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Belly art An Atlanta woman creates a unique artform with pregnant women's bellies.I just always wanna those people who wish that I had something from my great great grandmother, whether they be a broach or just a note, just something from her. So I wanted to create something that my kids would be able to have from me and something very /personal. No bellies are * thing, feasible / to working on a 3-dimentional canvas that is supposed to a 2-dimentional flag canvas or wood. This makes it much more interesting, gives you a challenge as well as the interest of working with different media. The responses have been positive, um, remarkably positive. Women over the past 4 years, I have been taken pride in being pregnant, um, you see it everywhere. 4 years ago, women were, well they were wearing tint dresses, and hiding and you know they were shamed or just it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them, and that’s what the society had dictated / at that time. But we are living in a different age, in a different time, and women are just proud to show the world that they are pregnant. It’s very different, you don’t usually see people, usually you have photographs but now you actually / get a visual, a 3-D image of your actual belly. Isn’t it expression of you yet, it’s memorable, it’s something, it’s a keep stake I know. You have lots and lots of memories, memoires and stuff about the kids that I am constantly showing them now. So something like this for a lifetime to share with my daughter right now would be something so unique. My all-time / favorite is the pineapple, this one particular customer of ours, she created pineapple through her whole pregnancy and she wanted her belly to be like a pineapple. It was just a matter of trying to figure out how to make it look like but actual a pineapple, which was for me pretty easy because of the rounded shape of the belly, which is , is, you know, kind of a rounded / shape of the fruit. Ultimately, it’s a blank canvas, and sort of a possible leaser endless we have some bellies that look like basin suits, we have some bellies that have more into other things like butterflies, and ladybirds, and you know fairies, and ballerinas, you’ve got angels, the possibilities are endless. For me, it’s art, art is art, so no matter what I am doing, whether it’s print making or photography or / painting, it’s still / my * experience that I have but I built up over this path, over 30 years, so you’re still getting in original piece of art whether it’s on the belly or on the canvas.200811/55166。

Oncology and genetics肿瘤遗传学Grabbing cancer by the short and curlies短发卡——钳住癌症的新武器A new technique for analysing tumours promises better understanding and more effective treatment一项研究肿瘤的新技术为人类更加深入地了解肿瘤并找到更加有效的治疗方法带来了希望 Sep 24th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionONE of the great hopes nurtured by the Human Genome Project was that it would crack cancer open. Knowing which genes were going wrong would, the theory went, allow specifically tailored drugs to be developed. And this is, indeed, happening. Only last month America’s Food and Drug Administration approved a medicine called Xalkori (generically, crizotinib) for patients who have a particular type of non-small-cell lung cancer, the most common form of that disease. Xalkori blocks the growth of tumours caused by a mutant form of the gene which encodes a signalling molecule known as anaplastic lymphoma kinase. This mutation occurs in 3-5% of lung-cancer patients, and in trials Xalkori caused a dramatic shrinkage of the tumour in around half of those treated.找到克癌症的方法,是人类基因组计划带给人们最大的希望之一。理论上,只要找到出错的基因,就能研发出针对它的特定药物。事实上,这些期望正在被逐步实现。就在上个月美国食品药品批准了一种名为Xalkori(通用名:克里唑蒂尼)的新药上市,用于治疗非小细胞肺癌(最常见的一种肺癌)。Xalkori能够抑制由编码信号分子间变性淋巴瘤激酶基因的突变体所导致的癌细胞的增长。3-5%的肺癌患者体内存在这种突变。临床试验中,大约一半受试者在过此药后体内癌细胞数量显著减少。The catch is that the respite does not last. Typically, someone will respond for about a year, but after that his tumour starts growing again and the disease continues on its course. This is a pattern seen again and again with the new generation of drugs that genomics has helped to create. They slow the disease, but only for a few months. The presumption is that further mutations are arising in a tumour all the time, and that eventually one of them makes a molecular change that nullifies the effect of the drug. Researchers would dearly like to find a way to deal with this.但问题是Xalkori对病情的缓解作用持续时间不长。一般来说,持续药一年后患者将产生抗药性,体内癌细胞恢复增长导致病情恶化。这是一代代利用基因组学开发出的药物共同的治疗效果变化模式,最终都只能短暂地缓解病情。其机制可能是,癌细胞会不断地产生新的突变体,最终其中的某个突变体编码产生了使药物作用失效的蛋白分子。研究人员正致力于找出对付这种机制的办法。201109/155609。

Study Says No Smoking Laws Reduce Heart Attacks美城市公共场所禁烟使心脏病锐减  U.S. health experts say laws that bar smoking in public places appear to dramatically cut the number of heart attacks according to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 美国健康专家说,禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律大幅减少了心脏病的发病率。Researchers studying a smoking ban in the western U.S. state of Colorado say a no smoking law in one city led to a 40 percent decrease in the number of residents hospitalized for heart attacks. 对美国西部科罗拉多州普韦布洛市一项禁烟活动进行研究的人员称,在这个城市实行的禁烟法已经使得因为心脏病发作而住院的人减少了百分之40。Dr. Terry Pechacek, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health, says the study indicates that secondhand smoke may be an under-recognized cause of heart attack deaths.  美国疾病控制与防病中心的特里·佩哈切克医生说,这项研究显示,二手烟可能是造成心脏病死亡的原因之一,不过这一病因还没有被人们充分认识到。"For too long we have considered exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, bars, and other places as typical and common, however, these data indicate that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can produce rapid and adverse changes in the functioning of the heart and blood, and cause heart attacks," he said. 他说,“长期以来,我们一直认为在餐馆、酒吧和其他场合接触二手烟是无可厚非的,但是数据显示,哪怕是短暂吸入二手烟也可能对心脏和血液功能产生迅速的破坏作用,甚至导致心脏病发作。”In 2003, the city of Pueblo, Colorado passed a law making public places and workplaces smoke-free. Researchers say they found there were 399 hospital admissions for heart attacks in Pueblo in the 18 months before the ban. After the no-smoking law was passed, 237 people were hospitalized for heart attacks in the same time period. 科罗拉多州的普韦布洛市2003年通过了一项禁止在公共场合和工作场合吸烟的法律。研究人员说,他们发现,在禁令生效前的18个月里,这个城市因心脏病发作而住进医院的有399例。法律开始实施之后,同样在18个月中因为心脏病住院的为237例。Dr. Pechacek says researchers also studied nearby areas in Colorado without smoking bans. He says they found there was no significant change in the number of heart attack hospitalizations in these areas.  佩哈切克医生说,研究人员还对普韦布洛附近一些没有禁烟法的城市进行了研究。他们发现,这些地区的住院心脏病人数量没有明显变化。"The fact that there was no change in the comparison counties and the comparison areas around Pueblo suggests that the only thing that is reasonable to assume as having this big effect was the impact of the law, he said. “普韦布洛附近的对比城市和地区的数字没有变化,这个事实告诉我们,可能的合理假设是禁烟法是产生这个结果的重要原因。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says other studies have reported that laws making public places smoke-free have led to rapid reductions in hospital admissions for heart attacks, but this is the only study that has looked at the effects over a longer period of three years. 美国疾病控制与防病中心表示,其他研究也显示,禁止在公共场合吸烟的法律使得因心脏病发作住院的病人人数迅速减少。不过,这是针对二手烟的影响进行长达三年之久的唯一一项研究。Dr. Pechacek says he hopes the findings will lead to more laws banning public smoking in the U.S. as well as other countries. Although, he says a World Health Organization treaty aly contains a provision requiring countries to pursue protection for non-smokers from secondhand smoke. 佩哈切克医生说,他希望这些结论将促使美国和其他国家出台更多禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律。当然,他也指出,国际卫生组织WHO早已制订出了相关条款,要求各国保护非吸烟者免受二手烟危害。"These data add further weight to that provision and strongly encourage that every country around the world recognize that smoking in any enclosed space is very dangerous to the non-smokers, and one of the best things we can do for public health is encourage smoke-free policies," he said. “这些数据进一步给那些条款提供了根据,而且强烈要求世界每个国家承认,在任何封闭的场所抽烟对于不吸烟的人来说是非常危险的。而我们能做到的最利于大众健康的事情就是鼓励禁烟政策。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes 46,000 heart disease deaths every year in the ed States alone. 美国疾病控制与防病中心估计,吸入二手烟仅仅在美国每年就导致4万六千人死于心脏病。01/60390。

There is a move afoot you may have heard this, to cap the pay of CEOs whose companies receive TARP money. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has just suggested 400,000 dollars, the same amount of money that the President makes, that's all these CEOs should be taking home. And you know, I guess you can kinda understand this, some of these CEOs have been suggesting that there is TARP money over here in this pot, and then there's other money over here, and that their salaries are coming from this pot, and the money for their airplanes is coming from this pot, not from this pot over here. Well, it really doesn't wash, cause it's all the same pot of money, and of course the perception by the public is that they are getting the government bailout and then they are using it to pay themselves, a ton of money and fly around in airplanes, so, not really good.Think about another thing, by the way, suppose you were forced to take TARP money, there were instances where various banks and institutions didn't want to get this money and the Treasury said, you know you need to take this money anyway. Umm, that, of course, now may limit the CEOs' pay which is something that these CEOs don't like, you may remember Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. He's capped his pay at 600,000 dollars, even that may be too much, given this new 400,000-dollar limit proposed by Senator McCaskill.Of course, the President of the ed States, gets a whole lot of other goodies besides just that 400,000 dollars, right? He got the White House, Air Force One, security, probably a lot of other perks too, so maybe not quite a fair comparison, you know, it reminds me of that old line that Babe Ruth said back in 1930, when he was paid 80,000 dollars a year, which was 5,000 dollars more than President Herbert Hoover was making--75,000 dollars a year. And some sports writers asked him and said, "So, how does it feel? How do you justify making more money than the president did?" And Babe Ruth said, "I had a better year than the president." Not clear at all that the CEOs at any of these institutions can say that, although, compared to which president? President Bush, President Obama? I don't know. It's kind of difficult to say who had a better or worse year, isn't it?词汇解释:1. afoot adjective, [not before noun] being planned; happening: There are plans afoot to increase taxation. Changes were afoot but we had no idea what they would turn out to be. 2. Cap: an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent or borrowed by a particular institution or in a particular situation: The government has placed a cap on local council spending.3. TARP The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) 4. doesn't wash spoken used to say that you do not believe or accept someone's explanation, reason, attitude etc5. I'm sorry but all his charm just doesn't wash with me. 6. Goldman Sachs 高盛 7. goody 好处 8. perk noun, verb noun (also formal perquisite) [usually pl.] something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job: Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance. (figurative) Not having to get up early is just one of the perks of being retired.9. old line adj.历史悠久的,保守的 10. Babe Ruth 1895年出生于美国马里兰州巴尔地市,后来成为美国棒坛传奇人物,美国职棒当今最伟大的球员之一。 11. Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) was the 31st President of the ed States (1929–1933). 08/81395。

The tantalizing mysteries of Stonehenge may have come one step closer toward being solved. New radiocarbon dates of human cremation burials there indicate that Stonehenge was used as a cemetery from its inception just after 3,000 until well after the large sarsen stones went up around 2,500 . Archeologist Mike Parker Pearson has a new theory that Stonehenge was just half of a large religious complex and also functioned as a huge cemetery."Stonehenge is full of burials. It's our biggest cremation cemetery from that time." With National Geographic's support, Mike Parker Pearson leads the Stonehenge Riverside Project. Parker Pearson's teams excavating the plain surrounding Stonehenge have discovered the largest Stone Age settlement found in northern Europe."We knew this was a big village, and I was thinking maybe a few hundred houses. But what we found out this year is that it was really big. We are looking at well over a thousand houses."Parker Pearson suspects this was the lost city of the builders of Stonehenge."I think what we are seeing is a community that are bringing all their stock with them coming here for short parts of the year. This isn't a full-time permanent settlement."He has found evidence that people came here to celebrate an important event in their calendar, the longest day of the year, the midsummer solstice. He believes they used Stonehenge as a monument to the death.Perhaps on the same day, less than two miles away at Durrington Walls the ancient Britons celebrated life. Here a vast circular earthwork known as a henge dominates the landscape. It's 20 times larger than Stonehenge and was surrounded by a ditch and bank 18 feet deep and 30 feet wide.In new excavations outside the henge of Durrington walls, archeologists found remains of houses from the third millennium . Among the most remarkable discoveries are the remains of an oval-shaped hearth with two thick grooves visible in the floor where the person who did the cooking kneeled."The thing that really got my imagination going was the, the knee holes that you get by the hearth over there. And that, that just triggers the imagination of someone everyday sitting by the fire to cook or tend to the hearth, and little things out there really get your imagination going."Parker Pearson hopes to find more clues to the Stonehenge mystery over the final three years of the excavation project. His findings are featured in the June issue of National Geographic Magazine and revealed in a National Geographic Channel special Stonehenge Decoded premiering Sunday June 1st. Check local listings.Notes:Stonehendge: a group of very large, tall stones that are arranged into a large circle with a smaller circle inside it, which stand on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, southern England. People think that they were put there about 4000 years ago and were used for studying the movements of the Sun, Moon, and stars. Some people also believe that they were used by the Druids (ancient priests before the Christian period) in religious ceremonies. inception: the beginning of somethingSarsen stones: stone blocks found in quantity on Salisbury Plain, the Marlborough Downs, in Kent, and in smaller quantities in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset and Hampshire. They are the remains of a cap of tertiary sandstone which once covered much of southern England.Vocabulary Mix:cremation: the reduction of a corpse to ashes as a way of disposing of it200811/56270。

AU Security Chief Urges Somali Elders to Call Off Pirates非盟官员吁制止索马里海盗活动 Africa's top peace and security official is appealing to Somalia's elders to use their influence to stop the piracy that threatens commercial traffic through the strategic Gulf of Aden. African and European officials have signed a deal to provide the AU with a military capability that would allow it to intervene in continental conflicts and crises. 非洲最高安全官员请求索马里长老利用他们的影响,制止海盗活动。这种活动对通过战略要地亚丁湾的商船构成威胁。非洲和欧洲官员签署一项协议,帮助非洲联盟建立一军事力量,使非盟能够对非洲大陆的冲突和危机进行干预。AU Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra Friday called on the leaders of Somali society to persuade pirates operating off the coast of the Horn of Africa to stop hijacking ships for ransom. His appeal came as a Saudi vessel carrying 0 million in crude oil is anchored off the Somali coast in what is being called the world's biggest hijack. 非洲联盟和平与安全专员拉姆丹.拉马姆拉星期五呼吁索马里社会的领导人规劝在非洲之角沿海地区活动的海盗停止劫持船只勒索赎金。在拉马姆拉发出这一呼吁的同时,一艘运载着价值1亿美元原油的沙特阿拉伯油轮被劫持,停泊在索马里海域。这一事件被称为世界上最大的海盗劫船事件。Somali pirates aboard the vessel are said to be demanding a million ransom for release of the ship and its international crew. 登上这艘沙特油轮的索马里海盗据说索要2500万美元赎金才会释放这艘油轮和船上来自不同国家的水手。AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping has called the surge of Somali piracy an extension of the anarchy and political chaos gripping the country. Lamamra told VOA it is up to Somali political and clan leaders to put a stop to it. 非盟主席让.平说,索马里海盗活动大幅度增加是索马里国内混乱局面以及政治动乱的延伸。拉马姆拉对美国之音说,制止索马里海盗活动取决于索马里政治领袖和宗族首领的努力。"We call on all Somalis with influence on the pirates to help us curb this phenomenon," he said. "We believe that this is damaging to the Somali prospects for peace and cooperation and we think that all those who could have a positive influence under their solidarities that exist within Somali society should come in and tell these pirates that this is wrong. They have to stop it and stop it now." 拉马姆拉说:“我们呼吁对海盗有影响力的所有索马里人帮助我们制止这种现象。我们相信,海盗活动正在损害索马里的和平与合作前景。我们认为,所有能够根据他们的密切关系而对海盗产生积极影响的人都应该行动起来。对这些海盗说,这样做是错误的。他们必须停下来,立刻停下来。”Lamamra was speaking at a ceremony where African Union and European Union officials signed a 0 million agreement that will lead to establishment of a permanent African standby force. The five-brigade military force will be operational within 18 months, giving the African Union the ability to respond rapidly to continental hot spots.  拉马姆拉在出席一个仪式时发表上述讲话。非盟和欧盟官员在仪式上签署了一项价值3亿美元的协议。根据协议,最终将成立一永久性的非洲应急部队。这由5个旅组成的部队将在18个月内完成组建,使非洲联盟有能力对非洲大陆一些热点地区的问题迅速做出反应。French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner signed for Europe, since France holds the rotating EU presidency. He told reporters the force is designed as a deterrent. But when asked about the action by an Indian navy ship to sink a pirate vessel this week off the Somali coast, he suggested such actions are acceptable. 由于法国是欧盟轮值主席国,法国外长库什内代表欧盟在协议上签字。库什内对记者说,建立这部队的目的是威摄。不过,有记者问道有关这个星期印度海军军舰在索马里海域击沉一艘海盗船时,库什内暗示这类行动可以接受。"The Indian vessel defended itself, which is quite normal and according to international law," he explained. "And yesterday a Saudi big tanker has been attacked, and the Saudi authorities, decided, so... So we want to act as deterrents, but you know they are heavily armed, heavily equipped with speedboats, etc., etc." 库什内说:“印度军舰是自卫行动,这很正常,符合国际法。昨天一艘沙特大油轮被劫持,沙特当局决定......因此我们希望发挥威慑作用,不过,大家知道,海盗武器精良,配有快艇等等。”Kouchner said in the meantime, a European Union naval task force would join the U.S. Russian and Indian ships that have been dispatched to the Somali coast to keep shipping lanes open. 库什内同时表示,欧盟一海军特遣舰队将跟已经奉命前往索马里海域的美国、俄罗斯和印度军舰一道保那里海运通道畅通。"So for the time being seven nations regrouped in a British harbor, the port of Northwood, are y to work together," he added. "There is a strong effort between European Union defense and African defense, and locally, a large portion of the world, the navy ships would defend the cargo, the usual traffic for goods impossible to pass by without being threatened by attacks." 库什内说:“目前,7个国家的军舰在英国诺斯伍德港集结,即将一道展开行动。欧盟和非洲在防务方面有很有力的合作,在局部地区,在世界很大一部分地区,各国海军军舰会保护商船,保护受到袭击威胁的商船安全通过。”Kouchner says the European ships would reach the Gulf of Aden sometime in December.  库什内说,欧盟军舰可以在12月抵达亚丁湾。A communiqué issued Friday after an EU/AU leadership meeting also urged the ed Nations to play a role in bringing stability to Somalia. In unusually pointed language, the statement said the two continental groupings 'await with interest' the U.N. Security Council plan for establishment of a multi-national stabilization force that could reinforce the beleaguered 3,400-strong African Union peacekeeping force currently in Somalia.  欧盟和非盟领导人会后于星期五发表的公报还敦促联合国在恢复索马里稳定方面发挥作用。公报使用罕见的尖锐措辞说,这两个代表两个大陆的组织期待着联合国安理会计划成立的一多国稳定部队。这部队将增援目前在索马里四面受困的3400人的非盟维和部队。The Security Council has been reluctant to send a peacekeeping force to Somalia, with some diplomats arguing there is no peace to keep. 安理会一直不愿意向索马里派遣维和部队,因为一些外交人士认为那里没有和平可以维持。Somalia has been without an effective government since 1991, when warlords toppled a military dictator. The current U.N.-backed transitional government, formed in 2004, has been unable to protect the population while battling a powerful Islamist insurgency. 1991年以来,索马里一直没有有效的政府,当时军阀推翻了军人独裁者。目前由联合国持的过渡政府2004年成立,这个政府一直没有能力保护国民,同时打击势力强大的伊斯兰暴乱活动。200811/56868。

The Science of Fun 玩吧不是罪 Proof that grownups need playtime, too. And finally from us , everyone likes to have fun, even serious journalist like our Bill Blakemore and for this week's Nature's Edge Notebook, Bill talks to a respected scientist who has discovered that playtime is critically important for all species. Ok, look, it’s the middle of summer and I’m going on vocation tomorrow. And to be honest, I don't feel like doing any serious reporting today but like goofing off and getting playful like probably half the people here in the city, and since we always do Nature’s Edge stories outside, all I know is I want today’s story whatever it is, to be from that fun helium balloon, which is showed up here in Central Park for summer time amusement. And it occured to me that rather than feeling guilty about wanting to be playful, that is the story, and I should call up a psychologist we just learned of, Doctor Stuart Brown who does a serious thinking in a tree house over in California, and who has just written a book about the vital importance of remaining playful at all ages, so let’s call him up. Hello? Hello, Doctor Brown? That’s me .Are you in your tree house? I'm in my tree house. Well, we are in the balloon high above Central Park. And I was feeling very guilty about wanting to be playful rather than do a serious news report. What’s wrong with me? You get play deficit for one thing, just like sleep deficit so that’s why you’re eager to get on the road, and once you get on the road, you’d better do what you really want to do which just comes from within yourself and it’s voluntary. So you play. Playing is hard-wired genetically and it certainly fosters a lot of good things happening in the brain. Those said who don't play a lot, maybe very successful, but they are often compulsive , /they/ have a narrow repertoire responses to stress, are often dogged in their pursuit of a goal and if you look more closely, you have a small ring mild chronic depression .We are designed to play a whole life time and if you don't, you’re in trouble, Bill, I mean that’s just common sense Doctor Brown, thanks very much for talking to us. aha,Bye bye. This is Bill Blakemore A News heading to a vocation from high above Central Park; oh look at that over there, what is that green stuff. Can we go over there?参考中文翻译:每个人都喜欢玩,即使是我们非常严肃的的记者Bill Blakemore也是这样。在这周的Nature's Edge Notebook栏目中,Bill和一个非常受人尊敬的科学家谈话。这位科学家发现,玩对所有的人都非常重要。现在是仲夏日,我明天就要读度假。坦白的说,我并不觉得现在是在进行一个严肃的报道,反而像咋混日子,哄这半个城市的人们玩。由于我们一向在户外做Nature’s Edge 栏目,我希望今天的故事顺其自然,我们能从中央公园为夏日升起的氦气球找到乐趣。对我来说,想要玩的心情压过来愧疚感。这就是问题所在。我应该给我们刚才提到的心理学家Stuart Brown打电话咨询一下。这位心理学家现在在加利福尼亚的一个小木屋里进行严肃的思考,他最近刚写了一本书来阐述玩对各个年龄段的人都重要性。现在我们来接通他。你好。你好,是Brown医生吗?我就是。你现在还在你的小木屋里吗?是的。我们在中央公园高高的气球上。我正在为想玩而不像做一个严肃的报道而感到愧疚。我这是怎么回事呢?这说明你玩的不够,就像如果你睡眠不足你就会急切的在路上补回来,这样你才能更好的做你想做的事,因为这是自愿的。所以,你尽情的玩。玩是与生俱来的,它培养了我们大脑里发生的很多好的事情。那些玩得很少的人可能很成功,但是他们都是强迫性的,他们缓解压力的方法很少,一直都在顽固的追求他们的某一个目标。如果你更仔细的观察到话,你可能会有轻微的慢性抑郁症。我们生来就是要玩一辈子的,如果你没有,你就麻烦了。Bill,我的意思是这是常识。Doctor Brown,非常感谢你的意见。再见。这是将要去度假的Bill Blakemore在中央公园上空报道A新闻。噢,看一下那边,那些绿色的是什么呢?我们可以到那里去吗?200811/57104。

Thousands of people have attended Christmas Eve celebrations at the birthplace of Christianity in Bethlehem. 数千人在基督教诞生地伯利恒参加圣诞夜庆祝活动。Christmas Eve began with festive marches through Manger Square by Palestinian boy and girl scouts. The celebrations took place outside the ancient Church of the Nativity, where tradition says Jesus was born.由巴勒斯坦的男女孩子们组成的童子军带领着游行队伍穿过马槽广场,开始了圣诞夜的庆祝活动。庆祝活动是在古老的圣诞教堂旁举行,据说,耶稣就是在这里诞生的。Bethlehem is in the Palestinian-ruled West Bank, and religion mixed with nationalism. Manger Square was decked out with Christmas trees and lights and Palestinian flags.伯利恒地处巴勒斯坦统治下的西岸,这里居住着不同民族,有着各种不同宗教信仰的人。圣诞树、灯和巴勒斯坦旗帜装饰着马槽广场。Religious observances began with the arrival of the Latin Patriarch, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land.宗教仪式是以天主教会驻圣地领袖拉丁大主教的到来开始的。Priests and monks in white robes held a procession into the Church of the Nativity leaving a trail of fragrant incense. Pilgrims from around the world looked on, including Paul Edelman from the U.S. state of Iowa. "Just the festivities, the idea that this is the birthplace of Christ, and you get to see all the historic places and share it with people from around the world; it's a very nice experience," he said.教士和修道院士身穿白袍列队进入圣诞教堂,身后留下焚香的芬芳。来自世界各地的朝圣者观看宗教仪式,其中有来自美国俄亥俄州的保罗·艾戴尔曼。他说:“我们欢庆的是,这是耶稣诞生地,你要参观所有历史遗迹,并跟来自世界各地的人一起分享这个经历,这真是一个非常好的体验。”Palestinian police with assault rifles patrolled the streets but the atmosphere was calm. A lull in violence brought a big turnout of tourists; some 70,000 are expected to visit Bethlehem this week. 佩戴攻击步的巴勒斯坦警察在街道上巡逻,不过,城市气氛平和。由于暴力活动的停息,大批游客涌来,估计这个星期会有大约7万人参观伯利恒。Palestinian shopkeeper Nadia Hazboun said the security situation in the West Bank is much better than a few years ago, when there was fighting with Israel and militants ruled the streets. "It was bad, now it is good. I told you, before anybody take the law in his (own) hands. But now the law (is) with the police. We have security, we have calm, we have now the best situation in Bethlehem," he said.巴勒斯坦人纳迪尔·哈兹伯恩是一个商店的店主,他说,西岸的安全局势比几年前好得多,那时,巴勒斯坦正在跟以色列打仗,武装分子在街道上为所欲为。他说:“那时的情况真糟糕,现在不错了。过去谁都能给别人治罪,但是现在只有警察才能执法。我们这里安全、平静,我们现在有着伯利恒最好的时光。”At the same time, the Palestinians complain that Israel's separation wall at the entrance to Bethlehem casts a dark shadow over Christmas. Israel erected the wall to stop a wave of suicide bombers, but Bethlehem Mayor Victor Batarseh says the town of Jesus' birth has become a prison. "We need bridges of love and understanding between the people, not walls of hatred," he said.与此同时,这位巴勒斯坦人抱怨说,以色列在进入伯利恒的通道处设立的隔离墙给圣诞节投下阴影。以色列为了阻止一波又一波的自杀炸弹袭击者树起了这道墙,但是伯利恒市长维克多·巴塔尔萨说,耶稣诞生的城市变成了一座监狱。巴塔尔萨市长说:“在人民之间,我们需要的是爱与理解的桥梁,而不是仇恨的高墙。”Batarseh, who is a Christian, said Bethlehem still brings hope at Christmas, with its eternal message of peace on earth, goodwill toward men.巴塔尔萨是一名基督徒,他说,伯利恒向全球传递永恒的和平信息,向人类传播友好意愿,伯利恒仍在圣诞节给人们带来希望。12/93306。

Tehran Ready for 'Constructive' Talks, Says Nuclear Negotiator伊朗:拟同六大国讨论核项目  Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Said Jalili, has signaled that Tehran is "y for constructive dialogue" over its nuclear program, in an apparent response to the invitation by European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana for talks with the ed States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. 伊朗的首席谈判代表贾利利发出信号说,德黑兰已准备要就它的核项目展开建设性的对话,这显然是对欧盟外交政策高级代表索拉纳邀请伊朗和美国、英国、法国、德国、俄罗斯、以及中国进行会谈所作出的反应。Jalili noted that President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's promise, last week, to present a new package of proposals aimed at resolving the ongoing nuclear standoff was a signal of its willingness to talk. 贾利利指出,伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德上星期保,将对解决目前在核问题上僵持不下的局面提出一套新方案,这是一个伊朗愿意展开会谈的信号。He went on to say, however, that Iran would not halt its nuclear program, which the ed States and other Western nations suspect is being used as a cover to build atomic weaponry. 不过贾利利接下来说,伊朗不会终止它的核项目。美国和其他西方国家怀疑伊朗利用这个核项目来为制造核武器作掩护。Jalili reiterated complaints by Mr. Ahmedinejad that the world powers have "tried to use the language of force and threat, instead of mutual respect," going on to conclude that the technique "has been proved ineffective." 贾利利重申了艾哈迈迪内贾德的抱怨,指出世界强权国家“试图使用武力和威胁的语言,而不是相互尊重”,他进而得出结论说:这种策略已被明没有效果。International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed al-Baradei noted, Monday, that the carrot and stick approach of the Bush Administration had not worked, adding that he was "pleased by the reversal in policy by the ed States." 国际原子能机构总干事巴拉迪星期一指出,布什政府的胡萝卜和大棒的方法并没有发生作用,他还说,他“为美国政策的转向感到高兴”。The group of five permanent Security Council nations, plus Germany, have recognized Iran's right to a civilian nuclear program, but say Tehran also has the "responsibility of restoring confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear activities." 安理会5个常任理事国加德国,已认可伊朗发展民用核项目的权利,不过说,德黑兰也“有责任使得人们对它核项目的纯粹和平性质恢复信心”。Some Iran experts argue that Mr. Ahmedinejad is planning to call for a "nuclear free zone in the Middle East," as part of his package of proposals for talks with the group of five, plus one. 一些伊朗专家辩称,艾哈迈迪内贾德计划“在中东设立一个无核区”,作为他同5个安理会常任理事国加德国会谈提案的一部分。Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Muttaqi is expected in Brussels, Thursday, for an international conference on Somalia hosted by the European Union. It is not clear if Iran's nuclear program will be discussed, alongside the conference, but EU sources have not ruled it out. 伊朗外交部长穆塔基预计星期四抵达布鲁塞尔,参加由欧盟主办的有关索马里的国际会议。目前并不清楚会议期间是否会提出讨论伊朗的核项目,不过欧盟消息来源并不排除这个可能性。Amr Hamzawi, Beirut-based Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says that everything indicates that both Iran and the ed States have "abandoned their old positions" and are getting y for constructive talks: 卡内基国际和平基金会位于贝鲁特的资深研究员艾姆尔-哈姆扎维说,所有迹象显示,伊朗和美国已经放弃他们以前的立场,并准备展开建设性的会谈:"The two parties are y for constructive negotiations and the Iranians have indicated in many different ways, and in a very significant way, in fact, by Ahmedinejad himself in recent days. The Iranians have a substantial interest in pushing forward the negotiations with the five members, plus one," he said. " The Iranians are not facing an easy situation in the region. There are great regional fears and doubts among the Arabs as far as the Iranian program is concerned and I guess they are trying to break the current cycle of escalation against them and boycott measures by different Arab as well as western countrie," Hamzawi added. “双方已准备展开建设性的谈判,伊朗已在许多不同方面,并且以非常显著的方式表达这种含义,事实上根本就是艾哈迈迪内贾德本人在最近几天来所作的表示。伊朗对于推动和5个安理会常任理事国加德国展开的谈判有极大的兴趣。伊朗在那个地区面临一个不简单的局面。那里的阿拉伯人对于伊朗的核项目深感恐惧和疑虑。我想他们试图要突破目前不利于他们并不断升级的恶性循环,以及不同阿拉伯和西方国家所提出的抵制方案。”President Ahmedinejad welcomed President Barack Obama's pledge to open a dialogue with Tehran, during a speech Wednesday in the town of Varamin, but criticized him for not taking "practical steps…such as going to the U.N. conference on racism in Geneva." 艾哈迈迪内贾德总统星期三在瓦拉明镇的一场演说中,欢迎美国总统奥巴马同德黑兰展开对话的保,不过批评奥巴马没有采取“实际行动,例如参加在日内瓦举行的联合国反种族主义会议”。President Obama indicated, Tuesday, that he would not be deterred from conducting what he called "tough" direct diplomacy with Iran, despite Mr. Ahmedinejad's controversial rhetoric against Israel at the Geneva conference. 奥巴马总统星期二指出,尽管艾哈迈迪内贾德在日内瓦的会议中对以色列发表了引发争议的言论,这并不能阻止他和伊朗展开艰难的直接外交。04/67862。