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Berlin is calling on Google to disclose details of the secret formula that has allowed it to monopolise web search in Europe, in a move that is likely to be welcomed by competitors and fiercely resisted by the US tech company.柏林方面呼吁谷歌(Google)公布使其得以垄断欧洲互联网搜索市场的详细秘方,此举可能会受到谷歌竞争对手的欢迎,但将遭到这家美国科技公司的强烈抵制。In an interview with the Financial Times, Germany’s justice minister Heiko Maas said Google had to become more “transparent” about the algorithm used to create search engine rankings.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,德国司法部长海科#8226;马斯(Heiko Maas)表示,谷歌必须在用来创建其搜索引擎排名的算法方面变得更为“透明”。But Robert Kimmitt, a former US ambassador to Germany, was highly critical of his comments. European companies and countries “should be concerned about calls for appropriation of intellectual property”, he told the FT.但曾任美国驻德国大使的罗伯特#8226;金米特(Robert Kimmitt)毫不留情地批评了马斯的言论。他告诉英国《金融时报》,欧洲的企业和国家“应为侵占知识产权的呼声感到担忧。”The new offensive comes with Google and other US internet companies facing pressure across Europe over their growing dominance of online markets and handling of personal data in the wake of the US internet surveillance scandal.在德国针对谷歌发起新一轮攻势之际,谷歌及其他美国互联网企业在欧洲面临压力,焦点是它们在网络市场日益增强的主导地位,以及它们在美国互联网监控丑闻之后处理个人数据的方法。Brussels took the unprecedented step last week of rejecting Google’s third tentative peace settlement of a case over whether the company exploits its dominant position in search to promote in-house services in areas including shopping, flights and restaurants.欧盟上周采取空前举措,拒绝了谷歌就一起案件的第三次暂时和解,此案涉及谷歌是否利用其在搜索领域的主导地位推广在购物、航班和餐厅等领域的内部务。Mr Maas said: “In the end it relates to how transparent the algorithms are that Google uses to rank its search results. When a search engine has such an impact on economic development, this is an issue we have to address.”马斯表示:“最终,这关乎谷歌用来创建搜索结果排名的算法有多透明。当一家搜索引擎对于经济发展产生如此重大的影响时,我们必须解决这个问题。”Google’s algorithm is the “secret sauce recipe” that has enabled it to dominate search. Critics say its formulas are skewed to hurt rivals and want them published to ensure accountability. Google argues that such transparency would hand rivals its business secrets.谷歌的算法是“秘方”,使其能够在搜索领域占据主导地位。批评者称,其算法偏向于损害竞争对手,他们希望谷歌公布这些方法,以尽到义务。谷歌辩称,这种透明度将把自己的商业秘密奉送给竞争对手。Germany has been instrumental in European efforts to constrain Google’s overwhelming market power. Senior government figures and business leaders have pushed hard for major changes in the way Google conducts its business in the EU.在欧洲努力限制谷歌巨大的市场影响力方面,德国起到了积极的推动作用。该国政府高层人物和商界领袖一直在大力推动,以促使谷歌在欧盟开展业务的方式发生重大改变。Mr Maas said Google’s general web search service has a market share of more than 90 per cent in the EU, compared with 68 per cent in the US.马斯表示,在欧盟,谷歌的一般性网络搜索务占据逾90%的市场份额,而在美国的市场份额为68%。“I therefore believe that Google’s power over consumers and market operators is extraordinary,” he said. “We have to think about what precautions are in place so that this power is not abused.”“因此,我认为谷歌对于消费者和市场运营商的影响力特别巨大,”他表示,“我们必须思考要采取哪些预防措施,以保这种影响力不被滥用。” /201409/328666

日前,美国福克斯新闻评选出了;改变世界的十四大发明;,从阿司匹林到抽水马桶、从车轮到胸罩,上榜的发明涉猎范围广泛、时间跨度巨大。中国人发明的指南针和纸也没有被;遗忘;,成功入选了这个榜单。What#39;s the greatest invention since sliced cheese? Wait: Why is sliced cheese so great in the first place? Here are 14 inventions that REALLY changed the world ; cheese not included.自从切片奶酪问世以来,最伟大的发明是什么?等等:为什么切片奶酪如此伟大呢?以下是实实在在改变了世界的14个伟大发明;;当然不包括奶酪。 /201112/166317

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