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Just because you have no money doesnt mean you cant show someone a great time.仅仅因为你没有钱并不意味着你不能给别人带来快乐时光。You Will Need你需要Time to investigate events调查的时间And Creativity创意Steps步骤Step 1 Figure out budget1.制定预算Figure out what your budget is. Five dollars? Ten dollars? Nothing?制定预算。你打算花5美元,10美元还是不花钱?Step 2 Check the paper2.查看报纸Check local papers for free or low-cost events like community theater and dance productions, art openings, and festivals.In some communities, you can volunteer to work as an usher at the local theater in exchange for free passes.查看当地报纸,看一下有没有免费或者便宜的活动,例如社区剧院和舞会,艺术展或庆祝活动。在一些社区,你可以志愿在当地剧院做引座员来换取免费通行。Step 3 Check bookstores3.查看书店See which bookstores in your area offer ings, lectures, and/or live bands that you can enjoy while having a coffee and pastry.看一下你所在地区的书店有没有读书会,讲座或者现场乐队,你可以一边享用咖啡和酥皮点心一边欣赏。Look online for dozens of event listings in your hometown.上网查看你所在地区的活动清单。Step 4 Call museums4.致电物馆Call local museums for current and upcoming exhibits.致电当地物馆,查看正在进行和即将进行的展览。Many museums offer a reduced-price or free day during the week.许多物馆在工作日的某一天降价或免费开放。Step 5 Make it charitable5.慈善活动Make it a charitable date: Take part in a fundraising walk/run or bike ride; join a local park clean-up effort; or help out at an animal shelter.做点慈善活动:参加募捐步行或自行车赛,参加当地公园清洁活动,或者到动物收容所帮忙。Step 6 Make dinner6.做晚餐Make a romantic dinner at home using ingredients that are on sale at your supermarket.用超市促销的材料在家中制作浪漫的晚餐。Make dinner preparation part of the date by going apple or berry picking, or by picking up a bottle of wine during a winery tour or tasting.将晚餐的准备工作作为约会的一部分,可以是摘苹果或摘草莓,或者在葡萄酒品酒会上拿一瓶葡萄酒。Step 7 Think nature7.亲近大自然Think nature. Prepare a picnic, go to a park or lake, plan a hike or bike ride, or visit a zoo or aquarium.亲近大自然。准备野餐,去公园或湖边,计划远足或骑自行车,或者游览动物园或水族馆。Step 8 Check for BYOB8.自带酒水餐馆Check local listings for bring-your-own-bottle restaurants.查看一下当地有哪些可以自带酒水的餐馆。Step 9 Crash a wedding9.参加婚礼When all else fails, take a cue from Wedding Crashers--put on formal clothes, go to one of those reception places than run a half dozen large weddings at a time, and hit all the cocktail hours.如果以上方法都失败,可以学习《婚礼傲客》中的人物,穿上正式的装,去参加别人的婚礼,不要一次参加那么多,享受所有的鸡尾酒美好时光。Singles on the West Coast are the most likely to spend 0 or more on a date while those in the southern and eastern regions of the country spend only to .西海岸的单身人士每次约会花费100美元或更多,而南部和西部地区的单身人士只花费25美元至50美元。视频听力译文由。201402/2754214G, its short for the fourth generation of standards for mobile phone communication technology. And, it provides ultra-broadband Internet access.4G是手机通信技术第四代标准的简称。而且,4G网络系统可以提供超宽带互联网接入务。In 2008, peak speed requirements for 4G service was set at 100 megabits per second. The speed of the 4G network can be as fast as 10 times the speed of 3G. A movie of high definition usually takes one hour to download if powered by 3G, while on 4G, the same movie will download in just a few minutes. Analysts say, the introduction of the 3G network provided a platform for smooth operation of Sina Weibo, and WeChat on mobile phones. They say 4G will encourage innovation and creativity in media services which will make peoples life easier and hopefully, more fun.2008年,4G务的峰值速度要求被设置为100兆位/秒。4G网络的务速度近乎是3G网络的10倍。如果使用3G网络,一部高清电影下载完成需要1个小时,而使用4G,只需要几分钟。分析师表示,3G网络的引进为在手机上流畅操作微和微信提供了平台。他们还表示4G将会鼓励媒体务的创新性,而这将会为人们带来更简单,更有趣的生活。201309/255142If you struggle for the right words when proposing a toast, its time to discover and unleash your inner Shakespeare.如果你在婚礼上提议敬酒时纠结于合适的话语,现在是时候发掘你内在的莎士比亚般的才华了。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Reserve保留Quote, lyric, or poem引用,抒情或诗歌Simple message简单的信息Notes便笺Glass (optional)酒杯(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Wait for your turn1.等待Wait for your turn. Custom dictates the bridal party, best man, and parents give their wedding toasts first. Use this time to collect your thoughts and relax.等着轮到你。风俗决定一般是新娘一方,伴郎和父母先发表婚礼祝词。利用这段时间来思考,放松。Limit your alcohol consumption until after your speech is done so you can think on your feet and avoid any particularly embarrassing faux pas.自己发表祝词之前先不要喝太多酒,这样才能清醒地思考,避免令人尴尬的失言。STEP 2 Find an interesting opener2.寻找有趣的开场白Use a e, lyric, or poem as your opener. Simple, profound words can focus an audiences attention and get the emotions stirring.通过引用,抒情或诗歌来做开场白。简单,令人印象深刻的话语可以吸引宾客的注意力,引起人们的共鸣。STEP 3 Keep it short3.简短Keep things short, to around 2 or 3 minutes so the guests dont get bored, and dont pontificate on life and love. Focus your speech on the bride and groom.保持简短,大约两三分钟就可以了,这样宾客们才不会感到枯燥,不要装模作样地感概爱情和生活。讲话集中在新郎和新娘方面。If you struggle with where to put your hands, hold a glass. This will also segue into the actual toast at the end.如果你不知道双手放在哪里,可以握一只杯子。这只杯子还可以在最后用于祝酒。STEP 4 Write it down4.写下来Jot down some notes to deliver a smooth, coherent speech. Just dont from a piece of paper or note cards -- make eye contact with the audience, and with the couple.草草记下一些便笺,发表连贯流畅的讲话。眼睛不要一直盯着纸张或卡片——与观众和新郎新娘保持眼神交流。STEP 5 Avoid bathroom humor5.避免低俗的幽默Avoid bathroom humor, vulgarity, or inside jokes. Just tell a story or offer words of wisdom to the happy couple on this joyous day.避免低俗的幽默,粗俗的语言或下流的玩笑。在这个喜庆的日子里,只要告诉新婚夫妇一个有意思的笑话或智慧的语言就可以了。STEP 6 End on a high note6.高调结束End on a high note by raising your glass and briefly thanking the wedding party and guests. That way, people know that youre finished and that they can join in the toast. Cheers!举起酒杯,简短地感谢婚礼举办方和宾客,高调地结尾。这样人们就知道你已经结束讲话了,轮到他们来发表祝词了。干杯!The pressure inside a bottle of Champagne is between 75 and 90 pounds per square inch, about three times the pressure of a car tire.一瓶香槟内的压力介于每平方英寸75磅至90磅之间,大约是汽车轮胎内压力的三倍。视频听力译文由。201404/286715

So how and why did Apple get into desktop publishing, which will become Macs killer-app?苹果为什么研发桌面排版?它是Mac最受欢迎的应用。I dont know if you know this, but we got the first Canon laser printer engine shipped to US at Apple, 我们是全美第一个试用佳能激光打印引擎的公司and we had it hooked up to a Lisa actually imaging pages before anybody, long before HP, long before Adobe. 早在惠普和Adobe之前,我们就已经把它用在Lisa电脑上了But I heard few times people tell me ;hey theres these guys over the garage in Xerox PARC... 后来我听说有人在施乐的车库里捣腾类似的玩意lets go and see them; and I finally went and saw them, I saw what they were doing, and it was better than what we were doing.我去参观,发现他们比我们做得更好 They were gonna be a hardware company they wanted to make printer and the whole thing. 他们打算成立一家硬件公司,生产打印机So I talked to them being a software company 我劝他们成立一家软件公司,就是Adobeand within 2 or 3 weeks, we had cancelled our internal project.两三周后我撤消了苹果内部的桌面出版项目。A bunch of people wanted to kill me over this. But, we did it. 有些人恨死我了,但还是撤消了And I had cut a deal with Adobe User Software, and we bought 19.9% of Adobe to Apple, 苹果和Adobe达成协议,买下了他们19.9%的股份they needed financing and we want a little bit control. we were off to the races so we got the engine from Canon, and we designed the first laser printer controller at Apple. 然后买下佳能的激光打印引擎,自己开发驱动软件We got the software from Adobe, we introduced the laser writer. 接着从Adobe购买排版软件,激光打印机就这样面市了No one at the company wanted to do it, but a few of us in the Mac group, 除了Mac团队,公司其他人都不看好激光打印机everybody thought a 7000-dollar printer was crazy, 他们觉得一台打印机定价7000美元太贵what they didnt understand was that you can share it with Apple Talk, 可他们忘了客户可以通过Apple Talk共享打印机I mean they understood intellectually, but they dont understand visionary.虽然他们知道这项功能,但看不到它的潜力Because the last really expensive thing we tried to sell was Lisa.毕竟他们对Lisa电脑糟糕的市场表现记忆犹新 So we pushed this through, and I had basically do it through over a few ;dead bodies. 我们坚持上马打印机项目,得罪了不少人And we pushed this thing through and it was the first laser printer on the market as you know, and the rest of history. 第一台激光打印机就这样面市了When I left Apple, Apple was the largest printer company, measure by revenue in the world. 我离开时,苹果是世界上最大的激光打印机公司 /201307/247656

片中,通过鲍勃迪伦这位典型的美式传奇人物之口,来讲述克莱斯勒汽车身上所具备的原汁原味的、不可复制的美国精神。“让德国人酿造啤酒,让瑞士人制造钟表,让亚洲人组装手机,我们来制造你的汽车”,这句自信满满的话语,将克莱斯勒所代表的美国骄傲推至顶峰。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Is there anything more American than America?有什么比美国更美式吗?Cause you can’t import original.因为你无法进口原汁原味You can’t fake true cool.你无法伪装真正的冷酷You can’t duplicate legacy.无法复制遗产Because what Detroit created was a first, and became an inspiration to the...rest of the world.因为底特律创造的是先驱,成为了鼓舞世界的动力Yeah ... Detroit made cars. And cars made America.对…底特律制造汽车,汽车成就了美国。Making the best, making the finest, takes conviction.要做到最好最佳,需要坚定的信仰And you can’t import, the heart and soul, of every man and woman working on the line.你无法引进在流水线上工作的男人和女人的全心全意。You can search the world over for the finer things,你可以搜遍世界,寻找更好的事物but you won’t find a match for the American road但你找不到比美国更好的道路了。and the creatures that live on it.以及在道路上行驶的汽车。Because we believe in the zoom, and the roar, and the thrust.因为我们相信嗡嗡声,轰鸣声和推力And when it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else.在这里制造,就使用了一样无法从外地引进的东西 American...Pride.美国骄傲 So let Germany brew your beer,让德国人酿造啤酒, Let Switzerland make your watch,让瑞士人制造钟表, Let Asia assemble your phone.让亚洲人组装手机。 We...will build...your car.我们来制造你的车。201407/307914

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