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T0EbR+#pbxji.8WfWX9(0MDqIh3dq@1WP(%#vrXfiG1p,-l;In February, 2010, the Bohai Bay turned into a massive ice rink. There is no need for fishermen to chain their boats to the shores of Juhua Island; they have all been frozen firmly to the spot. A large chunk of ice floats can also seriously imperil CNOOC platform. According to local authorities, sea ice has made more than 100 nautical miles and is estimated to keep increasing until the Spring Festival. In these severe conditions, the icebreakers are needed every day to protect the platform and deliver commodities and staff.Td7CMWoVK~nz;IFdl2010年2月,渤海湾变成了一个巨大的冰场o%FT30UhdDuNGAIL。渔民已经没有必要拴船,因为它们已经都被冻在一起m(cVT%#ur21d。大块的冰浮在水面上也严重影响到了中海油平台m-H-2JcVW7_HdxWtFt。根据当地政府统计,海冰已经超过100海里,估计到春节还会继续增长llv5kVVY_Y。在这些恶劣的环境下,破冰者每天需要保平台能够安全提供货物和人员P#]Zdu^uil。h)~YAgVt)DBE词语解释:l%%E**uY;huY(*pYub1. massive a. 巨大的2. chunk n. 大块,厚片3. imperil v. 使陷入危险bMt*_-EF5l^5%2Uzq0F1]oXS7BW!#K%!fs7CzZ_F|6 Article/201112/163875Ogj-l-RIN5i._Xo|9fiOJrsQ.iuNUfCY[rFqE]Job hunting can be difficult but this VideoJug clip provides some great tips on how to get the job that you want and even getting that long-term dream job you want!_[nhh!tRGFW找工作非常困难,但VideoJug的这个视频为你如何找到一份理想的工作提供了很棒的建议,这是你想要的,甚至是你长期梦想的工作!0KOV*D-mEMbp[];~(-fIa*P@m9Wq,uwoBxWC6M1AA9_i Article/201206/188646【视频欣赏】How To Choose Wisely From a Restaurant Menu on Howcast 【背景介绍】“点菜也是一门学问,讲究时令、风味、价格、原料以及组合等等。在选择饭店就餐时,要确定饭店的主题风味,最好不要选择号称什么都有的无派类。平时要对中餐的五类菜系有所了解,也可以询问务员并确定一、二份特色菜。冰鲜原料和蔬菜则强调时令与新鲜。点菜时你还得考虑菜肴相互搭配及数量的问题。Don’t go out to eat and be disappointed in your selection again. With careful consideration given to every entree and a couple tips you can order the best dish anywhere.You Will NeedRestaurant Menu Step 1: Read the entire (仔细阅读菜单)Read reviews of the restaurant online before you go. Once you arrive, peruse the entire , ing the descriptions carefully.在去餐点之前最后看看网上的。到了店里要仔细阅读整个菜单,包括里面的简介Find out from your server if there are any specials being offered.Step 2: Skip the basics(跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜)Skip the basic dishes that are available in just about any restaurant.跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜。Ask the server for recommendations, but be wary if they seem to be pushing a certain option a little too hard. Servers sometimes recommend bad sellers or items that the kitchen is trying to get rid of.可以问问务员有没有什么推荐的,但是同时也要注意,不要被骗,因为务员也喜欢将厨房卖不掉的菜推给你。Step 3: Skip the fancy entrees(跳过那些写的过于好的菜)Look for main dishes that seem particularly out of the ordinary. These are probably the chef’s specialties.找找菜单里面的特色菜,这些有可能是厨师的拿手菜。Beware of entrees that sound too good to be true. They probably are.但是有些写的过于好的,也要留心会不会不真实,虽然他们有可能是真的。Step 4: Stick with the restaurant's genre(遵循饭店的特色)Stick with the restaurant’s genre. Do not go to a Japanese restaurant and order a hamburger.遵循饭店的特色。不要跑到一家日本料理去点一个汉堡。Step 5: Select from the remaining options(从剩下的菜谱中挑选)Select from the remaining options, sit back, and relax knowing that you have selected wisely.根据以上几点,选择自己喜欢的,然后等着享用,There are over 900,000 restaurants in the ed States.美国大约有90万家餐厅。 Article/201007/109036

我国高铁;四纵;基本成型 享受便捷舒适安全出行 Article/201212/217129

Some animals actually look forward to global warming.有的动物其实很期待全球变暖。 /201706/514591

How To Kiss CreativelySo you can kiss someone passionately, but now you want to get a bit more adventurous. There are so many alternatives to the French kiss, which are almost as good, so why stop there? Learning to kiss creatively can be fun, so excite your partner with VideoJug's help.Step 1: The Butterfly(蝶式亲吻)You don't need to use your lips for a seductive kiss. The butterfly kiss is a sweet and gentle alternative that can be as powerful as a fully fledged snog... and without the possible disadvantage of having to taste your partner's last meal. Put your face close to your partner's cheek, so close that when you flutter your eyelashes they brush against their cheek. It can be varied by varying the speed of your blinking, and where you touch. Try brushing against their eyelashes, and against your partner's neck. Keep the movements slow to get you both in a flutter.Step 2: The Reverse(上下颠倒吻)This is also known as the Upside Down Kiss, and requires you to stand above your partner or kneel behind them if they're lying down. Lean over them until your mouth is above theirs. Move your head down until your lips touch, and try a french kiss from this position. You will find that your bottom lip, which is full of sensitive nerve endings, will play an important part in this kiss. The only thing you may have problems with is trying to your partner's expression.Step 3: The Facial(亲面颊)The lips aren't the only sensitive part of the face or body, let your mouth wander... ...to the ears. Treat the earlobe as if it were the lower lip and tug on it with your lips and teeth. Make soft noises, being careful not to be too loud to avoid deafening your partner. It won't really matter what you say, as the tickle of your lips and your breath will be all they're thinking about. If your partner's eyes are closed, move your mouth to their eyelids for a tender, intimate kiss. Try a triangle kiss by moving from one eye to the other and back down to the lips.Step 4: The Dominant(配者)Take control of the kiss by giving your partner a gentle bite. Make sure you don't hurt them, but this kiss can be effective as a ticklish surprise, so try biting their neck while you stand behind them. Keep it affectionate by kissing the spot you've bitten. For a more gentle option, nip their flesh between your lips rather than using your teeth. The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, so you can also dominate your partner by paying attention to the areas behind the ear, in the hollow of the neck, and around the nape of the neck. If you don't want to bite at all, tickle your partner by talking, blowing or humming onto their skin.Remember to take regular breaksAlso known as:(How Do I Kiss Creatively)(How To Give Butterfly Kisses And More)Thanks for watching How To Kiss Creatively For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Kissing. Article/201105/135897

美联储主席伯克南24日在国会做词陈述时表示,劳工市场疲软和低通胀,允许联储在“较长时期内”维持低利率。他称,尽管经济出现增长迹象,但就业市场仍很疲弱,通胀压力仍较低,美国经济仍需要极低利率的持。 US Federal Reserve to keep interest rates lowUS Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress, the central bank will keep interest rates low for "an extended period". He said it's warranted by a weak job market and low inflation.Bernanke offered a relatively somber assessment of the U.S. economy before lawmakers. The Fed chief said job losses were abating, but that the recession had taken a toll on American workers. Bernanke said that the U.S. central bank's policy-setting committee will continue taking extraordinary stimulus measures for some time.Ben Bernanke, US Federal Reserve Chairman, said, "Some recent indicators suggest the deterioration in the labor market is abating: Job losses have slowed considerably, and the number of full-time jobs in manufacturing rose modestly in January. Initial claims for unemployment insurance have continued to trend lower, and the temporary services industry, often considered a bellwether for the employment outlook, has been expanding steadily since October. Notwithstanding these positive signs, the job market remains quite weak, with the unemployment rate near 10 percent and job openings scarce." Article/201002/97177

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