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The mountain is moving.山体在移动Avalanches can travel over 200 miles an hour,and this one is heading straight for our skier.雪崩时速可达二百英里 正雷霆万钧的直扑向我们的假人Hes hit hard and buried deep.他被撞惨了 深埋雪底Okay, so, rescue team in position there.Lets get them going.好了 救援队正随时待命 让他们出发吧Nick, hello. Its bear.Do you copy, over?Go ahead, Bear.尼克你好 我是贝尔 听到了吗 完毕 贝尔 请继续Okay, buddy, lets execute the search.Execute the search, over.好的伙计 开始搜索 开始搜索 完毕Okay, thats the clock ticking.Lets see how long it takes them.好的 计时开始 看看需要多长时间Most avalanche victims die of suffocation.Time is your enemy.大多数的雪崩受害者死于窒息 时间就是你的敌人If nobody reaches you within 45 minutes,Your chances of survival are only 20%.如果四十五分钟内无人救援 你生还的机会仅有百分之二十After two hours, that drops to almost zero.而两小时后 基本就毫无希望了Using the transceiver to locate the buried skier,they follow the signal in, then start to probe.利用收发器 定位被埋没的滑雪者 他们追踪信号来源 开始探查After five minutes, the probe hits something.五分钟后 探测杆触碰到了实物Bear, we have a strike.Well done, buddy, well done.贝尔 我们找到了 干得好 伙计 干得漂亮These guys have pulled out real avalanche victims,both dead and alive.他们几位曾救助过不少雪崩的遇险者 有遇害的也有生还的They take it very seriously.他们对此非常认真Get the snow on him right here.Right there. Ill get the front.把这的雪从他身上弄走 就这里 我负责前面的Digging a victim out is no easy task.把被困者挖出来可不是件简单的活Just buried three foot under,our skier is covered by over half a ton of snow.虽然只是在地下一米 滑雪者已被超过半吨的雪压着All right, theres a strike.What do you see down there? What do you see?好 挖到了 下面是什么 看到什么了They dig for three minutes before they start to uncover him.他们用了三分钟 才挖掘到他We got the back of his head, Nick? Right on.Weve got the face.挖到了后脑勺是吧 尼克 没错 脸露出来了201702/492466海盐县人民医院激光去痣多少钱So they told me that you know the Gettysburg Address. Yeah.他们说你知道葛底斯堡演说。是的。Could you do it for me? You could?你能说几句吗?可以吗?Lets come to the front.到前面来。Lets stay right here. Lets stand in the middle. And now I want you to do the Gettysburg Address.站在这里,站在中间。现在开始你的葛底斯堡演说。Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation八十七年前,我们的父辈在这块大陆上创建了一个新的国家,conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.这个新的国家在自由中育,信奉人人生而平等的主张。Now we are engaged in a great civil war,现在我们正在从事伟大的国内战争,testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived, so dedicated can long endure.来考验这个国家,或任何在自由中育,信奉人人生而平等的主张的国家,能否长久存在下去。Come here. Show your love for Lucy!过来,为露西而鼓掌!I got a surprise for you.我为你准备了个惊喜。Who would you really like to take a selfie with other than me?除了我以外,你还希望和谁照自拍照?How about that over there?那个怎么样?Lets go. You gonna take a selfie.我们过去。来照个自拍。Turn around right here right quick. We gonna take a selfie with one hand with this camera that your grandmama had.快转过去。一只手拿着你祖母的相机。All right, you y? Taking a selfie.准备好了吗?照个自拍。Now, can you take a picture? Now this is what I want you to do.你能照个相吗?这是我想你干的事情。When I say go, hit that button right there by the green light. Okay. Okay.当我说“照”的时候,你按下绿灯旁边的按钮。好吗,好的。But look up here, though. You looking real close? Watch this.但你要看这里。你看清楚了吗?看这个。Come here, boy. Ooh. Come here.瞧这个,哦。过来。This is Abraham Lincoln.这是林肯。And guess what. He has a surprise for you.你知道吗,他还为你准备了个惊喜。These are Little Big Shot airline tickets. Were gonna send you and your family to see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Youre going.这是节目组为你准备的飞机票。你将和你的家人前往华盛顿林肯纪念堂。你可以去了。Show your love for Lucy!请大家为露西鼓掌!201706/512805海盐二三门诊治疗痘痘多少钱【视频讲解】Top 5 Songs for Week Ending April 29截止4月29日本周5佳歌曲This is the Top Five Countdown! Were hangin with the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending April 29, 2017.现在是本周5佳歌曲公布时间!到2017年4月29日为止,我们列出了Billboard 100个流行单曲榜中最佳的前五首歌曲。Countdown n. 倒数计时Pop Singles chart 流行单曲榜It turns out that lighting does strike twice in the same place, because we get a Top Five debut for the second straight week.如同被雷劈了两次,因为这些歌曲保持五强的位置已连续二周了。Lets start in fifth place, where The Chainsmokers and Coldplay hold with “Something Just Like This.”让我们从第五名开始,烟鬼组合和酷玩乐队的《Something Just Like This》Coldplay just grabbed two nominations for this years Ivor Novello Awards. Chris Martin amp; Company are nominated twice in the PRS For Most Performed Work category – they earned it for “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and “Hymn For The Weekend.” Theyll square off against Adele, with “When We Were Young.” Named for the famous Welsh composer and actor, the Ivor Novello awards will be handed out on May 18 in London.酷玩乐队今年到目前为止只获得了两项全英原创音乐大奖提名。克里斯马丁公司由于出色的表现获得了两次提名,被提名的两首歌分别是《Adventure Of A Lifetime》和《Hymn For The Weekend》。这一成绩或将击败阿黛尔的《When We Were Young》。全英原创音乐大奖将于5月18日在伦敦颁发。nomination n. 任命,提名-nominate v. 提名 Ivor Novello Awards 全英原创音乐大奖square off:把...做成方形;(打斗等时)摆好(架势)-After the audience votes, a panel of proponents and a panel of opponents square off on the topic.Lets keep it in the U.K. for this weeks big debut: Harry Styles opens in fourth place with “Sign Of The Times; We’ll catch up to Harry in the moment.Its the lead single from Harrys first solo album, dropping on May 12.Harry将带着《Sign Of The Times》以第四的成绩首次登台演出,这首歌曲是Harry第一张个人专辑里的主打曲,这张专辑将于5月12日发行。Debutn. 初次登台;开张vi. 初次登台-He decided to debut with several other violinists.Harry co-wrote this song with Jeff Bhasker, who won the 2016 Grammy for Non-Classical Producer of the Year. Jeff has worked with everyone from Jay Z to the Rolling Stones. Harrys album has a lot of buzz behind it, and he says he will go on tour. Harry与赢得2016年格莱美奖年度非古典制作人的Jeff Bhasker合作写的这首歌。从Jay Z 到Rolling Stones(滚石乐队),他曾经和各种人合作过。Harry的专辑歌曲有不少以嗡嗡声为背景音乐。他表示,自己将继续巡回演出。Non-Classical Producer 非古典类制作人Buzz 嗡嗡声;闹哄哄,乱糟糟的吵杂声;流言蜚语Kendrick Lamar loses a slot in third place with “Humble,”from his smash hit album Damn.Kendrick Lamar在本周下降了一个位置,凭借畅销专辑《Damn》中的单曲《Humble》获得第三名。a slot 一个位置-Today they have to earn their slot in the chain, and that success will be closely watched by therest of the industry.Kendrick headlined for two successive weekends at the Coachella festival, and now fans can await his North American headlining tour. It starts July 12 in Glendale, Arizona. Travis Scott and D.R.A.M. will be the opening acts.他的作品连续两周问鼎科切拉谷地音乐节,粉丝们们终于可以期待他7月12日从亚利桑那州格伦代尔启程的北美巡演了。successive adj. 连续的,接连的Bruno, Bruno...make up your mind. Bruno Mars this week returns to second place with “That’s what I like”and Bruno recently stopped by a London landmark.Hes sold more than 26 million albums, but Bruno Mars just cant make that last jump: “Thats What I Like” this week returns to its chart high of second place.布鲁诺#8226;马尔斯(Bruno Mars)至今已经卖出了2600万多张专辑,布鲁诺#8226;马尔斯(Bruno Mars)凭借《Thats What I Like》跃居本周流行单曲排名第二位。Brunos currently on tour in the ed Kingdom, and last week he stopped by the Beatles old stomping ground, Abbey Road Studios in London. He says he didnt use that famous zebra crossing from the album cover photograph, but it was a temptation.布鲁诺(Bruno)目前在英国巡演,上周路过披头士的故地——伦敦埃比路录音棚。他说他没有用那个著名的斑马线当封面(伦敦北区埃比路斑马线,因为出现在英国甲壳虫乐队的唱片《Abbey Road》封面上而出名),但这是一种诱惑。chart high 最高排名stomping ground 落脚点-Now Mr. Putins back is an old spys stomping ground.If youre tempted to think we have a new singles champ, think again: Ed Sheeran remains your countdown king with “Shape Of You.”如果让你猜谁会是最新的个人冠军,艾德#8226;希兰(Ed Sheeran)的《Shape of You》无疑是首善之选。As of April 6, this was the best-selling single of 2017 in the U.S., moving 1.7 million copies. Its also the only song to have surpassed the million-seller mark so far this year.4月6日,《Shape of You》成为美国2017年的畅销歌曲,售出170万张。这也是今年迄今为止唯一卖出超过百万张的单曲。countdown king 最终时刻的王者surpass v. 胜过,优于,在(质量、成就等)上超出201707/516025Eating snow is not a good way to rehydrate.吃雪并不是摄取水分的好办法It can cause blisters in your mouth.那样会令你的嘴里起泡Instead, well stash the bottles away for later.我们把瓶子装满为以后做准备And by the time you reach the bottom, youll have water.等你下到山底的时候 就有水喝了In the mountains, youve got to drink before youre thirsty.在山里 感到渴之前你就得喝水If youre thirsty, youre aly dehydrated.如果你觉得渴了那你已经脱水了In our next challenge, we save time and energy在下面的挑战里 我们从垂直的雪面上滑下by cranking down a vertical snow face.来节省时间和体力You just dont know whats in store next.Thats what scares me.你不知道接下来会怎么样 这才是让我害怕的地方What devilry does this man have in store for us?他脑子里还有什么鬼点子在等着我们and tackle a glacier containing a minefield of crevasses.穿越冰川 包括一片布满冰裂缝的雷区I dont ever want to go back to a glacier, ever.我永远不想再回冰川上去 永远Im in Canada with two wilderness rookies Joe Resto, from New York.我在加拿大 和两个荒野新手在一起 乔·莱斯特 来自纽约Im gonna scale down a mountain with Bear Grylls.我将和贝尔·格里尔斯一起爬下山I mean, life doesnt get any better than that and Sean Lacoste.我想 这样的生活再好不过了 以及肖恩·拉科斯特Im from Shakopee, Minnesota.我来自明尼苏达州沙科皮市You know, my life revolves around training consultants.要知道平时我的生活充斥着培训咨询This is the exact polar opposite of what I do.这样的实战和我平时做的完全相反Welcome to the mountains!欢迎来到雪山My rookies have aly scaled down a sheer rock face.Kicking in hard.两名组员已经成功爬下陡峭的岩壁 踩实了Were now descending 1,000 feet through an almost-vertical snow gully.我们正从1000英尺 几乎垂直的雪坡上爬下去201705/509774嘉兴曙光医院私密整形排名

浙江新安医院治疗青春痘多少钱浙江嘉兴丰胸多少钱Bear is very kind of inspiration that makes you feel that you can do it and everything is ok.贝尔很擅长鼓舞人心 会让你觉得你能做到 任何事都没问题Before you know it hes done near in the water,gush it for breath.在你反应过来之前 他就已经快入水了 已经浮出水面换气了The teamve became very accustomed to me to jump from the choppers,and generally lounge myself out to be unknown.整个团队看惯了我跳机 投身于未知的环境But in southern Texas,were heading into the heart of Chihuahua desert.但是在德克萨斯州南部 我们要进入奇瓦瓦沙漠Biplane was my means of entry.The plan was for the plane to invert and drop me out.我想乘坐复翼飞机进入 计划是让机身翻转 然后把我扔下去but the large tail is causing concern.If I head it when I jumped,it would be curtains.we had to find the solution.但是巨大的机尾会引起麻烦 如果我跳机的时候撞上了机尾 我就翘辫子了 我们必须要找到解决之道What we try to do for this one is trying to drop out a biplane where that you get inverted and I can just, disappear from it.这次我要从复翼机机翼跳下去 机身翻转的时候 把我扔下去The pilot is going this is called a mad one to do.Im thingking,you know, ;help;.飞行员说这太疯狂了 我认为 救命啊But you know we can work well in a team we try to minimize the risk while we doing it.You know, Im pretty confident we can we can do this.但是我们合作无间 我们尽可能将风险减到最低 我很有信心我们能 我们能做到Yes, its definitely got to be an exciting entrance,and probably one the best one youve done.显然 这次进入地区是激动人心的一次 可能是最棒的一次Before take off, Simon had to work out how to film the sequence.在起飞前 西蒙需要先设定好拍摄的顺序It is a big dilemma:where the position of himself to get shots of me sitting in the cockpit.简直左右两难 不知道他要从哪里 拍摄我在座舱的位置This is a new challenge first cause its only the beginning of the show.这是一次全新的挑战 因为这才仅仅是这期节目的开头而已Bear jumped out of an aircraft and Im sitting around next to him.Helicopter,plane, whatever.贝尔跳出飞机了 我就坐在他旁边 直升机 飞机 无论什么This one is, look, a plane that has two seats.and one for the pilot there and one for Bear there.看看这架 只有两个位置 一个是给飞行员坐的 一个是贝尔坐的Where...where I gonna go.So Im talking to the pilot,he says I can be on the wing.我要坐哪儿 所以我跟飞行员说这个问题 他说我可以待在机翼上I cant be in the draft of this prop,cause its gonna be 200 miles on the wind So Id be just outside that,which means Im right here, about the six feet away from Bear.我不能待在推进器上 因为风速高达时速200英里 所以我就待在外面 我就在这儿 离贝尔大约6英尺远which, um...there is no other place to be,so thats where Im gonna be for the shot.那里 也没有其他地方可以待了 所以我在那里进行拍摄201605/446295Weather can change fast here.这里的天气变化无常The pilot said the weather front is closing in again.Time for change of plan.飞行员说暴雨带又逼近了 需要临时改变计划With all those storms around,the pliot is not taking any chance for the island.暴风雨又要来了 飞行员不能再冒险飞往预订地点He said hes gonna dump me at the sand bar and take my own chance from there.他说要把我放在那个沙洲上 然后我就要自求多福了You cannot spend long here.你不能在这里待太久The rot water can blow loose sand up to the air it takes and hit the engine.海水侵蚀疏松的沙滩 并将沙子扬起 带到飞机引擎中Not good news.With ten foot up, time to go.这可不是什么好事 离地面约10英尺 可以跳了Thats heli out of here.But Im on this some place to be dropped.直升机飞走了 我却被遗弃在某个未知的地方Just on the sand bar with a tide rising.We need to get off this, get off the island.在这个即将涨潮的沙洲 我们赶紧动身 离开这个小岛Soon the sand bar would be engulf by water.Theres a island two miles to the east.沙洲很快就会被海水吞没 东面两英里处有个小岛To swim to that would take most people over an hour and a half.一般人要花一个半小时才能游过去A tough swim. But itll be the only option and the obstruction lies thousands of miles of empty ocean.游过去很艰难 但却是唯一的选择 不然就要流落在几千英里的汪洋中了OK. Time to go swimming.Once you through surf,its out into the open water.好了 游泳咯 穿过这段多浪海面后 就到了平静而开阔的海域了Tiger, bull and great white shark prowl these waters,you wouldnt wanna come face to face with any of them.虎鲸 抹香鲸和大白鲨都生活在此 你绝不像跟它们打个照面的Holy smoke! Look, look.Whales! Whales!Not expect in the water with this.妈呀 看 快看 鲸鱼 是鲸鱼 没想到能看到鲸鱼Truly odds Please go.A huge, giant drop of forty foot.Please, dont get close.难得一见啊 别过来 这条巨鲸得有40英尺长 小心点 别靠太近I actually feel very very wonderful being in the water with marrows that big and that close.能在海洋中近距离地感受 这么庞大的脊椎动物 这么近距离感受这么大的脊椎动物Just beautiful.What a privilege!多么美好的经历啊 太幸运了201606/449913嘉兴市中医医院激光祛痘多少钱嘉兴抽脂疼吗

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