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Business books quarterly;Book Review;商业书籍季刊;书评;Terry Leahys management;One to ten;特里·利亚的管理之道;听君一席话,胜读十年书;Management in 10 Words. By Terry Leahy.《管理真言》,作者:特里·利亚;Students of management theory have long debated what constitutes the worst kind of book—the CEO autobiogaphy or the management tome that promises to reveal the secrets of business in words of one syllable. But in “Management in 10 Words” Sir Terry Leahy, a former boss of Tesco, has performed a remarkable act of alchemy: combining two dismal forms to produce an excellent book—a veritable management page-turner that has interesting things to say about everything from the evolution of British society to the art of transforming huge organisations.管理学理论学界的学者们一直在对什么造就了最烂的那类管理学书籍的问题争论不休-首席执行官们的自传亦或是那些宣称能用寥寥数语揭露商界秘诀的。不过,在《管理真言》一书中,乐购前首席执行官特里·利亚爵士如炼金术师一般令人惊叹地将两种沉闷的形式融合成一本优秀的书-一部对从英国社会的演进到大型组织重整中的艺术等有趣之事无所不谈的著作。Sir Terry is an example of a type of Briton that is becoming increasingly rare: a working-class boy made good by dint of quick wits and hard work. His Irish father was one of ten children. He grew up on a Liverpool housing estate as one of four. A scholarship to a local public school and a taste for the grocery business provided him with a ladder up: he started his career stacking shelves at Tesco and ended up as CEO for 14 years.特里爵士, 可谓是英国的一例典型,因他身上带着英国人身上越来越稀有特质:他虽是工人阶级的孩子,可机智幽默,勤奋努力的品性,让显得他出众不凡。爵士的父亲是爱尔兰人,家中有9个兄弟。而特里是在利物浦街区长大的,结伴的还有家中的其他三个孩子。他之所以能够迈向成功,多少要归功于当年一份当地公共学校的奖学金,以及在商品零售业体验的机会:虽是在乐购的货架间铺展开职业生涯,14年后却能以CEO的身份离开。When Sir Terry was appointed to the top job, Tesco was struggling in third place in Britains supermarket hierarchy behind Sainsburys and Marks amp; Spencer. Rumour had it that a tobacco company had toyed with buying the supermarket but dropped the idea believing it would be bad for the brand. Today Tesco is Britains largest private employer and the third-largest supermarket in the world, operating in 14 countries and offering banking and insurance as well as fruit and vegetables.当特里爵士被任命这个最高职位时,乐购正在英国的超级市场领军集团中的第三位苦苦挣扎,在它前面的是Sainsbury和玛莎百货。有谣言称,曾有一家烟草公司想着要买下乐购,不过因为觉得这样做可能损及自己的品牌,最后便打消了这个念头。而如今,乐购已经是全英最大私营雇主,同时也是全球第三大的超市品牌,在14个国家运作,除果蔬之外还提供着和保险业务。Sir Terry argues that the secret has been constant innovation. Tesco introduced loyalty cards in order to gather information on its customers and encourage them to keep coming back. The picture that emerged, of a country that was changing very fast, surprised even the keenest trend-watchers. One innovation led to another. The trove of customer information provided by the loyalty card eased Tescos entry into banking and e-commerce. And the growing cashflow provided by its expanded businesses eased its entry into foreign markets. Nevertheless, Sir Terry ily admits that there is no science to management: he got the idea for one of Tescos most successful innovations—small stores in town centres—from visiting a wholesaler and noticing how much business it was doing selling to small shops.特里爵士认为秘诀是持续的创新。乐购推广会员卡,以此收集顾客的消费信息并鼓励他们成为回头客。国家这样的快速变化,使得那些最敏锐的观察着都感到诧异。创新一个紧挨一个。通过会员卡收集到的顾客信息使乐购在向业和电子商务发展时异常受用。同时,通过扩张快速增长的现金流也使其在迈向国外市场时,脚步异常轻松。尽管如此,特里爵士坦诚表示管理中并无科学可言:他由乐购最成功的创新之一-镇中心的小店-源于拜访一家批发商时注意到它对小商店的巨大销量,而得出这样的观点。Every British retailer in the 1990s prided itself on its enthusiasm for innovation. Why did Sir Terrys Tesco end up being as successful as it has done? One reason is that he notices things. His book is full of fascinating asides. He notes, for example, that South Korean retailers make no distinction between consumers and citizens, automatically setting aside a third of their space for organisers of local community activities. Another is that he knows what it is like to be poor. Having grown up in a Liverpudlian prefab, he is constantly amazed at businesss power to improve peoples lives.每一个英国零售商在90年代都标榜着自己对创新的热衷。那为什么特里爵士掌管的乐购能以其自己的创新在这样的氛围中成功呢?一个原因是他觉察着各种各样的事。他的书中也充满着令人着迷的题外话。比如,他写道韩国零售商对消费者和市民不加区别,不假思索地留出三分之一的空间给当地的社区活动组织者发挥。此外,他深知贫穷的滋味。在利物浦一座预制房中长大,他总是惊叹于商业改善人们生活的力量。Sir Terry repeatedly emphasises the importance of building a ladder of mobility from the shop floor to the CEOs suite. Of the eight executive directors on the board in 2011, the year he left Tesco, five had started their careers with the company. But that does not mean a ladder of escape: he required all managers (including himself) to spend at least a week a year as dogsbodies in local stores. He also often highlights his customers “simple wish for a better life”. The cost of groceries fell by a third in real terms between 1975 and 2007. The range of products available increased more than tenfold over the same period. And the British diet improved beyond recognition. When Sir Terry joined Tesco, customers spent as much on butter as on fruit and vegetables. Now fruit and vegetables outsell butter by a factor of 40 to one.特里爵士反复强调建立从底层员工到CEO团队的升迁渠道。2011年,也就是他离开乐购的那年,8名执行董事中,有5人的职业生涯始于乐购。但这并不意味这是一个逃离基层的方式:他要求所有的管理者(包括他自己),每年至少有一周在当地的店面中参与基层工作。他还一直强调顾客们的“对更好生活的小小希冀”。在杂货上的花费下降了1/3在1975年到2007年之间。同一期间内,商品的种类增加了十倍以上。同时英国的饮食习惯也发生了翻天覆地的而变化。特里爵士加入乐购之初,顾客们花费在果蔬上的钱和在黄油上的一样多。而如今,出售的果蔬却是黄油的40倍之多。“Management in 10 Words” is on prominent display in your local Tesco store. Add it to all those fruits and vegetables in your shopping basket—you certainly wont be disappointed.《管理真言》摆放在你附近的乐购商场中的显要位置。把它和果蔬一起放进购物篮吧-你绝不会失望的。201207/191157Business Aviation Flight to the future商业 航空业 飞向未来Modernising creaking air-traffic systems will be a huge task实现老化的航空系统现代化是一个艰巨的任务THESE days a ,000 car comes with GPS satellite navigation fitted as standard.目前,一辆价值一万五千美元的轿车配有GPS导航系统,才被认为达到标准。But a 0m airliner still has to be guided through the skies by spoken instructions from a bloke with a radio in a control tower.但是一辆价值一亿五千万美元的客机在航行时依然是通过指挥塔台上的人员通过广播进行操控。That is because air-traffic management (ATM) systems are stuck in the 1950s.这是因为空中交通管理(ATM)系统还是上个世纪50年代的。Instead of flying straight, planes must zigzag from one ground beacon to the next, and ascend and descend in steps, at each stage obtaining permission from the ground.客机必须曲折地从一个信号站飞到下一个,而不是直线飞行;每一步上升或下降都需要得到地面的许可。The controllers radar only shows planes approximate positions, so they must space them well apart.空管员的雷达只能显示出飞机的大概位置,好让两架飞机之间有足够的距离。All this wastes fuel and causes congestion and delays.这些举动都要浪费燃料,并造成拥堵和延误。The average flight in European airspace is 50km (31 miles) longer than it need be.在欧洲领空,平均飞行距离比实际所需长50公里(合约31英里)。So the worlds aviation authorities are seeking to modernise the whole system, streamlining the routing of flights and providing much more real-time information to pilots and controllers.因此,世界航空管理部门都在尝试使整个系统实现现代化,让航空路线效率更高,并向飞行员和空管员提供更多的实时信息。This could lead to huge orders for electronics firms, which is why, in his recent jobs speech, President Barack Obama called for billion of extra cash to speed up Americas ATM-modernisation project, NextGen.这可能会给电子公司带来大量的订单,也就是为什么巴拉克?奥巴马总统在最近的讲话中,呼吁给美国的ATM现代化工程;新世代;增加10亿美元的额外投入。A study by consultants from McKinsey of Europes equivalent project, SESAR, finds that its costs should be dwarfed by the fuel savings and the economic boost from squeezing more flights into Europes busy skies.麦卡锡在欧洲的分公司也开展了同样的名为SESAR的项目,其顾问进行了一次调研,发现让原本拥挤的航线塞进更多的航班会带来经济利益激增,这样航空设备更新换代的花费与燃料节约出的费用就显得微不足道了。America stands to make similar gains.美国也准备通过相同的方法获益。It is in everyones interest to invest in modernisation, but the airlines are wary: several times in recent history they have bought expensive kit only to find they cannot use it because controllers have failed to upgrade their equipment to match.投资现代化是每个人的利益所在,但是各大航空公司却十分谨慎,客机上装配了昂贵的元件却无法使用,因为空管员无法更新设备去匹配,这种情况近年来时有发生。These sorts of ambitious projects to introduce new technology, with countless participants, are prone to cock-ups.这种充满抱负的项目旨在引进新技术,拥有大量的参与人员,但往往都会陷入混乱。Those involved in ATM modernisation want to avoid what happened when mobile-phone standards were set, with different countries ending up with incompatible systems.参与ATM现代化的人们希望避免移动电话标准确定时出现的情况,也就是不同的国家最终都开发了互不兼容的系统。To guard against that risk, the UNs International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has just held a summit in Montreal, at which it divided the long list of ATM modernisation projects into manageable chunks, on which the worlds aviation authorities will try to agree standards, one at a time.为了规避这个风险,联合国国际民用航空组织(ICAO)前不久在蒙特利尔召开了峰会,将长长的ATM现代化项目名单分成了几个可操作的版块,这样,世界航空主管部门就能尽量循序渐进地统一标准。The process has started well, though developing countries are said to worry about rich countries imposing costly programmes on them.尽管据说发展中国家担心发达国家会将高价的项目强加到自己身上,但这个进程还算开端良好。Agreeing on technical standards will be difficult enough. Harder still, says Nancy Graham, an ICAO official, will be paying for it all.统一技术标准已经够困难的了,但据ICAO官员南希?格雷汉姆称,更困难的是这一切要付出的代价。 /201212/217794Books and Arts; My family and other animals文艺;我的家庭和一些动物Various Pets Alive and Dead. By Marina Lewycka.《活着以及死去的各种宠物》,玛丽娜·柳薇卡著。Not many authors could successfully mix lentils, bra-burning and free love with city traders, quantitative analysts and the mathematical calculations that supposedly make naked short selling, CDOs and subprime mortgages infallible. But Marina Lewycka is an exception. The bestselling author of a 2005 hit, “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian”, has set her fourth book in London and Doncaster and uses farce, irony and biting wit to explore serious issues.扁豆,激烈到烧掉胸罩的妇女维权运动,自由恋爱,城市贸易商,为裸卖空进行的数量分析和数学计算,债务抵押债券,次级房贷……能把这些成功地混合在一起而不犯错误,这样的作家不多,玛丽娜·柳薇卡就是其中之一。作为一名畅销书作家,她2005年的《乌克兰拖拉机短史》曾经热卖一时。《活着以及死去的各种宠物》是她的第四本书,书中地点设在伦敦和唐卡斯特,用闹剧、讽刺以及辛辣的智慧来探索严肃的议题。“Various Pets Alive and Dead” features a group of sharply drawn and sharp-tongued characters. Marcus and Doro, elderly ex-hippies from Solidarity Hall, a left-wing commune, still wear their slogan T-shirts and crave the “non-bourgeois non-private non-nuclear non-monogamous community” of their past. To make the present bearable, Marcus is writing a never-ending history of the left-wing movement, while Doro looks after the Downs syndrome child they are raising. She fulfils her longing for militant action by campaigning to save local allotments.书中这些人物性格特别的鲜明,其言语表达也十分尖酸辛辣。马库斯和多萝,一对年老的前嬉皮士人物,来自左翼社区团结工会,他们仍然穿着写有标语的T恤衫,仍然渴望旧日里“没有资产阶级、没有私有制、没有核能、没有一夫一妻制度的社区”。可当下的现实如此难熬,马库斯只得寄情写作,书写左翼运动没有休止的历史,而多萝的寄托则在照顾他们领养的患唐氏综合症的小孩,另外,她还参加保护当地土地的运动,也算圆了自己参与斗争运动的梦想。Their daughter Clara (named after Clara Zetkin, a German proto-feminist), and son Serge (Victor Serge, a Belgian-Russian revolutionary) are somewhat different. Clara, a Doncaster schoolteacher, battles to educate children who smell of cigarette smoke, chip fat and urine, while craving order, clean bathrooms and a man—preferably Mr Gorst, the headmaster, whose hunky presence makes her giddy with girlish desire.一双儿女却与父母不同,女儿名叫克拉拉,取自女权运动先驱人物德国的克拉拉·蔡特金,儿子谢尔盖,取自俄国革命家维克多·谢尔盖。克拉拉在唐卡斯特一所学校教书,她一边要教好这群油腻腻的浑身烟味和骚味的小孩,一边又要在生活中争取一些秩序,争取能有干净的卫生间,一边还在恋着一个男人——近乎完美的古斯特校长,英俊潇洒令她怦然心动。Her brother Serge, whose parents think he is studying for a Cambridge PhD in maths (a worthy validation of their ideals), has ditched academic life to become a City fat cat at Financial and Trading Consolidated Alliance (FATCA), in London. When he is not fixated by the figures on his computer screen he fantasises about the figure of Maroushka Malko, a haughty eastern European quant in slinky skirts and slingback shoes “you could stab kittens with”.谢尔盖呢,父母引以为豪,以为他在剑桥攻读数学士学位,实际上他已放弃学术生涯,就业于伦敦金融与贸易统一联盟,成了金融城一名富佬。不用盯着电脑显示器看数据的时候,他就会幻想着Maroushka Malko的身体,Malko是一个骄傲的数据分析师,来自东欧,穿着紧身裙子、露跟女鞋,那鞋跟绝对可以把小猫给砸死。This quartet takes the story from present to past and back again in a series of sparklingly humorous vignettes. The clever bit is that while whooshing the er along on a tide of wit, the author also neatly explores the morals and values of different generations and the impact that these have on family dynamics. Never has ing about something serious been quite so much fun.这样一个四重奏,用一系列幽默的小插曲,把过去与现在穿插起来。比较巧妙的是,作者不仅妙语连珠,让读者感受噼里啪啦的智慧,而且还同时巧妙地探讨两代人的道德观与价值观,以及不同的观点对于整个家庭的影响。如此严肃的问题,也能探讨得饶有趣味,以前还未读过这样的好书。 /201212/213930

So Long, Sun再见了,太阳Wow! What a beautiful sunset.哇!多么美丽的夕阳啊!Enjoy it while it lasts, the sun wont be around forever, you know.尽情欣赏吧,太阳不会永远存在的。You mean, one day the sun will disappear?你的意思是,有朝一日太阳会消失?Not exactly disappear, but the sun will eventually burn out and die.不是完全消失,太阳的能量最后会耗尽并枯竭。Wont that make things really cold down here?那样的话,地球就会变得很冷了。Actually, there wont be any here, here. When the sun dies,the earth will be destroy too.实际上,那时地球就不存在了。没有了太阳,地球也将毁灭。Wow, hold on, start from the beginning.等一下,你从头开始说。Okay. Like all stars, the sun is basically a giant nuclear reactor that burns hydrogen to create energy. But like any reactor, the sun needs fuel to keep going. Its been going strong for around four-point-five billion years, and will probably keep burning for about five billion more.好的。像所有的行星一样,太阳从根本上说,是一个巨型核反应堆,通过燃烧氢气产生能量。但是,就像任一反应堆,太阳需要燃料来保持运作。它已经良好运作大约45亿年了,并且将会持续燃烧50亿年左右。But then, the fuel will run out?到那时,燃料就会耗尽。Exactly. When it does, gravity will cause the suns core to contract. When it contracts the core will get hotter, which will heat up the suns upper layers and make them expand. The sun will then become what’s called a red giant, and its radius will reach just past the orbit of Venus.是的。当太阳能量耗尽,地心引力会使得太阳核心缩小。缩小地同时温度变得更得高,这样就加剧了太阳外层的燃烧并使其膨胀。太阳就变成了所谓哦红巨星,它的半径将会达到以前金星的运行轨道。Which is bad for us.那样会对我们有害。We’ll be burned to a crisp.我们会被烧成土豆片的。Thats sounds painful.听起来很痛苦。After a few billion years the core will begin to cool and expand. The suns upper layers will expand and lose material, and eventually the core will cool enough to become a white dwarf star, and finally a black dwarf.数十亿年后太阳中心开始冷却并扩大。太阳的上层也将扩大,失去物质重量,最后中心冷却到一定程度就成了白矮星,最终成黑矮星。So, we’re pretty much doomed.那时,我们就注定要完蛋了。Yes, but not for billions of years. Who knows? By then, humans might been living on another planet.是的。但那是几十亿年以后的事了。谁知道呢?到那时,人类也许已经生活在另一个星球上了。 /201302/224277

When Europes been peppered with uncertainty the whole year. And Monti was always a technocratic government that came in with a specific mandate. Then of course, Italys a democracy, said you will step aside and theres an election. Could come back as a politician. Maybe not. I think the fear is who could replace him. But I think hes done an excellent job and hes steadied the ship. But he did say he would step aside after a year, done certain measures.今年一整年内欧洲经济充满不确定性因素。蒙蒂政府是临危受难,肩负特殊使命的技术专家政府。当然,意大利是一个民主国家,蒙蒂即将辞职,将进行新的一轮选举。这一次可能是由政治家来担当此重任吗?可能不会。我想,人们担心的是,谁能够取代蒙蒂?因为我认为,他的工作非常出色,稳定了局势。但是他曾说过,在采取了一定措施后的一年后他要辞职。Now heres the question. Is it the issue of Monti stepping aside when he was sort of the steady hand on Italys unsteady finances, if you like? Or is it respective Berlusconi coming back that really has people worried? Because the bond markets, we see the yield rising on the 10-year Italian bonds as it seems that stock markets plummet in Milan.现在的问题是,蒙蒂目前已成为意大利不稳定财政的坚定领导人时,他真的要退出政府吗,你希望这样吗?或者,人们真正担心的是贝卢斯科尼再次掌权。因为,虽然债券市场的10年长期意大利国债收益正在增加,米兰的股票市场看起来却在大幅下跌。Yes, but its a one-day wonder that you saw the euro come off this morning, bounced right back. These markets are incredibly volatile and theres not much to do. So people are obviously to sell the story. Yes, of course, theres a few of them may replace him. Technocratic government did what the markets liked, gave us certainty but as I said, this is a democracy and democracies create uncertainty. And so wholl replace him? We dont know. But I think this big story moves on to Spain, the ESM and whether the ECBs going to start printing or not.是的,但是这只是一天的奇迹,今早欧元开始好转,有所反弹。毫无疑问,市场是易变波动的,有时候,人们有心无力。因此,人们很容易被说,是的,当然能取代蒙蒂的人不多。技术型政府可以采取任何市场喜欢的措施,给我们带来确定性。但是,如我已经说过的,这是一个民主国家,民主就会产生不确定性。因此,对于,谁能取代蒙蒂,无人所知。但是,我认为,现在欧洲现在的大问题已经转移到了西班牙,额外西班牙货币以及欧洲中央是否启动印制?OK. Now thats an interesting one. 2013 looming as I was saying before. Does that mean were going to have a full-on Spanish bailout in the early months of next year?是的。是让人感兴趣的问题。2013将至,这是否意味着,明年的最初几个月,将进行西班牙全面救市?I think could come even late this year. I think if it wasnt for the fiscal cliff and the market changing its focus over tension onto the US, we would have pressurized aly Spain into coming to the ESM, which as you know, ESM stands for Extra Spanish Money. So it shouldnt be a surprise when they confirm.我想可以要到明年晚些时候。我认为,如果不是到财政悬崖,以及市场将压力焦点转向美国,我们不会迫于压力,让西班牙采用额外西班牙货币,你知道,ESM的意思。如果此事得以确定,也在意料之中。Rather the European stability.只要欧元区能够稳定。Yes, absolutely.是的,绝对如此。Might even have gotten lost in the alphabet soup aly that EU’s created to try and solve the eurozone crisis. Well, what about credit rating cuts for some of these countries, notably just going back to the issue of Italy and the face of so much uncertainty? This is going to make it very difficult for these countries to try to cut their enormous amount of debt of debt-to-GDP, cut their budgets. And if they do get downgraded, will their debt becomes more expensive.也许问题都能够在这一缩写词语中得到解决,欧盟创造该词语以试图解决欧元区危机。不过,这几个国家的信用评级下调情况如何?特别是,刚才谈到的意大利问题,我们又如何面对这么多不确定性?这些国家试图减少债务率(债务占国内生产总值的比重)债务以及减少预算,都将变得非常艰难。如果他们的信用评级下调,那么他们的债务将变得格外昂贵。Well, not in the case weve seen of France. They got downgraded with, again, a one-day wonder. They sold off and French yields are straight back down again. The problem is if your debt-to-GDP starts rising but you think austeritys the answer, and you do austerity but growth starts to plummet, then you need more austerity and then growth goes down. And thats the Greek situation we’ve got ourselves in for. So Id say just ignore the rating agencies and try to do the right thing. Get growth going and dont overdo the austerity.是的,不过我们看到法国的情况例外。法国被降级了,不过这也是一天之内的奇迹。他们的股票低价抛光,法国再次收回了收益。问题在于,如果债务率开始上升,但是你却认为只有采取紧缩政策,并且你实施了紧缩政策,但是增长急剧下降,于是,你需要采取更多的紧缩,增长继续衰减。这就是我们让自己陷入希腊危机的原因所在。因此,我宁愿大家暂时忽略评级机构,而专注于做正确的事情:让经济增长,不要过于倚重紧缩政策。 201212/217889

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