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In the later period of the Yuan Dynasty, the land was centralized. The people were poor, andethnic conflicts and class contradictions were intensified.元朝后期土地集中,人民贫困,阶级矛盾和民族矛盾激化。The rule of the Yuan Dynasty grew more and more corrupt. The scrambling for the throne was terribly serious.元朝的统治也日趋腐朽,帝位之争异常激烈。At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the plagues of locusts, drought, flood and earthquake took place one after another and year after year.元朝末年连年出现蝗旱、水灾和地震。The natural disasters and man-made calamities pushed the masses to the edge of the death. Therefore rebellions happened one by one.天灾人祸把广大人民群众推到死亡的边沿,武装起义相继而起。The rising up of the Red Turbans led by Liu Futong destroyed the reign of Yuan completely.刘福通领导的红巾起义从根本上瓦解了元朝的统治。In 1352, Zhu Yuanzhang, who was a tenant, joined the Red Turbans led by Guo Zixing, and he developed his power and influence step by step. In 1367, he issued the war proclamation against Yuan and raised a clarion call “to drive out the Dalu and restore China”. He sent the generals Xu Da and Chang Yuchun to fight in the North.1352年佃农出身的朱元璋参加了郭子兴的红巾军并逐步扩大自己的势力和力量,于1367年发布讨元檄文,提出“驱逐鞑虏,恢复中华”的口号,派大将徐达、常遇春率军北伐。In the year of 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang made himself the emperor in Yingtian and founded the Ming Dynasty.1368年朱元璋在应天称帝,建立明朝,始称明太祖。He was honored Ming Taizu (the first king of the Ming Dynasty). In the same year, the Ming armies occupied Dadu. The Mongol gentry escaped to the North, and the Yuan Dynasty died out.同年,明军攻占大都,蒙古贵族逃亡塞北,元朝灭亡。The features and historical meaning of the Peasant Uprisings at the end of Yuan:The Peasant Uprising at the end of the Yuan Dynasty is a great struggle a-gainst the Yuan feudal control and national oppression with the major force of the Hans and the other nationalities.元末农民大起义的特点和历史意义:元末农民大起义是以汉族人民为主体、包括其他各族劳动人民在内的反对元朝封建统治和民族压迫的一场大规摸斗争。The peasant armies raised the call to fight against the Yuan and restore Song, which had the color of national struggle, but actually a class one.农民军在斗争中提出反元复宋等口号,带有民族斗争的色,但其实质仍然是阶级斗争。The peasant uprising overthrew the Yuan Dynasty though it was made use by the class of landlords as tools to change dynasties. It made the four Khan countries lose their common leader, and this is a great event with world historical importance.元末农民大起义虽然最后被地主阶级利用去作为改朝换代的工具,但它推翻了元朝,使四大汗国失去了共主,这是具有世界历史意义的大事。It blew the feudal landlords with the Mongol gentry as the main force and the peasants got certain land.这次起义打击了以蒙古贵族为首的封建地主阶级,使农民获得部分土地。In the rising, many Qukou (they had lower social status than the tenants), slaves and craftsmen got their freedom and created conditions for the production development in the early years of the Ming Dynasty.在起义中,大量驱口(比当时佃农的社会地位还要低)、奴隶、匠户争得了自由,为明初的生产发展创造了条件。 /201602/426240

Hong Kong is aglow with 25,000 white roses made from LED lights making it the perfect place for couples seeking a romantic spot for Valentine#39;s Day.香港点亮25000朵LED白玫瑰花灯,为情人节营造浪漫花海。The light rose garden, which took six months to create and is based in the city#39;s business district, is lighting up skyscrapers at night and drawing crowds of visitors.“玫瑰灯海园”位于香港商务区,历经6个月打造而成。夜晚,朵朵白花闪亮,照亮了周围的天大楼,也吸引了成群游客前来观赏。Each pure white rose, which consist of seven layers of petals, has been planted individually and is water-proofed to withstand the elements for the exhibition which lights up every day from 6pm until February 22.每朵白玫瑰花都由7片花瓣组成,单独栽种,并具有防水功能,可以应对展出期间的风雨天气。每晚6点,玫瑰灯海准时点亮。展览将一直持续到2月22日。As romantic as it is spectacular, the garden sits in one of Hong Kong#39;s most symbolic landmarks — the Central Promenade.这片浪漫又壮观的玫瑰灯海园坐落于香港最著名的地标性建筑——中环海滨。The organisers, creative agency Pancom, chose Hong Kong#39;s Central Promenade and Tamar Park, as the first destinations for the garden as it begins a tour of the world. They first displayed the garden in Seoul, South Korea, in October 2014 and was reinstalled in April last year.主办方韩国创意团队Pancom将举行玫瑰灯海世界巡回展,他们把首站选在了香港的中环海滨和添马公园。2014年10月,玫瑰灯海首次在韩国首尔展出。去年4月,该项目又再次启动。The Pancom team spent months in preparation and visited Hong Kong several times before eventually settling on the Central Promenade and Tamar Park areas.Pancom团队为准备工作花费了数月时间。他们多次到香港考察,最终选址于中环海滨和添马公园。Officials say it is the first time Tamar Park has held any exhibit for the public since it has opened. As well as marking Valentine#39;s Day, the exhibition will also represent China#39;s Lantern Festival as part of the Chinese New Year period.香港官员称,这是添马公园开设以来第一次举办展览。除了情人节外,展览还将庆祝中国的元宵节。元宵节也是中国传统新年的一部分。SK Lam, creative director of events planner, told Ejinsight, the lights cost an #39;eight-digit figure#39; to create.活动策划创意总监林树鑫(SK Lam)向香港信报英文网站Ejinsight透露,灯海的造价高达八位数。#39;We want to make Hong Kong the most beautiful place in the world for Valentine#39;s Day,#39; Mr Lam said, adding that the art installation will be exhibited in Europe and two other Asian destinations next.林树鑫说:“我们想把香港打造成情人节最美的去处。”他还透露,这些艺术装置接下来还将在欧洲和其他两个亚洲国家展出。For around 0 Hong Kong Dollars, or £9, anyone keen to take a permanent souvenir from the garden can buy a rose.对那些想留个永久纪念的人来说,花费100港元(约合9英镑)就能买到一玫瑰。The flowers#39; layout is based around the landscape and environment of the promenade and Tamar Park with two different heights—70cm and 80cm—of roses being used to create the stunning visuals.花园的布置也因地制宜。中环海滨和添马公园的玫瑰花灯高度根据环境有所调整,分别为70厘米和80厘米。花朵闪亮,群星点点,创造出夺目的视觉效果。The garden is packed tightly—with more than 25 roses per every three square metres.花与花之间排列也很紧密,每3平方米就有超过25朵玫瑰。In the daytime, the roses are equally as breathtaking with their subtle pale colour before lighting up at night.白天尚未点亮之时,纯白的花海也同样让人震撼不已。Selfie lovers can make use of a specially designed photography corner to capture, in the best angle possible, their memories.花园还配有专门设计的摄影角,自拍爱好者可以在这里找到最好的拍摄角度,留下自己的美丽瞬间。 /201602/426152

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