原标题: 首占镇妇幼保健医院医生介绍新华大全
剧情引导:Tripp在恰当的时间出现在了恰当的地方,使得他及时救得落水之人,并在媒体前曝光,一时成为英雄,在民众间的口碑大增,选票纷纷转投于他.... Nate: Excuse me, grandfather. Can I speak with you for a moment?Guy: Zogby has them neck and neck. Rasmussen puts him up by a point。Maureen: Tripp, that's fantastic。Grandfather: Remember,until the polls close, any time someone mentions the name Tripp Van DerBilt, it should be followed by the word "hero."Nate: Well, I guess miracles do happen, huh, grandfather?Grandfather: Our family is really blessed. So is that man who almost died。 /12/90930《剑桥应急英语》,。,。。在当今的社会学习、工作、生活中,特别是外出商务、旅游,常有一些突如其来,急需要用英语的场合或事件。如果有一套帮您救急的优质教材,就可以在时间急迫的情况下,有的放矢,迅速充实准备,从而做到胸有成竹、应付自如。《剑桥应急英语》就是特别为救急而精心设计的绝妙教材,有了它,您就可以亲近洒脱,远离尴尬! /200804/36411共进午餐 Having Lunch Together午餐时间 lunch breakA: Will there be time given to eat something at noon?B: Yes.We have an hour lunch break.该吃午饭了。Its time for lunch.Its lunch time.A: Its time for lunch.Lets go.B: OK,Im hungry.吃午饭时谈 discuss/talk it over lunchA: We need to talk about the plans for next year.B: Lets discuss it over lunch.食堂 canteen/cafeteriaA: Lets go for lunch right now,theres a meeting 30 minutes from now.B: All right,weve no choice but to the canteen.出去吃午饭 go out for lunchA: Where do you want to go for lunch? Im bored of the Cafeteria.B: How about going out for lunch?推荐 recommendA: Where shall we have lunch?B: Id like to recommend a place to go.点菜 order/place an orderA: Are you y to order?B: Id like something fast.Any recommendations?随便 Anything is OK/fine/will do.A: Here is the .What would you like?B: Anything is OK.便餐/清淡的 light mealA: What are you in the mood for?B: I want to have a light meal.餐具 dishwareA: Excuse me,where can I get some dishware?B: Right by the checkout desk.餐巾纸 napkinA: Could you get us some napkins?B: Sure.I will be right with you.午休时还工作 work through lunch breakA: Excuse me,Tom.I hate to bother you,but I do need your help. Can you brief me on the selling today?B: I would like to help.But I am really busy today.The only time I can manage to squeeze you in is the lunch break.A: I hate to make you work through your lunch break.B: Its ok,I have got used to that.我请客。It will be my treat.A: How about this...We make it a working lunch this afternoon.It will be my treat.B: I like pizza.Lets make it a date for pizza and the selling account at 12:00.订外卖 order some take-away food/food for deliveryA: Everyone,its time for a break.You have been busy for the whole day,thank you.B: It doesnt matter.We are used to it recently, weve been burying our heads in work since getting here.A: I know you have been working very hard these days.We really had too much of a burden.Well,I will order some food for delivery,it will be my treat.留出更多时间吃午饭 leave/give sb.more time for a longer lunchA: For our lunch meeting with the investors, do we have to make a reservation at the restaurant or do we just show up?B: To be on the safe side,I will order a table for 12 oclock. Will that suit your schedule?A: Can you make the reservation a little earlier? If we start earlier,it will give us more time for a longer lunch.丰盛的午餐 a full course/rich mealA: Are you planning to treat the investors to a full?course meal?B: Yes,well start with appetizers,follow with a soup and salad course, then main dishes of prime rib or chicken cordon bleu, and finish up with a delicious rich dessert of some sort.地道的美味 Its really delicious!A: The dish is called the sweet and sour fish.How do you like it?B: Its really delicious!Better than that of the other restaurants.别扯远了。Lets not get carried away/too far.A: I believe the new look will make the customers notice them more,and the high quality will keep them satisfied.B: Maybe the ads company will also give us some surprise.A: That will be great,but lets not get carried away.Wed better finish the dishes.为合作干杯 (Lets drink) to our cooperation!A: Thats something rather special.I would like to have some more.B: Im glad you like it.Lets drink to our cooperation.有意义的午餐 a productive/meaningful lunchA: Well,that was a wonderful meal,thank you so much.B: Were delighted that you joined us.It was a very productive lunch.很高兴您能赏光。Im really glad you could come.A: Thank you very much.Lunch was delicious.B: Dont mention it.I am really glad you could come. /201202/170291

电影词典property manager 道具管理员美国俚语chasing the skirt 追求女性e.g. He never did well at university , because he was always out drinking beer andchasing the skirt. 他在大学里总是不好好学习,因为他总出去喝啤酒,还追女孩子。经典对白1.pull sth off 把什么事做好e.g. I didn 't think the dinner would go well ,but we pulled it off beautifully. 我原以为这顿饭完蛋了,但是结果我们做的很好。2.get away with 逃避,推卸责任e.g. Don`t try to get away with cheating. 做人不应该欺骗.3.set sb up 介绍...给....(异性)e.g. My cousin is always trying to set me up with women from her officer.我的表总是试图帮我介绍她单位的女性。原声碟I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A LetterI'm gonna write words, oh, so sweetThey're gonna knock me off my feet.A lotta kisses on the bottom, I'll be glad I've got'em /02/61953

日常生活用语100篇 Lesson12暂时没有对照文本 相关专题:英语口语新东方英语900句 /200809/50556She was dissatisfied with her salary. 她对自己的薪水不满意。 /201108/151338英语节奏训练教程(19) 暂无文本简介:英语节奏训练教程由上海外语出版社针对有所有学生英语发音录制的教程,使你循序渐进的掌握英语发朗读和发音 /200805/37970

《社交美语》采用美国能力教育教材,由美籍专家录制,并由美国英语教学专家Tim Cushing担任语言指导,内容涵盖六十余项语言交际功能,包括谈论天气、询问观点、朋友约会、见面问候、寻求帮助等,缩微美国社会社交环境,为您提供身临其境的实战沙盘,让您在学习之后在社交场合谈笑风生。  软件提供录音、听读、即时字音、同步中文翻译等功能,并有相应话题的语言知识与背景介绍。还设置一个特殊功能,即您可将自己的朗读录音与软件中的标准读音加以对照,检验自己的学习效果。  最新交际英语教学理念,通过环境强化大脑刺激,完全社交商务办公场景,互动学习脱口而出。相关专题:五分钟英语快餐英语口语 /200807/43835Larry和李华在谈一位最近刚找到工作的朋友。今天李华会学到两个常用语:cushy和legit。 LL: Hey, Li Hua, did you hear about Kelsey? She just got a cushy new job. LH: A "cushy" job? 我知道Kelsey最近找到了新工作,但什么是cushy job?那是不是她找到了很理想的工作? LL: Oh, yeah. A "cushy" job a cushy job is one that isn't hard to do and has lots of benefits. A cushy job is soft and has a lot of padding like a cushion. LH: 我懂了,cushy就是从cushion软垫子这个词来的。所以cushy job就是很舒的工作,就是钱多事少的好差事。Larry,快告诉我,Kelsey的工作到底是什么性质,为什么能够这么cushy? LL: Well, she'll be working as an interpreter for a local businessman who does a lot of work with Chinese companies. Her salary is very high, she'll get to travel regularly to China, and her other benefits are good, too. LH: 哇,帮美国商人做翻译,不但薪水高,还有机会到中国出差。真好!Kelsey的中文很好,个性又活泼,我想这个工作对她来说应该不难。 真是一个cushy job! LL: Doesn't it make you want to find a new job, Li Hua? Being a teaching assistant isn't the cushiest job. LH: 就是啊,当助教一点也不舒,每星期我得花很多时间备课,和学生面谈,上课,批改作业,但是助教的薪水却少的可怜。It isn't a cushy job at all. LL: But you know, the teaching assistant job gives you valuable experience, and maybe some day you will have a cushy job as a Chinese professor at a major university. LH: 我也希望如此啊。希望我这个助教工作能为我将来能到名牌大学当教授打下基础,那可就是个cushy job了。Larry,那你呢?你希不希望你的暑期工作也是个舒的好工作呢? LL: Well, it isn't hard to do, but I am hardly being paid anything, so I don't think you can call it a cushy job. LH: 工作虽不难做,可是工资微薄。那没什么意思。 那你想找个新工作吗? 你可以去问问Kelsey 她是怎么找到的,没准那公司还要人呢! LL: Yeah, I am going to talk to Kelsey. Maybe she has some good advice for me. ****** LL: Well, Li Hua, I talked more to Kelsey about her new job, and now I am a little concerned that it isn't legit. LH: 你说,Kelsey的工作怎么样?什么是legit? LL: Legit. It's short for legitimate. I am afraid Kelsey's new job may not be legitimate. LH: 噢,legit就是合法的意思,是legitimate这个词的简化。你是说,你担心Kelsey找到的工作不合法?为什么呢? LL: Kelsey told me she hasn't actually started her job yet, and she had her interview in a coffee shop. LH: 嗯,在咖啡厅里面谈,这也不奇怪啊,很多公司觉得在办公室外面谈比较放松一些嘛。 LL: But, I tried to look up the company name in the phone book and couldn't find it. If a company is legit, it should have a listing in the phone book. LH: 那倒也是。你在电话本里找不到这公司的名字?一个合法的公司应该在电话本里有它的名字呀。或许是你把公司的名字拼错了? LL: I am pretty sure that I got it right. The more I think about the job it seems too good to be true. LH: Larry,我知道你是为Kelsey担心,不过Kelsey很聪明,这个工作到底合不合法,我想她自己心里应该很明白。 LL: I guess you're right. Maybe it is my concerns that aren't legit. LH: 不过话说回来,Larry,你替好朋友担心,这也是很正常的。 LL: Well, that's true. I should stop worrying about Kelsey. LH: 好啦,现在什么都别担心了,我们一起去吃冰淇淋好不好? LL: Now, that is a business we KNOW is legit! 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是cushy。这是形容很软,很舒的意思,用来形容一个工作,就是轻松容易的工作。另一个常用语是legit。这是指合法的,正确的意思。 /200809/48187Larry跟小燕和小燕的父母吃完饭。今天我们要学两个常用语:at a loss和move on. XY: 怎么样,我说不用紧张吧! LL: Well, the food was good! But I think... XY: 我爸妈好象挺喜欢你的。这可是个好消息,这就意味着.... LL: Means what? Does it mean that they think we'll be together? If so, we have a problem on our hands, Xiaoyan! XY: 不用担心。我妈觉得你特别可爱,说你将来肯定会是个好老公。 LL: Xiaoyan.... I'm at a loss for words. I really don't know how else I can explain this situation to you. XY: At a loss? 我没走丢啊,这就是送你回去的路吗? LL: 'At a loss' means that I don't know the words to say to show you how I feel. I cannot find the right words - and I am completely frustrated because of it - so I am at a loss. XY: 无法表达你的感受?不知道说什么好。Larry, 你到底什么意思啊?我费了这么大的劲,难道,难道你真的不愿意做我男朋友吗? LL: Xiaoyan, you knew that Lihua and I were dating when she left for China, and you knew that we are just friends, right? XY: 我知道你跟李华的关系,可是我以为... LL: Thought what? Please, tell me. Or are you also at a loss for words? XY: 我真是不知道说什么好了,我以为李华去中国,不会再回来了。 LL: Xiaoyan. We are good friends, right? XY: 那当然了,我们俩比好朋友还要好。 LL: Don't take this the wrong way, but we are ONLY friends. This is why I am uncomfortable meeting your parents, and this is why I disagree with you when you were talking about our future. XY: 只是朋友?你太让我伤心了。我真不知道说什么好了,怪不得你一直不愿意见我父母,也不愿意讨论我们的将来。我真是太傻了。 LL: If it makes you feel better, I'm at a loss for words, too. Let's get in the car, and we can talk about this more at the cafe near my place. XY: 好吧,不过,我现在可什么都吃不下去。 ****** LL: I'm so sorry to tell you all of this. I really hoped that you would realize on your own, but it seems that you were misled. XY: 哎,至少你没当着我父母的面说,还算给我留了些面子。可能是我误会了你的意思。这一切太突然了。我难过死了。 LL: Well that is understandable. But you will be ok! You will move on! XY: Move on? 去哪?你以为搬走我就不会难受了吗? LL: 'Move on' means to start the next part of your life and put a bad incident in your past. So, you will be able to move on from this experience! XY: 噢,你是要我走出失恋的阴影,可能吗?我的心都碎了。 LL: Well, it helps to think about all of the positive things you have in your life and all of the good things that are in your future. XY: 我现在脑袋里乱糟糟的,什么也想不了。我没救了。 LL: You can't think this way. You have good job prospects, you have great parents, and you just got a new car! XY: 好工作、好家庭、还有新车。这些对我来说都不重要,我的心情糟透了。 LL: It's difficult to move on from difficult experiences. Trust me. But you will be OK! There are so many great people to meet, especially in the wonderful city of New York! XY: 我现在唯一的希望就是集中精力去找个好工作。现在有好几家公司都愿意雇用我,可我眼下最想要的,不是什么工作,而是找个男朋友。哎! LL: The first difficult relationship experience for me was tough. I had to find something to take my mind away from things. So I applied to a bunch of different companies. I became so busy that I temporarily forgot about my pain! XY: 你说,我真能摆脱失恋的痛苦,向前走吗? LL: Moving on is an action - mentally and sometimes physically - and different people take different measures to do so. XY: 哎,至少我现在还有一份好工作。 LL: See? You're looking on the bright side of things now! Continue to do this, and continue to focus on the future - and then you will move on before you even realize it! XY: 也只有这样了。你最近不要来找我,也许这样我才能慢慢把你忘掉。 我们今天学习了两个常用语。一个是at a loss, 意思是无话可说。另一个是move on, 意思是忘记痛苦的往事,向前走。 /02/63332

I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 我跟我女友关系非常不好. Have a hard time with sb. 就是说和某个人的关系处的特别不好. 特别是形容情侣或是夫妻之间. 如果你听美国的广播节目, 就常有人 call in 进来说 I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 通常如果那天特别适合吵架的话, 一天之内就可以听到好几次.   Hard time 还有一个很常用的用法, 就是说做什么事会有困难. 比如说某部电影要上演了, 你想去看首映, 那么别人可能就会警告你说, You will have a hard time getting a ticket. (你要买到票是很困难的) 又比方说你朋友作错事, 但他却一直不承认他自己有错. 那这时你就可以说, Why do you have such a hard time admitting it? 你要承认错误有那么困难吗? /201004/101317李华和Larry正在看世界杯足球赛。今天我们要学两个常用语:a long shot和to catch a breakLH: Larry, 世界杯终于开始了! 你觉得谁会得冠军?美国队有戏没有?Larry: I dont think so, Lihua. The U.S. usually doesnt have one of the best teams.LH: 哎,你怎么这么没信心? 美国队虽然不是夺冠热门,但也是有机会的啊!L: Well I guess its possible, but the U.S. is definitely a long shot.LH: A long shot? 这是什么意思?L: You can say that something is a long shot when it isnt very likely.LH: 哦,a long shot就是可能性很低的事情。你觉得虽然从理论上说,美国对和其它所有球队一样,都有夺冠的机会,但真论起实力来,美国队拿冠军的可能性就很低了。L: Right! Heres another example. Carolyns dream has always been to move to Hollywood and become a famous movie star, but thats definitely a long shot.LH: 没错,当电影明星可没那么容易。所以Larry, 你以前踢过足球么?L: Sure, lots of Americans play soccer when they are kids. I dreamed of becoming a professional player, but I always knew that was a long shot.LH: 你说得没错,咱们可不能给人生设置一堆不现实的目标! 话说回来,Larry, 你觉得到底谁能捧走今年的大力神杯呢?L: Well, Brazil always has a really talented team. Im sure that they have a good shot this year.LH: a good shot? 这是不是和a long shot相反,表示;很有可能的事情;?L: Exactly. For another example, I could say that my friend Edmund has been doing really well at his job lately, so he has a good shot at getting promotion soon.LH: 真的?你觉得他很可能会升职?能升多高?会不会成为公司副总?L: No, I dont think he will get that good of a promotion. Vice president is definitely a long shot.LH: 原来如此。 Larry, 我们还是好好看球吧。对了,美国第一场和谁踢啊?L: Our first game is against England, who are supposed to be very good.LH: 英国可是强队! 美国队要踢赢英国队恐怕也是a long shot喽!L: Well, we will have to watch and find out!******LH: Larry,这场比赛踢得真棒! 双方最后1比1平!L: Yeah, this is a really close game. But you know, the U.S. is pretty lucky that theyre not losing.LH: 没错。 美国本来0比1落后,可是英国大门失误,让美国队逮着机会,攻进一球。L: Yeah, the American team definitely caught a break with that goal.LH: The US team caught a break? 这是什么意思?L: When something lucky happens for you, you can say that you caught a break.LH: 哦,to catch a break就是交了好运气,捡了便宜!英国守门员犯了个低级错误,给美国队送分,所以美国队真是幸运!L: Right. For another example, I could say that my friend Carolyn has been having a hard time becoming an actress in Hollywood, and is waiting to catch a break.LH: 我明白了,Carolyn想当明星,可一直红不起来,不过她没有放弃,还在等待交好运的那一天。L: You got it. So Lihua, do you want to watch the USA game against Slovenia with me on Friday?LH: Larry, 星期五我要上班啊! 我可不能专门请一整天假陪你看球。我老板会疯掉的!L: Hmm ... good point. Well maybe we will catch a break and your boss will be sick that day.LH: 咒我老板生病?你可够坏的。 对了,难道你真打算每天看世界杯么?你不用上班啦?L: Well I was trying to figure out that problem too. But then I caught a break when it turned out my boss loves soccer, and brought a TV into our office.LH: 你老板也是球迷,所以把电视搬进办公室,让大家一起看比赛?!哇,太让人羡慕了。那礼拜五美国对斯洛文尼亚那场比赛,你觉得美国会赢么?L: Yeah the U.S. is a better team. But you never know, Slovenia might catch a break and win the match.LH: 说得对,美国今天踢平英国不就是因为catch a break - 交了好运么?L: Yeah, thats a pretty good result for the U.S., given that they were a long shot to win.LH: 那就希望美国队的运气能一直好下去喽!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 a long shot, 表示可能性很低的事情。另一个是to catch a break, 意思是交了好运。 /201203/173499

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