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印度著名学者帕塔奈克士从独特的视角对印度和西方的神话进行了比较,向我们展示出这两种截然不同的对于神灵、生死、人生和天堂的信仰体系如何成为东西方长期以来互相误解的根源。201408/319872南昌武警总队医院治疗狐臭多少钱LeBron James Appears Headed to NBA Free AgencyThe big news from one of the biggest stars in sports. Lebrebron James has become a free agent. Miami Heat superstar would become one of the most sought-out players in basketball history.Turn out the big news from one of the big stars in sports. Maiami superstar lebran jame become free agent wants to explore the option, but king jame really want to leave the heat, this is a power plated for the change of the team? AS Meg has the story.the king of the D that no look pass, the clucth of three maybe on the market for new empire to reign over,brown james, AKA, king james. the anouncement free agency tuesday, just weeks after his team, miami mounted in the MBA finals against san antony spurs in the teams fourth straigt finals.he ia arguably theleague best player, he is not the best heat player, ranking 9th just under 20million dollars a year.but he took a paycut 2010, breaking clevelands heart and head to miami,the much marked media stunt for a decision. where might be he taking his talent next? by opting out of the contract, tuesday the 29 years superstar has more options, could even resign for more money. Miami still the top choice because it can offer lebran the longest and most lucrative contract, and son could even go to home to cleveland. if they give lebran james, you could argue very strongly, they have more talent around him now, they had before when he was there, they won 66 game one year, 61 another. his wife instant pictture fueling the speculation he might be just doing that.the chicargo bulls and huston rocket are contender and both la clipplier and la lakers are reported in the hunt.wheerever he goes next season, is definitely going to be a contendering team. of course, the most intrigerring question is will lebran dump miamia and return to his first love cleveland. odds is that is not going to happen, but here is that the snagging him is so important, a study show since bredon came to heat, the team bring in 1.4 billion dollars and 21000 jobs to the miami economy. /201407/309772南昌/三甲医院去疤痕怎样Being a good neighbor is just as important in the office as it is at home.无论是在家中还是在办公室,做一个好邻居同样重要。You Will Need你需要A cubicle格子间Nearby cubicle dwellers附近的格子间同事And some common sense一些常识Steps步骤STEP 1 Be quiet1.安静Noise from neighboring cubicles is the number one complaint of the office-less, so keep your voice down.来自隔壁格子间的噪音是办公室排在第一位的控告,所以,声音小一点。STEP 2 Attend personal needs out of sight2.私下处理私人问题Attend to personal needs like fixing wedgies, picking tuna out of your teeth, and clipping nails in a more appropriate venue—like the restroom.在合适的场合——例如休息室处理私人问题,例如整理鞋跟,剔牙,剪指甲等等。Keep your shoes on. Even if your tootsies smell sweet, bare or stocking feet arent appropriate in a professional setting.穿好鞋子,即使你没有脚臭,光脚或只穿袜子都不是职业化的场合应该出现的。STEP 3 Dont make personal calls3.不要打私人电话Make personal phone calls outside or in a vacant room with a door you can close. Nobody wants to hear you leaving messages for your cat.在外面或可以把门关上的空房间内打私人电话。没有人想听你给自己的猫留言。Be deaf to your colleagues personal conversations. Dont reference anything you overheard and, for heavens sake, dont throw in your two cents.对同事的私人对话充耳不闻。不要提及不小心听到的任何内容,而且千万不要插嘴。STEP 4 No offensive-smelling food4.不要吃味道刺激的食物If you eat at your desk, make sure your meal doesnt include anything offensive or strong-smelling.如果在办公桌前吃东西,确保不要吃味道太怪异或刺激的食物。About 40 million people work in cubicles, and in 2001 the average worker had 355 square feet of office space.大约4000万人在格子间里工作。2001年,每一位工作人员平均拥有355平方英尺的办公区域。视频听力译文由。201406/307755A workaholic spouse may not mean to be absent or inattentive, but you need some relief and cooperation to manage the pressure that inevitably results. Discover ways to save the relationship and your sanity.工作狂配偶并不意味着经常不在或疏忽你的感受,但是这不可避免会造成压力,你需要一些安慰和合作。观看这段视频,了解如何挽救你们的感情,同时让你看上去通情达理。You Will Need你需要Strength勇气Journal日志Schedule日程安排Support持Therapy治疗Steps步骤STEP 1 Maintain schedule1.日程安排Maintain a strict schedule. Avoid enabling the workaholics erratic behavior. Dont adjust meal times and dont keep the kids up late to see the parent -- break the cycle.严格执行日程安排。避免纵容工作狂配偶古怪的行为。不要调整吃饭时间,不要让孩子熬夜等父亲或母亲回家——打破恶性循环。STEP 2 Sacrifice but speak2.理解但直言Understand their pressures, but insist that they be sensitive to how this affects everyone else. Youre not a saint, so speak up.理解他们的压力,但是坚持告诉他们,你们对这种行为给每一个人造成的影响非常敏感。你并不是圣人,所以勇敢地说出自己的感受。STEP 3 Journal feelings3.记录感受Keep a journal of your feelings to air it out, and comfort yourself by tracking events and analyzing your situation. This is tough and for now you may be your best and only friend.在日志中记录自己的感受,作为一种发泄途径,通过记录事件和分析形势来安慰自己。情况非常艰难,你或许是自己最好的也是唯一的朋友。Dont convince yourself that theyre suffering and want to get better. Workaholics may feel trapped at times, but nobodys stopping them from solving the addiction.不要说自己他们也很痛苦,希望情况会好转。工作狂有时会陷入困境,但是没有人阻止他们解决这种对工作上瘾的感觉。STEP 4 Accept for a while4.短暂接受Accept their workload as part of a short-term plan. Seventy-hour work weeks might make short-term sense, as long as both partners agree to a plan to cut back soon.接受他们的工作负担是短期计划的一部分。每周工作70小时短期内说的过去,只要双方都赞同过了这段时间就放松下来。STEP 5 Be good to yourself5.善待自己Create your own place of happiness and be good to yourself. Maintain sanity, not as a matter of selfishness, but for survival.打造自己的乐土,善待自己。这不是自私,而是为了生存。STEP 6 Frame requests positively6.积极提出要求Frame requests for time and attention respectfully and in positive terms. Crabbing at the partner or fighting will only drive them away and encourage them to claim that no one understands.用积极的语言尊敬地要求对方付出时间和关注。发牢骚和争吵只会把对方越推越远,反而导致他们指控没人理解。STEP 7 Schedule them7.安排时间Schedule free time for the two of you as a necessary ritual. Take bike rides and walks together, or go on date nights to establish timeouts for intimacy. Make your partner put it in the planner as any business client might expect them to do.为两人安排共同的时间,作为必不可少的惯例。一起骑自行车或散步,或者浪漫的约会,增进两人之间的亲密感。就像公司客户一样,要求他们把这一点纳入计划。Studies have shown that after eight to 10 hours of work, productivity decreases. Everyone needs rest and balance.研究表明,经过八至十个小时的工作后,效率会降低。每个人都需要休息和平衡。STEP 8 Find support8.寻求持Find a twelve-step program that deals with your particular problem. Whether or not you can convince a partner to go, sit in on a few sessions to get insight and support during the crisis.寻找一个可以解决你的问题的拥有详细步骤的项目。无论你是否可以说伴侣参加,你可以参加几期,在这场危机中获得顿悟和持。STEP 9 Attend therapy9.参加治疗Go to couples or marriage therapy if necessary to discuss and get to the root of the problem. This is a partnership and you both need to be on the same page -- your relationship is worth it.如果必要的话进行情侣或婚姻治疗,讨论问题的根源。你们是合作伙伴的关系,必须共同进退,你们之间的恋情值得两人共同作出努力。The English King Henry VIII legalized divorce in the 16th century, breaking from the Catholic church in order to do so.十六世纪,英国国王亨利八世宣布离婚合法化,为了这一点,他们脱离了天主教堂。视频听力译文由。201403/280692南昌铁路医院胎记多少钱

南昌妇幼保健院瘦腿针多少钱吉安吉州区青原区吉安县井冈山市去色斑多少钱UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these has the most influence over your sleep cycle? If you think you know it, shout it out! 下列哪项对睡眠周期影响最大?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it your respiratory system, circadian rhythm, sebaceous glands or cerebellum? Youve got three seconds, go!是呼吸系统、昼夜节律、皮脂腺还是小脑?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The circadian rhythm is your 24 hour cycle of human activity, which includes sleeping and waking. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.昼夜节律是人类24小时的活动,包括睡着和醒来。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Of course, we all try to modify and master our circadian rhythm, but researcher say, there is really not much we can do to change it. 当然,我们大家都试着调整并掌握自己的昼夜时间,但研究者表示,我们能做的改变并不多。Its closely tied into the sun. 它与太阳有紧密的联系。When its up, our bodies released hormones that make us more awake and alert. 太阳升起的时候,人类的身体会释放让我们更清醒、更警觉的荷尔蒙。When it sets, hormones tell us its time to start shutting down. 太阳落山后,荷尔蒙告诉我们是时候停下来了。The doctors say if you get too far off track from your natural circadian rhythm, it will throw your body out of whack. 医生说如果你的作息和你自然的昼夜时间差别太大了,它会让你的身体紊乱。It can increase your chances of getting sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes. 这会增加你睡眠失调、肥胖和糖尿病的几率。It might even contribute to mental health issues. 这还可能导致心理健康问题。And as far as your students are concerned, some research has shown that those with unnaturally early start time, so figure those who have to be awake before the sun is up, dont do as well academically as those who start a little later.就学生而言,一些研究表明那些起的比日出时间早的,在学习上比不过那些起得稍微晚一点的。 /201403/280396南昌附属一院修眉多少钱江西省人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱

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