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汤姆·香农展示了他的抵抗重力,非自然的雕塑——它们是用简单的自然的材料制成的——像星球一样在磁铁和悬挂线上浮动和旋转。这由科技启发的艺术极具神圣性。 Article/201411/344460

The rainbow,as we know it,is Red,Organge,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet.ROYGBV,I#39;m ignoring Indigo because,let#39;s be honest,Indigo?But where exactly is violet? Is it at the end here?This dark blue? And what#39;s this brighter light blue-green ?Cyan,perhaps?Why don#39;t we say the rainbow is Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue?虹的颜色嘛,当然是红橙黄绿蓝紫 ROYGBV 我把靛省掉了,靛色,逗我呢?那么紫色哪去了呢?是在这深蓝色最末端吗?这个浅蓝绿色是啥,青色嘛?为啥我们不说虹是红橙黄绿青蓝(木有紫)的呢?ROYGCB Well,we actually do,and we#39;ve just forgotten.When Isaac Newton originally observed a rainbow of light split by a prism and made his labeling of the colors as RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueIndigoViolet,the thing he called ;blue;was indeed what we would now call blue-green,teal or cyan-reminiscent of the color of the blue sky.ROYGCB其实,我们曾经的确这么说,当牛顿最初通过棱镜观察散射的虹光并为颜色标上“红橙黄绿蓝靛紫”时,他们所说的“蓝”是我们今天所指的蓝绿色,或说青色,让人思绪无穷的天空的颜色。And what we now tend to call blue,Newton called violet as in,roses are red,violets are blue,Dark blue.He only included indigo in his fundamental;seven colors of the rainbow;so that they would match the number of notes of the western musical scale:Do re mi fa so la ti...yeah.我们今天所说的蓝在牛顿口中是“紫”就是,红玫瑰,紫罗兰,也就是深蓝色。他在“七色虹”中引入靛色,只是为了和西方的音乐音阶数量相配:哆来咪发嗦啦啼,就酱紫。Purple and magenta,as we know,don#39;t occur in the rainbow from a prism because they can only be made as a combination of red and blue light,and those are on opposite sides of the rainbow,nowhere near overlapping.So there#39;s no purple or hot pink in the rainbow from a prism.Violet is there in the ;roses are red,violets are BLUE;sense,but purple is not.正如我们所知,紫色和品红并不在棱镜折射出的虹里,因为它们只能通过红蓝光叠加产生,而这两者在虹的两端,完全不可能叠加嘛。因此,棱镜折射出的虹中没有紫色或亮粉色。“红玫瑰,紫罗兰”中有蓝紫色,但没有紫色。So then why do rainbows in the sky often look like they have pruple in them? I suspect sometimes it#39;s an optical illusion whereby nice deep blues in small amounts surrounded by a lighter color appear purplish to our eyes.However,sometimes purple and pink really are there,because a rainbow is really a rain-disk:each color of sunlight reflects back in a bright rimmed disc,all of different sizes,which together add up to make a white disk with a colorful rim.那么,为啥天上的虹看上去有紫色呢?我认为,这可能是一种视错觉,小面积的深蓝被亮色环绕时看碟上去像是紫色。不过,有时紫色和粉色真的出现过,因为虹终究还是“蝶”,日光中的每一种颜色反射在光边盘上,环大小各不相同,它们叠加在一起,形成有着色边缘的白碟。But because light is a wave,interference from the raindrops themselves actually gives each disk multiple rings:the familiar outer ring is just the brightest.The others are called;supernumerary rings;and are the source of supernumerary rainbows.The smaller the raindrops,the stronger the supernumerary bows.And if the drops are the right size,the first red supernumerary ring can overlap significantly with the main dark blue ring,and what do red and blue give?Purple!由于光的波动性,两滴产生的干涉使碟出现多个环,我们所熟悉的外环是最亮的一个,其他的被称为“多余环”是多余虹的起源。雨滴越小,多余虹越明显。如果雨滴大小恰到好处,第一个红色多余环会叠加在主环的深蓝环上 ,红加蓝等于,紫色!So as the saying goes,roses are red,violets are blue,and purple in a rainbow is a supernumerary hue.所以,正如俗话说,红玫瑰,紫罗兰,蓝紫的虹,就是多余环。 Article/201504/365631

the Arabian Desert, 1,400 years ago.一千四百年前的阿拉伯沙漠中Buried deep beneath...gold.浩瀚沙漠深处埋藏着 黄金It#39;ll help build a new civilization,它会帮助人类建立起新的文明Founded on a new religion: Islam.其基础是一个新的宗教: 伊斯兰教The Mahad Al Dahab mine,在马哈达·达哈卜的矿井里worked by a thousand slaves,一千名奴隶正在工作Owned by Al-Hajjaj Al-Bahizi.矿井为哈加吉·巴希齐所有From the same tribe as the prophet Mohammed.他和先知穆罕迈德来自同一个部落Aly a mining tycoon,他已是一个矿产大亨soon worth his weight in gold.现在又将目光投向黄金Gold is an amazing metal,It#39;s easy to work with, it doesn#39;t tarnish.黄金是一种很奇特的金属 它可塑性强 不易褪色或失去光泽And it#39;s so beautiful That it seems to symbolize wealth and royalty且外观精美 这些特性似乎都在By its very existence.彰显着财富和皇室气息All the gold ever mined comes from outer space,至今所有开采出来的黄金都来自于外太空From a time almost four billion years ago,源于大约四十亿年前Known as the #39;heavy bombardment#39;.的一场被称为大爆炸的陨石雨Asteroids carrying traces of gold rained down on the earth.那时蕴含有黄金的小行星纷纷砸落在地球上 Article/201511/408181

When Michael gave his speech from Neverland,迈克尔在梦幻庄园开记者会时we watched it in the green room backstage at this TV show.我们在后台的绿屏室观看l ask all of you to wait and hear the truth.我请求你们等真相揭发And l remember seeing it with La Toya thinking, #39;This is your brother我一边与拉托雅观看 一边心想 这是你亲弟弟#39;and you#39;re getting y to go on television你现在正准备要上电视#39;and l#39;m gonna ask you these questions我将要问你这些问题#39;and the lie detector#39;s gonna be swinging like crazy. #39;测谎器一定会大声作响And suddenly, La Toya#39;s price for that interview拉托雅那次访谈的价码had gone up to, like, ,000 from 0,000.突然从一万跳到十万Jack said, #39;You know, this is now the biggest story in the world,杰克说 这可是全球最抢手的新闻#39;and La Toya is going to be paid appropriately. #39;拉托雅应该得到应有的报酬And the show would not pay her that money,节目不肯付那个价钱and so, l ended up getting a free trip to Madrid.结果是我赚到一趟去马德里的机票They served a search warrant on me,他们对我发拘捕令which allowed them to view and photograph my body, including my penis,强制的观看并摄影我的身体 包括性器官my buttocks, my lower torso, thighs and any other area that they wanted.我的臀部 下半身 大腿 以及任何他们想要拍摄的部位Michael did talk to me about the strip search.迈克尔有跟我聊过脱衣搜身的事Basically, he said it was the most humiliating experience of his life.他说是他此生最感到羞辱的经历He couldn#39;t believe that it could happen.他从未想过会发生这种事He couldn#39;t imagine that the law provided for such a thing.他无法想象法律竟会允许这种事Who would stoop as low as trying to take pictures of a person#39;s genitals,有谁会没格调到愿意拍摄一个人的性器官and just trying to humiliate him like that?好来羞辱他?That was terrible.真是太糟糕了 Article/201510/403514

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