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Data. Data is inherently unsexy, but it can jumpstart an areas recovery.看看数据。数据一向很枯燥,但能极大推动一个地区的重建FEMA and the state will pay 85 percent of the cost of a federally declared disaster,FEMA和所在州会付联邦宣布的灾害事件85%的损失leaving the town to pay last 15 percent of the bill.其余15%需要城镇自行承担Now that expense can be huge,这笔出数额巨大but if the town can mobilize X amount of volunteers for Y hours,但如果可以发动X个志愿者务Y个小时the dollar value of that labor used goes toward the towns contribution.所创造的美元价值会直接计入城镇开之中But who knows that?但有多少人明白呢?Now try to imagine the sinking feeling you get when youve just sent out 2,000 volunteers and you cant prove it.现在想像一下那会多么崩溃,如果你贡献了2000个志愿者却无法明These are three problems with a common solution.这三个问题有一个共同的解决方案If we can get the right tools at the right time to the people who will inevitably step up那就是如果我们有恰当的时间和工具给那些必须重建家园and start putting their communities back together,重建社区的人们we can create new standards in disaster recovery.我们就能建立救灾重建的新标准We needed canvasing tools, donations databasing,我们需要宣传工具,捐赠物品清单needs reporting, remote volunteer access, all in an easy-to-use website.需要媒体报道,远程志愿者联络,它们被整合在一个易用网站中And we needed help.我们也需要帮助Alvin, our software engineer and cofounder, has built these tools.我们的软件工程师和合伙人Alvin设计了这些工具Chris and Bill have volunteered their time to use operations and partnerships.Chris和Bill贡献了自己的时间去协调企业和合作伙伴And weve been flying into disaster areas since this past January,从一月开始,我们便不停穿梭于各个灾区setting up software, training residents and licensing the software to areas that are preparing for disasters.设置软件,训练居民,并把软件授权给需要预防灾害的地区One of our first launches was after the Dallas tornadoes this past April.四月达拉斯的龙卷风是我们最早的行动之一We flew into a town that had a static outdated website我们飞到一个镇上,那里的网络不稳定and a frenetic Facebook feed trying to structure the response.Facebook也用不了,很难协调工作And we launched our platform.于是我们搭建了自己的平台All of the interest came in the first four days,它的效益持续了四天but by the time they lost the news cycle, thats when the needs came in,一旦灾害不再是新闻焦点,我们便有其他需要yet they had this massive resource of what people were able to give好在他们有大批人们提供的物资and theyve been able to meet the needs of their residents.并且这些可以满足人们的需要So its working, but it could be better.所以这个系统可以运转,而且可以更好Emergency preparedness is a big deal in disaster recovery做足准备对于灾后重建很重要because it makes towns safer and more resilient.因为它可以让城镇更安全,更坚韧Imagine if we could have these systems y to go in a place before a disaster.假如我们在灾害发生之前能够做足准备So thats what were working on.这就我们的工作Were working on getting the software to places我们努力把这套系统部署到位so people expect it, so people know how to use it让人们期待它,了解它的用法and so it can be filled ahead of time with that microinformation that drives recovery.在灾害发生前做好准备,用琐碎的信息援重建Its not rocket science.这不像研究火箭These tools are obvious and people want them.人们切实需要这些工具In our hometown, we trained a half-dozen residents to run these Web tools on their own.我们在家乡训练了6个居民,他们可以独立使用这些网络工具Because Caitria and I live here in Boston.因为Caitria和我住在波士顿They took to it immediately, and now they are forces of nature.他们很快就用上了,现在已经成了本能There are over three volunteer groups working almost every day,有三组志愿者几乎每天都在那里工作and have been since June 1st of last year,从去年6月1号就开始了to make sure that these residents get what they need and get back in their homes.为了让这些居民得到他们所需,重建家园They have hotlines and spsheets and data.他们有热线,记录单,数据And that makes a difference.效果十分明显June 1st this year marked the one-year anniversary of the Monson tornado.今年6月1日是Monson风灾的周年纪念And our communitys never been more connected or more empowered.我们的社区第一次如此团结和强大Weve been able to see the same transformation in Texas and in Alabama.我们能够看到同样的改变,发生在德克萨斯和亚拉巴马Because it doesnt take Harvard or MIT to fly in and fix problems after a disaster, it takes a local.因为这用不着哈佛或者MIT飞到灾区解决问题,它动员了当地的力量No matter how good an aid organization is at what they do, they eventually have to go home.不管一个救援组织多么出色,他们最终还是得回家But if you give locals the tools, if you show them what they can do to recover, they become experts.但是如果把工具交给当地居民,如果教给他们如何重建家园,他们就成了专家201605/444424。

新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 4暂无文本 /200606/7394。

And passing a budget that will make sure all of Americas priorities are funded without resorting to shutdown threats and last-minute gimmicks.投票通过预算确保所有美国的优先事项投资到位无停摆威胁临近最后一刻的尴尬。And none of this list even includes some other big priority that should get done.列表中还没有包括其他一些应该完成的高优先级的事项。Its been almost a decade, for example, since Congress voted to raise the minimum wage.例如自国会投票提高最低工资标准已经近10 年了。None of this should be controversial. All of it is within our reach.没有一件事情应该是有争议的。所有这些都属于我们的工作范围。This is America – we can do anything. We just need a Congress that works as hard as you do.这是美国,我们可以做任何事情。我们仅仅需要国会像你们一样努力工作即可。At the very least, we should expect that they do their jobs – and protect us from disease, help us recover from disaster,至少我们应该期待他们做该做的工作,保护我们防控疾病,帮助我们灾后重建家园,keep the Supreme Court above politics, and help our businesses grow and hire.保持最高法院远离政治游戏,帮助我们的企业成长并提供就业机会。So if any of these priorities matter to you, let your Congressperson know.如果这些优先事项与你有关,就告诉你们选区的国会议员。And if they still refuse to do their jobs – well, you know what to do in November.如果他们仍然拒绝做他们的工作,那么十一月该做什么事,你懂的。Our government only works as well as the people we elect. And thats entirely up to you.我们的政府只会如我们的选民期待的那样去工作。这完全取决于你们。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,周末愉快。201609/468364。

19. Good enough for... 好到足以······ 用法透视 如果要表示"足以做......",就可以在形容词后面加上"enough"。也可以说"enough to do" 。 持范例 1. The movie is good enough for the Oscar Award. 这部电影好得足以赢得奥斯卡奖。 2. He is capable enough for this dangerous job. 他的能力足够应付这件危险的工作。 3. I was fortunate enough to get a free ticket 我的运气好到得到了一张免费票。 会话记忆 A: What musical instrument do you play? 你会演奏什么乐器? B: I can play the piano a bit. 我会弹一点钢琴。 A: Then we can have one more program at our party? 那么我们的晚会能多个节目了? B: No, no. My playing isn't good enough for me to perform in public. 不行,不行。我的演奏还没好到可以当众表演的程度 /200705/13104。

乐宁外教口语天天练No.44Let's go to watch a flick tonightflick意指 movieLet's go to watch a flick tonight我们今晚一起去看电影吧谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200610/9494。

「美国习惯用语」第十二讲Follow your nose Pay through the nose 今天我们要讲两个由鼻子,也就是nose 这个字组成的俗语。鼻子是我们嗅觉和呼吸的工具,是人体的一个重要组成部份。大概也正因为如此,英语里许多常用的习惯用语都和nose这个字有联系。比如说,你到华盛顿来访问,要上白宫去参观,可是走在路上好像迷失了方向。于是,你就在马路上问人怎么去白宫。你得到的回答可能就是: 例句-1: "Turn left at the next corner and then follow your nose -- you can't miss it."这人说:“到前面的路口向左转,然后一直走就到了,你不会看不到的。” 很明显,这句句子里“follow your nose”的意思就是“一直走”。 Follow your nose还可以解释为利用嗅觉找到什么东西。例如: 例句-2: "You say you're looking for the French Bakery? Just walk two blocks north, turn left, and you can smell that wonderful smell of fresh b baking: just follow your nose and it will bring you right to the front door.”这人说:“你是说你在找那个法国面包店吗?往北走过两条街,然后向左转,你就会闻到那烤面包的香味。随着香味走就会把你带到那面包店的门口了。” “Follow your nose”在这句句子里着重的是嗅觉,而不是方向。 今天我们要讲的第二个常用的习惯用语是: Pay through the nose。 Pay就是付钱的意思。按字面上来解释,pay through the nose就是通过鼻子来付钱,这听起来似乎很痛苦。而实际上,pay through the nose的确切意思是付出比真正的价值高得多的钱,或者说付出的钱实在太多而感到心痛。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-3: "My brother Bob borrowed the money to open his restaurant five years ago when the interest rate was so high, so he's been paying through the nose ever since."这个人说:“我哥哥在五年前借钱开他那个饭馆的时候正好利率非常高。所以,他从那时起就一直在大笔大笔地还债。” 这样由于利息高而付许多钱来还债当然谁也不愿意。可是,也有人心甘情愿出高价来买那些他们认为值得买的东西。下面一个例子就可以说明这一点: 例句-4: "Life is funny. When the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was alive, nobody wanted to buy his pictures. But now rich people will pay through the nose for one, sometimes more than five million dollars."这句话的意思是:“人生实在是很有趣的。当那位有名的荷兰画家凡高还活着的时候,没有人要买他的画。可是,现在那些有钱人却愿意出高价买他的画,有时候一张画就要五百多万美元。”今天我们讲了两个和nose有关的常用词汇。第一个是 follow the nose。Follow the nose 可以指“一直走”,也可以解释为随着你闻到的味道去找什么东西,或什么地方。今天讲的第二个和nose有关的词汇是 to pay through the nose。To pay through the nose是付出很高价钱的意思。 /200601/2967。

即学即用英语会话词典A部分:喝酒 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14896。

Coding away, seeing who could go the fastest, write the most efficient code I think you call it today probably a hackathon And whoever lost that contest would have to go down the hall 比赛写代码 看谁的代码最快 最高效今天你们好像把它叫作hackathon(编程马拉松)比赛输掉的人 惩罚是到礼堂And touch mutant frog being grown by the biology department So the personal computer and later when I was working at Microsoft, the internet 摸生物系学生培育的变体青蛙个人计算机及后来我到微软工作时 出现的互联网It really started a communications revolution and I have three young children and as I watch how they use computers and phones today 真正开启了一场通讯革命我有三个孩子我观察了他们如今使用电脑和电话的方式I think the biggest difference between me on campus and you know a generation later is the way you communicate Now one popular way of describing this aspect of your lives 我想 我读书时 同你们这代人的最大差异就在于通讯方式用一句流行话来描述你们生活中的这个方面Is to say that youre connected Some pundits have aly started to refer to you all as Generation C One recent report I think kind of overdid the c-thing 也就是 你们是紧密相互联系的一些权威专家已经开始把你们称作是C的一代最近有一篇报道把C的概念无限放大了By saying that you are connected, communicating, content-centric community-oriented, always clicking It went on to say that for these reasons alone 说你们是联系的 通讯的 以内容为中心的以群体为导向的 总在点鼠标的一代文章继续说道 仅仅根据这些理由You will transform the world as we know it Now of course all this height about how connected you are has contributed to a counter narrative 你们就将改变现有的世界当然 你们这种紧密联系的属性也遭受到了质疑之声That in fact your generation is increasingly disconnected from the things that matter The arguments go something like this Instead of spending time with your friends 认为你们这一代人正逐渐同真正要紧的事物脱离联系相关论述大致如下你们不再花时间和朋友待在一起You spend time collecting friend requests Instead of enjoying that meal, you take a picture of it and immediately send it to your friends on Facebook 而是在网上不断囤积好友申请你们不再享受食物 只是喜欢拍照片然后马上分享到Facebook上201608/457717。