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作为2012年温网公开赛的“压轴大戏”,男单决赛8日迎来一场焦点对决。最终,瑞士天王费德勒在先失一盘的情况下,逆转战胜英国选手穆雷,第七次问鼎温网桂冠,追平桑普拉斯七夺温网男单冠军的纪录,并重新夺回世界第一宝座。Roger Federer has won his seventh Wimbledon title, defeating Britain#39;s Andy Murray to equal Pete Sampras#39;s all time record. The win means the Swiss has now won seventeen grand slams.It denied home favourite Murray the chance to become the first British man since Fred Perry in 1936 to win a major trophy. The 30-year-old Federer ultimately triumphed in four sets on Centre Court to reclaim the world number one ranking. Murray has now lost all four of his Grand Slam finals...three of them against Federer. He was the first Briton to contest the Wimbledon men’s singles final since Bunny Austin in 1938, but fell just short of the ultimate goal. Article/201207/189553

V#J.t09H6u9mose4+#wr4IZ+XV81Pdj*EZ3R.-There are simple secrets to how men can attract women. If you#39;re looking for an assist in the dating world, learn how to heighten a woman#39;s interest by following some easy tips.^i7KXHy_hG])Va93m2p男性怎样能够吸引女性是有简单的窍门的0%V)6jE!k-@l)eT。如果你正在约会的世界中寻求帮助, 那就通过以下一些简单的小窍门来学习如何吸引女性吧axbEmQy#V*M。^.Rr0x^TBJ|jibspyc9yVltzY*gdrP%1!4c+t Article/201207/190271


  c6Ss|w5twSImG+n2a6mw.yU0YkmIpjzt5|RUO+#q+4xlNeed some new friends? You#39;re not alone. ;How to make new friends; is a universal dilemma.pxJVv+cWtFdEw4yJk需要一些新朋友?你并不孤单kjKbQL,@6N(dt^3。“如何结交新朋友”是一种普遍的困境]-~|uARoBruMj3]@R2NQ。cMAYH8s,My2%[E%oNA*)HRMH^#UDtZ)*W,vRZhQagxU|1 Article/201205/184813。

  4+-|8jm|p9N!L^1xzZugZ4#X!Chongqing is welcoming the new year with its 2012 Spring Festival Grand Lantern Exhibition.This exhibition highlights lantern patterns from Zigong - an ancient city famed for its lantern making.The exhibition is made up lanterns from twenty popular groups. Various styles of bright and colorful lanterns help create a festive atmosphere which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year.The beautiful nightscape seems to be enchanting tourists who can be seen snapping countless pictures with friends and family.The exhibition will last till the Lantern Festival which falls on February 6th.);40lHQ3%S,!LY重庆以2012年春节大型灯笼展览迎新年JSKRosA9DYQO5!Z6%。这次展览的灯笼来自自贡;;一座因灯笼制作而闻名遐迩的古老城市7@9i5we[Rfi8069dz。灯笼展览是由20个流行组组成*5YQWGDSM@U11wT58I*。各种风格的明亮灯笼创造了节日的气氛,每年吸引着成千上万的游客!|%uYXlg5cJ]ZvV。美丽的夜景致使游客流连忘返,与朋友和家人捕捉着美好的瞬间Ep9zDnrCV4FC。展览将持续到2月6号的元宵节SKwXZ;;M2(P@B[k(M4。npcDVR@qH;zv_PG+Va%~PfQF@4z2%#9lDE_xWJ@zjQp52**; Article/201201/166885

  在这段充满的演讲中,Amory Lovins 展示了他的一个简单的计划,这个计划可以让美国戒掉对石油的依赖并重振经济。 Article/201204/177379Dealing With Exes与EX约会应注意的几点What do I do if my ex wants to get back together?前人想和好怎么办?If your boyfriend or your girlfriend comes to you and says, "You know, I really want to get back together," first of all it's up to you. It's what you want, not what they want. So think about the reasons why your broke up in the first place. You may think "Hey, this time was good that we were apart. Now we can get back together and try to repair things." Or you may think "Hey, leopards don't change their spots. I'm not going back there again." And that's OK too, because it's your decision to make. So don't feel pressured and don't feel guilted into doing something that you don't want to do.What do I do if I want to get back together with my ex?我想和前任和好怎么办?If you want to get back together with your ex there are a lot of things you can do. First of all, you need to be honest and open with yourself and ask yourself “Do I really want to get back into this situation?” Secondly, if you do, you need to tell them openly what you feel that your contribution to this breakup was. Thirdly, you need to be open and honest with your feelings and say you know I really missed you, I know that you were the best person for me, I'm so sorry that I created this as well and I want us to get together. But really tell your emotions and express them. Don't hold anything back. Finally, know that the other person may not accept you back in the relationship. If they don't, have a support system y to help you deal with that as well.What do I do if my ex won't leave me alone?前任纠缠不休怎么办? What do you do if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend won't leave you alone? What do you do if they're a fatal attraction? First of all, you tell them, in no uncertain terms, that the relationship is over; that you think it's in both of your best interests that you don't communicate, via e-mail, via telephone, or in person. If that doesn't work, you need to write them a letter, so you have documentation where you've told them not to contact you. If that doesn't work, go to the authorities and get a restraining order, because that's what some people need to get the message. Article/201107/146445


  5. In New Zealand Prostitution Is Fully Legal And Regulated5. 在新西兰,卖淫合法并受管理In many countries in Europe sex trafficking is a problem, and some countries believe the solution to this is to clamp down hard on the legality of prostitution. Most of them are targeting those who buy the services of the prostitutes instead of the prostitute themselves – as they may be a victim of trafficking – but New Zealand has long felt that this is the wrong approach to dealing with the situation. They feel that in order to deal with sex trafficking, you need to remove the veil of secrecy from the business and regulate and keep an eye on it like any business.非法性交易是欧洲很多国家的难题,一些国家认为,解决这一问题的办法就是加大执法力度。他们针对的主要是那些付钱嫖娼的人而不是娼妓本身——因为也是非法交易的受害者——但是新西兰早就发现,这不利于解决问题。他们认为,要解决非法性交易问题,应当揭开这一行业的神秘面纱,对它予以管理并像对其他行业那样进行密切的关注。To this end, in New Zealand a law was passed in 2003 that decriminalized prostitution and set up a framework that would allow for brothels to be inspected just like any other business for health and safety standards. This ensures that women in the business will go to the police when needed, and give them information, instead of living in fear. It ensures that they won#39;t fear their clients will dry up for fear of police prosecution, and helps avoid exploitation because they know workers#39; rights laws and the officers of the law are all on their side. Some countries in Europe argue that New Zealand#39;s system only works well because they are so isolated, and that as countries with bigger trafficking problems, they need more restrictive laws – not less.为此,新西兰于2003年通过立法,实现了卖淫合法化,并成立组织,如其他行业一样,妓院也被纳入卫生与安全标准的管理范畴。这样确保从事该行业的女性可以在需要的时候寻求警方帮助,并提供信息,不必生活在恐慌中。这也保她们无需再担心客户因为害怕警察而走掉,同时也避免被剥削,因为她们都学习了职工权利法,知道法官会站在自己这一边。一些欧洲国家认为新西兰的体系之所以有效,是因为该国是一个隔离的小岛,对于那些非法交易更猖獗的国家,他们需要更有限制性的法律——只多不少。4. In Spain People Take A Several Hour Nap In The Middle Of The Workday4. 在西班牙,你可以在工作日中午睡上几小时Many people may have aly heard of the Spanish Siesta — the habit of Spaniards knocking off for three hours during the hottest part of the afternoon and enjoying a nice, relaxing snooze. The habit developed over time because the area was mostly used for farming, and it made a lot of sense to take a break when the sun was highest in the sky. Today, it is more of an inconvenience for the people of Spain, what with the fast paced industrialized world that most people now live in. Shops will close at 2:00 p.m. and people will often come back and reopen their shops around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. and stay open until late at night.很多人都听说过“西班牙午休”——西班牙人的一种习惯,在最炎热的中午停工仨小时,享受一个美好放松的小憩。这个习惯随着时间逐渐演化而来,因为该地区过去以农业为主,因此当太阳升到最高点时,人们有必要休息一下。如今,社会已经进入了快节奏的工业化时代,而这个习惯给西班牙人带来的更多是麻烦。商店下午两点就关门,人们常常得在五六点钟的时候回来重新开业,直至深夜。While it may sound relaxing to knock off for three hours in the middle of the day, it is hardly good for you to segment your work day up that way, and end up constantly working late into the night – and the people of Spain are well aware of this. It is hardly realistic in the modern age to use the time for a nap, and most people actually take the time to get things done instead. Unfortunately, they still have to report for work at the same time every morning. This has led to a culture where most people in Spain stay up late, get up early, rarely nap and don#39;t get much sleep overall. While the siesta has given them a reputation of laziness, they are actually a hardworking, sleep deprived country that is increasingly considering removing the siesta completely and just shortening the workday to a reasonable amount of time to begin with.虽然中午停工仨小时听起来很轻松,但这会分割你的工作日,导致你要一直工作到深夜,并没有多少好处——而西班牙人也意识到了这一点。现代还采用这种午休时间不太现实,大多数人会用这段时间来工作。不幸的是,多数西班牙人睡得晚起得早,几乎不午休,这导致他们睡眠不足。虽然午休可以让他们光明正大地偷懒,但实际上,他们工作非常努力。大量人口睡眠不足让国家逐渐考虑彻底废除午休制度,将工作日的工作时长缩短到合理的长度。3. In Japan You Can Buy Poisonous Fugu Fish3. 在日本,你可以买到有毒的河豚Most people have heard of the poisonous puffer fish known as Fugu, which is a delicacy in the country of Japan. In the ed States and other countries around the world, if you want to taste Fugu, you will have to pay large amounts of money to eat fish that was specially prepared by Japanese chefs and imported frozen to your part of the globe. This is because Japan is the only country in the world that legally allows people to prepare the fresh Fugu for serving, and they have extremely stringent requirements in order to earn that legal right.大多数人都知道有毒的河豚是日料中的一道美味佳肴。在美国和其他国家,你得花大价钱才能尝到专门由日本厨师制作的河豚,而且这些河豚还是冷冻进口的。这是因为日本是唯一允许人们烹制新鲜河豚并出售的国家,要获得这项合法权利还必须符合严格的要求。The fish has a poison known as tetradoxin that is extremely poisonous, causing paralysis and asphyxiation in a very short time in humans, with only a small amount required to be deadly. Certain parts of the fish are not poisonous, and are actually quite delicious, and it is these that the highly trained chefs carefully separate from the inedible or dangerous parts of the fish. It takes three years of training and only about a third of those who take the licensing exam even pass the test. These standards ensure that those who buy Fugu in a restaurant will not truly be gambling with their lives – although it is said that a truly skilled chef leaves just enough poison to make your lips tingle and remind you of the danger, without actually putting you in harm#39;s way.这种鱼含有一种名为河豚毒素的有毒物质,会在短时间内引起人的身体麻痹和窒息,少量即可夺人性命。这种鱼的某些部分不含毒素,而且确实美味,需要训练有素的厨师小心地将这些部分与有毒的危险部分分离开。这种训练要历时三年,而且只有三分之一的厨师能通过考试拿到书。这样的标准才能保食客不用冒着生命危险吃河豚——但据说有些技艺高超的厨师会留下一点毒素,让你觉得嘴唇刺痛但不至于危害身体,他们用这种方法提醒你吃河豚的危险。2. In Russia It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Leave Young Children Home Alone2. 在俄罗斯,你可以把孩子单独留在家里In the ed States there are laws about how young a child can be and still be legally left home completely alone by their parents, and in today#39;s ed States, most parents couldn#39;t imagine their child walking to or from school alone. If a child too young were too be left home alone in the ed States, and the authorities found out, it could lead to a visit by child protective services. However, in the federation of Russia, they do not look at the issue in the same way at all. In Russia it is far more commonplace for children to leave the house on their own at a young age, either to go to school or simply go to the store, and it is not illegal to leave young children home alone.美国有法律规定了父母可以将几岁以上的孩子单独留在家中,而且在今天的美国,大多数父母都无法想象孩子自己上学或放学。在美国,如果有关部门发现年龄过小的孩子被单独留在家中,他们可能会通过儿童保护务“拜访”这家人。但是俄罗斯人对这个问题的看法则完全不一样。在俄罗斯,让小孩子一个人离开家去上学或者去商店,都是非常普遍的事,而且将孩子单独放在家里也不违法。Some parents in certain parts of Russia have lobbied in the past to make stricter laws regarding the matter, especially due to cases where children have been left home alone and got hurt, but ministers in charge of law making seem reluctant to push the issue. They feel that punishing parents for leaving young children home alone is more of a Western thing, and aren#39;t sure if that is the route they want to go. While it could someday change, it seems for the moment, Russians aren#39;t interested in worrying too much about the matter.俄罗斯某些地方的父母曾对该问题进行游说,呼吁制定更加严格的法律,特别是发生了儿童独自在家结果受伤的事件后,但主管立法的部长似乎不愿推进此事。他们认为,处罚将小孩子单独留在家里的父母是西方国家的做法,他们也不确定是否有必要沿用这条道路。虽然有朝一日情况可能会变化,但目前来看,俄罗斯人没有兴趣过分担忧这个问题。1. In Estonia They Vote For Public Officeholders Online1. 在爱沙尼亚,你可以在网上投票选举官员The ed States like to consider themselves one of the most technology advanced nations in the world, but despite our many advances, voting online and doing many other government related actions online is still a thing of fantasy. In that particular regard, we are being beaten rather badly by a small country in Europe called Estonia. They are known for being incredibly digitally connected, possibly the most connected in the entire world. They have made training in the understanding of computers and the internet a core part of all school curriculums, and almost all important business can be done online.美国喜欢以全球技术最发达的国家自居。虽然他们技术先进,但网上选举和网上办理其他政府相关活动仍然不切实际。在这一方面,美国远不及欧洲的一个小国家——爱沙尼亚。这个国家以令人吃惊的数字化连接而知名,可能是全球数字化程度最高的国家。他们开设计算机培训,并将互联网作为所有学校课程的核心内容,几乎所有重要的事务都可以在网上完成。Estonians all get their own unique government ID that also comes with its own special PIN. This special ID allows Estonians to have their own online fingerprint and use that identity to do pretty much everything government related that they could possibly need to do. With this ID, Estonians do business with the library, pay taxes, vote for political candidates and many other things as well. While some Americans fear the possibility of massive voter fraud or cheating, the Estonians have not yet had any reason to believe that their system has been tampered with. They also believe their proportional voting system helps discourage those who would consider attempting to cheat in the first place.每个爱沙尼亚人都有自己的政府ID并生成特殊的个人识别号。爱沙尼亚人通过这个特殊的ID获取自己的网上标识并用这一身份完成他们需要做的各种政府相关事务。爱沙尼亚人用这个ID办理图书馆业务、交税、为政治候选人投票并完成其他事项。一些美国人担心这样会出现选举欺诈或舞弊,但爱沙尼亚人坚信他们的系统十分完善。他们还相信,按比例投票系统有助于将作弊扼杀在摇篮里。 /201705/510691

  Accelerating your career means moving farther and faster than other people in your same career track. You will only achieve this through:在这也生涯上加速,意味着要比与你在同一职业线的人移动得更快更远。你可以通过下列方法来达成目标:1. Taking risks that your peers do not冒那些同龄人不会去冒的险。2. Working with people who are among the best in your field和那些在你这个领域最棒的人一起共事。3. Working for a company that is growing so fast that you gain access to opportunities that would otherwise never be available找一家飞速成长的公司,你在里面可以获得那些并非轻易可以得到的机会。Do the things you hate. Doing things you hate will teach you how to love the process of being. Sometimes you have to do the stuff you hate in order to learn how to love yourself more.做那些你恨的事。这样做将教会你如何感受活着的喜悦。有时候,你不得不去做你不喜欢的事来学会如何更爱自己。Be better than the other guy比其他人更优秀。Speed up your workflow加速你的工作流程Take the Navy Seal ethic to heart: Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast将海豹部队的行为准则铭记于心:慢则稳,稳则快。Learn Excel to God-Like levels把Excel掌握到出神入化的水平。Build alliances成立联盟。Learn to upsell yourself学会推销自己。Read more读更多的书。Use your initiative学会利用自我主动性。Be Yourself做你自己。 /201707/516951。

  This describes when it#39;s best to consult your physician for numbness in your feet and what you can do to treat it yourself.当你的双脚感到麻木时,何时需要咨询医生,何时可以自我治疗,这段视频为你提出了建议。Today, I am going to speak to you as to how to treat numbness in your feet. Numbness can be due to a simple or a more serious general or local nerve problem. Some of the more simple reasons for numbness in the feet may be due to a local nerve entrapment, an injury to the foot that has irritated the nerve.今天,我来向大家讲述一下怎样应对双脚麻木。麻木可能由简单的或更加严重的整体或局部神经问题造成的。双脚麻木比较简单的原因可能是局部神经受到压迫,脚部受伤对神经造成了刺激。This would generally resolve with some rest and anti-inflammatories. Should you have a more serious medical condition such as diabetes or a generalized nerve pathology then, urgent specialist care is advised. Your specialist may order blood tests or special nerve tests as well as general physical examination to determine the cause and possible outlook.这种情况通常可以通过休息和使用消炎药来解决。如果患有更加严重的疾病,例如糖尿病或神经方面的疾病,需要进行紧急专业护理。你的专科医生可能会要求你进行血液测试或特别神经测试,以及一些物理测试来确定原因和疾病发展情况。Treatments depend on the underlying cause and it is advised that you see your GP for further information. This is how you treat numbness in your feet. .治疗方法取决于潜在的原因,最好向医生咨询进一步的信息。以上就是治疗双脚麻木的方法。Thanks for watching How To Treat Numbness In Your Feet.感谢收看“怎样治疗双脚麻木”视频节目。 /201301/219820

  How To Make Public Displays Of Affection如何在公共场所亲热VideoJug has taken it upon itself to show you how to make public displays of affection. Learn how to be appropriately affectionate to your partner, without disgusting those around you, the VideoJug way.本期的Videojug教你如何在公共场所亲热而不引起路人的反感。Step 1: Location, location, location(地点,地点,还是地点)There are some places you really shouldn't share your uncontrollable passion, they include:Areas where other people can't get away, such as an aeroplane.The office. Public areas are not for private activites- especially if you're sitting at someone else's desk. A night out with other friends. Yes they're happy for you, but some things you just shouldn't share. The cinema. A bit of snogging is generally acceptable, but try and keep it to the back row.Art galleries and libraries are places of learning, not loving. Get a room!Step 2: Body talk(身体语言)As a general rule of thumb, any expression of feeling where you're not both upright is unacceptable. However innocent what you're doing may be, doing it together, intimately, and horizontally will get the backs up of those around you.When touching each other, think sweet and innocent; and avoid doing anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see.. Holding hands, hugging or bum grabbing are fine, anything else probably isn't.WARNING Putting hands in the back pocket of each other jeans is one of the most sickly things you can do in public, and it should be banned on taste grounds.Step 3: Kissing(接吻)Of course you can kiss your partner in public. Playing five sets of tonsil tennis, however, may put others off their food. Yes, your new love is as exquisite and delicate as a rosebud, but you may be sitting next to some poor sod who's just been dumped. Be together, but not TOGETHER and try not to get in other peoples' way. Article/201107/145008


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