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Oh hey, guys! We were just practicing our sad faces.噢,嗨,伙计们!我们刚刚只是练习我们的悲伤表情Ooo, good one, Squeaks!哦,Squeaks,做得不错Chances are you can#39;t look any more miserable than this deep-sea creature: Meet the blobfish!现在有机会让你看到最悲惨的深海生物:遇见水滴鱼It#39;s got a pretty good reason to look so bummed. It#39;s been called the world#39;s ugliest animal.它有个完美的理由使它看起来很悲伤。(因为)它被称为世界上最丑的动物Which really isn#39;t a nice thing to say.这说起来真不是件好事I mean, it might not be as cute as a panda or a kitten,我的意思是,它可能没有熊猫或猫咪那样可爱,but the blobfish#39;s funny-looking body actually helps it to survive in its harsh underwater environment.但水滴鱼滑稽的身体确能帮它在残酷的水下环境里生存The blobfish lives in the ocean off the coast of Australia. And it lives really, really deep.水滴鱼生活在远离澳大利亚沿岸的深海。那里的水真得很深How deep? Almost at the sea floor—that#39;s nearly 10 times deeper than where most ocean animals live.有多深呢?几乎是在海底,比大部分海洋动物生活的水域深近10倍。Not many animals could survive where the blobfish lives.几乎没有动物能在水滴鱼生活的地方生存Down there, it#39;s pitch-black because sunlight can#39;t even reach that far;下沉到那儿,因为光线到不了那儿,所以一片漆黑。The temperature is just a few degrees above freezing; and the pressure is extremely high.温度只有几度,水压特别大。So what#39;s this pressure we#39;re talking about? Well, if you#39;re at the bottom of the ocean,我们谈论的水压是什么呢?假如你在海底,the weight of all the water on top of you presses down really hard.上面所有水的重量都结结实实地压在你身上And it squeezes you—like a really, really tight bear hug!水在挤压你——像是一个很用力很用力的熊抱So how does the blobfish survive with all this intense pressure?那么水滴鱼在这么大的压力下是怎样生存的呢?Well, that#39;s where its “ugliness” is actually a plus!这就是它的“丑陋”带来的好处The blobfish has a gooey, jelly-like body that can handle the squeezing from all of that underwater pressure.水滴鱼有一个胶黏的,像果冻一样的身体,这能帮助它抵御所有的水压In fact, it has almost no muscle, and very few bones. It#39;s almost pure squish!事实上,它几乎没有肌肉,骨头也很少。它几乎是扁的!But it#39;s still able to do things like move and eat, because its blobbiness makes it buoyant.但是它仍能移动,觅食,因为它水滴状的身体能使它上升And this means it can just float comfortably right above the ocean floor without having to use too much energy to swim.这意味着它不用费大力气游泳就可以舒适地飘离海底And it mostly just swallows food that happens to float on by.它大部分是在漂浮的时候吞咽食物Which I have to admit would be pretty neat.我得承认这十分优雅。Could you imagine cheeseburgers just floating into your mouth?!你可以想象芝士汉堡漂进你的嘴里吗?So the blobfish is blobby for a lot of good reasons.所以水滴鱼呈滴状有充分的理由And to its underwater friends, it probably doesn#39;t look so ugly at all.而且对比它的水下朋友,它可能看起来也没那么丑Scientists actually think that—when it#39;s at home on the ocean floor—事实上,科学家认为——当这种生物生活在海底——the blobfish probably looks more like the other fish that we know.水滴鱼可能更像我们熟知的其他鱼。That#39;s because the pressure at the bottom of the ocean squeezes its body into that shape.那是因为海底的压力压得它的身体变成了那种形状But most of the blobfish that we#39;ve seen have been caught by fishing nets, and brought up out of the ocean.但我们见过的大多数水滴鱼已经被渔网捕捞,带离了大海And when a blobfish is taken away from the pressure that gives its body that shape, well, it looks blobbier than usual.当水滴鱼脱离能塑造它形状的压力后,好吧,它比平常看起来更像个团子So is the blobfish really ugly? Well, maybe to some people.那么水滴鱼真的是很丑吗?可能有一部分人这样认为Is it awesome? Definitely.它厉不厉害?那是当然的Thanks for learning about the blobfish with me and Squeaks.感谢您与我和Squeaks一起学习水滴鱼的故事。We#39;re going to go ahead and practice our silly faces now, hope you guys do too.我们继续开始练习我们的鬼脸,希望你们也能一起做哦 Article/201706/513615

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