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第一步:原句放送You have no right to make her cry if you never made her smile. have right to 有权利干;第二步:背诵达人若你不曾让她笑过,那你就没权利让她哭。第三步:天衣无缝You have no to make her cry if you made her .第四步:举一反三You have no right to make her cry if you never made her smile.第五步:背诵达人 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/194341Mr. Parsons: Now, if I look here I see that you completed a BA in English? Rebecca:Yes, that’s right. After graduating from high school in New York I attended York University in the UK. My major was English, and my minor was business studies. I completed my BA in 2004. Mr. Parsons: Yes, I’m pleased to see that you also got a distinction. Rebecca:Yes that’s right. I’ve always enjoyed studying. My friends say I’m a bit of a bookworm, but my father always pushed us to succeed academically. Mr. Parsons: Well, it looks like his encouragement paid off Rebecca. So how about extracurricular activities at University ?Rebecca:Well I’ve always been keen on writing, so I became the editor for the University student magazine, which I really loved. Also I volunteered for a group called Shelter, to help the homeless in York. Mr. Parsons: What did that involve? Rebecca:Providing warm meals and shelter, especially in the winter months. I found it really fulfilling to be part of that group. Mr. Parsons: I’m sure. Okay, now let’s move on to your work experience, shall we?Rebecca:Yes, okay. /201107/144969

I am broke.我很穷。讲解:以前在国内说自己很穷总喜欢用 I am poor 这样的句子. 但现在美国 I am poor 用得并不多. 一般会用到 poor 这个字都是讲穷人 poor people 而言, 当然说我很穷用 I am poor 也没错. 可是相较之下说 I am broke 的更多. 比方说别人邀请你去吃饭, 你可以说 No, I am broke. Maybe next time. /201505/373534

跟我学英语视频教程发音纯正,简单易懂,入门级适合英语初学者。 /201201/168829


  本期话题:“再来一个”到底怎么说?“又来了”呢?Encore 要求再演或唱After you! 您先请。Here you are.给你There you go. 给你(递给别人东西的时候)Here we go again. 老调重弹 /201504/368683。


  A: Howdy! Nice car! What seems to be the problem? B: I don’t know! This stupid old car started spewing white smoke and it just died on me. Luckily, I managed to start it up and drive it here. What do you think it is? A: Not sure yet.How about you pop the hood and we can take a look. Hmmm, it doesn’t look good. B: What do you mean? My daddy gave me this car for my birthday last month. It’s brand new! A: Well missy, the white smoke that you saw is steam from the radiator. You overheated your engine so now the pistons are busted and so is your transmission. You should have called us and we could have towed you over here when your car died. B: Ugh... So how long is this going to take? An hour? A: I’m afraid a bit more than that. We need to order the spare parts, take apart your electrical system, fuel pump and engine and then put it back together again. You are going to have to leave it here for at least two weeks. B: What! How am I supposed to get to school or go shopping? This is not happening! 【文章大意】谈话围绕修车进行。B的新车出了问题,车冒白烟,半路熄火,A是修理工,诊断发动机出了问题。 /201009/114758每日一句口语:Memories can make you smile, but it can very well make you cry hard.回忆,有时令你嘴角上扬,有时也能让你潸然泪下。【知识点讲解】make sb do sth 让某人做某事例句:When u see sb. do sth. wrong, just make it changed about ur daughter.当您看到老师对于您女儿的教育做错事情的时候,你应该让错误得到纠正。 /201408/317471

  I want to go downtown.我想去市区。 Take the bus.It’s only 10 dollars.乘公交去,只需要十美元。If I take bus 223, will I reach my destination?我乘223路公车, 可以到吗?Yes, it runs every 10 minutes.可以,这路车每十分钟一趟。【part 2】I can’t hear the tour guide.我听不见导游的话。Ask her to speak slowly,and to turn up the volume.叫她讲慢一点, 并且把音量放大一点。Are you having trouble hearing her also?像听她说话也有困难吗?Yes, but I’ve taken this tour before,I don’t need to listen to the guide.是的,但是我以前来旅游过, 我不需要听导游的讲解。OK.哦【part 3】Give me a ticket to Paris, please.给我一张去巴黎的车票。One-way or round-trip?单程还是来回?One-way, please. 单程。 【part 4】 Oh! Watch out, the door is closing.小心!车门要关了。I just made it.我刚好冲上来。Hold on the strap.The subway stops suddenly sometimes.拉住抓环, 地铁有时候会突然刹车。I wish we could get a seat. 要是我们有位子坐就好了。It ’s always crowded at rush hour. 高峰时间总是很挤的。Maybe someone will get off.也许有人会下车, And then we will be able to sit down. 那时我们就可以坐下来了。【part 5】Taxi,please.计程车。 Where to, mad'am?,您要上哪?The railway station, and step on it.火车站,快一点。I ’ve got to be there in 15 minutes.我必须15分钟就到那里。 Piece of cake.小事一桩。 I can get you there in 15 minutes,traffic or no traffic.我15分钟之内包管把你送到,不管交通阻塞不阻塞。 【part 6】Your flight home is today.你今天飞回家。How has your holiday been? 假期过得怎么样?Terrible.很糟糕。I’m sorry to hear that. What’s wrong? 很抱歉听到这个消息。发生什么了?When I arrived, my plane was late.当我到达的时候,飞机晚点了。Well,that’s not so bad.也不是很糟糕啊。 And they lost my luggage.而且航空公司遗失了我的行李。Yeah,that is frustrationg.的确是受打击的。Then, my first day on the subway,I got lost.之后,我的第一天就在地铁迷路了。Oh, that happens to everyone!哦,经常有人迷路啊!And then a thief stole my camera.但是有个小偷把我的相机给偷了。Oh no!不是吧!Yeah, I tried to buy a new one,but I couldn’t.是的,我想买个新的,但是也失败了。Why not?为什么?The thief got my credit card too.小偷把我的信用卡也偷了。Ouch!天哪!Yeah, it’s been horrible.是啊,太倒霉了。Well, I guess you’re happy to go home today.我想你很高兴今天回家。 No, I’m not leaving today.不,我今天走不了。Why not?为什么?I can’t find my passport.我找不到我的护照。【开心一刻】A:Is this my train?B:No,sir.It belongs to the railroad company.A:Don't be fun.Can I take this train to Boston?B:No,sir.It's much too heavy. /201109/151944


  央行24日首次就“钱荒”正式公开表态。央行认为,当前中国体系流动性总体处于合理水平,但由于金融市场变化因素较多,且临近半年末重要时点,客观上对商业流动性管理提出了更高的要求。央行要求各金融机构继续认真贯彻稳健货币政策,切实提高风险防范意识,不断提高流动性管理的主动性和科学性,继续强化流动性管理,促进货币环境稳定。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道China#39;s liquidity crunch won#39;t pose systemic risks to the world#39;s second-largest economy, but the central bank needs to rethink its policy, said analysts.分析家表示,中国流动资金紧缩的现象不会对这个世界第二大经济体构成系统风险,但是央行需要重新考虑一下政策。【讲解】iquidity crunch是流动资金紧缩;systemic risk是系统风险。流动资金紧张造成中国股市震荡,截至收盘,上海券综合指数(Shanghai Composite Index)报1959点,跌0.19%,这是近七个月以来的最低指。深成指(Shenzhen Component Index)报7495点跌(shrink)1.23%,成交额1096亿元。周一,中国短期同业拆息(short-term interbank rates)在两周时间内上升至不寻常的水平,央行呼吁贷款人(lender)谨慎控制信贷扩张(credit expansion)偏快可能导致的流动性风险,发出无意缓解现金短缺(cash crunch)的信号,投资者担心这会加剧(exacerbate)经济下滑趋势。央行的声明使股市(stock market)遭受了沉重的打击(take a heavy toll on)。投资者担心现金短缺(cash squeeze)会使限制(put the brake on)新贷款(new lending),这可能会成为会拖累(drag)经济。 /201306/245404。

  日前,上海市体育局与华山医院签署了医疗保障协议,华山医院成为上海市奥运会项目世界三大赛冠军的医疗保障定点医院。该协议被解读为奥运冠军奖享受终身免费医保。对此上海有关部门予以否认。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道A Shanghai hospital and the city#39;s sports authority on Wednesday denied claims they provide free medical services and preferential treatment to the city#39;s elite athletes.周三,上海一家医院和上海体育局否认他们为上海籍优秀运动员提供免费医疗务和优惠待遇。【讲解】free medical services就是免费医疗务。上周,华山医院和上海市体育局签署医疗保障协议,给23名上海籍世界冠军(world champion)运动员享受终身免费医疗务(lifetime of free medical services)和免费医保(exempted from paying medical insurance),其中包括110米栏运动员(110m hurdler)刘翔和四名杰出教练。消息一出引来不少争议,有人批评说,冠军已经获得了众多荣誉和现金奖励(cash rewards),他们不应该再得到额外的优待,尤其是已经处于压力中的医疗务(medical services),而应该更多的关心那些普通的运动员。许多人指责决策者(decision-maker)滥用公费(abuse public money)提供免费医疗务作为奖励,而且这会引起更多的社会不公平现象(social unfairness)。华山医院,是一家有名的运动损伤(sports injuries)治疗机构,该医院周三表示,医院提供的只是绿色通道务(;green channel; services),包括免去排队、由专家(veteran medical workers)诊治、专人陪同等,但并不涉及免费医保。周三,上海市体育局也回应说,运动员在参加上海市基本医疗保险的基础上,采取购买医疗商业保险的方式,进一步给予医疗保障。超出个人医疗保险(personal medical insurance)和商业保险(commercial insurance)范畴的医疗费用(medical bill)仍由本人承担。上海市体育局此前表示,华山医院将为上海市的世界冠军提供较高水平的医疗保障(quality medical services),该项目只针对奥运奖牌获得者、世界冠军以及世界杯比赛的冠军(world cup winners)。上海市医疗保险有关人士表示,运动员和教练员没有医疗保险规定外的任何特权(privilege)。如果他们参加保险计划(insurance program),那他们就和其他保险客户(insurance customer)享有同样的权益。虽然相关各方都做出了澄清(clarification),公众依旧认为这种优惠待遇(preferential treatment)不公平。 /201303/231416

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Santa Claus _____ popular when Three was younger.a) wasb) wasn#39;t2) Some _______ for Santa to come to their houses.a) religious families prayb) rich families pay3) Three thinks that Santa Clauses are _______ than Western ones.a) smallerb) smarter本期话题Topic:Is Sata Claus popular in your country?Hello, this is Three, and the question of today is: ;Is Santa Claus popular in your country?;. Santa Claus was not popular when I was a kid, however recently, influence from the Western culture, Christmas is celebrated by everyone, despite their religion, and Santa Claus has become more and more popular among kids. Some rich families even pay Santa Claus to come to their houses and give their kids presents. However, I think that Vietnamese Santa Claus are much smaller and thinner comparing with those from Western countries.听力b b a /201307/247261

  近期圈多起明星吸毒被捕事件,不仅败坏社会风气,也给许多片方造成了不可挽回的影响。昨天,终于有片方使出杀手锏,要求演员签订道德条款并在进组前进行验尿毒检,此外还要签署一份道德协议,以保剧组顺利开机和后期顺畅的播出。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道A film producer has demanded actors take drug tests before shooting begins after a media watchdog banned stars who are involved with drugs or prostitution.由于媒体监管机构封杀涉毒涉黄明星,一名电影制片人要求演员在进组拍摄前要先进行毒品检测。【讲解】take drug tests进行毒品检测;stars who are involved with drugs or prostitution是涉毒涉黄明星。演员罗云熙、刘冠翔微晒出体检单(physical examination charts),透露参演新剧《奶爸当家》要先验尿,并表示这是他们演艺生涯中第一次遇到这种要求。该剧制作人张珺涵表示,对演员进行尿检是为了避免投资者(investors)的损失,电视剧的投资高达几百万元,如果演员涉嫌参与违法事件(illegal affairs),那投资者就要承担所有风险(take all the risks)。同时他表示,每个演员签约时,合约(contracts)里还有一个条款(clause)是‘道德承诺书’,如果违约,每个演员最起码要赔偿片酬的两倍(return double what they are paid for)。去年,新闻出版广电总局正式下发通知,禁止劣迹艺人参与影视剧创作拍摄(should not be invited to appear in any films and TV series)以及节目制作,凡是有劣迹的导演、编剧、演员等主创人员参与制作的电影、电视节目、网络剧、微电影等也都被要求暂停播出(put on hold),各大网站也涉及其中。广电总局表示,这些劣迹明星给青少年树立了坏榜样(set a bad example for the youth)。 /201504/367636

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