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导购口语:What your size?你穿多大号的?What size does it come in?这种鞋有哪些尺码可供选择?Do these moccasins come in any other size?这种软鞋有没有其他尺寸? 语句:What size does…come in? 表达的是“……有哪些尺码可供选择?”这是客户在询问衣物尺码时是常用的一个句型 情景再现:Would you like low heels or high heels?您要低跟的还是高跟的?Try these, then. How do you feel?那试试这双,怎么样? 1979。

P: This is terrific. I cant believe we are in Hawaii, Yang Chen!Y: I cant believe it, either. 我们是不是要在沙滩上晒太阳? Patrick, did you bring your bikini?P: Yang Chen., could you be serious just one moment?Y: OK.P: Im going to teach you how to surf. Look at the wave. The waves are huge─and just perfect surfing!Y: 噢,你要教我冲浪Surfing in Hawaii!P: Let take our surfboards out into the water and ride some waves.Y: Yes. Captain. Here we go!P: Not yet, Yang Chen. First, you lie down on your stomach on your surfboard and paddle with your arms out to where the waves are. The waves right here are really small. We cant do anything.Y: Okay, lying down on my stomach, 趴在冲浪板上,paddle with my arms两手向前滑(Splashing sounds, like paddling)P: This is good. This is far enough, Yang Chen.Y: 我会冲浪了! Surfing is soooooooo easy.P: Youve got to be kidding me. Look, to really surf you have to stand up on the surf board, while riding a wave.Y: 趴着不行,还要站起来?P: That is what surfing is: Standing up on a surfboard and riding a wave.Y: Im going to stay here and wait.P Wait who? Michael Phelps?Y: Maybe.P: Look, there is nothing to be afraid of, Yang Chen.Y: Look, Im standing up! Patrick, see you later!P: Someone got have to go out and get her. 63。

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A: Hi, I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled with Dr. Smith, and I need to change it.B: What day did you have it scheduled ?A: My appointment was on Tuesday.B: What time was it scheduled ?A: It was two o’clock in the afternoon.B: I see your appointment. What day would you like to switch to?A: I would like to switch it to next Friday.B: What time would you like?A: I would like to come in at :00 in the morning.B: Fine, I will pencil that in right now. We will see you then. 9。

导购口语:If youve decided on something, please let me know.如果您决定买什么,请告诉我一声If you will permit me, I would be happy to show you around and explain some of the items.如果您愿意的话,我乐意带您周围看看,介绍介绍Please take your time and let me know if you need any help.请慢慢看需要帮忙的话,请告诉我一声语句:Be happy to show sb, around 乐意带某人参观,乐意带某人到处看看look around 和 show around 两者的区别就是 look around 是自己到处逛逛,没有人陪,而 show sb. around 就是有人带着参观show sb. around somewhere.带领某人参观某地情景再现:A:I could be happy to show you around.A:我乐意带您去周围看看B: I will by happy to show you around.B:很高兴为您务 18。

People generally enjoy swimming. Whether theyre splashing on the surface or diving below, most enter the water at some point in their lives, and many do so frequently. Nevertheless, there are some locations where it may be a better idea to leave the swimsuit at home.人们一般都喜欢游泳,不管是在水面击打着水花还是在水下潜游大部分人在他们生命中的某个时刻学会游泳,且有很多人都经常游泳然而,地球上某些地方不适合游泳,把泳衣留在家里是个更好的选择.Mumbai.孟买The populous coastal city of Mumbai, India, unsurprisingly features many beaches. Untunately, these beaches have been declared unfit bathing. Large amounts of untreated sewage are discharged from Mumbai into its surrounding seas, leaving its shores extremely polluted. While the city has a sewage network, much waste ends up bypassing it, traveling directly into waterways. Slum residents practice of throwing waste directly into storm drains is cited as a primary contributor to this problem.印度海岸城市孟买,人口众多且以沙滩数量多著名不幸的是,这些沿海沙滩都不适合游泳有很多未经处理的污染物从孟买市区流进附近的海域,使海岸线水质受到严重污染虽然城市有污水处理系统,但大部分污染源绕过了它直接进入城市水道贫民窟的人们向城市水道直接丢弃污染物是造成这一问题的主要原因The pollution is steadily worsening. Pollutant levels, particularly human and animal feces, are rising at nearly every beach in the city, placing beachgoers at risk of infection. Bathers also report itching and skin rashes after swimming. Girgaon Chaupati, Mumbai most popular beach, has four times the acceptable limit of fecal bacteria. Other beaches are worse.Despite the pollution, Mumbai beaches still receive much use, particularly the city annual Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. This festival commemorates the birth of the Hindu god Lord Ganesha and culminates with the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols in the sea. Girgaon Chaupati is the site of the largest immersion ceremony.污染情况正在变得越来越糟孟买的每个沙滩海平面上的污染物尤其是动物和人类的粪便在不断增加,这使很多沙滩爱好者有被感染各种疾病的风险很多游泳者在这些沙滩游泳之后称有皮肤发痒和患有荨麻疹的症状孟买最著名的沙滩Girgaon Chaupati上渣滓物细菌是健康标准的四倍,其他沙滩的情况更糟另外,孟买每年都会在沙滩上举办象头神节这个节日主要是为了纪念印度教主象头神的生日,最后会以将主甘妮萨的圣像浸入大海这个节日庆祝的最重要仪式就是在Girgaon Chaupati 海滩举行的这种庆祝活动也带来了一定的污染9.New Smyrna Beach9.新士麦那海滩New Smyrna Beach, in Volusia County, Florida, is a great place to surf... and to swim with sharks. The waters off New Smyrna possess large populations of fish, which in turn attract many sharks. Combine that with the beach aementioned popularity with surfers, and you have a beach that is considered the ;shark attack capital of the world; by the International Shark Attack File. Scientists estimate that anyone who swims at New Smyrna Beach will pass within 3 meters of a shark. Bull sharks, a notoriously aggressive species, have been caught in the area.坐落在佛罗里达州沃卢夏县的新士麦那海滩是一个与鲨鱼一起游泳和冲浪的;好地方;新士麦那海域水下生活着大量吸引鲨鱼的鱼群这种鱼群加上那些冲浪爱好者们,你就会有一个被国际鲨鱼档案称为;鲨鱼袭击地狱;的海滩了科学家预测任何在新士麦那水下三米游泳的人都会遇到鲨鱼这片海域曾捕获过虎鲨,它是一种攻击性特别强的鲨鱼Volusia County in general, fueled primarily by New Smyrna Beach, also has a reputation shark bites. In , over one-third of all unprovoked shark attacks in the world occurred in the waters off the county coast. On top of that, the state of Florida logged more attacks between – than both Australia and South Africa combined.沃卢夏县除了以新士麦那海滩著称,同时也因鲨鱼咬人事件出名年,世界上三分之一的鲨鱼无缘无故集结在沃卢夏县的海岸线附近除此之外,佛罗里达州在-年期间发生的鲨鱼事件比澳大利亚和南美加起来还要多8.Bubbly Creek8.泡泡河A name like ;Bubbly Creek; might sound harmless and inviting, but the waterway itself is not. ;Bubbly Creek; is the local name the South k of the South Branch of the Chicago River. In the early th century, the flow of the Chicago River was reversed, sending it toward the Mississippi River and away from Lake Michigan, in order to keep the river pollution from entering the city source of drinking water. This reversal has made the river all the more difficult to clean up in the years since.泡泡河,名字听起来似乎挺吸引人,然而事实上却并非如此泡泡河是当地人对芝加哥河南方分的一个惯称早在世纪初期,为了使Bubbly的污染河水不流进城市饮用水源,芝加哥河的流向逆转了,污水流向密西西比河远离密西根湖自那以后,Bubbly的污水处理任务变得更加艰难了Bubbly Creek is considered the worst part of the river. It gets its name from bubbles rising to the surface from the area chief pollutant: decomposing animal carcasses. Meatpacking waste including blood, manure, urine, and various body parts was dumped into the channel by the nearby Union Stockyard over a century. These bubbles still appear even today, as the creek is so polluted that very little lives there, slowing decomposition. Bloodworms are said to inhabit the creek, feeding on the waste. In , a study found a layer of animal remains on the creek bed that is 1 meter thick. The US Army Corps of Engineers is working on a project to dredge Bubbly Creek as well as improve the water oxygen content.泡泡河被认为是芝加哥河污染最严重的部分它的名字Bubbly就是来源于水面上的污染物的腐烂在水面上产生了气泡肉类加工厂的废弃物包括血、粪便肥料以及各种动物躯体的部分都被倒进附近的河道,这种现象已经持续有一个多世纪了现在的泡泡河污染还很严重以至于仍在产生恶臭的气泡,水面上的污染物慢慢腐烂着据说泡泡河里开始有以腐蚀物为生的寄生虫出现年,一项调查发现在泡泡河河床上堆积的动物尸体足足有一米多厚美国陆军工程兵研究中心正在努力疏通泡泡河河道以改善水下氧含量进而改善水质7.Samaesan Hole7.Samaesan洞The Gulf of Thailand contains a deep point described as a ;black silty hole of death.; Named a nearby fishing village, the Samaesan Hole is the deepest diving site in the Gulf of Thailand, dropping down to 85 meters (0 ft). Divers braving the hole must deal with the strong currents in the region, as well as the fact that it lies in a busy traffic zone oil tankers. Barracuda also populate the area, and visibility is very poor as one descends. To top it all off, the US Navy previously used Samaesan Hole as an ammion dump, leaving the site littered with unexploded ordnance.泰国湾有一个被称为死亡之地的Samaesan洞Samaesan洞坐落在附近的渔村,它是泰国湾最深的潜水地点,最深达到85米由于它处于石油货轮交通要道,勇敢的潜水者们必须面对并处理这一挑战水下生活着很多梭鱼,越往下可视性越差最为糟糕的是美国海军曾将此洞作为弹药垃圾场,并留下了未引爆的的炸弹So who would want to jump into Samaesan Hole? Diving enthusiasts would. The site is Trimix certified divers only. Trimix is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium used deep diving. Divers are also advised to have multiple lights, dive computers, and mal training in technical diving. Even well-equipped divers, the dive can be dangerous. In 1998, the first pair of divers to dive the hole experienced severe equipment failures, including dive computers being damaged beyond repair and lights imploding.现在谁还想去Samaesan洞潜水?这些因素仍然挡不住潜水狂热爱好者这个地方只允许会混合气潜水技术的潜水者下水这种混合气体包括氧、氮和氦等气体,是专门用于深海潜水潜水者最好携带多光灯和潜水专用电脑,还有必须接受专业潜水训练即使对专业的潜水者来说,这种潜水也是很危险的1988年,第一次潜入Samaesan洞的两名潜水者就遭遇了严重的装备故障,潜水电脑损坏且无法修复还有多光灯爆炸6.Yenisei River6.叶尼塞河Russia Yenisei River (also spelled ;Yenisey;) divides Western and Eastern Siberia, flowing north bee emptying into the Kara Sea. The world sixth largest river by discharge, the Yenisei is thousands of kilometers in length and passes through several major cities. It is also a major source of hydroelectric power. Many Siberian villagers depend on the river fishing.俄罗斯的叶尼塞河是西西伯利亚平原与东西伯利亚高原的分界线,朝向北流向喀拉海叶尼塞河是世界上流量第六大河流,它数千公里长,流经很多重要城市它是俄罗斯水电发电的主要来源,且西伯利亚平原很多村民都是依靠叶尼塞河打渔为生In addition to being an important waterway, the Yenisei is also severely radioactively contaminated. A bomb-grade plutonium factory near Bolshoi Balchug has been discharging radioactive ps into the river decades. Radioactive isotopes have been found hundreds of kilometers downstream from the factory. Nevertheless, the management of the factory insists that there is no radiation danger.Around 6,000 people live downstream near the factory, not to mention the many more that live along the river within range of where radioactivity has been found. Statistically detectable increases in rates of breast cancer, leukemia, and genetic defects have been found in commies downstream from the plutonium plant. Despite the radiation fears, those who live on the river still eat fish from it, hoping that they wont get sick.另外叶尼塞河作为俄罗斯国内重要河流,但是也受到了很严重的放射性污染Bolshoi Balchug附近的一座钚炸弹工厂数十年来一直向叶尼塞河排放放射性污染物在离工厂数百公里的下游河道仍发现有发射性物质然而,工厂的管理层却坚持他们不存在任何放射性威胁大约有6000人生活在这个工厂的下游附近,这还不算生活在工厂附近且在辐射范围以内的居民据统计,工厂下游的居民区患乳腺癌、白血病以及基因缺陷等疾病的几率不断上升还有那些吃河里的鱼的居民,不仅需要担心辐射污染还得担心他们会不会患病翻译:景云 来源:前十网 1936。

第一句:Id like to know the route of the streetcar.我想知道电车行进的路线A: Id like to know the route of the streetcar.我想知道电车行进的路线B: It shown on this map.地图上有第二句:Is there a bus to go to there?有到那儿的公汽吗?A: Is there a bus to go to the Star Hotel?有到星星宾馆的公汽吗?B: Yes, the bus runs every hour.有,每小时一趟A: By the way, could you tell me which bus to take to go there?顺便问一下,能告诉我乘哪路公交去吗?B: No. .路A: Thank you.谢谢! 关于乘车路线的表达法还有:Is it far to walk?走到那儿远吗?Should I take a bus?要乘公共汽车吗?Should I go this way or that way?我应当走这条路还是那条路?Is there any landmark there?那个地方有路牌吗? 18318。