjing: Yeah, theyrereally extroverted and optimistic. It hard a Sagittarius to feel down.京晶:是的,他们非常外向和乐观,射手座很少会不开心Xiao Gao: Some of the funniest people I know are Sagittarians.小高:我认识的一些非常有趣的人都是射手座Jingjing: Well, youre obviously not a Sagittarian then.京晶:那么你肯定不是射手座Xiao Gao: What? Im a funny person, right? …Right? (Xiao Gao makes a disappointed sigh)小高:什么?我也是个有趣的人啊,不是吗?……不是吗?哎……习语短语:1. pop quiz 不提前通知的考试,突击测验. Libra 天秤座 9月3日至月日3. Scorpio 天蝎座 月3日至月1日. passionate 有热情的,有坚定信念的5. Sagittarius 射手座 月日至月1日6. extroverted 外向的,和内向相反7. optimistic 乐观的Dialogue :Jingjing: Weve finally reached the last three zodiac signs.京晶:我们终于只剩下最后三个星座了Xiao Gao: Let me start,between December and January 19 is the Capricorn. These people are known their professionalism and traditional values. Theyre really serious people and do their job well. Capricorns are among my favorite!小高:让我先来,在月日至1月19日之间的是羯座这些人以他们的专业精神和传统价值观著称,他们是非常严肃认真的人,并且喜欢做好他们的工作羯座是我最喜欢的星座之一Jingjing: Why do you like Capricorns so much?京晶:为什么你这么喜欢羯座?Xiao Gao: Because my girlfriend is a Capricorn!小高:因为我女朋友就是羯座Jingjing: Oh geez, okay let move on. Between January and February 18 is Aquarius. It shouldnt surprise you that the symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer.京晶:哦,天哪,好吧,我们继续,在1月日至月18日之间的是水瓶座毫无疑问,水瓶座的象征就是水瓶Xiao Gao: What do you mean?小高:什么意思?Jingjing: Well, aqua means water. Sometimes Aquarians are shy, but on the other hand, they can also be boisterous and energetic. They love to lend a helping hand to those in need.京晶:aqua是水的意思,水瓶座有时很害羞,但是有时也会很喧闹很精力充沛,他们喜欢帮助那些需要帮助的人Xiao Gao: Sounds like they make really good friends.小高:听起来他们可以成为非常好的朋友Jingjing: Indeed they do.京晶:确实是Xiao Gao: Last but not least, we have the Pisces. Born between February 19 and March , the Pisces is a very gentle and affectionate person. They are there you when you need to spill your guts.小高:最后是双鱼座,出生在月19日到3月日之间,双鱼座是非常温顺并且有爱心的人当你想倾诉心事的时候可以找他们Jingjing: Yeah, Pisceans make good artists and musicians. If you ever meet a Piscean, you should take him or her to see a movie, theyll love it! Well, we did it. All twelve zodiac signs! Now you can your horoscope everyday like me.京晶:是的,双鱼座可以成为非常好的艺术家和音乐家,如果你遇到一个双鱼座,你应该带他或她去看电影,他们会非常喜欢的好了,我们说完了,一共个星座,现在你就可以像我一样每天看星座运势了Xiao Gao: Why would I want to be like you?小高:为什么我要像你一样?Jingjing: Because Im cool!京晶:因为我很酷哇!习语短语:1. Capricorn 羯座月日至1月19日. Aquarius 水瓶座1月日至月18日3. boisterous 喧闹的,精力充沛的,狂野的. lend a helping hand 帮助某人做某事5. Pisces 双鱼座月19日至3月日6. spill your guts 说心里话 0018。
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  • 讲解Today’s key word is decide.decide d-e-c-i-d-e决定 决心If you decide to do something, you choose to do it, usually after you think about the other possibilities.Here is an example:We decided to have a show called Ayoenglish last year!我们去年决定做一档节目叫做A-yo English. We all have to make lots of decisions every day. example, when to get up; what to eat breakfast; and should I go to the gym?这些决定有的简单有的难,今天我们要说的决定,是一个非常难的决定也是非常重要的决定 So how do you know when you are with the right person?Youre supposed to just KNOW it.But...how do you know?I think it true that to some degree, you will just know. You will know because you can feel it.But still there are some signs that can help you confirm that you are with the right person. There isnt a -sure thing.But these can definitely help you make a conclusion(结论). Here are signs that you are with the right person. 1. You spend time together doing things you both enjoy. 听说过很多的人会为了自己的另一半儿选择自己不太喜欢的活动But when you are with the right person, you are able to do things together and actually like what youre doing.两个对的人在一起,一定会有共同的兴趣任何一个人单方面的牺牲都是不健康的You are not able to like every single thing your partner likes, but all of your hobbies there should be more similarities than differences. . You are able to spend time apart. 再相爱的两个人也不可能每时每刻都黏在一起学会留下适当的空间也很重要 There no harm in seeing what your partner is up to, but that doesnt mean watching their every step and asking them where they are, who theyre with, where theyre going next, and when theyll be back.Enjoy your time apart as much as you can enjoy your time together. It called balance. 3. You want to be together. 如果你不想和这个人呆在一个空间里 then why are you with them in the first place?You should be looking ward to seeing them. There are times when you wont be able to see them a while or a certain long period of time.It still important that when you finally get the chance to see each other, you want to. . You can maintain your own identity. When you are in a relationship, it doesnt mean that you need to change who you are them.适当的妥协可以理解,但一段爱情并不需要任何一方改变自己的所有如果他总是要求你改变,甚至要求你放弃喜欢的东西,那请问他爱的是你?还是他想象中的人? Like the things you liked bee, laugh at the same kind of jokes.Maybe you prefer to stay at home and a book, or maybe you like going out as well.Whatever makes you you... dont lose it. 5. You dont argue to win but to try and solve problems.争论吵架在所难免,但争论的目的是为了解决问题不是无理取闹When people argue, their original goal is to reach an agreement.Dont let your arguments turn into fights where someone has to win.下期节目中呢我们一起来聊聊后面五个标志,如果你有什么更好的看法留言告诉我们吧下次见哈 67。
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