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厦门永久脱毛哪里做的好厦门最好整形医院Edward must have marvelled at the way the stripling boy grew into a steely and ruthless young man,爱德华肯定惊讶于 这个小男孩如何长成了一个冰冷残酷的年轻人eventually triumphing in battle over a formidable league of rebel nobles.并最终战胜强大的叛乱贵族联盟的While William was securing absolute power in Normandy,当威廉还在诺曼底保卫他的绝对权力时Edward was, by now, in the middle of a nervous reign,此时的爱德华正处在一个尴尬的时期continually having to look over his shoulder at his biggest threat, Earl Godwine.他不得不时时提防 他最大的威胁 戈德温伯爵But in 1051,Edward seized his chance to rid himself of his rival.但在1051年 爱德华抓住了摆脱这个政敌的机会Edward brought over Norman allies, established them in castles,made one Archbishop of Canterbury.爱德华说了诺曼盟友 将其安置在城堡里 并任命其中一人为坎特伯雷大主教Feeling his moment had now come,he confronted Godwine with crying his brother#39;s murder在觉得时机成熟之后 他当面嚎哭控诉戈德温谋杀了自己的哥哥and threw him out of the country.并将他驱逐出境But then his bid to rid himself of his sworn enemy failed miserably.但紧接着他为摆脱死敌的一切努力都付之东流In exile, the Earl of Wessex was just as dangerous as at home,流放中的韦塞克斯伯爵依然危险and sailed back with a fleet to humiliate the king.他带着一舰队回来羞辱国王Out went Edward#39;s Norman cronies,back came the Godwines stronger than ever.爱德华的旧友流放处境 回来的是比以往更为强大的戈德温Edward was now little more than a puppet king.此时的爱德华无异于一个傀儡国王He turned to the religious life,spending days in meditation and prayer,becoming, at last, ;The Confessor;,他把注意力转向了宗教生活 时间都花在了冥想和祈祷上 并最终成为了;忏悔者;devoting himself to the foundation of his Benedictine abbey upstream of London, his Westminster.他全身心地投入到修建这个位于伦敦上游的 本笃会教堂上 威斯敏斯特教堂 /201607/456393厦门去胎记可以用医保卡吗 Okay, get these bats on here.好了 拿起这里的蝙蝠I reckon with these, I#39;ll just gut it by pulling its head off, really.掂量了下 我要扯掉 它的脑袋取出内脏 真得这样And scared on this.On this bit of bamboo.This#39;s one.把它串起来 插在这根竹竿上 搞定一个Bats are carriers of rabies so they need to be well-cooked to kill the virus.蝙蝠是狂犬病的携带者 所以得烤到全熟以杀灭病毒Okay.Let that cook.This might not look like very much.好了 让它烤着吧 看上去可能不太够They definitely don#39;t look very tantalizing.它们看上去可不是很好吃But good jungle survival is just about having the mentality that you#39;ll eat anything但优秀的丛林生存者要有心理准备 吃下去任何and everything that#39;s gonna help you survive.和所有能帮你活下去的东西Tastes like something that#39;s been living in a dark, dank cave for a long time.吃上去很像长期活在 黑暗潮湿洞里的东西But it#39;s warming.Go...go check this guy out.不过是热乎乎的 看看这家伙Look at the size of that for a centipede.That is just a monster one.看这家伙 对于蜈蚣来说 简直成精了I was just about to get into my hammock, as well,我刚想爬到我的吊床上but that is why you want to be off the jungle floor.但这就是你为什么得离开丛林的地表Do not want to be sharing your bed with that.不想和这些同床共枕That#39;s the danger of having an open-door policy in the jungle.Put him in the fire.在丛林里露天而眠就有这样的危险 把它丢到火里This giant centipede packs a seriously venomous bite,and eating him is not a good idea.这个巨型蜈蚣咬人时会吐出剧毒毒液 吃它可不是什么好事Best left well alone.Put some straw in on the heat.Ah, mad day, mad day.最好丢得远远的 给营火添一点竹杆 折腾的一天 折腾的一天There#39;s an old chinese proverb that says,中国有句古语说tomorrow will always be a better day,so here#39;s hoping to that.明天会更好 真希望能如此 Article/201607/456574At first, he#39;d been innocent of the Lord#39;s design.最初 他也没有参透上帝的意图For years, he just led the life of an obscure East Anglian country gentleman.多年来 他只是盎格鲁东部 一名平庸的绅士Just as Cromwell was beginning to make his way in the world,正在克伦威尔开始闯荡世界时some sort of crisis happened to his modest fortune.他衣食无忧的生活遭受了挫折But what the world might have seen as misfortune was, through the cunning of the Almighty, his saving grace.然而在世人看来不幸的遭遇 经由上帝巧妙地安排 却成了对他的恩典He underwent some kind of religious conversion.他的宗教信仰发生了转变The vanities were stripped away so he might be opened to the light.浮华不再 他终于愿意接受光明Oh, I lived in and loved darkness and hated the light!我曾欣然藏身于黑暗之中 厌恶光明This is true. I hated Godliness,yet God had mercy on me.是的 我过去并不虔诚 然而上帝却仍眷顾着我Oh, the riches of His mercy!仁慈爱的主啊The sense that God had some special service for him made a new man of Cromwell.天将降大任于己身的信念 使克伦威尔面貌一新He knew where he was going. He knew what had to be done.他有着明确的方向 也清楚自己的使命What had been done was tear the sword out of the hands of the untrustworthy, Papist-loving king.他的使命就是夺过不可信赖的 宣扬教皇至上的国王手中的杀伐之剑He went to war as a complete novice with no military experience whatsoever.初入沙场时 他只是一名毫无军事经验的新手But his sense of divine appointment was his armour.但心中神圣的使命感 就是他的甲胄It made him supremely confident, cool under fire,but never reckless.这使他极度自信 遇事不慌 却从不鲁莽 /201703/501060福建厦门市第二人民医院咨询

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