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成都/市文绣四川省半永久性文眉Last week I was at a party in a Manhattan art gallery attended by the inevitable mix of artists, journalists and wealthy art collectors. I ran into a friend, a painter, who is a strong supporter of the Democratic party, but she told me she wasnt donating money to the Obama campaign this year. ;Hes been a huge disappointment,; she said. ;Not one major Wall Street banker has been held accountable for the financial crash, and hes extended the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy. I just cant get enthusiastic about him. I dont even know if Ill vote.;上周我在曼哈顿的一个艺术画展上,出席者不可避免地混杂着艺术家、记者和富有的艺术收藏家。我遇到了一个画家朋友,她是坚定的民主党持者,但她告诉我今年她不会捐钱给奥巴马的竞选班子“他一直令人大大的失望,”她说“没有一个华尔街家被追究金融危机的责任,他延长了布什对富人的减税政策,我只是对他没有热情,我甚至不知道我会不会投票。”In another part of the room a group of art collectors, most of whom worked in the financial industry, were clutching plastic glasses of cheap white wine and complaining about Obama from the opposite end of the political spectrum. ;Hes a socialist,; said one, a short, bald man who runs a huge hedge fund. ;He hates people like us.; His friends all nodded in agreement.在房间的另一边聚集着一群艺术收藏家,其中大部分在金融行业工作,他们拿着装有廉价白葡萄酒的塑料杯,抱怨奥巴马的政治辐射的另一端“他是一个社会主义者,”一个人说,他是一个运行着庞大的对冲基金的矮个秃头男人“他讨厌像我们这样的人。”他的朋友们都点头赞同。Its curious that Obama has managed to alienate the big bankers and brokers and investors, many of whom supported him in 2008, even as he has infuriated those who feel he hasnt been tough enough on Wall Street.奇怪的是,奥巴马一直试图疏远那些大家、经纪人和投资者,他们中许多人曾在2008年持过他,甚至当他激怒了那些觉得他一直对华尔街不够强硬的人。What disappoints many of us outside of Wall Street is the feeling that Obama hasnt been nearly as effective in bailing out the lower and middle classes. For someone who so inspired us with his soaring oratory during the last campaign, he has turned out to be a poor communicator during his first term, failing at crucial moments to explain and defend his policies. Even now, in this crucial election, his best and most articulate advocate has been Bill Clinton, who delivered a superb defence of Obama at the Democratic National Convention.华尔街之外,令我们许多人失望是感觉奥巴马一直没有卓有成效地帮助中下阶层走出困境。对于一个在上一届竞选中用鼓舞人心的雄辩术激励我们的人,他竟然在第一个任期内疏于沟通,关键时刻无法解释和辩护他的政策。即使现在,在这次关键的竞选中,他最好的和最善于表达的持者一直是比尔#8226;克林顿,他在民主党全国代表大会上给予了奥巴马很大的维护。The best we can say about Obamas foreign policy record is that hes not George Bush, that he managed to end the absurd and unjustified war in Iraq. And yetthe symbolism of an African-American president is still incredibly potent, even after four years. He remains the most charismatic of world leaders.我们可以说,奥巴马外交政策的最好纪录是他不是乔#8226;布什,他设法结束了荒谬非正义的伊拉克战争。然.....一个非洲裔总统的象征意义仍然是极其有力的,即使是四年后。他仍然是最有魅力的世界领袖。Obama may have lost some of his mystique, and disappointed many of us, but he hasnt yet irrevocably betrayed us, or his ideals, and he will probably get another chance to fulfil some of the great expectations of 2008.奥巴马可能已经失去了一些神秘感,让我们很多人失望,但他还没有不可挽回地背叛我们或他的理想,他可能会得到另一个机会来实现2008年的那些伟大设想。来 /201210/203659成都臻瑞美容韩式半永久纹眉多少钱 面试英语口语Lesson5: About Enclosure经典对话:97.I am enclosing my resume your reference.谨附上履历表一份,以作参考98.I enclose a resume and one of my publications.随函寄上简历表及作品一份99.You will find enclosed a testimonial from the Head Professor of Beijing Commercial College who has kindly offered to provide you with any further details you may require.随函附寄我在北京商学院的系主任的推荐函,从中可以了解你所需要的详细资料950.I am enclosing personal history,certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the university.兹随函附履历表、毕业书及大学校长推荐函各一件951.As my resume indicates,I have experience in...正如所附履历表内所述,我在……方面有丰富经验95.You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed that..你可以从附上的资料表上看出……953.I enclose my resume and a sample of my works.附上履历表及一份作品95.I am enclosing my resume and a recent photo of myself.随函附上履历表及近照一张955.Enclosed you will find a letter of recommendation from my mer teacher of English.随函附上我的英文老师的推荐函956.I enclose a card addressed to myself,in the hope you will use it to tell me when to come an interview.所附写好本人地址的名片,希望您在通知我面试时能用到957.A copy of my transcript is enclosed.附寄本人成绩单一份Notes 注释:1. your reference 作为参考.publications n.出版物、发表3.recommendation n.推荐,介绍 letter of recommendation 推荐信 .sample n.样品,一份5.mer a.以前的,先前的6.transcript n.抄本,副本,成绩单 35663四川纹绣眉毛多少钱

达州做半永久果冻唇多少钱Michelle Obamas familys decision to dine at a celebrated restaurant specializing in the capitals most acclaimed poultry dish during her Beijing visit was anticipatable, considering their desire to sample Chinese fare and the US first ladys vision of healthier dining shared by the eatery.米歇尔·奥巴马一家决定在久负盛名的北京烤鸭店用餐,考虑到她们对品尝中国美食的渴望,以及美国第一夫人所推崇的健康饮食理念与该饭店不谋而合,这一家宴地点的选择很多人早就猜到了。Those who know Beijings dining scene arent surprised US first lady Michelle Obamas family chose Da Dong Peking Roast Duck Restaurant for dinner last evening. Perhaps least shocked is the eaterys owner, Dong Zhenxiang.了解北京美食的人很容易理解为什么昨晚米歇尔·奥巴马一家选择了北京大董烤鸭店,这一点大董烤鸭店老板董振祥最有发言权。US President Barrack Obama planned to dine at Da Dong when he visited Beijing in . But the dinner was canceled for unknown reasons. The first lady also failed to show up for her reservation on Saturday, but her mother and daughters ate their hearts out.美国总统奥巴马在年出访北京时曾计划在大董烤鸭店用餐,但后来因故取消。而第一夫人在周六也因劳累没能前往用餐,但她的母亲和女儿却在那里吃得很开心。The first ladys family ate at a table of 10 (the initial reservation was for 13, including Michelle Obama) and had pre-ordered two starters, 10 fried dishes, two Peking ducks and four staples.奥巴马家人在一0人座餐桌用餐(原预定位置13人,包括米歇尔·奥巴马),菜单包括预先计划好的两道前菜0道主菜只大董“酥不腻”烤鸭、和4种主食。来 /201403/282084成都/市绣眉与纹眉哪个好 四川韩式半永久化妆多少钱

克拉玛依纹眉价格Tour Time询问参观时间 We are on the way to Wall Street.我们就要去华尔街Excuse me.miss. What the tour time we have?,请问我们有多少参观时间? hours and we will meet beside our bus. It over there.个小时,我们会在巴士旁集合,巴士就在那里Got it. Thank you.明白了谢谢 3875 邛崃市立体绣眉哪家好成都/半永久化妆费用




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