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Hi Jess, can you put me through to Marcia in HR please? Hi Marcia. It’s Philip here. Listen, I’ve had to let Brian go. He lost us the DollarMart account. Yeah, but it had been going on for a while, he just wasn’t pulling his weight anymore. He’d been warned – his last performance review was really bad. He knew it was coming... So - we’ll be looking for someone new and we’ll need to decide on who that is... Who are we looking for? Good question...I was hoping you might be able to help me with that! Here’s what I’m thinking and let me know if you agree. Well, obviously, they’ll need to have a first degree, doesn’t matter what subject, and then a masters or an MBA, I’d say. Experience? At least five years relevant experience, in an international company – I want somebody with a proven track record. Oh they have to be a team player – Brian never was – so strong interpersonal skills. Oh and I want someone with vision...yes, “vision” – I know it’s difficult to define, but what I mean is, someone who knows we’re in a rapidly changing market, and they can use it to our advantage. Experience with online sales, perhaps – but yes, I’d be interested in that. Oh, language skills – I can’t emphasise that enough – not necessarily a native speaker, but they must be very good at English, and another language as well, Spanish, or Mandarin is best. Does that sound ok to you? Great! Ok can you get an ad out on the website as soon as possible, and the trade press, as well? Ok great thanks Marcia I want a new sales director by the end of the month! /07/76952


  商务英语必备1000字 7   mail 电子邮件  address book  通讯录  Let me see if I have his number in my address book.  我看一下我的通讯录有没有他的电话号码。  attachment  n. 附加档  The attachments are the three files you asked for.  附件是你要的三个档案。  capacity  n. 容量  The capacity of the network's server was recently increased.  网路伺伏器的容量最近加大了。  CC (carbon copy)  副件抄送  Please CC me on the e-mail.  请将这封电子邮件用副件转寄给我。  delete  v. 删除  I delete at least ten unwanted e-mails every day.  我每天至少要删除十封不想收的电子邮件。  download  v. 下载  Why is this e-mail taking so long to download?  这封电子邮件為什麼下载这麼久?  e-mail  v. 寄电子邮件  I'll e-mail you her contact information.  我会寄电子邮件告诉你她的连络资料。  forward  v. 转寄  Please forward me his email and I'll get back to you.  你能不能把他的电子邮件转寄给我,我再回给他。  junk mail  垃圾邮件  The IT department installed a filter to block junk mail.  资讯部安装了一个过滤器来阻挡垃圾邮件。  mailbox  n. 邮件信箱  You can't receive e-mail because your mailbox is over its limit.  你无法收信,因為你的信箱已经塞爆了。  recipient  n. 收件者  Enter the recipient's e-mail address, choose the file you want to send, and click on the "Send" button.  输入收件者的网址,选择要寄送的档案,接著按「传送」键。  reply  n. 回覆  Thank you for your reply.  感谢您的回覆。  salutation  n. 称谓  My question is whether to use a colon, comma, or dash after the salutation.  我的问题是:称谓后面是要用冒号、逗点还是破折号。  subject  n. 主旨  Subject: Your order has been shipped.  主旨:订货已运送。 /200708/16480。


  (一):Excuse me, are you Ms. Brown?请问您是布朗女士吗?A: Excuse me, are you Ms. Brown?甲:请问您是布朗女士吗?B: Yes. This is Mary Brown.乙:是的,我是玛丽?布朗。请问,您是......吗: Are you Susan from ZZ?您是ZZ公司的苏珊吗?Excuse me, are you Mr. Wang from London?请问,您是来自伦敦的王先生吗?(二):I will accompany you during your stay here. 您在的这段时间我将陪同您。A: I will accompany you during your stay here.甲:您在的这段时间我将陪同您。B: Oh, that would be my pleasure.乙:哦,那我荣幸之至了。我负责全程陪同您: Ill be with you for the entire visit.我会全程陪同您。 /201409/328447第18讲介绍:,,, /200809/49089

  When push comes to shove, only your true friends will still stand by you.当事态严重时,只有真正的朋友还会持你。push和shove都是推的意思,但是shove的程度要更深一些,表示“用力推”。所以when puch comes to shove这个短语的意思是:“当事态严重或情况危急时”。因此,当美国人说;When push comes to shove, only your true friends will still stand by you.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;When things become worse, only your true friends will support you.;、;When you get into trouble, only your true friends wont betray you.;。情景对白:Terry: I know you are in trouble now, but I will do my best to help you at any time.泰瑞:我知道你现在有麻烦,但是我在任何时候都会尽力去帮助你的。Benjamin: I really appreciate that. When puch comes to shove, only your true friends will still stand by you. Thats so true.本杰明:太感谢了。当事态严重时,只有真正的朋友还会持你。这句话说得真对啊!搭配句积累:①Yeah, a friend in need is a friend indeed.是啊,患难才能见真情。②It just reflects the virtue of friendship.那正体现了友谊的可贵之处。③A friend is never known till a man has need.患难才结真朋友。④I will always be grateful to my dear friends.我会永远感激我亲爱的朋友们。单词:1. shove n. 推,挤He shoved her out of the way.他一把将她推开。She will not shove the heavy load onto others.她不愿意把重担推给别人。2. betray vt. 出卖,背叛When I tell someone I will not betray his confidence I keep my word.如果我告诉某人我不会辜负他的信任,我就会恪守诺言。They offered me money if I would betray my associates.他们提出来只要我供出同伙就给我钱。3. virtue n. 优点Its other great virtue, of course, is its hard-wearing quality.它的另一个突出优点当然就是经久耐用。Honor is the shadow of virtue.荣誉与美德总是形影相随。 /201211/2091541 机场迎接3句英文任你选Excuse me, are you Mr. Baker from Los Angeles?打扰一下,你是洛杉矶来的贝克先生吗?Excuse me, but are you Mr. White from Britain?打扰一下,你是英国来的怀特先生吗?You must be Mary?你是玛丽吧?半个句型要记牢Excuse me,are you -(打扰一下,你是……?)Tip: Excuse me是口语中一个十分有用的表达,最常用的就是用来向不熟悉的人打听情况或提出请求(主要目的是引起别人的注意),意为:请问;劳驾;打扰一下。如 Excuse me, does this bus go to the railway station? (请问这趟公共汽车去火车站吗?),在机场接人时,由于双方未曾谋面,所以应该礼貌地询问,are you x x from someplace?(你是来自某某地方的xx吗?) /201510/393248


  1. Electronic devices.Turn off or silence all electronic devices before entering the restaurant. If you forgot to turn off your cell phone, and it rings, immediately turn it off. Do not answer the call.电子设备在你走进餐厅之前,请关闭所有的电子设备,或者调成静音。如果你忘记关手机,来电话时你要马上关掉手机,不要去接电话。2. Seating.Avoid sitting at the head of a table (where the seats are fewest) unless you are a distinguished guest. Don’t be the first to sit down, and when adjusting your chair, make sure to pick the chair up and move it in gently, rather than pulling it along the ground.坐位除非你是对方请来的贵宾,否则不要坐在桌子的最里头(里面的座位数量比较少)。不要第一个座下,如果你要挪动椅子的话,一定要把椅子搬起来、轻轻地搬动它,不要把它放在地面时推着走。3. Posture. When seated, make sure that you are no farther than eight inches away from the table. Your legs should not be extended, so as to respect the personal space of others. Forearms can either be placed on the table or in your lap. Always sit up straight.姿势你坐下以后,要保持你的身体在离桌子8英寸之内的距离。你的腿不要伸出去,这样是极其不尊重他人的行为。前臂可以放在桌子上也可以放在腿上,要坐直。4. Before you dig in...Make sure that all others at the table are seated and served before you begin eating.开吃之前…在你开始吃东西之前,要确保其他人都已经就座而且也开始吃了。5. Silverware.As a rule of thumb, silverware/utensils should be used in an outside-in order. When finished with a dish, find a place on that dish to neatly set your used utensils. Do not recycle these utensils if there are more arranged for you.银质餐具一般来说,银质的餐具(刀叉等),应该按照从外往里的顺序使用。吃完一道菜之后,在那道菜的盘子(或碗)里找个地方整齐地摆放你用过的餐具。如果餐具足够用时,请不要重复使用一套餐具。6. Eat, then talk. A big no-no at formal dinner is talking while eating. Make sure that you finish the food in your mouth before communicating with others.先吃饭再讲话在正式的餐会上的一大禁忌就是边吃边说,你在和别人交谈之间一定要先把嘴里的食物咽下去。7. Being courteous.Always thank the wait staff and cook (if present at the table) for a job well done. If you need to leave the table, excuse yourself from the group or at least with the people sitting next to you.彬彬有礼当务员和厨师出现在你们的餐桌旁时,要感谢他们的优质务。如果你需要离开餐桌,要跟这一桌的人解释一下,至少要跟坐在你旁边的人说一声。8. Take your time. Unless otherwise noted, dinner is not a competition to see who can finish the most food in the shortest amount of time. Pace yourself, and enjoy the company at the table.不要着急如果没有人特别说明,参会不是要比赛谁用最短的时间吃掉最多的食物。所以,你要控制你的进食速度,并且好好享受这个进餐的过程。9. Be civilized. Burping, farting, clipping your nails, picking your nose, and spitting are all unacceptable behavior at the dinner table.文明举止打嗝、放屁、剪指甲、挖鼻子和吐痰等所有不文明的举止都绝对不可以在餐桌上发生。 /201003/97896。


  Cell Phone Civility手机礼仪陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他和同事Amy散会一起往外走。(Office ambience)A: Chen Hao, I cant believe what you were doing during that meeting.C: 开会的时候?我没干什么啊?A: You were using your cell phone to send text messages.C: 噢,不就是用手机发发短信吗,Joe就坐在我旁边,他也一直在发啊。A: He was out of line, too. Its rude to send and receive text messages during a meeting.C: 今天会上说的都是Todd的项目,本来就跟我没什么关系,真不知道他干吗让我来参加。A: Even if you felt it was a waste of your time, you needed to give the meeting and everyone there your full attention.C: 别人可能根本没注意到我在开小差。A: Several people were aware that you were texting and they didnt look happy about it. What if your boss had been there? Would you have done the same thing?C: 如果老板在,我可不敢。A: That should tell you something. He would have called you down for that.C: 好,我知道了,这样做是不太礼貌,我下次一定注意。12点了,我们去吃点东西吧。A: Ok, lets go to that little sandwich shop around the corner.午饭时,陈豪的手机响了。C: 是我的电话,对不起,Amy。Hello, Oh, hi Sue. Whats up? You cant find the report? Its in a green file folder. Call me back if you dont see it. Bye.A: That was rude.C: 难道我不应该接Sue的电话吗?A: Its discounting to others when you take calls and have conversations with people who are not present.C: 手机不就是干这个用的吗,这样别人才能随时随地找到我啊。A: You dont have to be available every minute of every day to whoever calls. When you are in meetings or at meals with other people, you should turn off your phone or put it on silent ringer.C: 照你说的,开会或是吃饭的时候关上手机,那误了电话怎么办?A: You can always check your voice mail afterwards and return calls later when you are alone.C: 如果要是急事呢?A: In that case, you explain to the person or group that you are expecting an important call and ask them to excuse you to answer if it comes in. Then you go to a private location to talk.C: 你是说,我应该事先告诉别人,我在等一个重要电话,然后到旁边去接。可是Amy, 其他人好像并没有这么做啊。A: That doesnt mean its acceptable behavior or good manners. When you talk on the phone in front of other people, you send a message that the person you are with is not as important as the one on the phone.C: 所以说,出于对别人的尊重,能不接的电话就不接,一定要接,就应该事先跟别人打个招呼。 /201210/202997

  (一):I travel to Las Vegas every year.我每年都去旅游。 I travel to Las Vegas every year.我每年都去旅游。Thats amazing.那太棒了。I go to a different country every year.我每年都去一^不同的国家。Now I want to visit a foreign country every year.现在我想每年都去国外旅行。Once a year, I will go someplace I have never been before.我每年都会去一个没有到过的地方 (二):Its much to be regretted that you cant join us in the trip.这次旅行您不能同行真的很遗憾。Its much to be regretted that you cant join us in the trip.这次旅行您不能同行真的很遗憾。I feel sorry too.我也感到很遗憾。It would be a shame to... It will be a pity if... Were disappointed ... /201410/338935

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