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郴州医院预约临武县人民中妇幼保健医院男科医生津巴布韦总统怒吼:请中国男人自带老婆 -- 19:9:5 来源: 昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一 ZANU-PF First Secretary President Mugabe yesterday criticized some Chinese businessmen failing to deposit their cash into local banks and instead, smuggling it to their home country. He also rapped them not bringing along their wives when working on projects that ran several years, saying this could lead them to prey on local girls. President Mugabe said this while addressing members of the revolutionary party’s National Consultative Assembly at the Zanu-PF Headquarters yesterday. Failure to deposit daily takings has been cited as one of the causes of the prevailing cash shortages.昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一The President said it had been observed that most Chinese nationals leave behind their wives when coming long-term projects, leaving people to wonder if they will be celibate.穆加贝总统说,中国人到津巴布韦从事长期项目的时候,大多数都不带老婆,人们很好奇他们是否禁欲He said Government would continue engaging Chinese authorities since the two countries enjoyed good bilateral relations to ensure that some of these issues were addressed.他表示,津巴布韦与中国有着良好的双边关系,为了解决这些问题,两国政府将继续保持合作He castigated financial institutions steep bank charges and high interest rates. President Mugabe said he received a complaint last week from a corporate entity that was levied more than 豪车坟场--中国百万宾利弃之荒野 -- :35:37 来源: 在成都一处汽车坟场里,至少停放着两辆宾利、两辆路虎和三两奔驰在这处杂草丛生的停车场里,有0多辆被抛弃的汽车,目前当地政府正苦于该如何处理这些车辆 These startling images show an overgrown car park, where cars totalling millions have been left abandoned and taken over by weeds.据这些惊人的图片显示,在一个杂草丛生的停车场里,价值数百万的汽车被弃之不顾,周围长满了野草Inside this small lot in Chengdu, China, there are at least two Bentleys, two Land Rovers, three Mercedes Benz and even the odd motorbike according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,在成都这处小小的停车场里,摆放着至少有两辆宾利、两辆路虎、三辆奔驰和零散的托车They all have one thing in common - they’ve been abandoned by their owners.它们都有一个共同点--被它们的主人弃之不顾了Where luxury motors go to die: One of the Bentleys currently parked in the car park in Chengdu, which has been dubbed ’tyrant’s car park’在成都“土豪停车场”,一辆宾利停在这里Abandoned: The vehicles have been abandoned by their owners, often over a space of years. Many were swallowed by the plants这些车辆被它们的主人遗弃了,停在这里大多已过数年许多车辆已经被周围疯长的植被所覆盖Gone: Dust has gathered on the surface as well as inside while vines and weeds have sprung up all around the vehicles (pictured)汽车表面和内里堆满了灰尘,杂草和藤蔓如雨后春笋般在周围疯长There are over 0 vehicles, dubbed ’zombie cars’, in the lot.这处停车场停放着0多辆汽车,人们戏称它们为“僵尸车”The place they’re kept in is called a ’tyrant’s car park’ because of the value contained in the storage space.由于停在这处停车场里的车很贵,人们戏称它为“土豪停车场”Some of the cars have been kept in the same place more than two years as bushes and trees grow up around them, shielding them from the outside world.有些车辆已经停在这里两年以上了,在它们周围灌木生长得十分茂密,将其和外界隔绝开来The two Bentleys, one a Bentley Continental GT and another Bentley Flying Spur, are worth at least 3 million Yuan (pound300,000) each in China.这里停在两辆宾利(一辆是宾利欧陆GT,另一辆是宾利飞驰),在中国每辆车都至少价值300万元人民币(约合30万英镑)Then there’s the Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.这里还停着有奥迪、路虎和奔驰Majority of the vehicles are involved in ongoing criminal case either directly or indirectly, which means they can’t be claimed by their owners.这里大多数的车辆都直接或间的地与刑事案件有关,车主不能要回这些汽车Others have been abandoned as they were y to be scrapped or their owners lacked the correct paperwork.其他车辆被遗弃在这里是因为它们即将报废,或者车主缺少正确的文书手续The cars have become a headache the local authorities, who struggle to decide what to do with them.这些汽车弄得当地政府非常头疼,他们很难决定应该怎么处置这些汽车While some have been cleared auctions, others continue to arrive and be stacked up in the graveyard of cars.尽管目前一些汽车已经被清理出来拍卖了,但是又有一些车辆被送来,堆积在这个汽车坟场里 in bank charges depositing 0 000.穆加贝总统指责了金融机构昂贵的手续费和利率上周他收到一家实体公司的抱怨,称将存35万美元存入时交了0美元的手续费“If 0 000 has come into the of a person and into your bank, you should give him interest because it increases your capacity to lend also. I think the banking system deserves to be looked into. We should look into it almost immediately,” said President Mugabe. He also castigated party cadres trading insults and accusations though social media.“如果将35万美元存入的个人账户中,应该给用户利息,因为这些钱提高了的房贷能力我认为要立刻对系统进行调查,”穆加贝总统说他还谴责了党员干部在社交媒体上互相辱骂和指控的行为President Mugabe said by exchanging harsh words through hostile private media, they would be exposing themselves to ridicule by opposition parties. “Don’t blame us. Blame your people in the party who give us inmation. But why do we do that?” asked President Mugabe.穆加比总统说,党员干部在私人媒体上针锋相对,言语暴戾,使他们受到反对党的嘲讽“不能怪我们,怪就怪你们自己党内给我们把柄的人但是,我们为什么要这样做呢?”穆加比总统问道He said the First Family had been demonized with the First Lady being ascribed a faction each time she delivered a speech during political rallies. President Mugabe also rapped men who sexually abuse young girls, saying there was need stiff sentences like castration.穆加比总统说,“第一家庭”已经被妖魔化,因为第一夫人每次在政治集会上的发言都被当作派系之争他认为有必要对那些性虐待少女的男人施加严厉的判决,比如割礼He applauded Zanu-PF Youth League led by deputy secretary, Cde Kudzai Chipanga conducting a successful One-million Man March last month. He urged them to continue respecting their elders. He said the votes of no confidence that saw several party officials being suspended were not procedurally done stressing that some of the allegations warranted people to be brought bee a disciplinary hearing.穆加比总统赞扬了非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线副书记Cde Kudzai Chipanga上个月组织的百万民众大游行他要求人对长辈表示尊重穆加贝总统说,那些要求对几位政党官员停职的不信任投票尚未完成程序,但保在纪律听会之前对部分控告予以调查President Mugabe reiterated his call the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association to be disciplined saying they had no right to determine who should succeed him particularly when it was being done outside the party.穆加贝总统强调,津巴布韦国家解放战争退伍军人协会纪律严明,他们没有权力决定谁会当选下任总统,尤其是在党外选举中郴州淋菌性尿道炎如何治疗 苹果公司新品发布 iPad Air 更轻、更薄 -- :36:3 来源:   There were three big dates on Apple’s calendar this year. The first was June’s WWDC, where it presented iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, the second was a surprise event last month that presented us with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. Thursday marked the third, and Apple got out the big guns in the run up to the holiday shopping tablet rush – the iPad Air and iPad mini 3.  今年苹果公司有三个重要的日子第一个是在6月份苹果公司全球软件开发者年会上,发布了新一代移动操作系统iOS 8以及新版Mac系统;第二个是在上个月发布了iPhone 6和Apple Watch,带给大家各种惊喜而本周四是第三个大日子,苹果公司在这天发布了平板电脑iPad Air 和iPad mini 3  We went hands-on with the two new tablets to find out what’s new.  我们通过亲自体验,来为您介绍这两款平板电脑的创新之处  The first thing you notice when picking up the iPad Air is that it’s a lot slimmer and lighter than previous models. The iPad Air was last year’s best-designed tablet, but Apple has improved on it by carving 1.mm from the aly slender slate. It feels like a tablet you can hold hours without getting tired, and it’s perfectly balanced whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode.  拿到iPad Air 后你的第一感觉是比之前那款更轻、更薄iPad Air被认为是去年设计最佳的平板电脑,但是苹果公司没有满足于此,在原有Pad Air的基础上又将厚度减小了1.毫米这样轻薄的平板就算你拿着它几个小时都不觉得累,而且不论你带着它去哪里,它都能保持相当好的平衡度  Battery life is always a worry with slim tablets because they have less room , well, batteries — but Apple promises that the Air will have the same -hour stamina of its predecessor, a claim we couldn’t verify during our limited hands-on time Thursday.  平板电脑越轻薄人们,会越担心它的电池续航时间,毕竟轻薄就意味着没有足够的空间放大容量的电池但是苹果公司承诺iPad Air 和其之前推出的平板电脑一样,电池续航时间都能达到个小时但因为周四体验新品的时间有限,所以这点我们目前还无法实  It’s not just the body that’s had a tweak. The screen has also had a major upgrade, but not the one many observers thought was coming. The resolution remains the same, and that’s no bad thing – the iPad Air is plenty sharp. What Apple has done is fuse the different components of the screen together, eliminating all air gaps. So what, you might ask? Well, aside from helping reduce the thickness of the overall body, that process also means the screen is less reflective. Coupled with an anti-reflective coating, Apple claims that the iPad Air is the least reflective tablet in the world. That’s good news if you like using your tablet outdoors, and it also makes images look like they’re almost painted onto the glass.  除了机身方面有所调整外,iPad Air 的屏幕也有了较大的升级虽然分辨率没有变化,但这不是问题,因为iPad Air已经足够清晰了苹果公司对iPad Air 重点改进的是将LCD屏幕、触屏玻璃、触控传感器紧密融合在一起,使其没有任何缝隙你可能会觉得这没有什么大不了的但其实这样做不仅有助于减小机身的整体厚度,还可以降低屏幕反光率再加上一层特殊的抗反射薄膜,苹果公司宣称iPad Air 是世界上反光率最低的平板电脑如果你喜欢在室外使用平板电脑,那iPad Air 绝对更适合而且这种屏幕还能让画面看起来像直接涂在玻璃上的那样  All these, however, are iterative improvements — there’s nothing radically innovative on the new iPad. One new feature the iPads is Touch ID, a feature Apple introduced on the iPhone 5S that lets you access your phone with your thumbprint rather than a four-digit passcode. On an iPhone, Touch ID is fantastic, and within a few days of use you wonder how you ever lived without it. We’re not convinced it’s quite as compelling on a tablet, though. You don’t unlock tablets with as much regularity and they’re not at constant risk of loss or theft like your phone, which is always out and about with you.  当然所有这些改变都只是在之前的基础上更进了一步,新版iPad并没有什么根本上的创新iPad系列的一个新特点就是Touch ID,这是苹果公司在发布iPhone 5S时提出的功能,这个功能能代替之前的四位数字密码,而通过你的指纹来解锁手机Touch ID这个功能在iPhone上使用既有趣又有用,使用几天后你会发现自己根本离不开它可是在平板电脑上,似乎并没有达到同样的效果因为平板和手机不同,平板不需要频繁的解锁,也不像手机那样因为一直随身携带、随手拿着容易丢失所以需要保安全性  But Apple hasn’t included Touch ID on the iPad Air and iPad mini 3 the sake of unlocking them with ease — this is a big retail play. Touch ID is integral to Apple Pay, which is in part a slick and easy way to buy products online with the touch of a finger. Judging from how many more apps we buy since Touch ID purchasing was introduced to the App Store, we think this could eliminate multiple drop-off points in the buying process. No wonder retailers are clamoring to get on board – these tablets are the highest-tech shopping carts around.  但是苹果将Touch ID引入iPad Air 和iPad mini 3并不仅是为了增强安全性,同时也是为了Apple Pay务的推广Apple Pay是一种手指触碰的快捷移动付务,而Touch ID是这项务中的关键一环根据从指纹触摸付功能被引入苹果商店以后购买的app数量,可以看出该务非常便捷难怪众多零售商也都吵着要加入,这样的平板电脑确实是最高科技的购物车了  The iPad Air also got a new processor. This isn’t like the slightly tweaked iPhone 5S chip we saw on the iPad Air. Instead, Apple has designed it specifically the iPad Air , and Apple claims some staggering permance improvements – up to 0% better CPU speeds and .5 times the graphical grunt. That’s big news if you edit photos or s on your tablet or if you’re a mobile gamer.  iPad Air 还配备了新的处理器这和之前发布的仅在iPhone 5S 芯片基础上稍作调整的iPad Air不同苹果公司专门为iPad Air 设计了处理器,并宣称这会带来难以置信的改变—与之前相比,CPU快0%,GPU快.5倍这对平时喜欢用平板电脑编辑图片或视频、玩游戏的人来说是个好消息  To take advantage of the extra power, Apple has also upgraded the iPad Air ’s iSight camera. It’s now an 8-megapixel affair, but the real benefits come from additional software features. You get all the tricks that iPhone users have enjoyed a while. There’s time-lapse, burst shooting and the impressive slo-mo capture.  另外苹果公司还升级了iPad Air 的iSight摄像头,像素达到800万,但是最大的优势还是来自于新增加的软件特点iPhone使用者早就体验到的拍摄功能,包括延时拍摄、连拍以及很吸引人的Slo-Mo慢动作拍摄等,现在在新款平板上也可以用到了  The iPad mini 3 is less interesting than its bigger cousin — It’s essentially last year’s tablet with the inclusion of Touch ID.  The iPad mini 3与以往相比,没有太多大变化,只是在去年的基础上引入了Touch ID功能而已  Both of Apple’s new iPads look and feel great on first play. They will likely remain the tablets to beat in terms of quality and usability, but Apple had another surprising announcement. The iMac, Apple’s all-in-one desktop, got a refresh. It looks the same in terms of design, but the highest-end model now packs an incredibly sharp 7-inch 5K Retina display. The sharpness is immense — it will make graphic designers froth at the mouth with anticipation.  苹果发布的这两款新平板电脑刚拿在手里时,看起来感觉都很棒,它们在质量和适用性方面都堪称平板电脑的佼佼者但是苹果公司在昨天的发布会上还发布了另一款产品--全新iMaciMac是苹果公司的一体式电脑新款iMac在设计上与之前类似,其最大的特点是搭载全新的7英寸、分辨率达到 50×80像素的Retina屏幕这种屏幕清晰度超高,即使是平面设计工作者们也会对它垂涎欲滴  The new iPads are available to preorder now in 68GB models 99 respectively Wi-Fi only. Add 斯坦福大学性侵案:父亲表示他的儿子不应为“分钟的行为”而进监狱 -- 18:50: 来源: 一名斯坦福大学学生因性侵他人被判有罪,其父亲在社交媒体上表示他的儿子不应为“分钟的行为”而进监狱,这一言论引发众怒 Br?ock Turner, , was sente?nced to six months in jail sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year.布洛克·特纳,今年岁,因为去年性侵一位不省人事的女性而被判6个月监禁The victim’s impact statement, which was out in court, was also widely shared on social media.法庭上宣读的受害人影响陈述书,也在社交媒体上广泛传播The judge expressed concern about the impact of prison on Turner.法官对监禁会给特纳造成的影响也表示了关切Prosecutors said that in January , Turner had been seen by two witnesses sexually assaulting the woman, who was lying on the ground, unconscious, on the Stand campus.检察官称,年1月,有两名人目睹了,特纳在斯坦福大学校园性侵他人,该名女性躺在地上,不省人事They said Turner had tried to run away when challenged by the witnesses, but the pair had tackled him and held him until police officers arrived.他们还说,两名人拦截特纳时,他试图逃跑,但二人将其住,直到警察到来A mer top swimmer at the university, Turner was found guilty in March of three felony charges. Prosecutors wanted a sentence of six years in state prison him, the Mercury News reported.特纳曾是大学顶尖游泳选手,但是在3月份却面临3项重罪指控据《水星报报道,检察官曾想判其在州立监狱刑6年His sentencing, to six months and probation, also required him to register as a sex offender the rest of his life.特纳最终判刑6个月,可以假释,其性犯罪者的身份也会登记在册,这一标签将跟随其一生In an excerpt of a statement to the court bee the sentencing, Brock’s father, Dan, said his son’s life had been "deeply altered ever".判刑前,布洛克的父亲丹在一段法庭声明中表示,他儿子的人生“被彻底改变了”His life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve, he said.“他的人生永远不会像他梦想的,并努力拼搏想要实现的那样美好了”丹这样说That is a steep price to pay minutes of action out of his plus years of life.“仅仅分钟的行动就付出了惨痛的代价,多年来的努力付之东流“他还说Many Twitter users reacted angrily, both to the sentence and the tone of the father’s letter.对于特纳的刑期和其父亲公开信里的语气,众多推特用户表示非常愤怒Some ,000 people have also signed a petition to recall the sentencing judge,Aaron Persky, passing what they called a "lenient sentence".有万8千人在请愿书上签了名,呼吁案件法官艾伦·佩尔斯基放弃他们称之为“从轻处罚的判决”Mr Persky said a harsher prison penalty would have had "a severe impact" on Turner.佩尔斯基先生表示更加严厉的监狱刑罚会对特纳造成“严重影响”In his decision, he said positive character references and Turner’s remorse and lack of previous criminal record were mitigating factors.对于他的判决,佩尔斯基表示,特纳平时是个积极向上的人,而且有悔罪表现,之前也没有犯罪记录,这些都是减罪因素In an impact statement out in court, the victim, now 3, addressed her attacker, saying his actions had left her emotionally scarred.受害人,现年3岁,在当庭宣读的受害人影响陈述书中,她表示特纳的行为给自己情感上造成了无法愈合的伤害She criticised Turner not admitting the crime and putting her and her family through an "invasive" and "aggressive" trial.她怒斥特纳不承认罪行,并且在法庭审判过程中颠倒黑白,咄咄逼人Later, the victim told BuzzFeed she was disappointed with the "gentle" sentence.随后,受害人接受嗡嗡喂网站采访时称,对如此“温和”的判刑很失望But "even if the sentence is light, hopefully this will wake people up," she said.但是“即使判刑很轻,也希望它能给人们敲响警钟”,受害人说I want the judge to know that he ignited a tiny fire. If anything, this is a reason all of us to speak even louder.“我希望法官知道他点燃了星星之火如果要问这件事有什么意义的的话,那就是它让我们所有人更大声地发出自己的声音District Attorney Jeff Rosen said "the punishment does not fit the crime".地方检察官杰夫·罗森表示“这样的判刑与罪案的严重程度不符”The predatory offender has failed to take responsibility, failed to show remorse and failed to tell the truth.“这样一个玩弄他人取乐的犯罪分子,没有承担相应的责任,没有表现出任何懊悔,没有坦白事实真相”The sentence does not factor in the true seriousness of this sexual assault, or the victim’s ongoing trauma. Campus rape is no different than off-campus rape. Rape is rape.“这样的判刑没有考虑到性侵犯的严重性,或者是受害人遭受的身心创伤校园强奸与其他地方的强奸没什么不同强奸就是强奸,应该严惩” on top if you have a hankering G connectivity. The Retina iMac will run you $,99.  目前,新款的平板系列有6 8GB三种容量版本,WiFi版售价分别99599699美元(国内定价人民币35888988元)如果想要G网络版,则需再加0美元,即售价分别69美元79美元89美元(约合人民币3856356元)Retina iMac的售价为99美元(约合人民币3元)俄罗斯女子蓄发年,变身真人版长发公主(组图) --31 :18:55 来源:chinadaily A regular trim or treatment at the hairdresser is part of the beauty regime of women the world over. But the past years, one woman has decided to ego the salon and instead see just how long she can grow her hair.相信这个世界上绝大多数的女孩都会定期去理发店修剪头发或做造型但这位女士却在过去的年里放弃逛理发店,因为她决定要看看自己的头发到底能长多长Dubbed the real life Rapunzel, Russian woman Dashik Gubanova Freckle has earned more than 1,000 followers on Instagram her exceptionally long cascading hair.来自俄罗斯的达什克?古巴诺娃?弗雷克尔被人们称作真人版的长发公主,有一头超长的瀑布般的秀发,而她的Instagram账号目前有超过00名粉丝Ms Freckle started growing her hair in and appears to be very proud of her luscious brown locks.弗雷克尔从年就开始蓄发,她看上去对自己那一头柔软的棕色头发感到非常自豪The Instagram star says she loves 'creativity in all its ms', and says her goal is to have her hair reach her toes.这位Instagram红人表示自己喜欢“各种形式的创意”,自己的目标是将头发蓄到齐脚趾那么长She has also responded to those who have suggested she donate her hair to make wigs. 'This post is those who say that I should donate their hair wigs ... In years, I cut a scythe and donate hair wigs,' she wrote on Instagram. 'Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe.'有人建议她可以把自己的头发捐出来制作假发,而对此她在Instagram上的回复是:“对于那些叫我捐出头发的人,我想说再过年我会把头发剪下来捐出去做假发,但现在我还不行,因为我的目标是把它留到脚趾”Ms Freckle recently shared a of herself in a rainbow jumpsuit, running her hands through her hair to show just how long it is.弗雷克尔最近还上传了一个视频,视频里她穿着虹连体裤,用手指穿过头发来展示自己头发的长度She has also said close to 0 snaps of herself throughout the process and recently posed a series of snaps that showed the full length of her tresses - the tips of her hair reaching the lower part of her shins.另外,弗雷克尔还有近0张的照片记录着她蓄发的过程,而最近她发了一组照片展示她到目前为止的蓄发成果——结果显示她的发梢已经可以到她的小腿了And despite many questioning how she manages to blow dry her hair, keep it clean and whether she trips over it, the majority of comments left Ms Freckle have been overwhelmingly positive.尽管有很多人在询问她怎样能把那么长的头发吹干,如何保持头发清洁,是否会被自己的头发绊倒,但绝大多数人对她的评价都很正面'You remind me of a Barbie doll. I love everything about you. Keep it up,' one woman wrote on Instagram.“你让我想起了芭比娃娃我喜欢你的一切继续留头发吧”一位女网友在Instagram留言道'My friend showed me your s on FaceBook and I just wanted to tell you I am fascinated by your hair. It's so beautiful,' said another.“我朋友给我看你的视频还有脸书主页,我只想告诉你我被你的头发迷住了它太美了”另一位网友留言道英文来源:每日邮报中文来源:煎蛋网审校#38;编辑:丹妮郴州桂阳县男科医生

郴州第一人民医院男科预约专家解密如何解酒 起床再喝一杯? --9 :57:56 来源: as long as people have been drinking too much, they have been searching a cure that ded morning after hangover.   只要一个人有过酩酊大醉的时候,他们就一定曾寻找过解决宿醉之后可怕的第二天清晨   Raw eggs with or without Worcestershire sauce is apparently one cure; others eat chocolate or a bacon sandwich - but the answer could be as simple as to carry on doing what you were doing that caused the hangover – have a drink.   淋上辣酱油的生鸡蛋——也可以不加——无疑是办法之一;还有人选择吃巧克力或者培根三明治然而真正的解决方法非常简单:是什么导致了你的宿醉——饮酒——而它也是解决你宿醉困扰的办法   Adam Rogers, the author of Proof: the Science of Booze, is of the opinion that the 'hair of the dog' makes you feel better, but the question is why it does this, and importantly whether it's really a good idea.   《论:畅饮的学问的作者亚当·罗杰斯认为醒酒液会让人感到更舒一些,然而问题在于为什么它会如此起作用,而且喝醒酒液到底是不是个好主意   Every alcoholic drink contains, as well as ethanol, small traces of the poisonous methanol. In high doses methanol can make people go blind or even die because the body converts it to maldehyde, a poison used as a preservative in some laboratories. Doctors treat methanol poisoning by giving patients ethanol to prevent its change into maldehyde.   每种酒精饮料除了包含乙醇,都会有微量的有毒甲醇甲醇摄入量过高会致盲或致死,因为人的身体会把它转化成甲醛——在实验室里作为防腐剂使用的有毒物质针对甲醇中毒,医生们通常会开出含有乙醇的处方,以防它转化为甲醛   'If methanol poisoning is at least in part responsible a hangover, having a drink the next morning may alleviate symptoms,' said Mr Rogers although he was at pains to point out that the theory was 'hypothetical' at best.   “如果甲醇中毒是宿醉的原因之一,那么第二天早上再喝一杯有可能缓解症状”罗杰先生如此说道,尽管他仍需要承认该理论尚处于假设阶段   Lauren Owen, a psychopharmacologist at Keele University and a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, agreed that there was some scientific support the idea. 'Alcohol acts on a number of chemicals in the brain to increase feelings of pleasure. Reduction of hangover symptoms by "hair of the dog" may also be due to the activity of alcohol on neurotransmitter systems.'   劳伦·欧文是基尔大学的精神药理学家,同时也是宿醉研究小组的成员之一她认为喝酒解宿醉的方法是有科学依据的,“酒精会使大脑产生化学反应,从而增加愉悦的感觉通过饮用醒酒液的方法减轻宿醉很可能同样基于酒精对脑神经元的刺激”   One thing that appears to have no scientific basis is rehydration. Mr Rogers said: 'You can get rid of the dehydration and you are still hungover.'   然而目前并没有科学据明喝水可以解酒罗杰先生说道:“你可能会摆脱脱水症状,不过宿醉却不会得到缓解”苏仙区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 盐城遭遇“极端天气”近百人死亡 -- 19:5:53 来源:chinadaily 3日时前后,江苏省盐城市阜宁、射阳等地出现强雷电、短时强降雨、冰雹、雷雨大风等强对流天气,局地遭龙卷风袭击据江苏省民政厅报告,强对流天气已造成98人死亡,近800人受伤,其中重伤近0人Downpours, hailstorms and a tornado battered parts of Yancheng City at :30 pm Thursday. [PhotoXinhua]请看相关报道:A tornado and hailstorm have killed at least 98 people and injure nearly 800 in the east Chinese province of Jiangsu.江苏遭遇的龙卷风和冰雹已经导致98人死亡,约800人受伤Buildings collapsed as thunder, lightning, rainstorms, hailstorms and the tornado struck counties and villages in the city of Yancheng at about :30 pm on Thursday.周四下午点30分左右,江苏盐城部分乡镇遭遇雷电、短时强阵雨、冰雹以及龙卷风袭击,导致建筑物倒塌Extreme weather conditions were reported in several townships in Funing and Sheyang counties in the suburbs of Yancheng.盐城市郊的阜宁、射阳等地也遭遇极端天气“极端天气”(extreme weather conditions)指天气(气候)的状态严重偏离其平均态,在统计意义上属于不易发生的事件照世界气象组织的规定,当气候要素(气压、气温、湿度等)的时、日、月、年值达到5年一遇,或者与相应的30年平均值之差超过标准差的两倍时,就可以将此归为极端天气随着全球气候变暖,极端天气气候事件特别是强降雨(torrential rain)、高温热浪(heat wave)等极端事件的出现频率发生变化,呈现出增多增强的趋势今年入夏以来,我国南方地区持续遭遇强降雨天气,目前已经导致人死亡,近万人被迫转移近几年频发的极端天气事件包括:高温热浪(heat wave)、寒潮(cold wavecold snap)、强降雨(torrential rainheavy rainfall)、冰雹(hailstorm)、龙卷风(tornado)、台风(typhoon)、干旱(drought)等关于风暴,我们经常听到3个意思相近的词:tornado、typhoon、hurricaneTornado即龙卷风,主要发生在陆地上;typhoon和hurricane其实是一回事,都是tropical cyclone(热带气旋),只是飓风名称的使用多在北大西洋及东太平洋,所以我们经常听到美国发生飓风,如Hurricane Sandy(飓风桑迪);而北太平洋西部使用的词是typhoon,我国就习惯称台风(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)郴州市治疗膀胱炎多少钱

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