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U-turn 政策、战略、态度的急剧地根本性地改变The democratic party used to be against the tax increase,but since the runaway inflation,it took a U-turn on its tax policy.民主党本来是反对加税计划的,但由于通货膨胀加剧,民主党的税收政策来了个180度的大转弯.sell oneself short 自卑,自贱,妄自菲薄Don't sell yourself short,Mark. You can achieve anything if you really try.马克,别自卑(或别小瞧你自己)!如果你真下恒心的话,什么事都能做好的。◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201107/142882。

  • You look handsome,thank you,you too.you look great and Im so happy that you are here你看起来很帅 谢谢 你也是 你起色不错 很高兴 看到你来and I wanna catch up with,I havent seen you really in a long time我想跟你叙叙旧 真的很久没见你了20 years weve known each other.It...has it been that long 我们认识20年了 我们有那么久没见面吗Not since I have seen you in last few years.well it is a long time,isnt it不 因为我们过去几年还是见过面的 但我们的确很久没见了 不是吗Well I,and I couldnt be happier for you in all areas.But lets just talk about the movie我为你感到高兴 在任何方面都是 但是 让我们先谈谈电影Because I didnt know anything about baseball and I loved the movie因为我对棒球一点都不了解 而且我喜欢你的电影I just thought it was,I learned about baseball and I got invested我觉得它 我了解了棒球 而且投入其中and I thought this is,thats a pretty impressive movie to actually get you invested in something you know nothing about.so Congratulations on that,thank you我觉得这电影给人印象深刻 它能让你投入到完全不了解的东西里去 所以要祝贺你 谢谢Its a...Its pretty impressive they let me do it,because I also know nothing about baseball.really这 他们也真敢找我拍 因为我也一点都不了解棒球 真的吗very really,shameful.Its shameful that they even let me in the stadium绝对真的 很惭愧 他们居然还让我进摄影棚 太惭愧了But I really got taken with this story,these guys in...Its about Oakland As,well you guys saw it但是这个故事吸引了我 讲的是奥克兰运动家队的故事 你们已经看过了The Oakland As on 2002.A true story.A ture story and you know its a story about underdogs2002年奥克兰运动家队的故事 一个真实的故事 是真实的 关于底层的小人物and about people getting a chance who have been overlooked and undervalued and said they are more worthy and its kindda funny,Kidda funny关于被鄙视和低估的人如何得到机会 表达他们更有价值 其实挺有趣的 你们觉得有趣吗Its a,what do you mean you werent,I would have assumed you were obsessed with baseball这 你刚才是什么意思 我本来以为你应该很迷棒球Cause you kindda really make this movie happen,didnt you因为你演得很真实 不是吗I...yeah,well I stuck with it for a while,it was like...its based on a book by Michael Lewis which I highly recommend是的 我被棒球难住了一段时间 电影取材于Michael Lewis的书 我强烈推荐and its called Moneyball,The Science of Winning an Unfair Game叫做《魔球 逆境制胜的智慧》 /201611/476165。
  • Dustin Hoffmans in this movie.yeah.thats got to be an insane dream.达斯汀·霍夫曼参演了电影 一定是非常疯狂的美梦I mean,youve worked with a lot of greats,I worked with the four biggies.你和那么多大牌一起合作 我和四大名人合作过I worked with Nicholson,Pacino,Hoffman,and Hasselhoff.和尼克尔森 帕西诺 霍夫曼 哈塞尔霍夫合作过But you know,Dustin was great.Dustin,you know,one of my favorite acotrs.All of us have that feeling.达斯汀很好 他是我最爱的男演员之一 我们都有这样的感觉I remember when I was younger,I saw ;Marathon Man;.Great movie.One of the greatest.我记得我年轻时 我看了《霹雳钻》 非常棒的电影 最棒的电影之一Great performance by him,and Lawrence olivier.他的演绎非常精 还有劳伦斯·奥利佛I was little and I remember seeing that and being like,whoa,this is incredible.那时我还小 我记得 看到那电影 觉得太不可思议了My mother was like,isnt it awful with Nazis and just what they did?我妈妈说 纳粹 他们所做的事情是不是很可怕I was just like,and I was smiling and she was like,what are you smile,how could you smile?我当时在笑 她就说 你在笑什么 你怎么能笑得出I was like,Roy Schneider,hes a Jew?Shes like yeah.我说罗伊·施耐德是犹太人吗 他说是啊I go,wow,I didnt know we could be that good looking.我就说 天哪 我不知道我们可以长那么好看You were inspired by Roy,he was a great-looking guy.I was really used to my uncle Saul.I thought thats what was coming.你受到了罗伊的激励 他是个长相帅气的人 我习惯了我索尔叔叔的长相 我想就是会这样吧Thats fantastic.lets see,we have a clip here from ;The Cobbler;.I dont know which scene this is.Which scene is this?真是太棒了 我们有一段《鞋匠人生》的片段 我不知道是哪一段 这是哪一场景201703/500156。
  • 1. for no reason at all 无缘无故地 例句:There is absolutely no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause. 世上没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨。 2.blood relationship 血缘 例句:After all, we are sisters, have a blood relationship, even if we do not close, can not erase our relationship.我们毕竟是,有着血缘关系,就算我们不亲,也无法抹灭我们之间的关系。 3. tie the nuptial knot 喜结良缘 例句:Under French law , couples must tie the knot before a mayor to make their union official . 根据法国法律,新人举行婚礼必须有市长见,才可正式结为合法夫妻。 4.Fate brings together people who are far apart. 有缘终相逢。 5. A good marriage arranged in Heaven 天赐良缘。 6.I can’t tell the true shape of Lu Shan ,because I myself am on the mountain. 不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中。 7.Two beings destined to marry each other, though thousands of miles apart, are tied together with an invisible red th by an old man under the moonlight. 千里姻缘一线牵。 8.As decreed by providence you have met him; otherwise you might have failed although you traveled a long way. 有缘千里来相会,无缘对面不相逢。 9.It is a pity that we have no opportunity to meet each other. 真遗憾,我们一直无缘相见。 10. As luck would have it, I found a job. 机缘凑巧,我找到一份工作。 11.They are attracted to each other but are not fated to be conjugally tied. 他们俩有情无缘。 12. Smoking and drinking don’t appeal to me. 我与烟酒无缘。欢迎大家与max交流和提出宝贵意见 max邮箱:wangyongchao58@163.com /201110/157232。
  • 关键词:out of gas 精疲力竭短语释义:He ran out of gas a mile from home.他在离家还有一英里的地方把汽油用完了。out of有“缺乏”的意思,run out of表示“用完,耗尽”,比如run out of time用完时间;run out of money用光钱。在刚刚说到的句子中out of gas是指“燃料耗尽”。He ran out of gas a mile from home.他在离家还有一英里的地方把汽油用完了。Out of gas还有其他的意思。在美国口语中gas是gasoline的简写,意思是“汽油”。Out of gas意思是“没有汽油了”,试想一辆汽车要是没有汽油,就无法再前行了。用在人身上,就是比喻这人已经耗尽了能量和精神。也偶尔会有人说out of steam。Steam表示“蒸汽”,不要和stream(溪流)混淆在过去,人们经常以轮船为交通工具。第一艘成功的以蒸汽机(steam engine)为动力的蒸汽船于1776年在法国下水,所以现在也会有人用out of steam来表示“精疲力竭”。情景领悟:1. We are working against the clock to finish the report by Friday.汤姆做完瑜珈训练后,就筋疲力尽了。2. He runs out of steam shortly before the end of the race.他在快要跑完全程前已精疲力竭。本节目属 /201304/236921。
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