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A popular Chinese photo-editing app has suddenly burst into popularity in the West, covering social feeds in airbrushed photos with huge, sparkling eyes.一款在中国很受欢迎的图片编辑软件突然就在西方火了起来,用其修过的闪闪发光的大眼睛铺天盖地涌到了社交媒体上!Although Meitu has been around since 2008, it has become an overnight success.虽然美图秀秀在2008年就上线了,但是最近它可以说是“一夜成名”。Meitu is a lot like other photo-editing apps — it has Bitmoji-style stickers, Instagram-style filters, and Layout-style photo collages.美图秀秀和其他的图片编辑软件有许多相似之处--有Bitmoji风格的贴纸、Instagram风格的滤镜、以及Layout风格的拼图功能。But the app really shines in its ;hand-drawn; mode that is like a Snapchat filter on steroids.不过,美图秀秀的“手绘”模式真的很赞!就好像用Snapchat滤镜画画一样。The hand-drawn mode slims down jawlines, enlarges eyes, and adds a little bit of sparkle to the whole package.手绘模式可以削尖你的下巴、把你的眼睛变大,还可以在整张照片上加上一些璀璨流光!Basically, it makes you look like a cartoon — and it#39;s these images that are rapidly sping on social media.一般来说,这会让你看起来像是动漫里的人物--社交媒体上铺天盖地席卷而来的照片就是这样!The company behind the app IPOed in Hong Kong in December with a roughly .6 billion valuation — which may increase as investors learn that Western audiences like the app too.去年12月,美图秀秀公司香港IPOed粗略估值为46亿美元--而当投资者知道西方人也很喜欢这款APP后,这个数字可能还会继续增加。 /201702/490874长乐去哪做妇科检查好Facials面部美容Despite popular belief, getting facials while you’re on your period is a very bad idea. “Many women make the mistake of thinking they should come in for a facial during their period, since it’s the time of the month they see the most breakouts,” comments Cerpa. “However, during that time, your skin is more sensitive and prone to flare ups.”虽然人们的普遍看法却有道理,但在大姨妈期间做面部美容着实是个糟糕的想法。“很多女性都会错误的认为大姨妈期间应该去做面部美容,因为每月的这段时期最容易长痘,”塞帕(Cerpa)道。“然而,这段期间的皮肤更为敏感,易受刺激。”Instead, book a monthly facial 10 to 14 days before your period to help prevent acne from forming altogether. During the first two weeks of your cycle, estrogen is the most dominant hormone, whereas during the second half (around the day 14-day mark), the amount of progesterone exceeds the amount of estrogen. This rise in the progesterone triggers the production of sebum, the oil within your pores, while shrinking your pore size.其实,你可在大姨妈到来前的10到14天预订月度美容,以防止青春痘一起出现。在周期的前两周,雌激素是最主要的荷尔蒙,而后两周(约以14天为分界岭),激素的分泌量会超过雌激素。激素的上升会刺激皮脂(毛孔内的油)的产生,同时会缩小毛孔。Laser hair removal激光脱毛“Because your sebum production is in overdrive, if you do not clear the pores at this time of the month, each pore that is filled with oil and bacteria is more likely to become trapped causing breakouts and inflammation,” Cerpa explains.“因为你的皮脂分泌过度,所以每月的这段时间如果不清洁毛孔,那么每个毛孔就会被油堵满,更容易滋生细菌,导致青春痘和炎症,”塞帕解释道。Since your skin is most sensitive during menstruation, it’s best to schedule laser hair removal (or any laser treatment) the week after your period. However, the efficacy of the treatment doesn’t fluctuate from week to week. The most important factor is the stage of hair growth, which has to be in the anagen phase, when the pigment in the follicle is the darkest.由于皮肤在经期内最为敏感,因此最好将激光脱毛(或任何激光治疗)安排在经期一周后。别担心,激光脱毛的效果每周都是一样的。最重要的因素是毛发生长的阶段,必须要处于毛囊生长阶段,因为毛囊内的色素在这时候是最黑的。Exfoliation去角质Whether you exfoliate your face twice per week or twice per month, avoid it altogether right before and during your period. “Because the skin is more sensitive, exfoliating during this time will also cause redness and irritation,” Cerpa explains.不管你是每周去两次角质,还是每月去两次,经期前和经期中都不要去角质。“因为皮肤更为敏感,这段时间去除角质会引起红肿和刺激,”塞帕解释道。There are however, two times during your cycle where sloughing off dead skin is imperative — the day after your period and then again on the 14-day mark. Incorporating these days into your beauty regimen will keep your skin bright and act as a preventative measure so that your pores don’t clog due to the rise in progesterone midway through your cycle. Try using a gentle granular exfoliant, like Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub, in an upward, circular motion on damp skin after cleansing.然而,周期内有必要去除两次死皮——一次是经期结束的第二天,再一次就是两周后。将这些日期归入到你的美容计划中,那么你的皮肤一定透亮有光泽,同时这也是一种预防措施,这样你的毛孔就不会因为周期中激素的上升而堵塞。试着使用比较温和的颗粒状去角质产品,比如碧柔牌毛孔去除产品(Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub),清洁完皮肤后,在潮湿的肌肤上向上划圆去角质。译文属 /201612/486201古槐镇儿童医院客服咨询About one in three Americans will have at least one anxiety disorder during the course of their lives. If we look only at women, the number is even higher - about 40 percent. What is it about being female that makes women more vulnerable to anxiety? Are women born anxious?约三分之一的美国人在他们的人生中至少要经历一次焦虑发作。如果只看女性,那概率会更高--约40%。为什么女性更容易感到焦虑呢?女性生来就会焦虑吗?There#39;s some evidence that women#39;s fluctuating estrogen levels can fuel anxiety. But differences in upbringing may be even more influential. People - particularly parents - respond to children#39;s fears in markedly different ways depending on gender. When girls are anxious, adults are more likely to be protective and allow them to avoid scary situations. Boys are told to suck it up.有据表明雌激素水平波动的女性会感到焦虑。但养育的区别可能更有影响力。人--尤其是父母--会根据不同的性别对孩子的恐惧做出不同的反应。当女孩感到焦虑时,成年人更有可能保护她们,避免她们接触可怕场景。但却让男孩子默默承受这些。;There#39;s an assumption that boys should be courageous and face their fears. With girls, we permit this sort of avoidance of situations,; says Carmen McLean, an assistant pro?fessor of psychology in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylva?nia School of Medicine. But this protection, she says, has lasting consequences. ;You are teach?ing the girl, #39;If I feel a little bit nervous, that means I should not do something.#39; A boy learns, #39;If I feel this way, I should act anyway.#39; He learns, #39;I can do it, and my anxiety goes down.#39; He feels more confident and has more efficacy. A little girl doesn#39;t learn that les?son.;;有人假设男孩子应该勇敢些,直面他们的恐惧。而对于女孩子,我们则允许她们避免这些情况,;宾夕法尼亚大学医学院精神病心理学副教授卡门·麦克莱恩说道。但是这种保护,她说道,会造成永久性影响。;你在教这个女孩,#39;如果我感到一丁点的紧张,这就意味着我不该再做某事了。#39;而男孩则学会了,#39;如果我有这种感受,我应该做出行动。#39;他学会了,#39;我能行的,焦虑会慢慢减退的。#39;他会更加自信,变得更有效率。而小女孩却没有学会这一课。;A large body of dispiriting research shows just how much boys are encouraged to be independent and brave while girls are dis?suaded from the same behavior. Parents have been found to be more controlling with daughters than with sons - and controlling parenting is linked to a greater risk of anxiety disorders in kids. In a University of California, Berkeley study, researchers taped ten-minute interactions of mothers and fathers with their preschool-age children.大量令人沮丧的研究表明:同样的行为鼓励了男孩子却劝阻了女孩子变得独立、勇敢。研究员发现父母对女儿的控制欲比对男孩的强烈--而控制教养与孩子更有可能患上焦虑症相关。在加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的研究中,研究员们录下了父母与学龄前儿童的互动,互动时长为10分钟。The fami?lies were told to ;create a world; out of a sand tray and small toys. When boys asserted themselves by, for example, telling their par?ents where to put a toy, parents were more likely to praise them. When girls were assertive, parents were more likely to interrupt, talk over, or disregard them. This gives girls the message that they don#39;t have control over their environment. And feeling out of control is a core belief among the anxious.研究员让这些家庭在沙盘上用一些小玩具;创造出一个世界;。实验中男孩肯定地告诉父母玩具该放哪里,父母更有可能会表扬他们。而当女孩子很肯定的时候,父母很有可能打断她们,劝说她们放弃玩具。这就给了女孩子一条讯息:她们对周遭环境没有控制权。而没有控制感则是焦虑的核心理念。译文属 /201705/509877People With ADHD Have Different Brains患有多动症的人有着不同的大?Certain brain structures related to emotion and reward are smaller in people with the disorder, new research finds.据最新的研究表明,患有多动症的人的大脑中与情感和奖励有关的组成结构比常人更小。The largest-ever brain imaging study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led scientists to say the condition should be considered a neurological disorder, not just a behavioral one.有史以来,对多动症最深入的脑成像研究让科学家发现,这应该是一种神经系统疾病,而不仅仅是一种行为。The brain structures of children with ADHD differ in small but significant ways from those of normally developing children, according to the findings, which were published online in the journal Lancet Psychiatry on Feb. 15.2月15日,发表在柳叶刀医学杂志上的研究结果显示,患有多动症儿童的大脑结构比正常发育的儿童更小,但也更能发挥效用。Up to 11 percent of U.S. children and around 5 percent of U.S. adults have been diagnosed with ADHD, which causes symptoms like difficulty paying attention, impulsivity, irritability and forgetfulness.高达百分之11的美国孩子以及百分之5左右的美国成人被诊断患有多动症,这导致了他们产生注意力难以集中、冲动、烦躁、健忘等症状。The study’s authors hope that the research will help to combat widesp misunderstanding of ADHD, which is often seen as some sort of motivational deficit or character failing rather than a real disorder. The findings show that the disorder is as real as other neuropsychiatric disorders like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder.该项研究的作者希望这能够帮助解决大众对多动症的普遍误解,因为往往大家会认为这是种动机或性格缺陷而不是一种疾病。但研究结果表明,多动症和抑郁症以及强迫症一样都属于神经性精神疾病。For the study, a team of Dutch neuroscientists analyzed MRI scans of the brains of more than 3,200 people between the ages of four and 63 years old (with a median age of 14 years old), measuring total brain volume as well as the volume of seven brain regions thought to be linked to ADHD. Roughly half of the participants had a diagnosis of ADHD.在这项研究中,一批荷兰科学家分析了年龄在4到63岁之间(平均年龄14岁)的3200多人的大脑核磁共振扫描结果,测量了大脑总体积以及大脑七块与多动症的产生相关的区域体积。大约一半的参与者被诊断出患有多动症。The brain scans revealed that five brain regions were smaller in people with ADHD. These include the amygdala, an almond-shaped structure involved in processing emotions like fear and pleasure; the hippocampus, which plays a role in learning, memory and emotion; and three brain areas within the striatum ― the caudate nucleus, the putamen and the nucleus accumbens. The structures within the striatum are involved in the brain’s reward system and in its processing of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control motivation and pleasure.脑部扫描结果显示,患有多动症的人的五个大脑区域较小。其中包括杏仁核,一种处理类似恐惧和愉悦的情感的杏仁状结构;海马在学习、记忆和情感中发挥作用;另外在纹状体中还有三个大脑区域---纹状体尾状核、壳核和伏隔核。在纹状体中的这些结构是大脑的奖励系统中的一部分,在它处理多巴胺的过程中,有一种神经递质能控制动机和情绪。These differences were more dramatic in children than in adults, leading the study’s authors to conclude that ADHD involves delayed brain development. It appears that as the brains of people with ADHD develop and mature, these brain regions “catch up” to the brain regions of people without ADHD.这些差异在儿童身上比成人显现得更具戏剧性,根据这项研究的作者得出的结论表明:患有多动症的人大脑发育较为迟缓。但当有多动症的人的大脑发育并逐渐成熟时,这些大脑区域的发展会“赶超”没有多动症的人。At the time of the study, 455 of the participants with ADHD were taking psychostimulant medication like Adderall, and more than 600 others had taken psychostimulants in the past but were not currently on medication. Brain volume differences did not correlate with stimulant use, suggesting that such discrepancies were not a result of medication.在研究期间,455名多动症患者用了兴奋剂药物如Adderall,超过600人在以前用过兴奋剂但现在未药。脑容量的差异与使用兴奋剂并无关系,这表明这种差异并不是由于药物引起的。“We only studied a small part of the brain,” Hoogman said. “There is still a long way to go.”“我们只研究了大脑的一小部分,”Hoogman说。“要真正了解大脑、研究多动症,还有很长的路要走。” /201703/495707福建省妇女医院妇产中心

长乐人流全程费用江田镇儿童医院预约电话是多少Sunburned isn#39;t a good look for anyone, particularly since scorching your skin just once every two years can triple ( !) your risk of melanoma.任何人晒伤后都不好看,每两年晒伤一次更会使你患黑色素瘤的风险增加三倍。And while most people know better than to expose their skin to sunshine without any sunscreen, sometimes your best efforts to lather up just aren#39;t good enough, according to Lauren Ploch, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology.虽然大多数人都知道不抹防晒霜就不要暴露在阳光下,但有时,你最大的努力还是不够,持皮肤科医师兼美国皮肤医学学会成员劳伦·普洛赫医学士说道。1. You use sunscreen - but use way too little.1. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但抹的太少了。Just like using foundation or nail polish, you need to apply enough sunscreen for sufficient coverage. After all, sunscreen will only perform to the full potential of its SPF - i.e., if you#39;re using SPF 30, protect your skin for 30 times longer than your bare skin would last in the sun without burning - if enough sunscreen is applied, according to Dr. Ploch, who adds that skimping on sunscreen will diminish the sunscreen#39;s efficacy. For full-body coverage, she says to apply at least one ounce (aka one full shot glass) of sunscreen. That goes for ;natural; or ;mineral; formulas, too, which people tend to under-apply since even small amounts can turn the skin white.就像上底妆或涂指甲油一样,你需要抹足够多的防晒霜才能全面覆盖。毕竟,防晒霜的效果只能如其防晒系数一般--也就是说,如果你用的是防晒系数为30的防晒霜,那么在不灼烧的情况下,相比什么都不涂,抹足够多的防晒霜能保护你的皮肤长达30多次,普洛赫士说,她补充说,如果防晒霜用的少,那么其防晒效果也会减弱。若想要覆盖全身,那就至少要抹一盎司的防晒霜(也就是一酒杯的量)。要选择;天然;或;矿物;配方的产品哦!由于抹一点点就会显白,因此人们才倾向于少量涂抹。2. You use sunscreen - but sweat like crazy.2. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但却流汗太多。Even if you lather up from head to toe in your shot glass amount of sunscreen, working up a solid sweat (or simply hanging in a humid environment, which leads to oily, sweaty skin) can completely wash the sunscreen off your body. Think of sweating as the sticky, stinky equivalent of showering or swimming, two other surefire ways to rinse the sunscreen off your skin and leave you unprotected.即使你从头到脚都抹了一酒杯量的防晒霜,但总是流汗(或是处于潮湿的环境,这样就会导致皮肤出油、易出汗)会使身上的防晒霜完全流失。流汗就是变相粘稠的洗澡或游泳,洗澡或游泳也会洗掉你的防晒霜、让你不再受到保护。To properly protect your skin, reapply sunscreen every time your skin gets wet or clammy. And because chemical sunscreens tend to stand up to moisture best, go for a ;broad-spectrum; sunscreen, which combines UVB- and UVA-absorbing chemicals and ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to physically block sun rays.想要正确保护皮肤,那每当皮肤潮湿或粘稠时,都该重新涂抹防晒霜。因为化学防晒霜往往能最佳保湿,所以选择;广谱;防晒霜吧,该防晒霜将吸收紫外线B光谱和紫外线A光谱的化学物质以及二氧化钛和氧化锌等元素混合在一起,可有效阻挡太阳光线。3. You use sunscreen - but mistake ;waterproof; for bulletproof.3. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但却错误的以为;防水;就是防弹。Unbeknown to many sunscreen users, ;waterproof; formulas won#39;t protect your skin all day, and neither will a sunscreen billed as ;water-resistant.; (Come on guys, it#39;s not mascara!) Even without swimming or sweating, you#39;ll still need to reapply every 80 minutes, according to Dr. Ploch, since it#39;s only proven to protect you for that long.很多防晒霜使用者都不知道这一点:;防水;配方不会整天都保护你的肌肤,也不会将其称为;抗水。;(得了吧,伙计们,这又不是睫毛膏!)普洛赫士说,即使你不游泳也不流汗,但每过80分钟,你都需要重新涂抹,因为研究明防晒霜的有效时间只有80分钟。译文属 /201704/501679长乐妇科咨询热线福州市长乐第一人民医院门诊时间

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